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Minihane returns 7-23-14

Jul 23, 2014|

The return of Kirk Minihane.

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Today. Is that day once we finish disgusting. Ortiz vs gases who's better which is the best seat at Fenway Park. If you like. I know you're all biblical minute hand we can focus our attention. On the book of -- Chapter fifteen. Verses eleven through 32. Do you know what that is ideal what is it. -- -- -- Maverick you wash the feet at the Jesus show one day. Wash ashore himself. Close. All right that was what I've it's the prodigal son -- and guess who's back. The prodigal son -- I actually considered. It a little nap together. Well on the couch in the office. Letting you have the first twenty minutes because my god since we last you the text machine has been inquiry. Where it's -- a hand what's up -- Manningham. All the -- hand. We should kill where -- where where did you -- an event where -- Man I saw I mean I know you minimized so -- grown man GR EG yes. It is keeping a close watch on number then there was the rest of view I was out in the West Coast and winning California read that in the paper that's when you -- -- that that's the location of some of your. And you slipped down time. I would tell you this -- being out after the week I had. Going to waiting out there surrounded by all nice people but the drinking crop was it was not. It was tough we attempted. Alive yes I just want to get better -- yeah yeah yeah yeah that right out that was it and I didn't really was able do that but I slipped out there I was the first personal leave the way. Really would be -- -- would you go back to Iran will Clark with a weapon at tobacco Willis has been one of old girlfriend. Stared at the ceiling for loan was now back there when Imus did you take a meeting. When Europe there. Somebody down -- them it was fun though is. It was yeah a -- you what you okay from the East Coast lot of questions to a lot of questions being asked to meet you went national and listen it was a good time to be away from here. Well Iowa of collective come in the next they may be in retrospect in the. Yeah I thought about -- it looked bad. It looked like -- suspenders. Tonight and I don't doubt that I go to bed your idol didn't get on years of on the front page. Yeah we brought you write that article on the front page when that guy threatened to kill us that's true and and he had to go to Courtney cried like little. Is there any -- cry baby baby yet in courts facilitate a more on the front of the got the got was Jesus I know -- you play golf. Look around behind you -- them smash her skull in with a shovel. And any didn't like from its own phone that was not our wisdom that agreement detective there cracked the case when he got the court. We have an hour ago now now now know was like one day thing but. And he nannies. Can have no contact sport for ever pol. Really really -- I miss. May I ask cellular I have one front page. And now as one for yeah. Yet local. It's just nice but I mean to be Oprah yeah that's true. A cute little Nash will I think when that happened there you know there was no Internet did spin and all that you know he slide it TC. People -- -- throw the ball wasn't paying attention isn't below yeah right yeah are you crossed in all. The PC Crowley is offset. I used a word. To reference -- -- they shouldn't have used to referenced Eric and I will completely cop to that I said it I admit that that was a mistake anybody can make the cop to this no no no no no action -- -- -- -- heart of hearts I just -- it was the wrong time to use at specific word to describe that I will say this Eddy -- stick to her job. I don't think she's very Smart which comes across as very Smart I think fox -- is good looking. I -- she weighed fifteen pounds more should be a week's Perkins I mean that's what I believe I do believe that I just. It -- well I don't I don't know mentioned this -- freed is -- that we're on the same page we we talked about the raw deal that Pam Oliver got. Pam Oliver is 53. -- double bagged her putter with the travel and promoted Aaron Andrews. And that was kind of a discussion we had. Like on Monday on Tuesday on Wednesday before Kirk -- on and off the radio. And he can't. Put it proper perspective perspective if you're a writer or your Ken Rosenthal you problems and this is a show we do we have. -- we have carrots -- my oldest play and and and mini and rolls sometimes is those loans closed minds off the road I -- Effort -- there was nothing it wasn't real thought real. Anger it at that point it's it's UB and -- all the fun about this lunatic but they're human just slaps people like Ken Rosenthal and Keith law Kevin Paul DuPont. Or he switches fine and just as. And Jessica has and will will Martha Coakley in all these people just for years ago has lamenting that the old days when you know -- had class yeah the old -- -- Which you did was nothing. In the old days -- that stuff happened in on -- as we know we don't have not known nearly. -- the freedom many more true I left a lot of that's old old moldy oldie. Mean the of the old big show of the old. Dale and -- the old Dennis and Callahan the time you have the stripper light herself on fire -- not in the country. Those days. Those good old days in general the complicit class I think there were people I would guess or some women probably legitimately offended by the were I guess that's fine. Every person was offended I think you're. Nationally. 5000 pretend to be offended I just you know it's what I think. Maybe I'm wrong and I think that it's sort of body national in the low numbers nationally right if diffused at another word. About those that don't there's -- -- -- another word nothing comes of nothing. I mean in fact maybe there is some attention to the fact that. Erin Andrews is in overhead yet ham -- got. Screwed if you said gutless reporter right sure they said I don't promising a script he's an award everything else okay including. I think some people think that I wish earnings news. -- really -- exists that dropped him to something use conversation probably tell me that and that's how you know people opposing when -- -- -- drop -- means you mean it literally right at me is that out I'm all -- that that the word uses a bad word -- for using the wrong context totally fine with you one. We dropped -- thing I think is a joke I can't get behind it won't apologize for because it wasn't hears about. If he thinks I'm being serious about -- member of the -- one Alexi allow us to go off in the Amazon -- beaten by Republican mad at aunt Andrea about that I was -- -- -- -- -- -- for that urgent action and that's just someone the I think it's what people someone says that he wants -- -- He said drop -- yeah like. That's not expression or anything you never heard no war ever dropped -- you just made that up right Kirk men of god erupted erupted all you who's who's on the death list. So that's why releasing Rosenthal Emma missed only one -- -- our program I never saw that but that's what he says yeah that are on -- texted me. Oh that's what it was text and he's -- one of those terrible so I'm. Keith Olbermann is I think we have to pretty much close up shop that don't play Yankee blob I think it's time we went. Doug folk music in the morning thank you 99 this at this niche in the market does not another Paul commute actually and trip got hit by a guy he stations now that that ideas. Is out the windows I think -- music as we can't have Ken Rosenthal on and keep the law. Gamble DuPont as a come on I'll I'll jump up against guys went should be his punishment for being a bad boy. You get it can get a copy for men and yeah astronaut yesterday -- -- -- 75000. Words. What's happening spot was about it was like was that the book that. -- our pal wrote Howard Broward -- like a Howard broccoflower Bryant -- only not nearly as interest in the abouts to poll. Ball a culture you know and we wanted to put on the talked about a party says it I cannot go on -- on more -- hand he used the bad word to describe Erin Andrews right after the stool. Ball article report on his Europe is to tell me what it is they make a ball out of this stool I play out. I was ask us it's a -- -- had just assume I didn't read it's -- assume that's what's doable it is but you could find that out when you read that I -- -- well -- that's a good punishment exactly like 10% average 7500 words could read the last sport you're just not Smart which outsmart. That's brought a little -- glow now we're not in the -- we're not globe people. I -- the globe. And I was really disappointed that they wanted you or -- they might get eventually wanted to hide on the wall in his in the Morrissey boulevard offices and so far that don't have solo. Kept held just yet are you going to be like Nicholson and cuckoo's -- the scar mobile -- like one of the Jack Nicholson's either yeah yeah early 12 again -- true not right. Rebel in -- or able bottom line but I'm not I am not change wholesale what I look like him at the end you'll get that yeah there yeah. Argued that some companies that word again to describe a woman. I've used it five million times on here describe guys in trouble before and I will never use true you again I'd like a woman that's old sexist outraged as you grip. We kill and held Reynolds. For the same broadcast. You know to have Reynolds who's giving -- tongue -- the -- whole game. And you know it's one thing we do we we criticize announcers we praise them to win -- good. We talk about it for everyone from Ramey an arsenal right. How rentals and Erin Andrews -- yeah I mean you name it every broadcast. We we talk about the you know the talent right. And we have been as critical or more critical that you were. But you really got. Two critical frankly. Of whom Fox Broadcast for the job. -- the -- at ten which you can save that you can use that word to describe our Reynolds. War -- describe -- exits but. I can't pretend I can't get worked up I know this is the world we live -- that was element to say it. Knowing this is the world we live we talked about it with Anthony that we before they're injecting you can't -- in 2014 meats smoked for I knew that -- and Yahoo!. Who meets in Colombia. Who -- get -- open and it all. Well you know so you know I wanted to bitch right I mean why it's considered a want -- -- -- -- that's true that's sort of have a dummy I knew the rules that night that when -- -- you can't and it is helpful. Yours examples like that but there's some examples of it is scary now it is scary go back and read what dungy says. The bill one. You know these these these international -- Tony Dungy. I mean he's I put him right up with -- Casey Anthony Aaron Hernandez would new Adolf Hitler yes and -- sure put him I national quite a -- -- -- -- a local public utility. Now -- -- -- was -- -- he's with David Tyree I swear I would -- that's good read his comments again and into you know and tried to. And it Jim he is talking about half the teams in the NFL. It's what they did half the teams I'm Marcus at 31 because I know you'll jump on me is I will other teams -- I'll say. Of the 31 teams -- -- -- -- and the rams I'm Damascus is the only team among us in the the -- is the only team. Are the only team that was gonna pick it -- get taken by the rams with their fourth. Seventh round pick yes I believe he would've been an undrafted under -- freeagent correct so 31 teams had no intention of taken. I and I realized they all had questions about his ability but he was projected to go around there. I think I'm gonna guess 151820. Teams didn't take them because of the distraction. The only positive for dungy going forward is he did not use the following phrase Michael Sam is not worth the trouble. Imagine yeah that's a good point record -- he said ought not worth it he's not worth the trouble. Although I -- I mean NBA's number put a bullet -- his his -- there is. Discussions there are discussions in NBC and NBC. We went there to remove he has that from his job I have no doubt on -- expected and so he will survive to. But he's on double secret probation. And somebody's talent in what you can't sing that again. And what he said. Is what I I'm gonna say half the teams in the NFL felt what they thought the way they approach the draft. You guys would agree I I can't say that you can think what you think about you write a certain broadcasters -- just gets it right I have and how do you explain Sam not getting drafted. And you explain him. At least half the teams not have a really bad -- -- he's not he's a very good care of of course he's not just that and yeah does that does that factor were up half the teams but sure bet. Double -- teams. You know forget -- where -- effect courses in the quote again I wouldn't of taken them said dungy not as I don't believe Michael Sam. Should have a chance to play. But I wouldn't wanna deal with -- all of that it's not gonna be totally smooth things will happen. Is that an outrageous. Opinion or or prediction. In this day and age yes -- that it is -- you can't beat cancer with countries that you can't you can't. Debate you are right -- -- -- write about it Friday nurses that he'd beat beat beat. Well Antonio Pierce agreed -- them Antonio produced we have that he. He has a full time job and he -- -- -- in the Hudson River a couple of days yeah I mean are they talking at ESPN now about lop off his head -- Antonio appears. I thought -- done dungy did a great job confuse honest I think most people the situation that give. Given the politically correct answer a lot of guys feel totally different what they're saying don't camera from a reporter so. Tony Dungy was honest. And I agree however -- of Michael's that was a team they're now still playing and we're here in New York City. -- -- it would be a distraction and I would not want to have to deal with that every day. With the modern media coverage that this didn't is not about that player with a clear stance for. Notes about the clean and I think it's no different when a guy comes in. He has -- different rates are different religion -- PS3 or four wise -- a baby mama isn't really doesn't matter that's his business has always play on the football field together. And -- them off the -- and all the talk about individual what he believes in every day. I delivered before this fact you have to talk about it every single day. After every practice I think it is a distraction. Please get a cardboard box Antonio -- security escorted out of the bill. You know. He's right in New York could be a much bigger deal you agree Saint Louis is -- perfect place for him -- went to school. They're completely investment if that's New York that's the jets. -- -- Asked about it maybe not every day but his teammates his coaches GMs owners are all getting asked about it a regular basis. And the media throng at least -- -- couple weeks is double what was the most mitigating. Back to you read yesterday or this morning regarding Tony Dungy is giving him. -- of what he said but I think sheds a lot of light on his position. Was at that time of my interview -- -- Tony Dungy speaking beat Oprah Winfrey reality show. Was going to chronicle Michael's first season. And -- -- was ten weeks ago this interview presidency was a welcome. If you well arguably. Along with Oprah project up on two dates from when I Friday thickest point was that's why it was in the -- And they announced it may sixteenth they canceled it. He suggesting that some time. Between the fourteenth in the sixteenth -- a Wednesday and Friday. -- Gave this interview that it's it's -- and I -- I think every single team in the past the bottom. When that news broke about Oprah. That Micah -- fast as we don't need that clearly -- clearly it clearly has an agenda and it's not just to play football. I mean that's not debatable all you can be both things and -- probably homophobic and I think he's probably right that's why he's getting killed because big people like John Amaechi and seeds Ziegler and all the PC keep Goldman's in all them they think. What he really feels it is so that's what I meant shall not laid out would man I think that way by into which. You did you think dungy probably believes that mansion he's probably oh yeah. Let's Ryan's profanity on -- -- regional -- says he wouldn't hire would not hire Rex Ryan because of all the -- face losing -- great coach I mean if fewer but ever defensive coordinator you're not gonna hire Rex Ryan pansies would be both and I -- -- it's it's -- -- -- -- -- but he didn't -- yet. He's getting. Crucified. For this. Suspected. Hard line religious belief. Expressed it play via email and joked evangelical Bible card -- but what would you say I would want among my team because the Bible's final assess what you can't say Broussard got away with it but he's like he's an acquisition of hiring that's you know. That by the way is against the law. As if he saw. -- signed an Obama did with some transgendered people hot that you can't. Fire or not hire some bubbles game -- I'd vote he was but a -- -- when I was in India that was up to two years the midwest. Vote two and a half years ago the finger in the wind changed his mind on this deep league. Moral issue that's the way it works but. That's the problem -- people just assume. It's in his mind that I can -- fire and brimstone. You know -- at the stake and he -- but he had a problem Vick so it probably key votes of people think people believe which which I get that the outcome. -- Ziegler those people that's what they view -- -- -- -- the comparison Vick is ridiculous -- put the prison -- thought. House counsel -- the ball better to etc. carries goods and Canada and the level of distraction. He always consider the player and his ability don't you. I mean the question we all agree that Sam if -- is good it's cloudy or even if these. As good as Andre Williams 32 in a draft. That's -- point. Right now it might be like -- -- were slips as news of Olympic -- -- would slip four -- the second or third that's it right judgment but that would be that thing when they have on the draft board you know an asterisk should be that. You know strengths and weaknesses yes and one of the weaknesses or one of -- the minuses would be but it's -- it's a distraction isn't that would dungy said. And people coats and and and -- Ziegler and John Amaechi wanted him I mean and John Amaechi real influential guy. Anymore but he was openly gay is openly gay play in the NBA he's kind of one of these go to guys. The fact is that his opinion about gay people is informed by a bronze age book I don't know anybody else who lives by a bronze age book. In other context of that life because if they did they find driving really uncomfortable on the stone wheels. Flintstones. As well we basically come on it's so childish almost. If -- coach if you're an elite coach and you seriously say you wouldn't take the very best player. Because you think it's a distraction. Then you're not an elite coach. That's a pretty while. -- much mileage Flintstones. Rock wields a -- Honestly if you he doesn't know any -- part about a sheltered life John Amaechi doesn't know anyone else who lives like it was Ryan Brown's bold idea there are a lot of people silly but I. To stand it's it's you know sounds like a -- -- -- hand but there are lots of people live by a bronze book and dungy didn't fall back on that. It always good minutes in each of success. Not just assumes he just assumes that -- and he's got this you know prehistoric notion that. Additional accent like some in the Middle Eastern country with a grimace on the games he never said that outlook express that -- -- to get it angers some weird extent Gaza can be gene Ziegler and these people that overall it's been pretty posits that a search for this negative Stoppard is wants to get having negative big jump as usual but the -- Budget didn't say anything like him really saint but they they wanted something happened. The -- liquor store and then what happens when all the GM's I mean they're all gonna have to go before the media GMs -- coaches and the next week. Broadening your -- I'm not -- Belichick. But guys -- handle it just fine -- credit the guys I am today Belichick addresses the media -- at 8:30 AM Rex Ryan you know -- -- guys who are open and talkative. The any of them -- a slip up. I've not now not now not now they've been -- you are at 61777979837. The prodigal son has returned to. Mum -- electoral we'll talk with you we will have Tony Dungy is written statement for. As he tries to clarify it existed before at the time of my interview wrote the Oprah Winfrey reality show it was going to chronicle Michael's first season. Had bin announced. Changes that puts it in a little different light nobody ever believes has written statements the now know -- or -- they were forced to god and say that they were forced upon him. And by the way if you have any particular neighborhood yesterday. You got cupcakes. -- a superstar. When that.

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