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Patriots Camp: Most intriguing story lines, 7-21-14

Jul 21, 2014|

Tom Brady is getting his weapons back. Will Gronk stay healthy? 1st round draft pick Dominique Easley has high expectations, as many are picking him to have an impact season in his rookie year.

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Second garbage days and just feel a little five events person foray Lou we're -- I'd take that back resident patriots former Christian -- me I asked. Miss this on Friday why you -- I guess. Because I mentioned that -- that mentioned dale that I was to keep the teachers to not only go to the Super Bowl but win the Super Bowl. This year and I don't really think that's a stretch -- and that's really you know going on a limb a Cosby's agrees to actually getting better. Boy he is getting better agreement that also. It's getting better too that's you know don't forget about what's pathetic is that the -- to win the AFC. Adding to go I think -- it -- I think they have a shot that outside shot at a 20% chance of winning is seed Denver's got a 50% chance of winning UC. That it those bodies are technically -- did not call you a homer. But I got the impression he was stunned by your epic. I don't see why that's I don't see why that would stun anybody really shouldn't now even my boy -- -- -- came out today talking about the patriots go hole and Lombardi -- over the you know again he's homer doll -- Mike Mike is a homer Mike has to be the only separating him a repeat his 100%. I mean he's about his. You know he tries but you know he's the patriots fan my whole that the patriots have I think. That there are 15. Teams in some order. Or another that you see on every NFL pre season polls that are in the running to win the Super Bowl if you go expert by experts across the league guys that cover the sport. If you. Through big Packers. The Seahawks. The 49ers. The patriots in the Broncos in a bag shook about spilled it you're gonna get some variation of those fired right row. Margaret OK so for you say the patriots are gonna win the Super Bowl to me is not an outlandish stretch. I would definitely go one of the two NFC west teams before I went with the patriots. -- the AFC side there's only another one or two teams that they have to wade through. They're gonna be all that much of a hindrance to them getting to the championship game and then you get to the championship game. And you see what happens my -- you routing Denver. -- of the -- damper on them number Indy. -- Cincinnati's always kind of people their head in there. Baltimore you think would kind of have it about back that would pit road like your old team -- dead of -- out of it and I think any longer period and be mediocre. San Diego Casey and it's about teams that would be good yes not will but will they be good enough and I just don't. I don't I don't see you at all let me say they have holes. I'll say this and end and it's once he steps on the field if you remains healthy the rest of the year Rob Gronkowski. Then yes they've witnessed horrible. If drunken once he gets on a field remains help address the year but I'm with you. And I think that's brought to the difference between a Super Bowl or not here I really do give what you see on paper obviously -- right if you -- -- pushed us it -- you know 23 months into the season. You know you don't have Wilfork anymore Mayo goes down and Revis gets hurts when you're in those kind of that situation according goes down you know safeties. I talk about peace willing to team together that's maybe a different story. But right now when you look at the town on the field defensively. And I look at Rob Gronkowski offensively. What he can do this team if he stays healthy once he steps on it yes my opinion it would be the favorites as. My pre the only position that determines you win the Super Bowl or you don't is quarterback I don't look at any other team more say if this guy is -- on the field another position they don't win the Super Bowl or they do if he's there. There's a thing we've seen the team with Brady in Iraq. And I'll get a -- I don't know what this team looks like without radio and hope 2008. And we -- talking about before the break out the importance of drunken before the show and said. You almost want to. It across the most important. Player in his team offensively but we all know it's home bring it sure does seem like a great because it's like if there's no winning unless he comes back there's no winning at all. Okay there's winning mean there is. There's winning right there's what we've seen out AFC championship game teams would I'd give it three years straight but as far as look at that team saying. Defensively they got the personnel offensively that they have enough. Rob Gronkowski is that difference to me knew what he stays healthy. There are aware but is it gets his presence will make every other weapon that would not quite sure about look that much better. Packard -- that is EAC is the -- significant player not to the point that you say he's a Super Bowl difference maker he's there they go he's out they don't. Yeah he's black and white 61777979837. I don't I only put that on the quarterback not knowing how citizen -- in -- zone like that yet but he's also because -- what do we mean big -- that we've been talking about you weren't here last year. It was it was a Robin Kalish to order -- turner ran up. No but I mean it's space and doing right now what into again you go that's all like it at all we've been talking about not -- make. It's still always the quarterback but he sure does seem like this team's not going to that next level that can't they can't win that championship game they've lost. Two years in a row with outs without Rob Gronkowski. You when you look at -- last year. And it's -- -- Tom Brady obviously that is number one -- as we haven't seen a crocodile Brady we've seen Brady without dropped last year didn't look right. You know what went went Broncos into this team was scored 33 point two game Tom Brady's numbers 64 completion percentage on Brady. Right touchdowns thirteen to five. I Tom Brady 315 yards a game and in 95 point eight quarterback ratings Tom Brady type numbers withdrawal without -- 50% completion percentage. That's all for but also it also -- -- it to go like to do those numbers each week eighty X -- went up but it went up each and every week -- the more he got more rock felt better. -- -- the same can be said what what Aqib Talib. There's another guy there's like two guys that supposedly made this huge difference for the team. To leave when he first came here from from camper after sitting out he came back -- suddenly got better able to do more things he helped about what the AFC -- could finish the game. Same thing happened last year he got -- the middle of season missed some games came back ended up getting kicked out are not kicked out. Knocked out of the most important game of the year and they couldn't stop the Denver Broncos scored could stop mental couldn't get up the field. So what you planned to bring up here and 11 o'clock hour was what was the most intriguing aspect of training camp starting and I guess I know it loses its whether or not gronkowski is healthy. And I don't guys recovered from on this but. They must've really -- it then. By not drafting a tight -- earlier they must've really blown it then by not bringing in anybody else of significant important position aside from -- buy him. In this week yeah I was if he's that important at that position. Did they needed to bolster the depth behind him because you don't know how healthy he's going to be. And I didn't and I've really thought they would have drafted -- -- and I was. Elegantly shock profit I was really surprised that that that was not in an emphasis for that maybe it was me with a gotten they wanted to. We'll take up the border may decide just to go a different route. Let it what's it leads me to leave that they are 100% sure that. -- is going to be fine or. A different philosophy of how they're going to attack offensively. I so I'll give you a negative scenario I'll give you a worst case scenario gronkowski is healthy through training camp into the pre season. He can't start the season at times are on time his knee is still balking at times and he's. Injured somewhere else along the way okay so it's a bad injury here again for Rob Gronkowski there's your worst case scenario your best case scenario is. The receivers get better receivers in Peru. The optimism that's there there's something in there or this receiving corps happens they stay healthy. They can't advance deeper in the playoffs for the super. And now know they make it they can -- it just if you have. That one big weapon that listen we saw last year the the -- -- go back to the Miami game and I hate to pick on -- told that he could make catch. Tompkins made one and what ethnic give woods more being in the right place at the right time and it's making major fantastic play. And and a lot of times that the other team goods sold something so dumb that allowed the patriots to stay in game and and eventually win game there's analysis they didn't. About the draft the patriots -- kept wondered why people aren't talking about receiver more in the draft -- terrible they've got all these bodies a receiver in the -- -- of these guys are gonna stay healthy and improve. Well they just they just what -- did that voice and Donna is so -- plotting an attack why are getting aid to other wide receiver so my point is if these guys get better they improve. They stay healthy. Then they must be thinking this is on their radar because they didn't address -- and they didn't address wide receiver cell. My point being I don't think they're looking at gronkowski and the tide in position. With that. Exact level of elevated importance that maybe you Alou -- determining whether or not -- sea -- purple one guy that's what I set so it if if that's the case then it means. A different. Velocity offensively so you have all these wide receivers is it is an a for why it's part about being in donkeys could really don't have that. Deep quote on quote deep threat brought these guys go deep. All of a goatee it's a matter of you know -- how do you attack that -- to -- the safety social McCain who maybe doesn't run -- fort till you get behind -- There's budget -- it is or more emphasis on running game abroad running the ball like they'd like you saw at the end of last year toward the middle. The season when the deer blood started kind of didn't in his role role. So. Heavy -- having drunk -- give him being -- -- offence in being a decent a good one an average one. Even if those wide receivers improve none of those wide receivers are gonna become the best at their position. Like Rob Gronkowski is he is a difference maker I don't like the effective but it hadn't yet. Know who knows it because I I would think that given the history of Rob Gronkowski. Where a Texas he played a suitable they lost he was hobbled in this little boy could barely move -- that's -- that it didn't really play the last two years and the games they lost. He's that big of a difference maker I don't know of Dustin Keller healthy enough. Yeah I I don't know the bottom and for reasons -- is healthy. But I do think that that is that one area that I look at say what you get drunk how big of a factor business offense. Why wouldn't you have a -- and somebody else you know who may just be that blocking tight and we go to tight ends right you need Devlin. Well I'd rather rather than Devlin -- -- a fall back I'd rather she does -- yeah. He's he's a tad in their big problem just I'd rather see them go get a guy like Dustin Keller. For a little bit of protection -- the -- and it I don't know as grumpy calico and have a great year across Kenya a subtle little to tenants and it's. Who if it -- assume you're big enough and strong enough. Both you guys to play defense at the pro level OK which of course on the -- yeah Tim does less likely general what was there's not put -- that -- -- -- or great market so they NASA. Hope the years -- do you fear that off but other than the obvious which is Tom Brady pick him out of the equation. What do you fear as far as making plays who do you think is. Who who has to be -- play making guy in the big time. High consequence situation what you need a catch -- you -- who do you think they're they're focusing on. I don't think there's a fear factor their besides from gronkowski has not Al thinks focused you know you could say OK it's Julian -- You can say it Danny -- dole but those are big and done guy I think owners avoid those guys that happens exactly figure out well. Actually guy that defender in view. Everything right. Being in perfect position and it just not matter Jack -- debating your personal -- -- Lou but I know we are common for Mike do you think he's that good I do think he's great -- his position -- it's the positioning itself I can't wrap my brain around. The stance of saying that if they tied and is healthy team XYZ de -- is the patriots. That team goes the Super Bowl and he's not healthy they don't go well what do you think when it happens in a -- is Jimmy Graham goes down to priorities and -- double team Colston. All day. How do you think. Drew Brees looks a noose tightening around the offense looks I I think any -- we are -- -- steam around the absence of a player if they've got an -- quarterback in the patriots haven't a scored and we don't have. It's -- to be as good deal. Not pretty good it would be average. Would Brady should be average Brees should be average Rogers should be averaged as those guys are Manning those guys are also good luck with those guys it becomes average because they are that good. You know it releases a different question altogether like instead of like trying to figure who's the most intriguing player and most important player. What's the biggest like the more we talk their -- there's a lot of question marks that if the are gonna go that the Super Bowl. A lot of things have got to go right. Julie ailment has to have a another year what he doesn't get hurt. Danny Amendola -- is being healthy for the first time I don't know three years hasn't. That tied to production there needs to be some production. Regard to support is on and the young receivers just like last year. They need to not play like a rookie receivers. And then the good tailback situation. Who is going to -- tailback -- that tailback is Steven Ridley. Can you trust him can you count on him are easy go to we got a bad jump in the middle of the season because he's coughing up the football -- so. There's the more you -- -- there's a whole lot of things skeptical right now obviously. Don't like goals for every team and there are there will be some injuries he will lose some guys. But aren't those injuries of those losses are they just you know career ending or -- a season ending for the for the team. So I mean it's I keep saying that deal I think they're gonna goes through -- -- when assume what but obviously best case scenario. You know a lot of guys these. Step up a lot of guys like Lotta Lotta questions lot of questions this year and I got as many as much as most. All mattered most years for the patriots won almost teams are way -- -- -- always have -- up twelve slate. The question is easier to answer. It is easier because you have -- you have twelve. -- Philip needs it's an easier debate. But so he's off off crazy Tom went last year on nuts and -- frustrated he went throughout the entire season throwing his hat you don't just go crazy guys lined up bright. I mean. I mean he's my biggest point of intrigue that I got caught into this by the public and by director of the biggest and why why because after three months of hearing about. For instance from some people's in my left that not only is he just as good he's getting better. I would see it out and I wanna see him being better than he's been. Maybe without Gradkowski and it's receiving corps that didn't have very much last year there's been so much focus and attention for months now. On where Brady is vs the Tom Brady we know as the guy who walked into the hall of fame let's see it I once I wanna see if he's slipped or not. 617779797. That's the point the close is that when Tom Brady when Rob Gronkowski played those seven games. Tom Brady had just Tom Brady like numbers mean it was the Tom Brady -- You know and then all of a sudden rock is now gone. And he's looking around any -- going. Now won all those red zone numbers were talking about when you lose -- tight end it's what 67 an absolute beast. And he can just roll it toppled double team and still get the touchdown you know trying to get a bunch of -- run around out there and red zone. Now watch. So I mean not only is it maybe the talent wasn't there but there was youth it was an experience. With the quarterback as well as in the league. And and the numbers just didn't look right but we'll grant was there. There -- Tom Brady so thought Katie put it on just one guy act that's why save crop is healthy they would miserable all yearlong into the post season. I think the base level of intrigue is the brief factor. Lou brings up -- health factors that you brought -- -- the question Chris what do you have yet you know in a bit I think the easy answer would be a guy like Darrelle Revis. But I'm the -- the rookie first round draft pick Dominique -- I think. The intrigue goes here's a guy -- head to ACL players over the past three years it was obviously. A high draft pick. You know before the draft before got injured just because of what he did a Florida. You know the word was that you know the patriots had to grab them in a hurry because it looked like the Seattle sea -- we're gonna move up to take -- So his health is a question how they use them is going to be fun to watch he lines up all over the place over the nose over the guards over the ends. On his personality to I think it's going to be a big factor and to the personality overall personality. Doing what they just -- that. Do you -- Florida. The pain like. People either loved are they couldn't stand him he was still outwardly aggressive and outspoken. All these crazy antics afterwards and his personality was a little bit too much to handle so I'm pitcher got. A footnote -- -- not but not a bad way. It any any equipment -- could. Coming from a rookie if he's going to be himself he could rub some people the wrong way -- -- depend -- how we played so it's going to be under Watson and if he's even healthy enough. And at the -- made the right decision to draft I got it had two knee surgeries in three years Ron golfer broader answer on knighted for seven. -- there yet -- -- a very Christian. I just I just -- to -- it and and he'll. I'm deciding to turn on your -- what they've done that -- awesome -- go visit to listen to Florence let -- -- on the cigarette and beat out most in. -- about that coming from -- and -- down. It. What we are not hot down. That's -- -- -- -- would tell me about it. And I think -- used to help that god they are you have on the I mean I don't gonna defense last year and still like bringing a championship mean that. University where they think he's competent they'll -- -- decriminalized -- and -- be picky and oh god can progressed and built McGrady. Unlike last year where they -- just got a little bit. And I think it's all up and got talked appealed again. -- can keep their people in their. And I'd like this you bring a Dustin Keller a little ledger and helped here that cannot -- you know who made an N. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Listen. Yes you're right -- so if if if if the health is an issue if -- help. If if they don't lose Tommy Kelly if they don't lose Vince -- -- Italy's rod -- bowl they'll lose all these guys. -- -- this year is is is gonna be fun to watch also because. Yet you have some free agents side -- east side Browner. Yeah you -- Revis. James Anderson -- deepest which also have almost three extra guys resigning with your team. As free agents who weren't there last year visible for Tommy Kelly. And Jerod Mayo all the old guys are new additions you could act like -- new additions for this year and the patriots are all about you know not. I mean come part meddling compartmentalizing the season and not using one season two to to it to figure out knows he's got to work. This -- a brand new season brand new players that you have that you -- see last year Tommy Kelly barely played drop -- was heard Vince Wilfork was hurt. I mean so it's it. It's going to be fun to watch but again obviously health is an issue out of little bit more fair response to this I think. We really does risen at some point -- described house to debate is Gradkowski so uniquely important that he's not there they don't go to the Super Bowl is there they'd do. That's -- feels I'm more of the opinion that you can get around the loss of any one player if you've got the quarterback and I think the patriots have the quarterback so he shouldn't be. That important what do you think 6177797937. You can text -- 37. 937 wanna hear from some patriots fans on that topic discussion of what we come back speaking and the pats. Rex Ryan is at it again already when it comes to rounding up patriots fans will tell yet how what he said next 90% of --

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