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Peter Gammons on the Sox and Jon Lester 7-21-14

Jul 21, 2014|

MLB HOF'er Peter Gammons joined the show to discuss what the Sox will do with Jon Lester.

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JD NC 61777979237. We'll get back to vote goals in eight bit thought he was a dink. Yeah now girl now. We get to that we will I missed that -- -- excerpts. But -- -- demeanor it was like he was trying to make your gushed to ski. He'll encompass troops he's doing a good job so yeah and you didn't excel in knowledge. I bringing up that line from the show seem like a nice touch journal working -- some some some articles right. I mean I have no reason that the offense Steve Corel except you know I'm also a big deal that people come up to me and wanted. Detain them and it's not well. But it ain't it great he's he's an actor he's he's a comedic actor this guy sent. The comedic actor right now may make my god I'm like what he's saying did you say you've got front row seats enough then let's -- you know they give us some. Backed the NASA gives something back at it boys Steve Tyler sit there is he gonna say c'mon sing dream on Faris it easy route just wants Priscilla and that would it. Give Carell the benefit of the doubt and assume that he knows that both of you watching at home. Doesn't wanna -- watch tennis. I don't know what's the game I don't want a photo. Oh yeah that game to us thought that affected the game and -- right. That just limit what what they say that about Ramey and they'll just watch the game -- not a big -- -- joining us on the AT&T hotline. Our good friend Peter Gammons gamut did you see -- you did you think he was a big. Oh well yeah I uploaded a little here yet I mean. I got our report says something important is it given the chance of being self it's television personality. Odd those very fair court so well prepared and. We couldn't. Minimize. Another week of Jon Lester contract talks but apparently that's not an Obama let us it's cholesterol products but before we get to that as the jumping off appoint Peter. -- -- -- Find himself up confused torrent uncertain about that age old question to buy or sell eleven days in ten games left to go to via trading deadline. Absolutely I mean he had people out working. -- top prospect that a lot of organizations either Dodgers the Phillies whatever for all the possibilities and the naked naked. They can go either way it's just for an additional very important -- -- in Toronto captain for the best record in baseball since June 10. And which grateful they're replacing warmer a an open question but I don't care bears ready to go either way I don't think he's making sure -- -- for prospects toward here. Thought it would -- is arguably -- right now but I'm. And that he wants me one because it's -- a lot of the flow through. And for all -- games behind. No he doesn't think about which god shall trail not just jungle observed. So we like you got to figure -- okay well W Lester we're going to be where Andrew Miller. -- got an apartment artistry. While this too low levels it's guys that are credible would you say Peter Gomes. And PB I can see them don't even if they think they're gonna get back in the race. -- battery less stern knew how -- -- either or both of those guys get help by the deadline. I don't think you're -- I talked to our general manager who live in the market. We're closer illustrator so when he talked to them that we've -- disinclined to even discuss -- really think that it'll bring your -- here. And then build around a wonderful person monetary -- so a lot. I don't think he'll be -- I think Lester was taken huge deal. My question is. What can get four guys on the -- see and hear about -- doctors. And you also -- -- Brooklyn won't say they've formed a board games. Back evolution week. Good ownership side in most places. This really important that group to get on television impertinent or basically brought on in both in the majority of homes and lost vehicles. How important to wind and get people buying -- that the Q what Time Warner that's that's very important are awards wondered if it wouldn't. End up giving up a verdict. Very close to what they want to price or you're right structure which. Are great prospect like -- Corey see here for -- and so that's what we -- watch and older. Good advice for a player that has the most polls on this incremental. I I just. I wonder really hard so it has not been in the six or seven million dollars this group -- about what -- that's what the premier. You know seventh eighth ninth inning guys get I think he's very close to the port where he can close. Peter we're talking and the first hour boat Lester and whether. If he's not gonna talk to them between now on the trading deadline does any sort of forced their hand because we can't think of an example. Of a guy who hit free agency and then stayed with his team we think if he hits the market he's gone right. -- get a burger chains I mean I was told that. You told teammates. That when they met in March if they're offered one dollar order mr. here 105 billion dollars of Homer Bailey got he would take. But they didn't. Now the Red Sox maintained that what they sorted out before seventy. What -- starting -- that it started a hundred and period and then move upwards towards. Torture but scherzer. I agree I think you're hard to see him resign if it doesn't look great piece by Kim Britain Providence journal yesterday about. Who -- it is clearly. It is to fly -- John Henry's one that is the heat Turk. Pitchers who have reached for two or 5200 in the seasons well. The past thirty years old and only two of the 39 guys. -- have been able to have. Lot more good years and you're done there's no question John Henry is really worried. Conclusion that is essentially done at 32 and what -- there was some of 33. Where we're going it's. It's a hard call for the one thing that it might sway them the nuclear will opt to compete in a -- -- sure. Is that the -- for the redevelopment of his curveball commuters greater -- possibility. That he couldn't get. Can have at least for very good seasons. Peter why I think this but it seems to me the Red Sox threshold this might be at the north and the threshold. It would be five years and 125 million dollars the closer he gets to free agency less I think he's likely to to accept that based on the fact that. Don't you believe there some maniac team out there that will give him six or seven years for a B a 17580. Million bucks. I think so I think -- the -- -- 240 or fractures are not offer accurately and I actually that that your general managers yesterday certainly. You know I'm. That's probably have a there's there's a lot of money out there now elder who also make your argument one of several what it looks much of the work like Mike and Andrew Miller as well. -- Eric may be fibrous structures making the middle of next year. And then -- at about. -- five position players coming in over the next. Up to about middle of next year they're making the minimum I mean this year. Their cable or do you wait Alcan. Can't afford that that Lester Miller. Combination that -- Well it's a very legitimate questions be what there where they don't mean I I've read Dan Shaughnessy. -- yesterday but you know that's all I hear a lot of things. Or wherever it up look at -- place -- -- All per game entertainment value any year any team in baseball wire in the top sworn in general and that's what that's a legitimate. But Peter therein lies the difference between letting Ellsbury go to the Yankees and letting Lester go somewhere else there was not any hue and cry there was no weeping and gnashing of teeth and Ellsbury left down. I think the public relations blowback will be. Exponentially. Stronger against the Red Sox if Lester -- Are great I mean it -- I'll probably the biggest example all -- you know I've I've been reading in the New York papers are complaining that he almost. The -- that -- homeless in the season one to his career that's not the yeah. But there wasn't that you acquired. Part of this because Jacoby so private. Mean never. It's wonders about France's we grew -- or excessively. When you -- technological reason -- always Apple's. We intellectual and that I think that's part of the reason I'm rendered that. You want to as kilometers in my opinion for the seven years against them but lesser step for -- people watch and come about from cancer and -- yeah. Great postseason pitcher. I think. Just I think that's something about him. That there is really relate to -- I I think being part of two world championships and and and having thirteen years and that organization Louis Kansas. You know I I think one thing we leave out of the -- to discussion. Peter is the plan B plan C. Planned deal that chaired the -- has in the and we saw the Cole Hamels rumors floated ninjas say well maybe they'll replace them with somebody won't just be. You know John Lackey as your ace next year as your number one started do you believe that there is. So fire there ours just smoked a coal -- thing and is there another guy is an area. But James shield serves or somebody else in the plans of Lester walks. I didn't illegal part -- shields I don't think that they. Are saying right now this is what -- do because the market is so uncertain you don't really know the West Coast -- here do I mean non. Persons. You have to wonder or care what sections of this. What are Sampras is -- do I mean their teams which usually. -- they -- hard effort swordfish which fuels or. Camels or whatever it's. I don't think you can just -- it was little cluster where you'll get. Animals but it yes -- -- war Fargo actually the last of that -- really hurt. It's. If the Yankees decided okay we'll go all in on must integrate our ballpark because -- left handed hitters ballpark. He would be the perfect solution for them and they they usually go -- contractors say okay if we're gonna get slippery fighter contract expect. -- -- very good years one OK year and one years wash. Peter if we break down the buy or sell equation to a simple metric and that -- How many games in the next ten all against the east before the trading deadline arrives on the 31. Do you think the Red Sox need to win four band and this organization -- we're all it is that number like seven or eight more than that. I would say six and seven just because. Rural West Coast -- Albert you're pulling away from from -- one right now under their pension problems. So. That temptation -- always being within. Our. Distance. Of first place and you know -- fortunate there in the worst division in baseball. Because if they were in the American League west's they've Maurice in Horry and so. But they're not there in the Berkeley east where all of Portugal those fifteen out of 45 and an eight and you know to Arnold -- -- that girder that's. Its the the world. They actually can keep thinking we have a chance I -- -- that ever since it has chance. The other occasions come back together again. Are taught to. People of Seattle who thought they were very culture would you open bends over -- -- the range of full black couple days as. Because they want to get right down to laps. 48 hours for the double. -- we are fans of two things baseball. And -- rumor mongering. And we'll complain in earlier about the lack of dirt on AJ Pierzynski on his way out the door do you have anything Yemeni. Know get some real negativity some -- something that somebody said behind is it Barack have a very weak smear campaign it was -- it was too. I felt I thought so that was on a little bit. I've made it all came this is covered capturing 100. As always typical for big guys should be good catchers. And you know I I told this was saying -- I'd never seen anybody. Shin guards like that word you know I thought it laughter. That's typical -- I didn't have a problem. All the good social workers looking it is folder in the clubhouse and stuff like. I don't think that's -- big deal I think its border. IShares forum. And the people that shot felt -- one basket up. And our guys will -- you -- olive -- probably has a great low target which. A whole picture so well it's very much like. Just look for the borrowers. I think that that's what John -- restrictions that seemed a book that. -- slower with the is ability. To suddenly -- a -- just gospel battle and so again. I didn't have much more couples -- -- Alaska's Arctic Lackey showed that. So I think the world war that. That the gamble on -- -- to work very well but I thought to work you know it's Adam. This is mostly. And I don't know how you feel but slipped one look what would actually hear it off and. It's not the Red Sox way you drugs are a little disappointed it's at the high road there but yeah. Yet can't hit it. They I don't have any. What got this -- -- certainly. Put a chatroom well -- you. Laughed but that's OK I mean. Kind of dialogue is better than saying OK he's done now now we can kill and -- -- -- the world who has been made. But I don't think -- I'd never. Ever -- mine in the Red Sox problem. Simply that they papers and keep. What -- capturing half the time I think it's the fact that there's nobody got behind apple is probably more probable. Peter you feel bad about my recently created metric. It's called lap WEP wins after Pierzynski. Are. Wonder what you call. Michael Ward yeah yeah. -- -- you mentioned baskets is one of a handful of young people who are untouchable in any -- of Cole Hamels or James Shields whenever cut a deal is baskets on the untouchable list. I think that's -- and -- why are both catchers. Will keep that certainly. -- Global Sources. They're probably. Right now. Almost and Riordan and they'll all be on -- -- I think -- that would be. Really hard deal to make right now would put the Phillies because they need so much. And -- frankly is the burn a lot with his trade and -- -- -- critical -- to Seattle. He got lower than ever did it before and that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well it's gonna be that -- eleven days of the trading deadline ten games all against the east we keep in mind that Peter thanks for taking some time this morning always appreciate talking baseball with him. Why I appreciate you mayor Gavin for Dennis and Callahan and or on the AT&T hotline.

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