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Ben Cherington on the trade deadline 7-17-14

Jul 17, 2014|

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington joined the show to discuss his plans as the MLB trade deadline approaches.

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It is the front office report and it's brought to you by our friends at noon turf care. The -- business solutions. And the New Hampshire Motor Speedway joining us on the AT&T hotline. Sox general manager bench Eric and good morning about how aria. More let me start to your let me start to probably softball question and William to the -- up that won't answer. -- fault calls on average phone conversations on average. Will you have every day between now on the trading deadline would you guestimate. Our average. I don't know probably. -- users thirty or forty but the core of the earlier there -- people you know -- information -- scouts and whatnot. There's and it that are heavier than others that. There's already know -- -- everything that stock and other. -- that usually quiet down a little bit it's a bit over the -- break in at six back up again probably it and -- we can. Are you far off into your career that you know when somebody is -- guessing you when somebody is trolling when somebody is trying to got a sniff out what's going on vs real and genuine interest in one of your players. -- bottle so far I think yet usually felt. And you know. England and went can't call it may start. Asking about. Asking about specific -- would you do this with you that. Nobody can help surged that are not in that it's you know a lot of times. Our target it's the you auto bailout our city and he will call this the clarify their position that might have been reported in the media -- some some of these reports. That so and so and so and so sometimes you call him to make sure it's in public -- They're so you know. Right I've ordered that direction and because you don't want them you know wanted to go to waste your time -- some of that the -- -- talent considers. -- right. Will get the rule specifics of your -- are planned for Koji Lester peavy going forward in a bit but for a jumping off standpoint. The view from 35000. Beat -- have philosophical decisions. Regarding what's important to this baseball organization in the second half. -- made in the inner sanctum of Fenway Park and if not win. And yet. You know sort of the most fundamental level out there and that is that we are. Can do whatever. We deal. And gives the Red Sox the best chance to he would get as possible as quickly as. And we are not. We're not competing 2014. That stayed there apparently feel like. It's you know we have now is. You know capable of being better than a lot of -- analysts and in the standing now. We've we've put ourselves in this position so Damascus. Working against us a little bit but. Strange things happened and you know we we believe but it so -- who we don't we don't see you lie. We can't win more games than most -- ahead -- -- -- and we are already are so we also have to be. Realistic about what that means they're so we have to be engaged in conversations that I talked about him. Indian position. To make the -- -- right decision that we yet. Well the third person you just wait until. Like 48 the -- of the -- and not end here on in this it would make as certain. Apps those conversations that -- We're so focused on winning games -- will be folks -- -- in the market. I I assume people called guy's -- GMs call and say. Is blank available is Lester -- is you are available. What do you say to that the just say not yet -- gimme a week you -- two weeks. Probably would say is that I'm focused on winning games. You know. As we get deeper into this month -- -- more clear understanding of where we are here. Again make decisions that. Or make decisions that we think is the best guess it is quickly here so that that the service. Top line response and then of course you can talk you talk about. Each each adult grown out of all letters -- talk about what -- you are restricts our. Answer questions and things like that but. You know I just I think both those conversations. Going on all the time. You know we ever got to pour it actually looking at proposals and exchanging. Proposal offers something like that. It will mean that. You know we've we've decided that okay. The best thing for the Red Sox sister. Perhaps. Focus our. Current build something that -- you can't sort sort of sustainable or that's -- Ben how would you characterize. Talks or. What's going on Jon Lester right now. You know I think a lot been written up this. I think that I would. What I take out of it or anything that it -- What is what which you passed down and -- or earlier you know ourselves Yasser luster dust that low and he broke -- I'm. I think we're all of those people with. Is that. There's a strong relationship here it goes back twelve years. And that's our relationship fallout -- continued dialogue and conversation. Eco conversation at the right time. And you know we've we've. John feels like. Right now at the time the -- -- field in oak summit in China help. He did anyway he can. And gain in not that the world oaks course a chart where and so. At -- to do that a lot of talk around the not. Knowing anything coming from any of those people what is mentioned that talk from. Certainly it is yes I'm about what this means or what that means there. You know it's sort of and it out there and then and I don't read so much stock you're nervous. Coming from the people who are actually part of the conversation so I would sit. What they just -- Saturday. This starlet appeared to rule out hurt and incarcerate or that means it means that the in conversations. Will have an opportunity at the right time -- Beginning to Marty you know our at our at our position hasn't entirely dark and -- -- and change that. But to finally keep. Which leads me to this follow up question bench Arrington do you believe in your opinion did Jon Lester early suggestion that he'd be willing to take a hometown discount or. The club's early low ball offer to John in anyway shape or form shape and and sort of constrict these negotiations going forward. Now I don't I think. The I always because again we're -- and nobody is. Nobody is you know. Well he's eating any longer. Anyone -- point. You know as a means that it or try to conversational -- or the other or we're all. You know all destroyed well over -- Relying on the relationship with built over twelve Beers as a way to. As a way to as a way to try to find kind of constructive resolution to a accounting issue we know you're chomping -- contract to decide they're not. Are not he shouldn't try to find a -- that that would have put it together and make our struggle has got to make sense or not it makes so let's not. And that's the counting dangling have a relationship with strong. -- you do that China whose representatives. That is the chip so I think. If anyone any part of any party unilaterally. You know tried. Make too much of one particular player or another then noted Hollywood. In the media -- weigh it down bog it down and I'll I'll -- happen. And benefit -- under our neighbor sees you and says hello and asks you what went wrong. What do you say. I know you don't wanna talk long and that friends or neighbors cut nose you know wouldn't wanna you can phone calls to make me in his I know it's complicated but if you order. Summing up in a sentence or two what do you say of people ask what went wrong in 2014. Well I think about it I think you know obviously there are our big issue please open so. You know very well it has been. -- -- offensive production -- pitching as you can not order. We're having this suspect that they took a look at that. I -- without saying that. I I didn't didn't do did not. Building it. Complete opposite their keeper offenses. And didn't insist. That the -- at the lineups that. -- I -- this is a look certainly look. America we we thought we we thought we that he thought he. Hit it's solid reason to believe we have that -- -- your. Reality is that at. And you know that -- -- choker urged Turkey itself and that and our ability we're in so I don't I don't think that. I think that you know. Specific day one player on this businesses. In aggregate into the group in our job. Building -- be enough offense to. With at least start this year so. Per -- overall you know trying to remedy that in ways that makes sense. And you know it takes time that come about that's at the flawed -- and anything else and selectors are those. Bet on that theme -- a mosque is mid season report card gives -- an F. Not that you care but is that fair. You know. I don't. I don't know I hadn't seen that that I think. That I. We all that certain elements that element of -- throw line you know of those who work there. You know we're we're beating ourselves up before -- else's so. You know we rewrote the record is no. What has gone into that and so. Where accountable and terrible for responsible return that and better so. I don't really I don't think any anyone else -- grade. Eight. I understand or otherwise those things are out there and are the great thing about being about the people here and so those things that are are. -- get a half an Amherst. -- I bet I know no little kid goes out of its capacity to get -- to get an effort high school your eyes are getting in there and immersed after that this is that the coast. He lived at Stern's call when he was like heart heart to know what you in your rant. I've -- I don't you know the specific needs and wants and shortcomings of every team in the Major League so I asked this question. Instant do you know how many teams need a closer in Major League Baseball intending to eagle -- number. Yeah they're good idea. I think in vehicle there or you know -- an option that character actually does that work arm since. Earlier in the month right trying to. Figure out. You know it's something. In perception of their -- it is different than what you think that. You know we we know what team -- -- now this question. You know first of all how we play over the next. You know several days couple weeks and then. How serious those are. About addressing those. Are just out of curiosity how many teams do you think really need a closer. I think I think there's -- -- And both teams that are. Look like legitimate contenders then. You know. He user a better option -- -- power in the numbers name -- is that a fair number. I I admit that we on the elected. You can people in there. Argue about the point -- or how valuable -- -- out. You know all that stuff we we know objectively there -- -- to -- closer. The spot on the team but. Don't know when you're when you're when you're real chance to keep in October. You know that back got -- I was -- -- with the -- in no longer see pregnancies and -- -- in the idea is set to listeners so. The thing that came out and closing -- rather late in the centers. That nearly absolute that I've become more rye love all but -- -- become more viable in the playoffs and at or out -- time and and we've got it at some good -- here Papelbon. And the amount -- last year and performing at that. At the top of their game their it. All out force at all clear look at -- -- or better. And thirteen. All three of those guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- Eleven games that appeal that is where so normal I think you understand that there there is there a I didn't. The valued well it really that are really did -- to an enormous I think that. I've -- final question here are you convinced that what the Miami Marlins are saying is true that John Carlos Stanton is on available. I would I would think that they -- I would not wanna. -- he's at the military. You know also thought -- speak that they're trying to. They're really players are trying to. The term built something inherent. I would use -- would you want to move the peace it's important to. To building that aren't they yeah. All right bench Eric the Red Sox GM thanks for the time -- a busy day this probably is one of thirty or forty phone call due to be American today probably the most fun when you're gonna have all day anyway. And sharing that with -- in -- on the AT&T outlined the props report. Is brought you by noon turf care to -- but the solutions at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway ample mean to you and 1468. Vote. It's -- hand Ken Campbell I like I've had 55. And one other thing that these -- the kind of -- -- well. Territory in the next couple days thing and that antenna to an incident tweeted to a couple weeks we -- day 2000 human pattern -- -- if they win in two of the next three. While they did win two out of three and use -- -- matter they are showing signs of life you call of beating Houston a sign of life. Actors and it probably I mean this what happens the first guys -- -- PB. And Gomes who cares I can't step they try to -- Kaczynski -- wanted to they will try to between these guys in the movement you can still say. If we catch fire you know will will get back into contention even if you trade -- and columns -- given up right if you could go on -- given up. No future APV Gomes you don't really lean mean if you still going on the -- you know missing nothing right right. I mean loud and that's different than a week later won -- a record but you replace him of regular rose up Brandon Workman ordered. Alan Webster so you don't lose -- are we go to break with this what does before stand sport WAA are. Our young wins against her replacement idea about replaced got a new step that we should. Use Colin Ford in next couple of days maybe a couple weeks is called lap. Wagons above. Prospect wins after prison ski. And I like that -- so far too -- it's a pretty good number.

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