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Buster Olney, ESPN: All-Star Game should be exhibition, 7-1614

Jul 16, 2014|

Buster Olney joined the show to talk about yesterday's All-Star Game and he thinks people are placing too much importance on the result, and that it should go back to being strictly for fun. Also, as the Red Sox enter the second half of the season, they should focus on winning games and not think about being buyers or sellers.

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Plus year old Alice from ESPN and espn.com. Talked about that topic from the all star game and more. Midsummer Classic last night buster brought to us by Toyota of Nashua and Mohegan Sun. Buster thanks lot for coming -- all -- what is your take him what is your assessment about what happened last night with Adam Wainwright and group appears to Derek -- start the game. And I felt bad for a first of Adam Wainwright is one of the really great people on the sport he's on it -- -- it. I needed to what he originally said he just spoke the truth is and you know what he did. What he initially said that he did. I mean that's been on for years and years and years and I'd seen examples of it. Where you know a guy. -- depiction of the way of honoring me that are saying you know what. I'm gonna give you can't to do something on the stage YouTube and so grade and if you go back 1968 technically did it would Mickey Mantle. And making panel told the story about how he's rounding third base after hitting a home run off Denny McClain who won 31 games a year. It definitely gives him a big week. I Saudi 95 CD in the last game that he's looked like it was in the last game for Alan Trammell Lou Whitaker ever Wear the tigers' Mike Messina. That would them to gather all star game cal Ripken Chan Ho Park. You know he could make an argument -- that the pitchers group to -- there. It happens a lot more than maybe what people realize and I I kind of feel bad debt. You know everyone involved have to pretend that this game matters. Which is really the basic problem. In this day and where Adam you can't really come out and say it's an exhibition game and I I wanted to give Derrick an opportunity. -- you enjoy the stage. Instead everyone has -- backtracking and pretend that something. Pretend it's something happened. And then what actually did happen. Yeah -- -- it I'm sorry it is unfortunate because you eat. -- that you spoke the truth any is almost forced to apologize then by all -- you almost felt like it felt like he was lying is it. I know he gazed -- his curveball his back pocket that they'll bust or just. I'll withdraw leaders to try to split the plate if he gets any gets -- hit it. As you mentioned that when I get that point to that was seen -- the most confusing game in the world because. I still don't think the players care about winning or losing but they're forced to especially late in the game. Have you be heard that -- guys talking about it this whole weekend does that dynamic of does it mean something she probably played this game how to get rid of it. Well I mean and that whole quandary start to the fact Major League Baseball placing. Home field advantage in the World Series on the outcome of -- game but yeah Adams. Get out of there and any follow up comment he basically had to indicate to everyone. Well you know I'm really competitive person and I wanted to get him out. And and believe me as they say -- he did great person and we understand baseball as well as anyone and he knows what he was he's trying to do something good for -- And put Derek -- a great situation. But because everyone's confused about what this game -- he had to backtrack it'll lead to other examples look at. If this really meant something -- Derek Jeter even deleting off in that game no doubt it because he's it would. He would be honored with Mike Trout get pulled out of the game that the game meant something no. The most outfit can picture net gain ballot by -- already. Dean actually meant something would delete Clayton Kershaw -- for more than three out. Yeah let's stop pretending that it did anything more than an exhibition. And that -- like Adam Wainwright who was essentially trying to keep up Derek Jeter. -- -- doesn't have to backtrack. Are talking a -- only buster so dirtier got on her a lot and his name was spoken a lot. Last night. But two guys that there were not mentioned where Don Zimmer and Tony could win. Both guys who are not with this anymore do you think Major League Baseball miss an opportunity to -- those guys at the at the all star game. I was surprised. You know it certainly indicated Tony because he's a hall of Famer. And and you -- I mean we hit at the Oscars every year with a role that. The videotape of all those have been lost the year before power in the film industry. And I was surprised that they had the very least at that wasn't done in the have to Tony. I strongly with us here 900% and BI. I would suggest that people go to espn.com and read busters column. Because a lot of things have buster referenced about the all star game in the set up. Of it still counting in meaning something whether or not it should the wake of this discussion about Adam -- Derek Jeter he has written form. And -- goes into a little bit more in depth to go to espn.com and read busters column on this topic -- the one angle I want to bring up to that we haven't talked about yet. Do you think it was worse. After a fox put him on to try to explain it I got the five that it was. I know what they're trying to do -- -- -- what you know what it brought more attention to any kind of media bigger deal I think. And I you know -- we we actually have the -- -- on this weekend at the minute they only reported speak with Adam. I'm sure that once it's started to blow up. On social media that they felt the need to react I I agree we do. Dad he didn't necessarily work out that it helped because I don't know what he was gonna today. That was gonna changes that you know what he had said before. And again I don't I don't think anything he really needs to apologize for work. Because he treated like an exhibition game exactly what is. And personally god I wish they actually took it more seriously I would -- the players association a Major League Baseball got together. Talked it in the managers -- that became good luck. Managed to gain the -- it used to be me and were Ted Williams didn't come out of the game. And you pitchers for three and you only have the -- -- piped into the game not eleven it's probably participation trophies. Try to lean and within the context of not burning up the pitchers. And do what you can and and instead it becomes something very different -- it clear all they wanna do is get as many players in the game as possible and then again I. It is the whole controversy. He's created. It -- are pretending that it's more an exhibition. To -- it's got to be kind of one of the other two because right because of -- John Carlson last night just praying that Perkins can pernicious game. If he's not a position players you still got some arms but that's that's the thing that bothers me it's an all star exhibition game. Major talk to anybody just over the weekend. Guys that maybe knew that they were that extra reserve extra guy case that got extra innings and realized they were gonna give -- games. Mean the -- the Kansas doesn't get in early both of these guys figured maybe -- don't get another one and that that's right feel bad for. Yeah I'll go through the years -- I mean I've talked to guys have been in that situation they told me. Election is the 28 guy and that -- on the team the 29 guy I've had a conversation you guys who are basically told me. Look. You know what's cool it to go there and to be the other players. And would be honored to bring your family and -- -- be introduced before the game. You know easy necessarily. Really meaningful would have wanted to -- to pitched a one hitter I've -- players don't mean that that's not a big deal just being invited. And it being a part of it and you know the reason why the managers do that of course is can they don't want a slight anybody you don't wanna have that conversation. Boy -- come you know John Ferrell left out the Yankee captain Joseph Girardi left out the Red Sox player to they try to get everybody in the game. And I really think if you -- the next commissioner -- and and go one -- the other key point. Either declare an exhibition game take away the -- to the start of the World Series war. Come out until the managers try to win the game don't feel compelled to play everybody -- guys like Mike Trout in the entire game. Is there any kind of pushed doorstep busters anybody set -- -- let's just. Let's look at the interleague records has there been any suggestions about taking this out of the game. Now because Bud Selig. You know this is something that's important to him. I think you know he clearly. Defined a lot of important in what his legacy is it's not going to be discussion now. I do wonder if the next commissioner once you get a little bit passed by the will begin to look at that I. You know what I don't think it is necessarily push from the players' association to get away from having and many guys participate because they wanna serve as many players. Possible. I've busters so let's talk about the Red Sox now so the first half the season is over at their first game on Friday. How would you if you were the manager how would you approach the second half is there anything different that you would do is would you would what would you tell your guys how would you. How would you kind that you bring this team to get them to be -- can at least in contention now. I am doing everything I can -- first two weeks leading up the trade deadline of winning as many games as possible. And managing a net -- of trying to get back in the race -- I think it's gonna happen no he's a longshot absolutely. But if you guys look at the Orioles scheduled to start the second -- there's no doubt as we sit here today they're the clear favorite to win the division. They open up with a ten game road trip on the West Coast against the three American League west -- Oakland. The angels and Seattle their first 26 games coming out the breaker against these -- records over 500. Kill either -- and opportunity for -- -- that seem like the -- -- The Yankees the Red Sox the blue jays get closer absolutely and I think it at least at the outset of the second half you have to play it that way. -- -- that would buster only -- -- espn.com finally -- anything -- that you're hearing on any of the following -- to KC -- to Saint Louis or some morals and the -- contract situation. Just around the edges that you know that they've been bits and pieces of conversation. I don't think there's anything new in the last thing they told you guys last week I think it -- the Red Sox. Come and and the wave the white flag and give him a lot more didn't they were willing to give mid spring training like -- 120 million dollars. I think he's gonna go into the offseason and prepare for free agency and at some point between now and then November 1 two reds second have to make up the mind do we let Jon Lester go. Or are we gonna make an aggressive property keep them but I just don't think they're going to be conversations in the second half the most complete capitulation by the Red Sox. Just they jeepers it's you know last week we talked he -- there's a chance they can't find a home they just -- -- for Simon I think an hour later. They did just that you see him ending up anywhere -- is this AJ Pierzynski Alfonso Soriano sort of just going off into the sunset. Yeah I think so -- -- you know Enrique Soriano. I know when I've talked to him he basically indicated to me that he wanted to continue applying for. The Yankees. -- war -- he was singing about going home and I think that's where it winds up. And let's face it in the at this point -- for AJ it's gonna take him knowing somebody in an organization. Who values impersonal -- Because what you hear from came after came after -- as rookie defensive problems are just too great and we can't bring the mine. Because of those because it'll hurt our pitching staff. Buster thanks but should your priest you come and ominous today and thanks -- -- -- an all star game -- talked again next week yet. All right as -- only.

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