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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Awesome All-Star Edition - 7-15-14

Jul 15, 2014|

We tackle four topics all centering around great moments in All-Star game history, with a little Boston flavor to it.

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And holing. Lindsay -- And another -- that sounds all right Kevin articles of mass about a lot of easy. They've never been called -- corpus right down the business trends -- anything but she. Florida or brought to my AT&T AT&T -- more than 99% of all Americans. Building you a better network -- -- -- an -- for definitive moments. -- that we came up -- the play along with us -- Are we gonna start in the 1970. Major League Baseball all star game. Carl Yastrzemski was your MVP it was held at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati Ohio. The most memorable moment of that night was Pete Rose Bowl is over -- cost him. Right and others that looking back end okay. OK. Okay. Okay. The April update -- as -- coming up. Why don't upgrade the quality of the area at a -- don't want their children -- -- -- quality. OK and on the back of the leg of a lot of eight and oh yeah. I don't say this and I said it over the years I'm just repeating in this for I don't want to think I've changed my opinion. The single dumbest player ever seen in Major League coming -- Because he ended a man's career in an exhibition of his career equaling -- -- it to get more letters to his career he was never the same and I wasn't necessary but you know. If you hear if you -- that broadcasts there. -- that Pete Rose on this. First -- is the -- Pete Rose -- all the time that was just that's that's the only defense I ever hear the white Fiat led. Play in the until. The announcers pointed out it was eighth consecutive all star game won by the national. And that's when it mattered I know what Bud Selig and other people try to do try to do. We're the all star game and the candidates -- Was to bring back the importance of the all star game it's not gonna happen once upon a time the all star game with a really big deal with before interleague play. When national lakers took it seriously American leaders to fiercely if that wasn't just an exhibition game that was something important to the national. And pick -- all the announcer reacted. There was no real reaction it was just a normal regular baseball play at the time that's the way they -- think rep tells what they all star game was that. I just think that it. And I know -- claim is Paula talk when we actually watched earlier today in the office. What was the man -- to be there and he killed boss. And -- it didn't end his career like he played after that he was never the same player he was an all star. -- rising star catcher and from the apple went on he was a shell of himself as a major -- In an exhibition it may have mattered the players have played and it they may have made it a big deal -- their own minds it was still an exhibition. -- planned hard and tough but Michelman money healthful behavior -- -- in California get off of Africa that would benefit but sort of served for. The 20 man. Yes we are Michael and before the 199192. NBA season Magic Johnson retired for contracting HIV virus. It's voted to play into the all star game regardless. To showed up. Won MVP and one of the most amazing also are moments ever. I have to be out there for myself and I have to be out before a lot of people who. Our rule whether they have wrote the book they have a handicap or whatever they have. And and let them see that they can carry on steel live and don't have to feel like there's different. -- Okay. -- Bird Johnson. And volley go I have. We I think we forget now what a huge deal this -- them. I mean there were players who didn't want to play in the -- some of the things karma world -- -- I don't wanna get near him I don't wanna talk Jim I don't know what's gonna happen. Just as ignorant you also remember farmer from where it was. When the press -- that night I was taught art at the old car press conference call and I remember at that time think about golf all the goal was. 1991. A lot of people heard that and I've always said. I have HIV. But a lot of people heard these days -- they thought they have Magic Johnson was gonna die in two years. -- was gonna where there in front of -- back but back but he -- -- I mean that was a death sentence to try to HIV that was a death sentence back in 9192. And kept look at the magic thing okay. Where and when did you start due to -- when you start to breakdown and if it hasn't happened and they say. At the very least no matter how you feel about Magic Johnson went on Donald Sterling feels bottle but no matter I don't have out of jobs -- He was he was there to help educate people about something that America is -- -- was. Maybe uncomfortable talking about we're just flat out it's just ignorant there was and a lot of it was a. Probably -- -- there was a Celtics game that night it was at the old garden in new TD garden Fleetcenter whatever it just it was just a pipe dream I know. And and it was at the old guard and I remember I was all over the Celtics game. And remember that place downstairs that our rest on the Boston Madison Square Garden clubs that -- -- -- it that way out of I was the one right on the street there. And I remember everybody standing around the TVs. Watching the press conference the Magic Johnson pressed on -- everybody was dom -- yeah it was if you just stood there with your mouth open in my he's. That's what I thought. I think most people are bewildered because dad because of HIV and aids was. Somewhat relatively new was what 567 years we're still learning about it at the time and was at the time it was a death sentence. By the way on the LP growth of the Texas. -- or -- -- what. Three. January 20 1996. NHL all star game was held in the fleet center -- in Boston. Was notable for one thing fox tracks was introduced that night it was awful. And it was terrible. But the biggest news of the night Ray Bourque. And 1996. NHL all star game MVP. Okay. That's a great job throughout the weekend. He gets -- or NHL hockey they have their. Here it. Mike and John. John Davidson is now the president of Islam it's what what -- Screens and things like that from any court. Probably what during the summer let him. You don't play by play and -- -- actually better off when you're doing. Your voice you're used to -- -- car and -- but that was -- on -- again we're watching this in the office earlier this morning. And it was that stupid box. Over the glowing puck a little fresh. Touches the puck -- I mean I understand. The days before each -- And I know what fox was trying to do you make the game more accessible. Biggest complaint was that while. What it. The place the bar was called iron where that was in place yes under that day at practice underneath the Green Line tracks there. And that's where I stood. And watch the Magic Johnson -- on that exactly and my little connection to the rate for all star game. That I met my wife down the street from the garden -- in the chameleon I think that was the name of the bar. Went to the all star that's what you -- -- -- an outlet where you are about what you -- Relationship between Europe and you know you know how some women or attracted to men in jail. That's part artfully belts are for me I kept writing a letter out -- Or relate Sergio outlets Arturo while -- relationship. -- -- pretty good reason. Are competitive. July 13 1999. It was the seventieth MLB all star game and it was held here. At Fenway Park it was notable for couple of things the all century nominees were announced. And that's when -- Williams. Came out. Was Ted Williams introduction at Fenway Park. Better. And Pedro Martinez striking out the first five of six batters he faced. If you look at the fifteen game winner of that league leading ERA of two point 10. -- complete game Barry Larkin it's still one of the selecting the reserve. They go to. Great balls two strikes on bank -- -- Hall of fame line up with steroid users. Having knocked them all down not even not even close Clinton pudge Rodriguez was after that day he's the guy it was via catcher on the strike him out from a double play. Now we talked to -- about this month or so ago. I always felt. That he overextended himself that he was highly -- he wanted to -- -- says absolutely no. I can't and we he said it if that was that had nothing if we all Baghdad that he has played. It's pitching dropped off. Immediately after the all star game and you watched him work that night and it was like he was so am -- But to answer -- question. With all due respect to Pedro. Now it was that Ted Williams moment that brought chills except for the shirt and hat horse evidently doesn't work better and better -- -- dot net yeah. And that was John Henry's fall then you know -- -- Somewhat apples at that point let's be honest about it. -- when he came around parked in that golf cart and every single person in the park was standing as one and you could even hear the public address that you just heard there you couldn't hear -- It was too loud you didn't know what was being said but it didn't matter everybody's dead wrong there on the conversation he has with. Was it was a Tony Gwynn the conversation with Tony Gwynn and about smelling the -- about the bad yeah -- -- smelly -- party rock verdict. For me it was that -- moment of those of the two as great as the Pedro performance was. But wait that's when you talk about Pedro and and falling off of that. To what degree every they're -- -- that was shot relatively city and united died sort of fallout that much. He was unbelievable but you've got that you're Smart detector goes. What no AT TAT and T question of the day out a way to bet they know -- they -- AT&T question of the day. They're all over it. Let's call that the eighteen to question which of the two. Was the greatest moment for you your honor I sent mine was -- out what you. -- the problem Michael Pedro -- -- your question of the -- likely going to be pain in the yeah. -- That's fine tune that works -- don't think you're that -- there was Mark McGwire it was acquired what no McGwire would know about it and he wasn't nearly the hitter that Tony Gwynn went. But he did -- inquiry about the smokes. In -- he -- some -- war that he is McGwire but it was Gwynn who was the San Diego native -- wise run. And who was considered one of the best hitters of his time -- why I like it was quite worries that you could smell. The smoke with a burning coming off the bat. That it wasn't Clark who's the theater goers. How. Robert yes that are -- you know what I hear it goes along way detectives are -- that's when he announced the weakness earlier today if you think about it I think -- in it but -- If you think about it before guys who were on the mound for the moment of -- and John Henry both on Tony -- is gone. Wires the only guy left that district up there. -- appreciate that here on earth their support for. -- report on our ability. 6177797937. With telephone number. The AT&T -- minus 37937. It's dale -- and Greg Dickerson Sports Radio W yeah.

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