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Nick Cafardo on the Sox at the break 7-15-14

Jul 15, 2014|

Nick Cafardo joined the show from the All Star game in Minnesota.

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It's been awhile since our friend nick apart -- Boston Globe baseball columnist has joined policies agreed to a get up early after that that riveting. Home run derby in Minnesota last night went almost to a midnight join us on the AT&T like -- nick how are you. John period on did you pull some strings and pull the plug on the home run derby I've had. We do it finally. It's just stood grueling it's just crazy it's. It's awful just awful -- -- a home run derby with the Georgia home runs right. Yeah but I -- I like the -- always been a big Todd Frazier I've been -- a lot of facetime TI I don't believe become fodder like that you like because writers don't have the coverage they -- early stories -- and normally. It's -- really wanted to sit down goes Frazier. On the Alfred normally think the writers are in the arm then right on all star mark. Right that cracked the story out on because who really care who wins yet you -- Nick are we all destined. To monitor the Jon Lester contract situations -- -- just say probably. December may be and how ultimately do you think it will be result. Well you know I think those deleted stuff where he -- so no I think is is the way it's gonna go and why wouldn't wage. Is listed at the end of this season when pretty agency finally begins. I mean. He's gonna break the bank in the why wouldn't you wanna hear what the Yankees have to offer the Braves have to offer the Rangers are. And then and and finally get Boston's final you know offer and see if this do you really want to take that hometown discount and and stay where you feel comfortable I mean why -- he wanted to do that. Soleil I think that the -- my cities that right now. I really thought given who has agents weren't Levinson Brothers -- who tend to take the lower market type offers that it would have been done by now but. But there's did there have been digging their heels in on this one because they know there are very few guys out there. And would of this caliber so you know once they get out there. You know we keep thinking you know what's going to be six years 144. In the -- Greinke and Hamels. I think it's going to be well beyond that before all said and done. Did saying that he would take the hometown discount help or hurt his case ultimately or at least. Kind of set the bar or the told the Red Sox to make that first low ball offer. No I think that it was pretty neutral because -- -- you know the Red Sox have this philosophy knowledge base that they. The that they don't wanna give out more than four years. Take two guys over thirty years old. The end and that's what they stuck with with that offer and others did the actual money part of it was. Was low and they know that and they'll -- go up from the money offer him. But I am not so sure. They can they go -- much from those four years I think we'll try to put. You know vesting options in the air and things like that but Jon Lester doesn't have to -- for -- need vesting options are club options or. Anything like that he's gonna get this straight six or seven year deal from someone. So you know. -- the Red Sox are there are Smart in this in that you know they have all the numbers and the researched it -- to the back up what they don't want that. These guys declined terribly after age thirty or 32. -- so they don't have that there -- that those numbers available to them. But the flip side of that is how do you replace them and that's -- that's what they're wrestling with. Even if you don't not a replacement doesn't make it as Smart business move to give a thirty year old 67 years we've seen the track record. -- guys like that the precedence for guys like that. Do you think he'll do it nick I mean I know that their own looking for good PR here but as a baseball decision. -- their company have to know that it will be a mistake. To give a 15060. Million dollars the last. Yeah well and I think between now and then and the time free agency starts that think the Red Sox. The probably go explore you know how to replace them and you know they you know they've had the people watching Cole Hamels and that's a and that's a very interesting case because you know he's -- four years left on his deal. And is -- that the kind of money that they would be willing to pay but. So that deal right here that guy probably appeals to them so. And so that now the question is you know humble home any prospects do you give to together dialect two. It just didn't seem to what you're doing so they'll they'll be looking into things like that if that filter of the prices to life. Then I think maybe they do succumb to -- at some point but that they succumb to a -- philosophies out the window you know -- it -- -- -- we can't stick to this philosophy anymore you know. But it's a philosophy that that one that we animal World Series. -- nick is it fair to say that clouding the picture in terms of the Red Sox view. Are the two X factors name Lackey and -- colts they don't know what's going to happen there. Buckled from a stability -- -- reliability standpoint and Lackey with whatever is gonna happen with his contract that at at the minimum. I I think that that certainly factors into it obviously they have. Great they open their prospects. You know we'll see how good these guys really are you know they -- -- like Workman. And quite a bit and he owns looks like he's going to be is the real deal. And so it depends on how much they wanna put some of the young guys that the -- the rotation. Given the fact that even when they do Kamal. -- -- have a very limited innings things in this the other big issue with the young players as. Is so on the east and they -- initially in their rookie years -- even in this second third year. So -- you know I would say right now Jon Lester I would love to be Jon Lester right now you know he's in tremendous position. You know reading your Clemens struggled Sunday right now I think it was -- paper. You write about Clemens I was should be in the hall of fame that's fine that's fine having some people want a -- for these guys some people don't. We make a point of noting couple times is cleared obstruction Lima congress had in. It never fails the PV test. And all that stuff you don't mention it but in your heart rate when you look at -- to find out in the hall of fame. But if I ask you nick -- the Roger Clemens do steroids or -- he's the pitcher you think he did right. Absolutely yeah yeah do you think all steroid guys should be in the hall of fame called qualified. No I know what the guys who were the greatest players ever play the game. But Sosa and all of them why would that why would -- Sosa McGwire if you put Clemens and bonds won out Sosa McGwire. I -- McGwire was all cameras I was very one dimensional player and think he was also and that's why don't quote form. You know I think that. And this is subsidized you know I think anybody who votes for this thing. Wrestles and I've I've been around the block on this from the united and stern though none of these guys get -- in the evening that they were suspected of that wouldn't vote for them. And then as time goes on as you do a little bit researching start talking. People who played in this era and in whatever the -- wasn't in my started around 1986. And go on -- -- Both three structure are still going on now but. Does does the -- it was was during those years there and the more you talk to people. Players play of the game this thing was really widespread. And I'm not saying it it's writes this as everybody else was doing it. It's only -- -- the way you know so many guys never got caught in it was just -- few of the superstars and that caught. And and so you have to. Decide it was the playing field level. You know -- -- -- -- but these guys just got away with this in and then just dominated because they weren't steroids but. The -- point it was fairly level article that was. I don't know what percentage of low ball guys who did it but I think it was more who is addicted didn't do it. In Seoul and so like I could choose to ignore the entire air in -- -- -- anybody getting. Home but in the in the perfect world if it there were no steroids. These guys and still be the greatest players. In the fact there were steroids there's still the greatest players I mean you you can make it will. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It took you can make Rafael Palmeiro had a great ability -- Mickey can make Raphael Palmeiro and hall of Famer. Well in the he was -- you think it was great player and he was great here and. Now he was good but it wasn't a whole steroids he is now how could you vote for guys some steroid guys and not others -- you may nick would you vote for you about from -- when his time comes. No I you know I don't think I will. Think it's all because. Listen -- back then in mr. Ritter who it was different no question was free for all you know they were. The other was steroid policy in place for the wasn't forced it was -- testing so. You guys took full advantage of -- what's the what's the policy was a place. Can you do when neighborhoods or stupidity I mean you know. And that's why I have problems and guys who test positive after the the so that's that's just crazy that's stupid. That's there about warfare can make an argument that the -- you know there were no testing now that's a fair and another is and some guys which in -- keep Bagwell out. Results and that's sort of McCarthyism smells literate but I don't know how you can vote for Clemens McGwire the Clemens and bonds and -- McGwire and Sosa. That's when we doesn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just I just think he was very one dimensional and I just don't think -- result they were great years muscles get 200. About Sosa. Never flunked a drug test sixty almost three time does that. The Sammy get your vote. -- is not comfortable with -- And you know still I'm still -- haven't -- -- a lot of home runs. But. Have bullet for me it doesn't lately of course he has been social logjam. On the ballot with with guys who obviously. The candidates for the whole game and we've we've all had a problem you know. -- -- sort of our ballot -- of these businesses or more than ten guys. Notre from the slot time mode. -- Clemens and bonds as sort of numbers dropped a little bit and I have come to find just talking to people they dropped because. The decision they weren't gonna get in. So they -- both -- -- -- -- for other guys in the vocal about the bullet for the -- I expect that. That these vote totals are gonna go back up where for Clemens and bonds. And a final question from me is we circled back to the Red Sox narrowly answer the question why did the Red Sox fail or why have they failed so far this year is probably six full. To -- these six things -- rank them in order of nick apart those. Idea as to what was the most impact full detriment to this team at least we'll start with a the underperformance. Not meeting expectations of the two youngsters. -- and Bradley as one. Will Mel Brooke's disappearance. Size mores failures. Victory -- injury Pedroia of production drop and finally AJ Pierzynski influence chemical out you're right doesn't list. The union -- -- the number one that would -- those very departure. Up and I think that -- the whole thing with the offense you know that that were started. And then victory in -- -- -- nice have you talked to guys in the bag or gone right. And I think it's a who's a trickle down from there for the for the office. Jackie Bradley junior size moral that no question right there the other thing I would say is simply too much. Emphasis on Bradley in -- right. Especially Bradley. Because. He was supposed to be the center fielder replacing knows very in new York and everyplace -- very altogether but. You know hit it 200 most of the year it was. It was not very good so that was third big thing of the offense so. -- -- -- way and -- -- -- not. Performing as has the right handed power hitter and who was huge for me too because they. He a lot of monopolies what ten home runs they they don't have that that the that great right now the power hitter. Are -- looking too much are weighing too much into AJ Pierzynski looking at this cellphone -- and in locker baseball gamers in more. I think so I mean. AJ Pierzynski going to be is that is that the play within them from the open -- player in dangerously baseball you know exactly. What he was -- what he is he's had a problem with teammates. Since the -- of his career the -- so -- still cut 17149. Games so this is this can't be surprised the people. That the surprise I think was that he wasn't the hitter. That he always was throughout his career. He couldn't catch anymore you know who's dropping balls left and right. And and those with a two bit respect to the other stuff about the personality. And me as a role on Sunday. You know you've had guys eating chicken and drinking beer in the club house at one point. So -- itself -- c'mon I mean -- -- that rank as far as crimes you know in the -- close. An -- let you go would you agree that John Ferrell is job one tonight not really -- kind of symbolically is how he gets Derek Jeter out of this baseball game. To honor this guy is something he's given some optimism. Yeah definitely. That's definitely going to be -- I have no idea what what their plan on it but. Yes he's gonna try to -- make that moment where everybody can kind of. You know surround them and and couldn't spell on the back in the handshake and the whole bit before he leaves the game. Is -- a part of Boston Globe baseball columnist nick thanks for getting up early and talk with us enjoy the ball game tonight. Nick apart with the Santelli on the AT&T -- did you hear gave up or yesterday on the fox home run derby pre pre pre pre pre game. He said he will need to have a box of Kleenex with him tonight because he thinks he's going to breakdown. When Jeter is taken out of the game probably in the middle of an inning. Whoever is substituted his replacement is comes in and Jeter walks that was standing ovation tapper says he's -- two week. -- -- a whale like left but -- I don't want to meet. Well there's months ago led the Tyler probably struggled with -- yes and you know some of Rick Reilly. Rick Reilly when you weakness Jeter you'll sleep on now and I like Jeter more than most people writers do -- -- people like your that the keys. Our season best player of this generation I'd probably agree he's the best player this generation was played twenty years and never said a thing with the best part of interracial. All around baseball player. All around baseball player. My -- It's their different generation Jeter should Edwards who would the candidates plan we'll start organize people all over forty. In between say third. Get a quick list we come back.

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