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The World Cup has come and gone... so what did we learn?

Jul 14, 2014|

We discuss the end of the World Cup, and how soccer has made progress (if any) in the US because of it.

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I think. And -- award -- at a time he said you're just gonna shake your head and discussed at the open today all content fair. I find it juvenile to music and think. It's kind of funny or another -- -- that in a weird -- in a weird way it's funny. I thought it was funny when I was twelve I find it somewhat funny today -- Some are never grow up. Or twelve a little late. -- just -- you know. Mr. Hollywood news in the big seat was laughing very hard and could barely speak and I told that joke like irregularities it did it did make that up. Yes because I wasn't. I didn't necessarily that with a comedic genius. I was amused fact that he thought movies was a funny guy that day I was amused by. That the joke itself one that and more -- that -- the art on the radio and thought that was his validation. And -- everybody laughs of their for what comedians that category and make people laugh -- at that thing he's funny. Well it always does himself no out how to better. I'm funny I was we were on -- -- important and I said it was an interest in complementary -- He's a comedian who thinks he knows when you'll think you're a comedian I'm a football guy who thinks he's comedians who we balanced each other actually I'll. And you use the -- beast yeah yeah and about it the day they articulate over Peyton Manning and some good arguments yeah. Well you know spirited angry if you happen to say one minute negative thing about Tom Brady or Bill Belichick did not -- them an old gold and how about that they got from patriot. Donna Jared Norton let you go -- -- I would have to be just sell it to like Brady as much as. She and her little controversy. Why she was like to boast about the trophy and then didn't and people thought she was gonna do in -- sit there on the sideline all day so. I mean I didn't care or you are supposed to bring believed -- Tom box down to the sideline. And she was wearing -- Louis Vuitton dress I got to -- was wearing his outfit from Arctic air -- a couple of I don't blame the control -- term lame trophy. To see what it's worth. I don't know what her belt tweet about that it's actually goal. It that the value of the goal alone is a 170000 dollars does that does that mean isn't it good looking trophies as anything great trophy and -- -- if you watch the prognosis or you know that strife trophy is actually. Priceless. I don't care how much work on to talk about aesthetically. You look at the World Cup trophy and saying yeah. Not really that's cricket trophy. Well one thing it's the size of a couple Beers and let's be honest it's not exactly this gigantic. It's rough -- tournament -- somebody like me did it. You know took I took my first class -- -- like Al pottery and how to. After my first try etc. out here. I don't know why we are really -- Americans that -- let me know how -- the trophy. I don't blame Gisele I don't know what should give up at home country. Regarding the host country. Embarrassment and -- line back. It was worse than that it was -- that is because at least. Patriots giants when you said that there was a competitive game came down literally came down to the last the rule of the game. In this case -- -- -- Welker -- -- in this case may. Brazil nothing. The US was behind in soccer. We had a result got to Brazil outscored ten to one square yeah and Brazil -- they're supposed to know the beautiful game and sure about that we're better yes. I know use my body SAT comparison I don't want anybody -- know that's what happened. 21 and three nothing in the third place game art which everybody wants your life and Germany 71. The US plus Germany one that doesn't work I'm going where you the US been out of Brazil. -- -- We set that up paper view. Brazil US -- scaring the Brady household Artest crushed Gisele verse -- to -- and don't care I don't care now. -- it and it melted and for the consolation game I would of who cares I enjoyed watching the game after I get embarrassed another consolation. All and I watched that -- The orange crush. I mean it detonate it connect you like soccer and BIL's competition I was at the revolution games. Nice and -- I was I met with our our friend -- Brad not Brad lighten -- keepers for the revolution had a nice chat with him on the sideline guys taken reps away from the arc definite threat that's -- out there. Conflict in all in our facility at all NH LS Tonya Harding style and with a wrestle -- is -- reps with a little bigger that your doctors today. I'll have to steal -- a crowd buddy and -- star hearts now he'll be back in four years watch out that was our. Like. You know that they its biggest star that's been made over the course non playing as Tim -- the bags are made Taylor a little Taylor Twellman has become. A huge are in this country now. And also is advancing his cause in a concussion awareness -- doctors on the sideline the heat could not have been more right yesterday a huge star in this country but not in this building. Yeah. I don't know I don't know how to explain what if what if I don't get it anyway after. But since art World Cup commentary for the day in all likelihood for the next four. I understand that there are people who don't like it I don't try to talk him into it I'm even saying like or dislike. Most of America will now put World Cup in the memory in the rear view that was fun that's some reports in. In Simi and eighteenth the thing that surprised me the initial numbers TV numbers said that the viewers yesterday for the World Cup final -- about the same. As the USA. And Belgium image which was a huge TV number in this country. And I was one of the people who said OK now that the United States has done the numbers will fall off and it really didn't. The TV numbers for yesterday were gigantic. I was on vacation last week I was down in New York -- my son for a couple of days Tuesday when the game was played it was Germany and Brazil. Any aces let's watch the game somewhere and I said you know you know with the neighborhood better -- I do leases there's a German beer Garten near my apartment so let's -- rights. It's packed I mean it's wall -- wall. And as the case -- -- audits for nothing five nothing six and that despite their quiet -- -- theory is is. It was a blast. And I looked around the room and I was clearly the oldest guy in the room. It's a young person's sport right now. You know it's it's all wanna eat a forty year old it's and they are into it and and it wasn't all just German nationals because I don't think there that many German nationals. Living in his vicinity in Brooklyn but there are other New York -- -- but there was a lot of people there and they haven't bond and it was you know late afternoon on Tuesday. And the places rock and it's just the young person's sport right now. And more than baseball for an. Yeah it's a it's a young person's sport but I wonder if I wonder in the next four years if speaking of German nationals and in Germans. A former west German World Cup champions current US soccer coach Jurgen Klinsmann wonder in the next four years. Does he. Produce a guy is looking -- -- like eighteen year old guy right now nineteen year old right now who. In 2018. Will be ready to pound its chest and IK you've been looking for great start. In the US -- it for a great soccer star on pretty new age. I am him. I mean yeah my guess is he has me. He's got that guy and is on his radar screen and that person doesn't live in this country. It's it's like so many of the players that he picked for this year's team. You know dual citizenship. Born of American. And and German parents and living in Germany their entire life growing up and and learning the game he doesn't want any MLS players. -- Ben says the -- are ready and Julian green. By Julian green spread -- body. But he star. On the world to meet its star. Star player you think about. And and I know you know this is a polarizing topic for a lot of people in the audience. Mr. Belvedere to wanna talk about it in the morning either but. You look at yesterday. That winning goal. It's not the athleticism involved in that now not only the winning goal but the -- Unbelievable does does the US have a guy. And this is unfair or out there but it does US have a guy who can't do that. And I think about hard to picture back and replay would have liked what you say all too boring and it's a bunch of turnovers and I don't get it they don't score not can you can handbook. -- let's go back go to ESP and it's going to be playing all day long. What's that goal. Posit replay watch it again repeat the process Barbara six times you tell me eight -- not impressed with the the insane out by the system that took. To score that goal and -- that the US have anybody could do -- -- -- talking about. You know ironically there might be a kid now I think about it he's -- in your building. And this. Place for the -- who graduated from high school in May of this year. And the game I watched on Saturday night clearly the best player on the correct eighteen years old. That good but as a tool he's not too old but he's gonna have to get the hell out of here I have to leave MLS goal play and that in any European leagues somewhere. -- only be 22. For the next World Cup yeah. He he's a brilliant talent I mean I watched him all night Saturday night. I think he's clearly the best player on the field for both teams -- only eighteen years old do we have like soccer academies in this country. -- how like I AMG if you your great young tennis player your fifteen whatever bright bright younger you get shipped off the where's -- Brington Florida and you just boom years soccer in the new year schooling. They're soccer academies like that. I just got to you know that I know is that how you produce -- young elite talent like all of takes over realize the reds have a youth academy. I'll let teams have youth academies now. But I think on -- on a grander level I'm talking you get shipped off if you're from Wisconsin you're still going to Florida. You're living with the other 25 best young soccer players in the country and you are doing your books from. Eight to noon and then from noon to six -- plane sock you doing drills you got some German guy yell and you all day long so that you do. Increased athleticism and competitive nature and all that and -- by time you're seventeen or eighteen Euro world. Hear what it what it takes is. Not being afraid to say that you're not you're not totally down that you're not like your class major actually now. Russian style and I -- -- play soccer player Russian soccer -- it's what you're doing and you are you that you were trying to run a general right. Becoming soccer player and usually. In the USA. If people are doing it. They wind up apologizing. For it's not it's not something that we discussed openly and -- where. Like -- did it on the track to become a World Cup soccer now to what you do what school you go to and don't go to -- What what what year what your favorite subjects soccer. Favorite game saw her I -- -- despite soccer and trying to become a soccer player you know it's something that. Except -- tennis it's frowned upon here but it's the norm. From what I understand. I don't know but -- the norm. In other countries. We accepted in tennis week accepted in swimming we accepted in gymnastics. US kids. That we see every four years dominate. Right so why would we accept and soccer. What's the difference. The Olympics is -- steering and I don't -- gonna. I'm thinking about it and I think it's a good question golf are we do not call you we have teenage stars -- -- all or nearly went on to some degree. Certain tiger tiger went to Stanford right I went to school to go to Stanford in golf there. Now I think it's a little different OK okay I'll give it tennis gymnastics swimming ice skating. Right all that -- will sport right well. The the rest of the world treats it that way right with the like -- the scenes in the Premier League. How -- programs I mean they start them when they're nine and twelve years old -- too late and they and they work their way out of writers to -- stardom and maybe that's where the DMI was academies go eventually maybe they get bigger and then maybe there's an MLS academy where the best of those teams academies come together but but that's how you gonna develop you -- players at a young age is by having. -- developmental programs to. All right are you certain that the lessons are soccer discussion it didn't though but it didn't end it and I'll say this. As someone who who started this tournament and said very early. And very often with the World Cup. Pay attention every four years that four years is over. I mean that in the World Cup was over policy in four years. Feel different now or different I'm not going to not going to -- -- gamespot that. I just five I wanna know a little bit more now. As I'm not I'm not ready to just a case shattered off and then I'll check back in and 2018 -- wanna know a little more about. That the Premier League to want to know more about the talented players and honest I don't -- mind saying that. Because our enemy and the novice. When it comes to this. I wanna know more about the most outstanding player and -- the NL messy because I kept hearing. From young band and everybody else who loves soccer this guy's amazing that's amazing he wants until yesterday and it than in the games I've watched. -- don't get it. Well I really yesterday he was -- I'm going to be able to get it -- to be able to understand why people are swept. And astute he says he's as fast as anybody I've ever seen with the football on us for. The use that the term when he's dribbling the ball. He's just got this hyper jet's speed that that nobody else seems to have. He wasn't very good yesterday and at first when they named him. -- the most outstanding player when he gave the gold ball most outstanding player of the tournament at first I would come hopefully that and then I thought about it and I thought. Argentina would need to be playing yesterday wasn't for him he was all they had. And every time he had a ball yesterday you'd see five white shirt or white shirts around it's like let's go stop him. And and that's what their entire game plan wise he probably deserve to be the outstanding player of the tournament is just yesterday it was not a good example of the ideas and talk. More about that at 4 o'clock you know players who get awards and when there are not necessarily on great teams org guys. Who are who were great individually but. -- able to secure championship I was rooting for Argentina yesterday just that it's because of their history in and looking at all the all the heartbreak they've had over soccer or really wanted them to win but. I think it was very obvious from the beginning of this tournament that it was it was -- to lose I'll say this. And and I've I've heard all the criticism I've read at all on Twitter about how boring it is and how awful it is. I'd watch yesterday's game ten times before I'd watch the home run derby and there -- all god yet. The home run derby jumped the shark for me -- in 1999 when I was sitting at Fenway Park. When I sat at Fenway park at your watch tomorrow -- that's a problem you're probably I probably I think it is pouring. I think it's tedious what was or endless are what what. What was different in 99 I think I think the biggest part was that I was there OK and it's so it felt different you know to -- -- before them well. -- course I have watched did you hate it before that was at the only really like hate it as much as I have probably the last 567 -- so what does that does not necessarily terrible term it's a terrible term to watch on TV I mean aren't terrible competition watching TV it's awful I mean the whole Chris Berman -- Well that's not the. The actual. But that's that's the presentation you can hate him and like I said boy Chris Berman -- now -- -- yet like I'm not trying to overstate come to the hotel California. You can check out anytime you like. Which -- every. I am not I'm not trying to overstate my disdain for Chris Berman a takers that I don't feel that way this thing. It's it's part of the package I just think it's. -- now before somebody jumps down my throat here it's -- done mr. I don't like the skills competition. But -- NHL all star game. I don't like big unit the Saturday night for the NBA all star. And so what your -- you just don't like what. I don't like no I don't argue that all four and think you know like all star I don't like all star like All Star Games you don't like the skills competition you know like a home run -- only talent contest. Three point shooting contest. Just want the games. I don't like calls. Our games although to be fair I think both the dunk contest in the home run derby peaked and have been much criticized for the last. Eight to ten years and it -- finally that they were a novelty they were very cool and then for a lot. They jumped the shark a little bit now I don't know how you fix some real back in in the NBA the slam dunk konduz they've tried different formats different rules to try to get people back in. I still think the biggest issue that it always is to start with is star power. If you have a home run derby you have to have your Barry Bonds Mark McGwire of the day gonna doesn't. On its own question now is that after -- get back. There it is right Ron James doesn't look on during under rent during shootaround in during before the game. Yeah LeBron vs Kevin Durant got something Larry Bird and it's really want to see more interested in it stars are what drive these things if you have mid level towns people don't care they got to approach to -- -- I -- home run -- you got a couple yet. I don't have time. I'm not gonna pretend them sit there and watchful. Alternate in during commercials of 24 what are you gonna to network and applauds on bring guys to an end because of something like that's something about it. Aren't there yet I don't think for pure entertainment and sports. Let's psychoanalyze you. You'll hear yourself. Or wondering that -- and yet delivered a pretend world you're not comfortable yes there are some discomfort. I guess that is born -- gave all these great reasons lights it up through and what you're doing partial break it up. To what you Tony you're drawn to it for some reason. Got a nice job and -- I feel obligated what is -- that something happens he should be like ugly to watch the whole thing tonight tiger thing you bought popcorn meet with that same amount and -- win. It popcorn and a little party. I'm all over and over all. Party group. Home remember is gonna -- come on July apps do ask that you root for the kids to miss the ball taken off the headers and then when the negatives runner out there in the outfield 6177. For seven 7937. Is a telephone number and we'll talk about that know a whole lot more. I am back from vacation Michael and I are back together any heart patriots football weekly is in the house. It's dale and -- Sports Radio W yeah.

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