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The DEA is investigating potential pain-killer abuse in the NFL, 7-14-14

Jul 14, 2014|

The New York Daily News is reporting that the NFL is under investigation for the rampant use and abuse of pain-killers in NFL locker rooms. Christian talks about his experiences in Seattle when he entered the league in 1995, and how easy it was to get anything you wanted.

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Or the other story that came out over the weekend football related wanna get your thoughts on this. Daily news report that the NFL is being looked at by the DEA the drug enforcement agency has launched. An investigation of potential painkiller abuse in the NFL corner the daily news. Citing three sources familiar with the probe federal authorities want to find out how the NFL doctors and trainers access prescription painkillers. And who distributes them to the players. Christian since you've been there all -- how'd they do that. Well if you go back now when I retired in 07. It was very hard to get. Let me just put this -- the good ones. The good drugs that work the strong one in 07 it was hard. And you could get as you get as much leave as much Advil as you want it in those things are easy. But I -- that. Half a point where those things are easy when you're talking about. Hard narcotics that these guys are talking about you know day in this lawsuit and is represent about thirteen hundred players -- cooling. Jim McMahon Richard dad and Marcellus -- were three ESPN. So. We we use in 07 it was hard yellow card was it was easier don't want. Yes it was very easy OK when it's -- -- large -- it -- to go back to wouldn't change it was. It was what houses yes -- let us he had a one based aren't changing the policies and old and like 2019992002001. In 1995 when I -- it it was basically a room just like this it was the doctor's room which also doubled as a pharmacy like. All the while there's a bunch of medicine -- -- it's -- -- -- there's -- locks on the doors you basically if you wanna set you wanna. Anything about any strength -- -- -- can help you bike it in perk you name me oxy. -- You basically is what -- there just grabbed it wasn't it did the -- Smart monitoring other busy EPA angles of putting -- dams and -- and -- on knees. We cared. But then. They started monitoring it they put blocks on the medicine cabinets. But even then honestly if so -- the -- It's who grab it if you want something or Katrina trust that you air quotes and prosecuted you reduce the right thing and not take more than he should. That you can get it and then there are rules they said you could share their Harrier -- here -- other guys -- duke. It's today unity did they get sued for bike it and for whatever had my knees bug -- the painkillers. Churn up you get one little -- -- -- whatever it was and how many pills I was and you'd lose it with somebody else. And then you would just get another prescription for me it was easy very easy to get prescriptions but. These lawsuits are always -- we'll sort -- percent as -- on a fault of that so here you are Christian -- starting tonight -- right yep you've got sore knee yes and you take everything you that you it's. Still you take everything whoever I mean it was like like a lever that go beyond just ticket gets you grab whatever it is that -- wanted to grab yourself Medicaid out. And -- Feel awkward going to the trainer again and asking for more so you asked the practice squad tight -- -- the trainer -- your New Year's or grab this much of perk and bring it -- -- -- or did it for me or get a prescription for it I mean if if it. You always find a way to get what you need. And that's why these. You know these lawsuits. Are always curious to me because. I knew bike in -- cassette or -- whatever indecision. The biggest pain the biggest thing that was destroyed guys. That nobody talks about is the anti inflammatory like the bucket is like a painkiller but you take a bite -- and just to. Okay it was an -- gonna make or swelling go out you need. It is allowed you to deal with it did take a bike it'd go practice -- ticket -- all shot which is another. An attack Lamberth -- plus minute Internet. Doctor doctor comes and maybe one atomic -- that's knowingly then done. By the trainers. -- -- -- -- -- When I got an illegal Irish I was there I am saying that is because obviously the DEA wants to find out the mechanism by which players forget all this. And we were just seen before made it sound like it was largely handicap its open go grab -- as you need it's this. Now with a shot and guys who get shot indiscriminately just don't know shots you -- -- a doctor would actually would give your shot. Every now that there is we push each other up. -- -- Exco doubt that it close. -- that not not even remotely close later everything that when you talk about you know the DEA company trying to figure out how these drugs are administered. You're gonna have to go to older players have to go to players. And their mid forties or fifties. In the sixties. If you really want it -- a wild wild west mentality of how things were done back in the day use now days you can't get you. If you have the flu. Not feel like you're kind of sick right now right when he says that. You need to sign now they get all these it is hard to get -- pack if you of the flu. Get a cold. Everything is monitored every thing is Martina you said earlier that there were two points -- -- a complete difference 2001. It became harder again. I'm just making reference from like 1999. I remember things changing over. I district which here is what I -- hear anything I guess it was harder for me to go into the -- They'd get -- and to a par from like the trainers monitored that they justly they'd just Derrick Locke saw the doors now. Let's emasculated and -- point -- huge change teams that know I'll still Seattle okay so addicted to go to trainers for their right. No different training staff but still at the training staff is still -- went by the old way of doing things. -- and then after I just I just remember the next thing you know it was like hey you need to sign up for that we need you we need to know to take how -- did you take -- what do we needed no need -- Think in many in a lot. I did the NFL back then get an impression that somebody was that they must without a word got more players -- last month and now so we're. I don't even the last ones to know if that's been the way things have gone for so many years on this and you walked in week one when you get back from training camp to your regular facility. And you can't get what you normally can get has got to filter through locker room as to why there's a -- I mean it was edit it there you're just trying to figure out OK so what's. The first thing up -- public got its about time they monitor this is about time somebody buys there was approach put a lock on the cabinet which are probably locked the door. Because -- was abused was the privilege of being. You know it. Yes of course did you abuse. Why Seattle call it is -- I wasn't like -- you don't buy it and you know to help myself go to sleep -- to -- -- bike and it -- Ordered drinks about called to give myself a nice buzz. I hated by Putin I -- -- couldn't go for a forever so I didn't abuse I took what I needed. A phrase that let him abuse in that regard I meant abuses did you abuse the privilege of being able to -- self medicate but it will there there was that. You're saying or you -- yet there -- no rules tie you how would you how you're taking advantage of something where. The rules largest. Do what you need to do. The other was that. Into what support called -- that you were okay what the particles that you kind of knew you had to. You let you go through this guy. -- doctor first he -- -- how many you're taking he kind of does little thing like a pharmacist does put the fifty bills and Evan -- good ago. It would there's a drastic change can help you said there was a big time change 2001 -- like -- in the painkillers such you -- -- even got worse around 2007. You can get anything it just -- you know what happened 2000. Seven -- that night just it just became I just noticed it was just there was a definite. A change and just how you were able to. Just did what you need like there was just enough it was like it wasn't a drastic change because I noticed a drastic change. I 2001. And 19992000. That's -- noticed it and it just became more evident to me that this was. Something that they were really focusing on it they wanna make sure that. This wasn't going to be an issue I mean there was -- If you don't think is that at finding good if you need it you can get it. -- sold -- sold the lawsuit is basically -- that. Pair phrasing that guys. Did it coaches and trainers were basically leave demonstrate not telling them the whole truth about what they were taking pushing them to take this stuff. -- I mean I don't know -- that deal with pressure. Okay opt for everyone has. But if you don't want to take it. You don't take the DA DEA's gonna want you to witness -- doctoral effective again. I don't might tell a story it's always gonna stay the same it's not that -- nothing's another LA times story coming here that coming up. I'll tell you like I -- mrs. This isn't anything new at it it's at this is nothing new and all all players know yes the NFL hates hearing it spoken about publicly that I don't see the big deal like okay. If they don't wanna pay out -- up up the Wallace who they are -- upon -- back I guess this happened okay deal with it don't try to like act like it wasn't it it wasn't the case I mean concussion I sure there -- people in -- right now this mistress and sing Christian don't say it and I'm saying thank god you did. Because I think it's important to get the -- out Bartlett. A bit to me it's not you've been. It was just the way we're living it just the way things are being done it I don't know any differently it's just the way things war -- like 88 got. More regulated. In more observed. Older I got because obviously somewhat famous and we should probably shouldn't give this guy -- -- is detected this. I mean he have been hurt he's -- he's the kicker and he keeps wanna buy it and so I give it to them you don't so. It bother me at all. It's just the way it's just the way things -- career records and worry just said Adam Vinatieri was drugged and now I'm in the pitchers. 6177797937. The free for all we come back a very disturbing trend about parenting. And fathers in public with their kids it would mean we come back 9% of the.

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