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Steve Lyons can't handle John Tomase's column 7-11-14

Jul 11, 2014|

Steve Lyons calls out John Tomase on his AJ Pierzynski column without reading it. Kirk, Meter and Buck discuss why some media members find it necessary to protect players.

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It is our number two a -- of free form Friday -- set at the top yet you should've why do you not leave well it's your job. He lets you know -- My -- budget this week should should stepped in and said you know we regret finally real quick. But subtext. I stop equity is his -- ski. It's how we got -- highways. In fact that's what I was doing I was getting presents I was getting in the her role I what are we likely orbiter to your mr. -- with us I did hear some you enjoy that I was like what would you have asked him. Actually I'd tell. The whole who should not be naked movies and right away it's I got to before he kept updates that's the gold standard yes. Does have a traffic of another one he -- of that she's like to go isn't just any -- the question I wanted basketball. Was the person dying -- naked and she saw her naked. In the percentage jittery Joe's Petraeus issues and Cameron Diaz is naked sexton. She -- that thank of for the first time it's like. But it's it's it's him to the government fourteenth it's. Veteran and had to decide no decides to go to a movie theater this. I want to talk until I remember you said you -- -- I like one action movies ever in its neighbors. That was that I. I -- You know we -- so for the first time to be embarrassed for me it will Boesky. I -- I it's the -- multiples between the cracks yes he did this for whatever reason -- stars don't align properly. And two friends -- my did you have never seen so it's late. Three friends came all over it Thai -- the whole bit but two weeks ago made a big night at night and it's at one. Not great product -- -- about it misses you like Eleanor I don't you know I did not see see this now John -- Great job of our Celtics correct for now habit while I I have paved oval like. Enables us. We need to do it felt between the cracks that paved over the cracked by seeing big -- now myself and what else is as always -- to attend -- public area at its radar what safe is it a dirty jacket I can use that stock market is a perfect would you be adjusted mrs. Rebecca Breivik famously guys guys in the spirit sure you'll but I am no less interested mr. -- Harvey Keitel retires trophy as the people all the funeral yeah yeah that's pretty you actually yes I understand it added that this you know he he was it. This is this guy about the say it wasn't with the naked but. Marlon Brando's ice skating in the freshman. Was just about the most painful -- interestingly goes I would sit in the you know. I had at -- like go outside and it's -- and that I was not I was that was not a complete that it I thought I've -- is not directed at Steve Lyons was on with holy month stab us in the back. I don't get to the yard sale right now and speak right front month. -- -- so -- Zaun took to Muster with the story a couple of months when you first horrible presents in April after Lester start when he said it's not my fall. Rising out from them which is I think fair game as a columnist you -- much public know. It was Atlanta I think after that that last year was was may 24 Muster a peck on the reference yesterday John on history. We said he blamed the whole season presents obviously he did it with is on pretty squarely in cheek it's a file with the but he also brought the points -- -- Bible Pierzynski. Obviously produced he's the -- two days ago Bradford is a story yesterday. Which -- -- you yes. -- story. Interesting story interest extricated and didn't like Stewart -- the white and like it meant to all that stuff in this story today yesterday lines to. So asking about welcomes a conversation with play one and two together. Sausage -- You know you're you're talking about an entire team that went south for -- we know -- Hinske it was a a big time problem. The problem of the guy wrote the article I mean you know I'll get -- You know what to call it is yellow journalism letters column. Opinions to the United States and -- it's well it's Melissa's is what that tennis that is -- you think I read the article I listen and talk about his article. He went out of his way to dislike of one guides and blame the entire season on him. And it's uncalled for I don't think it's depicted in addressed the idea was making trying to make a point always I know I don't know because -- Here are the what was the laughing himself to in the article just sort of make it okay he knows it's not located do it does not -- to -- -- so if you makes funny yourself in the article that. I'm okay. Mean you know you're going down the wrong wrong I don't I don't see the reason for guys out of the -- take swipes at people like that. We have -- on how well we'll play that sound I heard Maria I don't work hard I think lets him I had. Hello I know I heard well -- I heard a guy try to explain a colony didn't disagree -- really -- here again drive the cars like. Irons. Hair body started we played sports I know you're -- -- what -- at 5 o'clock 530. 6 o'clock. O'clock this morning not that you -- -- line you heard that everybody here though and I don't care to hear it again. I don't have to we have can cube -- we can we take a vote here can we take a boat do we get permission. To play this sound for the audience. In an a couple of minutes are you OK with that. Now I'm not if we're taking a vote I'm not. I would also noticeable -- first that's why Michael -- people like Michael -- -- people don't like me -- is that on the year I would would be screaming each other. Ten seconds later the child a little babies Steve Steve I would tell outlines he'll get. It's dispute could use a blond haired guy for all week that the punishment for. Your punishment because personally -- read the story. It's the title of players the former player as the Ortiz the same minds with Ortiz he thinks score -- should be on the side. This guy was whining and bitching and moaning about the story. -- This is all we need to do. That we can just wanna talk about it -- -- he quit if he didn't read the stories the end of August at the end of the stories argue that it is no next chapter. It will be because we're gonna beat it to death and we should but one thing is that as he says. I didn't read the story my intention. To show and why enforceable yes he should take shots at players. That is the I am not surprised because this is just an insect is that. I've. Been dubbed the belief that Steve Lyons was with savvy. To them -- on the -- I've gotten that sense. Is our mascot known him -- known for thirty years and and I I thought it was a certain tell like it is element to Steve Lyons. And I certainly but it's the lines being the kind of player he was. Had a better grasp on what the media's job. And and by the way I've written a million columns where I knew precisely how to play it would react to it before even pressed the sent -- Right but that should that not a mitigating circumstance it's too -- bush out of some and I cannot hold that debt that presents you an -- that to my seat -- yes that is for a man and abdomen on the -- and discuss -- I -- I took a mighty swipe at Pierzynski in the eighties it's just the total fraud. And winless depicts I don't know what's ahead in front of me but. When Lester pitched a big team earlier this season I think it was the last team in the present -- -- And inevitable questions threat to Pierzynski about unity is Lester comfortable catching. And -- response was don't ask me that it's not my fault don't blame this on me -- well. I think the proper answers world in this gathered to write my fault that is is that's what any. Any capable big league cat -- would have -- But he he got to use your payments -- he was insecure and and and by the way it did and well at all I don't have to secure go play three real quick -- Anyway -- play through a court stuff. Defending the player so much now -- your retire your career over January 199320. Years later twenty plus years later you're still defending. Going out of your way to defend players' lives. Why -- Iowa why why wouldn't people why would you what is the point -- -- in republika. But even said he disagrees that it not one news like this with excuse making if it's true and you get it it will guys on the opera are you are you upset. At Hamas or -- or Bradford upset at the players who were telling to -- rapper Bradford and let's step out of thin air -- rob Bradford. He's unattractive man. He's why he's ridiculously overweight as terrible facial -- good reporter the show that he said he thought he make that step up they -- players Malcolm whispering to his luck I. You know what Steve. I think it's worked at the players waited till Pierzynski wasn't here and that went to Robinson. It aging but you did you read about that but there was artwork -- said that care the -- is that announced here. That's gone. Where ice house masculine yet he ought to step up I mean think you have I -- you know why because. I'm just guessing here but Steve -- had a checkered career in broadcasting he's been burned before. He's. At situations where he probably -- stuff on the year that he wished the could bring back there was some there was -- it's that we all thought was minor. Market had it was it was the would have -- accurate fight -- -- -- support something that trouble Forbes not a big that that was a racial. You -- Mexican thing yet that was kind of a throwaway line are applying for our real -- what's the big deal but -- -- -- we hired him but. It was something probably disappointing hammer reliance you know back when he's here the first news kind of crazy on the cookie symbolize an article about that's gone on here copies of these forget that -- and -- punctuated his. And if he thinks he sees a bigger job at the in the line but. Boy that is so they're defending percent -- getting over must have Bradford for writing staff the players all the live -- that we we discuss this week. Why do players feel like media members need to be part of that team. And and I think it's it's it's a blurry line now and might well what the reflect media and well that's -- in some -- -- write it but I think. Overall even a problem baseball you did speak to his I -- but is this the -- is this case in the or query bird. If I got rid of my usual Turbo there. Don't know Noah is the exact opposite if listened to -- that what Boston media include myself every one of us we're out kittens to get a New York media. -- -- they'd just writes that while that they're pretty tough down another tough one and but it is is far is this particular situation goes again armed backers at a couple minutes ago why has been around baseball -- Dickey came up and 84 by 384 yeah -- and and so he's been around baseball for him and -- in counties mightily years he's been around for many many usually play by legion ball against Danny Ainge. I did not know that it would suck up at the other outside what -- So defensive -- a second cup especially plain sound sounds like with the I'm sure Pierzynski in to Muster much as yesterday. I guarantee persist he treated Steve -- Differently than he treated -- -- and they're two pretty. Peter Gammons or Ken Rosenthal were children -- differently and treated Brian MacPherson it seemed like by. A couple of accounts effort not just -- One of those guys is angling for jobs in the music business and asked him left and right will be my guest has some wild speculation. Sorry Steve my notes it's you know it's a should be doing but that's. We -- guests. Well that I don't know I mean at I don't know who who -- -- -- what I what I do know is this it's -- was. Let's let's be candid right on the money and get them not only did he get the bulls I've there was a previous arrow that both he's what that -- That's how precise that story as in the and there's no getting around that. And we should be surprised and democracy had they've had this -- to write the piece. Back in April rather than -- it went after he left right may yet derogatory to -- and of people getting at the Texaco's commitment to -- his name I think to Nazis. Brick homes so does that mean the city and he goes in the clubhouse every day after rate stuff like that at him a lot of credit. You don't seem like your fan of -- it's called now I thought it was meandering. Repetitive and it it didn't quote anybody. And it it it is just seemed like beating a guy up after the fact always have you had that information you're written tackle. I don't why I I wrote that column two months and others around saying if you yesterday you would play nations in that story is that there's nothing sourced. About presents you on the phone during games about how he -- that we're all okay what that that he -- my other point out I was increase but the peace and I kind of problems by asking to be what you want me to say all -- -- not watching -- on our -- here at the larger issue that I have. Is. We as the leadership on this team. Yeah it is that with the with the leadership on this team it why is it rob go -- -- David Ortiz whining about score keepers and whining about travel schedules. Why isn't going up the John Lackey who gets gets annihilated by Nelson Cruz and makes these silly comments about. Well you new media guys have to being completely forget what Nelson about what what about -- -- the -- bridge -- is great -- that's why are the reason we have Bonderman which gets the my point and aside. I might respect of the jury at second and nobody in that count but if the so called leadership in this team was as strong as we were led to believe it is. And we knew the Kaczynski was it was a wise -- coming in here. We it was the leadership keep in this guy and -- we always hear about the patriots can take these. Bad apples some of the teams and get them in cold rain in the great patriot way Albert Haynesworth. -- why why why didn't this work -- -- Dwight they'll sit around. And what Pierzynski what what it somewhat optimistic -- the opponent out. I agree -- I don't know. I don't know where you're got John -- he compared John when he came in the first time where -- it is a flawed -- -- at Biden well I include John -- on this include. Thus the Pretoria in this and god help me to say in on the station and I include David Ortiz is an issue but I mean but you're right no that that's gonna set off alarms -- -- but we we we with Dave minorities in this. What was he whining about another hip but he couldn't go that he couldn't say something about it -- -- Added to the premiere offers document is not right that's right Rick for Bradford lost like. Where does the you know I didn't really think about the team leadership until yesterday. And yes -- last -- -- -- overplayed -- always -- -- a team win the World Series this team is unify we got as good leader at this battle every game John Jerry I was alone asylum issue my point is chemistry is over -- much saying it's not. Does exist. But it's overrated I play well you asked -- what's happened this year proved wrong enemy wears Combs Combs is Ali here was -- is great guys you don't fire -- about his lack of playing -- Ross in the situation -- -- -- present skis all the guys to catcher. While I was in his face to write this event and Asian neighbors it's -- -- don't think. Comes in and destroys this entire team. And a large question is -- that you know he's 37 years old he's not gonna change and again I just item against the -- I. I'm apologize habitat for presents its right to be critical players we shouldn't do. The lines is right. We'll get -- celebrities of the throw the ball at them they can hit it. Who should -- opener hands. It's always answered yes you have I'm gonna -- -- no I've never bent out of everybody you have not -- in the box them out George sister -- the lions -- gonna sit there. I guess in just this. Athlete asks again where -- -- answers -- come from. Obama's -- it could pull this out for you run up bought yeah. -- at Texas -- in sub yes and and that was another son that was. The president of the Columbus clippers as you -- ones. -- -- I would fix on his calls for headlines later culture which is what is -- -- -- calls let's go to food John-Michael liked that show on Michael Brooklyn what's up. Eight Schimago like that. The I think that I hope that -- -- but it. We can't. Operate a quick experiment that if -- That's fair met -- let's -- -- in that regard making fact he's making a million bucks an hour from pretty quick. I think our -- let's say they would have had to get rid of him if they told them put the phone down and get to the program -- -- with the -- Capable that the -- Iran and the way it should be happily in the. -- you are all. Quite a little bit but. It sure about it. But to do -- to put it up and orchestra. I have to hear what I just said why couldn't they have gotten a presents key earlier. Which let me ask you this question if they got atypical AJ Pierzynski season. Would you been happy and if he was putting up those kind of numbers and being a kind of player would still be still here at W you are so. So that's -- that the sense I -- present scheme just even has body language he just didn't seem to care now seem like it's in everybody's in their said from the start it's not just. I mean just the way -- round. -- They seem to -- him that's who he is. And what I'm saying is that well. He's put up better numbers cause I mean I don't mean to production I mean that's I personality I can't claim that -- predict everything I just described is the way he's been. Off the field in early June at the White Sox and twins and giants and everybody I don't know what he was like. I got a referee that doing the well troubled career in my reply. It's for. -- many places -- it was a brown proposed yesterday that he used is focused on fox analyst mosque to mosque yes to -- that's the -- likes opera. -- -- six -- that if I ran -- network important what's the -- -- court -- play which I -- you know you love freedom like you stories -- -- didn't like historic ballot I want me to be candid and -- mean yes of and you are just a media watchdog yes -- and I -- Hillary so I -- insensitive when -- go after your guy. Wide at what should you do this book we increased while brought a call to get to know each and you learn to cry or a particular segment by I know I went out the -- -- the -- two months ago wasn't invited back and are a number it says somebody begged out today -- they call you Thursday afternoon duel Friday showed me -- we can't force the ball. We -- people backed up before it was fine and now me I'm not an economist tell me anything I just say it's inaccurate that's an accurate it with a college yesterday afternoon. Well we we need a pocket here again. But we said that as a way to be it thin -- and simply do is they Cuba Blackbaud digital -- that thing I want more because you -- -- -- -- he not -- crazy. Six point 7779793. Said. Joseph John -- the callers as well as headlines. We get back on meter and box reaction to these Emmy nominations these two -- again to.

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