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Red Sox Pre-Pre-Game Show with Dale and Holley 7-10-14

Jul 10, 2014|

Michael, Steve Lyons and old friend Mike Mutnansky talk Sox, the youth movement and AJ Pierzynski as we get ready for Red Sox afternoon baseball.

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Now everybody what's going on I did go on welcome to the dale and -- the program the radio program. Live from Fenway Park. Dale is not here he's on vacation that's why we have Steve -- here and that's especially what we have. Mike -- -- -- here because I -- approve this month that he talked shot deal from bill and approved this I'm I'm curious how quickly he texted you when he heard the promo saying why is much going on much before the -- a split before there was of course. Probably did then Andy and holly get a text messed up -- just and intimidate our wrap up the about the text at 3 o'clock in the morning with a little aggressive. The white the wife was asking him questions I told her it was dale and she knew what it was like that back and yes more play -- -- -- right what's going on reviewing -- like 3 o'clock in the morning. Did you guys just get along and did you get along you can't. Do we do a shouting at the three must show we did would you say that it's mighty it's because of meat we don't get along and it's me. After watching that's for four hours it's not a -- -- the wrong person I've no problem with dale okay bill does not like me that on that's true we were out front for hours at a great time together he would make eye contact with these the -- I'm looking -- the lines and -- looked at me for four hours right now he doesn't like three Michael I don't know why. Our allies. I don't at this point it shouldn't be an issue anymore board it is I -- in the wrong this there are some people don't like I mean like. Certain types ice cream and for whatever that labor is it looks like I am now. Claybrook play on that play what do you went into a flavor of what he wrote what I can tell you right at the flavor of ice treatment at that everybody what is. On. Is that a little funny about -- -- -- ice -- rock of any art it's pretty it's -- you robberies and never order armories and looks like the worst -- -- scheme on the -- at -- time ago there but it just to point to cut all these places and we got its labor. Audited half and nobody would complain -- comes in and operate in and orders the 31 most popular ice cream. -- that person disappointed. Are you making office that. That meeting different flavors of -- Try to buy ice cream at a grocery store regularly ice cream around there's like 141000. Different -- -- -- Greek yogurt yogurt there's fat free ice cream and the double churned ice cream and 151000 calorie ice cream and the guys connect us you know fourteen bucks for a half a gallon so basically -- 299 which is what -- by what. You can eat takes ten minutes to make a decision. And of course you bought your -- from Shaw's. Star market -- -- WEEI. But to basically not what you're telling me is that. -- views use this thing with the Red Sox -- agent present yes that's a very good now as well that yes he ever -- -- -- -- is that -- ethic to some very good I can't -- -- that the candidate -- model. Why is -- that. When I would go on record run up to get happy is a month commitment in here. As -- wanted to awesome job everywhere he goes one of the two guys in this room is actually called. Into Red Sox for one guy text constantly but never -- -- phone all the past me all the time and this is not for you Miami Miami. To them Mike -- -- program. Also known as the Red Sox for most of the -- are critical to -- -- at all that outside. Steve lions actually said -- it's a medical anyone has its -- I'll go to your right he called in the call in line 617. 779% to 937 lions called and to talk a double and a you not call it. I'm -- work with Steve. I call in another time do you -- you called it one of the weekend guys didn't know the I don't know I don't know what's on your -- him but had no idea. It was probably counterfeits probably argue it like -- no that's bad page statement Nancy. But -- now yesterday I am asking why yes that does work eight. I thought about it. So prepared. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lousy baseball team. It's not over there and improve any changes they may. Get better so on Tuesday on Monday night they lose. On Tuesday night that's what -- again on Wednesday it looks like about it and shut down. -- -- -- And that -- Robin Ventura. Makes a mistake and takes about the game still bitter over from about 1993 robbed during. Yet -- just in -- world not no not to me what happened anyway Dmitry package papers it. I'm on how to achieve debate Orleans let on to it that's a separate so. They win last night and I think it's what people want this. I mean obviously you want if you win but it's the way it happened you had an infield double from you can't not hostile backs. It still double got things going to come back rock hole. If the walk off single and use all you saw glimpses of last year so Steve Lyons. I'm not ready to get on orbit altogether but there are signs of life in this. Well when you bring you up up young guys you know there and in neighboring enthusiasm with them you bring some fresh blood -- some guys are happy to be here. Believe me on the show the other day Monday when I was ganged up on my two guys like it's old this is done guys stink they're done. It's ugly and I admitted that I just thought that with this part of the schedule had a chance to do something that they went five games and erode now starting with last night. But you know you have to search on signs to argue -- and after the deal they made by bringing getting rid of -- today and bring it up basket as almost sand. There is there's the white flag there -- her right now they're they're signaling to everybody in the world that they're done for this year. It was the exact opposite. You got better yesterday without -- a teammate they got rid of the cancer. Got rid of a guy who's aging and his skills heavy road at least thirty -- all. A guy who's always been a clubhouse nemesis. Ozzie Guillen had the famous line. Everybody hates Pierzynski but we hate him a little less physically -- cuts that would Ozzie you said that about people. Irony that could see strayed so we got rid of this guy on top which. He played terribly. You know being a former player and jump ball players very often it's freaking tough it's not an easy game. All I'm seeing is that he was having a terrible you know the guys had -- of success in the past he can't catch. And wasn't hit. And him not be in all the cats has been something that's can always in his deal as a -- never been a good defensive -- But he was terrible this year it's time for him to move along with the clubhouse cancer. A basket he's an outstanding defensive catcher no matter what you get out of him offensively he's better than Pierzynski got better yesterday now. Worse -- plays that baskets made last night the present he has no shot of making one was thrown out get the runner at second issue of the art -- -- -- -- out -- do that all the time amazing on network but baskets in the -- we sought in spring training. And threw him out. The second was on the Jonny -- bloody nose all the wanna hit Gomes in the -- clown suit everywhere goal was to his credit makes the recovery great throw -- in the relay. And Vasquez has to making a real athletic played attack there aren't like that was not an easy play golf across got -- in the midsection before he was able to get -- -- and Kaczynski doesn't make either play Pierzynski made no place behind the plate Pierzynski. -- the point at the end and forget the Bradford -- the Nazi stuff. Two pitchers on the step and -- parliament more at least you and it might have been more than that and when that starts to become an issue it'll by the way you're not hitting. Steve is right this was an upgrade they made yesterday a much bigger turnaround of the yesterday it was like the jumping off point. But there -- better team with basket. On your fellows I'm confused by this that you guys help me on. -- the Boston Red -- 2013. Everything goes well. Your chemistry is -- -- your strength of the team now what do you think chemistry is vastly overrated laden if -- -- underage whatever it is chemistry matters to some degree we're not sure. How much it matters we broke but I think anybody who follow sports. Understands that you have to have some degree of chemistry right we all agree on that are so that was one of the strengths of the team last year. They knowingly. Bring in a guy who has been I'm liked everywhere he's been he's a decent now I mean when he that is that he's decent and not be -- out. He's a little long in the two now so it's not as good as he was five years ago decent talent. Not hate club house guy not a warm and cuddly clubhouse guy to know. -- the opposite approach of the Red Sox at the plate. -- -- Tennessee pitches he has not gonna Wear down. He's not gonna Wear down pitchers in and be patient that that we as any other thing is even if he's decent. At the plate he's never been known as a strong receiver even in his -- So I'm I'm curious. Why did the Red Sox believe. That at that position especially at that position to bring. And a guy like us don't you all -- you wanna go back to the offseason and -- the mistakes and cherry tomato. This is towards the top -- -- -- want -- want get -- to he said it was -- -- it a -- check some -- -- -- -- -- -- the and the lingo that that John Ferrell used yesterday. He was a one year deal guy they needed to guide economy and for one year very few players out there. If -- -- wanna sign what you're dealing -- he was willing to sign one year to bridge the gap between -- who was here last year. And Vasquez who's now here they wanted -- the plane and not another tie -- down in the minor leagues make sure that he was ready to be here. And Pierzynski was going to be that got to close the gap also the eagle there -- a left handed hitting catcher he got that. And they want to -- it could swing a little bit to make them not so right handed. In the in his past the use to do that to those three pretty good reasons why they brought him here none of them more. But you said it's -- expert per share in the offseason blunders is -- 111. I still think -- feel -- I would lift number one and what he -- Nelson Cruz -- the got an iPod for Carlos Beltran who has been hurt this year bodily applied mistake to. They -- in -- it'll be ordered -- to this team they are alive and hope that. Pedroia Ortiz Napoli would be as good as they were a year ago and hope -- Brooks is going to hit. He has -- and he's been hurt they hope to -- be the guy what's in the World Series he's not he struggled -- elect yourself so freaking stand. In the middle that order to me I would still play great outfield -- size and exactly exactly -- an easy experiment to make though as analyst who asked not first target though not for starters but I at least that helps you also be -- starters they watts it was and he was supposed to make this team is back he was supposed to -- -- -- -- -- but he Dayton. -- Jackie Bradley -- -- about a spring training. Absolutely I forget that. -- -- And that's and that's the thing that it's more of an indictment on on charity and is that Jackie Bradley junior who was showing some signs of progress here. Was not supposed to be the plan. He wasn't supposed to -- the -- Yeah he wants big hand in the center field jobs and lost. Right and that's why big -- added summed up in Sizemore was a good move that they did that you have to go by what their thinking and what much seen as a he wishes that they would added more depth especially in the middle of the order the problem with that. If you do that what everyone does -- out what if you do add I'm -- even know who let's say you didn't and Nelson Cruz. Which that's a bad example because I've looked at Nelson -- eighty million dollars for thirty ought to -- to re sign me up Rainer I don't -- -- -- and if they would. What do they expect to lives lies about -- You guys a hundred. You guys could immediately -- would have been two weeks of mistaken for locals say why they signed a steroid I want wise and do and that's the second hit not a -- second home run short of all stop people shut up and locate the -- I'm excited that accurately price -- -- -- for me it's all of. -- at the steroid guy plays for you. The place for some analyses is arrogant place for you see him but he -- it up my promise if you went out and got some depth and guys didn't pan out. Then you have a glut of guys that sit on the bench and I should be play it. You know so with that kind of a double edged sword of. If you had -- last year -- Jonny -- Steve was talent -- last year he should -- -- no matter what happens you Apple's got -- -- wants to play more -- wants to play more my guess is not -- was pissed yeah but I got sent -- beginning -- W -- guys that are -- raw numbers up before you start you know -- -- guys he just said. -- haven't got enough years to really bitch about -- play. You know what feel good up till that moment last I feel good when walk off everybody's excited and it it shades of 2013. -- what you guys thought of. Which goes out of its controversial because of the the slump but he's been and but what did you think of -- Pinch hitting for -- Bogart's pretty aggressive move. From John Ferrell or do you think -- Bogart is not at the point where he can even think about being upset. While some -- coming in the form which I think about that. We took a million calls and it's no surprise because a lot of Red Sox fans last night so -- inch led it to me. I like the idea I hated the -- bring it to a lot like carpet I hated the result I like the idea Mike carpeting because you're trying to -- if you're John Farrell. I got five rookies who line up early in the season 1952. I got this many young guys I need to win this game and shoulder on that okay with this young group we can still win -- got to manage -- And winning and Mike -- in that situation the way Bogart's swinging. Does it should give you a much better that he didn't. I like the idea -- no problem with because -- -- trying to balance the youth in the what do I can -- -- if that's the kind of a problem threat right now Tyler. I did so I'm surprising him. Earlier weekend. I'm sorry I don't remember the situation now bit. There was someone up there at it right handed before with a guy on base in it was like I think it was when Gordon at that. No novelty. But I was taken myself carp and you know liberals Bradley. Now. Doesn't give you can't take -- you take Bradley -- problems and an appeal importance in the field and that's the other now but you know they don't one. They don't have a backup center -- you are. It's not a backups have -- what -- now. I get my degree at. -- up earlier in the ball game to pinch it and you -- I mean. Three days ago I was pollen -- Bogart sent back to -- he has been so completely overmatched. And and I practices every time by sand. I'm not one of those guys is as -- you'll ruin his confidence or you know -- might break him forever if you send him back. If you print forever then I don't ever wanna see him come up I got my team that you can break for ever. He has been completely. -- like the ninth for a hundred. That's getting buried at this level patients they should think still think about. Sending him back to triple it for two weeks three weeks until we see how this season's panning out and -- if they decide in a wave the white flagged him back up here and let them play some ups more. But to get him a break he needs. A mental physical. Pressure they are either from this game I think golf out there is off two days off three days -- not gonna do. You're a better team with -- -- to Tripoli being replaced by a rock halted third in the other kids in the outfield. Are but we're giving short so at shortstop that's an right JBJ in sinner and that platoon in left hold back the third base who's a short drew is going to be at short. Yeah a little. -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean I have as the author Edward Norton is its slot. Two dollars he's been out and I thought it gave them at that gave it to I don't want to make sure you're in a match is okay but. That's a contract that's been linked up like that. You said they get fourteen million dollars they made a mistake and a mistake by giving AJ Pierzynski eight million dollars and he's gone. They made a mistake by Cy Young unit -- great shots were not big money but he's got so you can tell me the reason you want Stephen Drew it -- because with Contra. I don't want -- there. But hey are you get -- you -- trying to tell me that you haven't seen guys play because of the -- -- every day I know what happens if that is certainly what we're. You're telling me do -- I want you to stick by it goes your way out there. On the -- you said they got better they got better by getting rid of AJ Pierzynski. So don't tell me to hold on the Stephen Drew simply because of his contract. I wanna get better I I. I don't I don't know I have Sandra a misunderstand what's. Out there right now and I'm not saying that that's what they should do I'm saying that that is what they're doing. That's that's what they're doing is it. Is is Stephen Drew Stephen Drew -- line up tonight. -- You should be guiding Bogart's there's not a lefty so he's out of their hands out their gets a lefty so he's not in there but any time right he's going to be in their. That's -- -- and by the way. He's comfortable explains an outstanding B -- need to catch the ball. In my mind. From what I've seen -- -- -- and -- at age 21 years old right now it's one years old let him get better. Let him get to the point 121000. Double. And WG BJ appeared young agent moved -- as an ultimately these guys are far above their time and probably over their head. -- is he gonna see. The one obvious that right issues. The slider men and off speed slider that's the pitch and never went to all over again he can hit right now he has. He -- Toronto Major League he can knock it up next. Is he gonna see that pitch at a moderately leveled at Mike if you go back -- -- way. I have to pitch to explain on sliders when the twelfth. Major break -- the guys Tripoli and have a great. Minor leagues -- explain her explain this to us maybe not on an everyday basis you see it I don't care what he sees. I wanted to take a break from what he's been seeing up here I I want him. Technical charts aren't. A couple of weeks if you don't care what he sees his -- the major -- sliders in the minors and you wanna get my break. So -- -- break. He goes back to crushing Tripoli -- then you bring them back on September better until her purse to bring them back and then what what BR. -- you know out today. You'll learn. That if he gets anything inside he's ticked up -- and spit on it most of the pitches that you see in the sliders -- down the way they're not even strikes. He's hacking alert to lay off of that but we need to do is. Take one side of the played the other he's got to say look at that I want the ball in our enemies -- -- -- when he throws me a ball in and they will. Date states' role in many many times so that they can go away on that next page or hit that it's it's it. Then you don't worry about as much -- -- throw you away away away -- bit on some things you may take a called third because -- -- I'm not I'm you can happy outside. On -- take the inside he's got to do one or the other you can't try to cover ball I -- I don't -- goes down trouble. Trust is Tripoli pitching for a little while comes back to the big leagues feel a lot better about himself. Having a better game plan at the plate and they -- -- An argument wanna mention here. I wanna be able to give him -- -- to -- it and -- is mental break here if it's if he gets two days off whatever it is and I don't. I've known him you're talking about needs to break -- -- but that let that happen in Boston because you know. -- Is in Boston's new. It. The guys that are arguably you're gonna get an answer I am unsure if -- quite sure you know that there's a lot -- bought a -- or a better and that's on -- -- veterans right now I mean. Marquee match that's. Called. Christian basket IKEA we let the -- about it looks like Tommy term but this -- accurate eyebrows. I'm happy does admit. That I want your bodily it to question I'll upload arts here -- -- airlines don't. What is it about 61 I did -- yes that -- the under is 7797937182379. Formula today today. It's free ticket Thursday partly free ticket Red Sox the reborn Red Sox given those away. At 230 so that you movement have begun is at Fenway Park McCoy stadium they -- in the same -- I think about it talk about it. Lines is still bullish. On the Red Sox to a degree feels like it got better yesterday what you guys they pick up that are. But moving on from agent present everybody hates. All the stories about now. He was looking at a cell phone when a man with distraught but it in the Bradford -- that would be that. Hashemi the buckles and -- rob doesn't say it but the reports were -- was against Atlanta. Where he just was brutal start fell apart in an emotional distress and AJ texting on its own I'll be done yet. I don't wanna know what are you appreciative skis on what's up. This -- worse. I don't care about -- not my fault. He set off a few times -- better get proper look at let's get your phone calls excellent seventh with a 97 and three -- in North Carolina was subject. Again it's light long stocks they loved the show. I'll present -- -- -- they needed to compliment I mean magic would have been better behind the plate this year with. -- present he -- What a lot of teachers thought you know there's little players that are untouchable. On the Sox roster that's. You know you got. Ortiz. -- -- -- on the. -- I disagree outskirts of it right now Ali finished but if they get to the airport got Ortiz -- -- well. That they don't -- untouchable. AA -- and job right no I I think bookmarks untouchable. To work. Untouchable. You don't trade goes for you -- -- -- can -- -- was electric untouchable. Is that you. Are mark. You are a little bit hard to get Gian Carlo and in the Red Sox clubhouse. The farm yeah got to get this guy to protect or east. Just like Q hard. Ramirez. Behind worksheet. -- are -- correct shock -- -- that. I'm gonna -- and it can I pitch -- his colleagues and I like it is call every -- and I answer not a shot it yep this is more they talk about him. I would like to be six feet tall -- like that I'd like not to have to bald spot in the back in Manhattan. Like the Red Sox at -- stand. It takes two to tango he is not going to be traded this year he's gotten affordable contract this year the Marlins are kinda sort of interest -- unit at a Celtic it's. The earliest he's going to be -- Is next year before the all star break likely even after that following offseason so I get -- you want him to Carlos Gonzales next big -- The Marlins don't wanna trade him right now that's what Red Sox are going after him that's it that's a good does it. -- -- -- -- and it's right at -- everybody from human hours -- you -- answered two questions from a number one six feet -- when you're considering she. I did the too expensive -- -- from -- in fact -- to expect okay. Bald spots yes bald spots doctor Leonard. Down that road that's a good idea of the wrong attitude good on that hurt. What you heard the ads about eight million times a day I have no right that I had met doctor and a great guy great people obviously not rich guys if you wanna hook you up. I mean got a propagate -- you notice you have you have something that he can correct and that's what he has he has made his name on. I a lot of things they need to correct okay that's on the -- a lot of things to correct you know I honestly how how -- -- -- -- I want doctor -- help side event like that but I get a call every night and we we. -- all the time busted -- and -- -- -- case itself on its stance that's it yeah anyway so and I stand to get behind Ortiz to protect him but he got behind him. William fronting him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If the line right -- -- -- -- -- Eager via the coach he's untouchable no no I know right now trade him if you wanna talk about if they decide to officially be sellers. He got Mikey the most return for what he'd have to give up you know 41 year old closer. And you acknowledge the incredible quarter were 414100. Meters 39 KE books forty well it could be because -- flat out I soon to be forty years old right. You look older you know radio and -- got a blue chip prospect. If they fall out without the first three untouchable not that I like him and absolutely true it would give you a lot to get them Oakland would give bill a lot Oakland school for a closer. They lit at all over the backwards on the edge on she is in New Hampshire with -- on. It happened that's. -- -- -- -- -- personality and in run rate and distribute and on the it's a learning thanks. Absolutely. But how has -- -- think -- here -- that you know people in the about. Yeah I'm not -- big hits and actor looking the same mistakes they didn't and an exact dollar and Crawford are these guys. And what makes a lot of them they got so much better so if they're you know. We -- -- has not repeating the same mistakes of the past it's we. Just went out and got a bunch of guys in Miami camaraderie and all that big contracts -- want to put out. But there's lots are we actually had -- you know wanted to let the other you know rightly so -- -- -- vicious cycle wouldn't. Struggled get all that aren't you guys you don't wanna you know it's it's it's it's about cycle and it's totally yeah. And they're basically the same team as they were last year but there and a but not doing anything they did it last you know I. How is -- just -- insurance yesterday. And he he he verbalize it felt like it was like some some stunning revelation from him but I'm glad he's at it. Said that the -- the result of this season has been in it. Surprising. And disappointing. So he's still at least publicly. At least at least publicly he's saying look we won -- World Series last year at this whole debate yesterday with with Tommy turn. And Greg Dickerson about the greatness of the 2013 Red Sox those guys and they weren't great. They weren't -- an aberration. On and on unexpected championship but that's not a great team. So big charity in -- -- to what you said about 2013 Red Sox. I saw them go through an entire season. When -- never had a four game losing streak 197 games won the American League east were able to steadily -- marched through the playoffs. And take on all comers. In the post season and win the World Series so I went into the offseason thinking that this was eight. At least Berry good to great team and I expected him expected. Then to be very good and I think that's a majority view. I mean maybe it was a majority view in October November but right now all the experts are saying -- -- -- Would you -- -- offseason but short you are puritan. Yeah I think he was thinking it will Miller Brooks is going to be a factor in -- -- the -- victory was gonna play here at some point -- like anything if those two guys play I get anything from Zander Bogart's. My pitching staff. Which finally has been really good is what I think giving. We can be good team again the problem it starts with middle Brooks in victory you know. Both guys have been complete non factors you might not either guy play again this year that's fine with me. And after that the trickle down happened where Pedroia and Ortiz and Napoli couldn't do everything offensively and -- very good for long stretches. And became an anemic baseball they're still the worst offense the American I don't and Red Sox the worst. -- I think America today that's the surprising part even if you say well. Lucky can't expect. That the combination platoon of Jonny Gomes -- -- knob to produce like they did last year that combination. You put those numbers together very strong can't expect Mike -- to have. In 8940. Yes. Or somewhere in that neighborhood like you did last year even if you say that there's no way. You can be the biggest Red Sox -- rocked the Red Sox skeptic. You would not -- the Boston Red Sox in the ultimate hitters park. Would be averaging fewer than four runs per game and averaged five point two last year. No way. I don't -- it. Six point 777 on seven and recently that you guys lined up that afternoon baseball. You guys fired up blast that it was a Twitter if I was on Twitter magic on Twitter last night people were people were buzzing. About this come from behind win for the Red Sox as walk off what I haven't seen -- -- and number two teachers -- again for yesterday -- -- -- quota the quota I gotta go back -- -- again today -- it. You know what it's a grind it in its grow large and well -- get credit for the for the tweets after midnight last night at a couple -- after midnight I give credit -- those those -- today those count for today yes -- and get it pockets of their -- Steve Lyons is out there optimistic. -- about the Red Sox are you one of them we'll talk about an export review W yeah. To coming to winning and pliable toward right center into the Alley Bradley on -- run Jackie and sensational playing. Runner Tekzilla advances that flared at Jackie Bradley Superman in the -- None of the appreciation for of these fancy spectacular. Catch that is they doubled away. He's been a number of them but I don't wanna say we're we're taking anything for granted but. I think at this point in time we're not completely surprised by plays like that whether it's one of against the wall or -- opposite -- basis. -- if you -- ago. To headlong dive like tonight. Just an outstanding center -- defensively. Our job Terrel talking about Jackie Bradley he's right. You're not surprised now. By watching Jackie Bradley junior patrol center field you're surprised. When he starts to get it going at the plate which he has lately. But defensively. He's there offensively he's getting there here with -- lines here -- Mike -- -- Alliances do in the game today for NASA and so it's not pretty here in studio. He came and the like bum then during the last break. But on this night it's our government put on about is nice. That that night that killed a broad span. Dan got -- got from French cops going. Policy difference. And then as I don't know can now we have Windsor and -- -- difference just don't know which ones do initially which takes longer to do. It I've not I've got a beautiful. Beautiful ass I'm Paul Lee is my rule is put on. Cup that bonds only a niceties seat all of you looked very professional don't worry literally only really well done they look professed very professionally creepy thing is -- going to little voice action pick up those. Pick up the bulk of the rise of amends section. -- shores for Carter's remarks doctor ability of my stuff. All right. Anyway and and I got so much so -- will would be doing with boats. Well I don't know exactly what they do I didn't. I thought that Michael later nice plan out you can manage him. At the big league level Steve you want rock hole the third Stephen -- were short Bogart's a double play or tripling. I want Bogart's year but if -- scuffles do what they've done the last couple weeks day off brought cold third. It's eager George -- rather have that would Victor Rodriguez here seeing Major League pitching even if it's five times a week. That seeing triple A pitching every day of the week down at at at the -- I've not reached the point right think he is a lost cause I Hughes. Gonna be an outstanding player love this -- and get one doesn't it will that we love his attitude. I love the fact that you're not gonna break on this is not at this is not a a kid that's weak minded or has a bad attitude he does everything right. But I also want to keep its flat out getting married he he hasn't struggled he's getting crushed right now. And how long fight through a US II weeknight remote if you look at a hundred at -- -- a hundred. Items. And to all the cliches the baseball cliche it's my entire life so. Marathon not a sprint it's the game relentless struggle. Even when you're successful. Three times out of ten in this game that major party and successfully able next time not a game of failure and so he's struggling and he's a rookie. -- early he's beyond struggling. -- Struggling lose as a month ago -- couple couple days off so you know -- coverage be huge you know also struggling. Boy Stephen Drew so I don't care I don't care. Okay well -- -- this -- Olympic. -- -- and sent it down. A rare burger place shortly organizations for its growth. Is struggling and I don't wanna just have them out there because you made a mistake and you and you paid -- -- -- -- given to him nine dollars I don't know why. Maybe another month to see real planes speaking of heaven is and other -- and now that was going on. -- Derek. -- involvement. I don't -- -- I don't want to I. Want to just play longer and. Only reason I went to Clara I'm -- to catch up no cinema. There aren't a part of old arch and none. -- -- from -- to mend the line right. Now. I got the tool like when Stephen Drew who is a kind of -- that auction you need to go out for a couple. It will but what I don't think everybody RA I don't know there often he's not a better I was -- -- -- what do you look at their accomplishments and now. Our attention and each is looking maybe you call first remember now but -- got -- Almost. Yeah it and I agree with that accurate that -- should be done and I agree that he's as bad but. You have a vested interest you you're more invested in -- -- in -- Stephen Drew. So two years from now three years from now. -- I -- think about Stephen Drew I'll remember that that was great. At that home run games it's the World -- -- the -- that was great after struggling -- into an easier target. But defender but arts department of course you're more concerned about him than anybody else and that's why I'd be concerned the thought Jon -- symptoms of John. Hey guys. My -- I'd like to say -- -- Brzezinski and -- -- like you can edit it she's single handedly ruined what about all the camaraderie they had last year and I feel like. -- -- -- -- that even though I think they have a chance. You know what having Johnson opted not to agrees with you should too -- article from it was may 24. May 24 that this is one of those things and and -- probably hated this when you played writers. These writers Stalinist up popular these guys never play the game -- and make fun of me like this but on May 24. John to -- wrote blame this season blame everything on agent present. Everything that went wrong and is going wrong he said of course it doesn't work that way he's making fun of himself in the column but I'll say it anyway. Everything AJ Pierzynski represented everything that is wrong with the 2014. Boston -- -- and he said earlier today. Here's on the DNC morning -- and with with Kirk in in DJ being -- -- he said usually. When you write something like that critical of an -- They circle the wagons aptly understandably is defective -- -- -- you -- Arab guy he showed he wrote that he was shocked. That nobody came up to -- can't believe you wrote something like that actually got the sense that people were happy. And marry. Well should I -- okay. All the stuff like feature OK and it's not surprising day after he's gone stories start to come out yet. It's not the excuse water with 41. If -- doing that you are the ultimate Red Sox when he beat him myself this is at this is that that he was the probable time are out. The problem was the middle your water wasn't hitting the problem will know Brooks wouldn't wasn't -- he was hurt the promise victory in -- Can't play. Those -- the problems AJ might have been a small part of this he was not the reason their. 4059. -- you can keep normal 71 of his -- years Ortiz singled -- right here yeah five years you know you're you're talking about an entire team that went south. Britain we know -- Hinske it was a a big time problem. The problem of the guy wrote the article I mean you know I don't get. In -- college is yellow journalism what was his column. Opinions to the United States and -- well -- is Melissa's is what that tennis that is -- you think I read the article I listen to him talk about his article. He went out of his way to dislike of one guides and blame the entire season on him and it's uncalled for I don't think it's depicted in addressed the idea was making trying to make a point always I know I don't know because he. What was the laughing himself to in the article this sort of make it okay he knows it's not located do it does not -- to go -- so if you makes funny yourself in the article that. I'm okay. Mean you know you're going to on the wrong wrong I don't I don't see the reason for guys out of the -- take swipes at people like that. We have that sound will play that sound. There aren't a lot of -- I -- -- I had. Hello there I know I heard -- -- I heard a -- to explain a -- didn't disagree that's really -- here again -- cars like. -- and -- about it. You started we played sports I know you're up -- what I'm at 5 o'clock 530. 6 o'clock. O'clock this morning -- -- the line you heard that everybody though and I don't care to hear it again. I don't have to we have can QQE two we take a vote here we take a -- do we got permission. To play this sound for the audience. In -- a couple of minutes are you OK with that. Now I'm not if we're taking a vote I'm not -- so I'm not gonna be -- -- are gonna vote right yeah I'm voting yes so it's 21 you know I voted lines out and you -- it. I'll be listen up in the boat and young bands as yes he was here and -- got beat you want to inherit a little bit I wanna see you get access to good to listen to what he's going. Defending the player so much now -- your retire your career over -- 199320. Years later twenty plus years later you're still defending. Going out of your way to defend players -- One Iowa why why wouldn't people why would you appoint brining in republika. But even -- he disagrees that not one news like this with excuse making if it's true and you get it it will guys on the opera are you are you upset. At Hamas or -- or Bradford upset at the players who were telling to -- rapper Bradford and let's step out of thin air they rob Bradford. He's unattractive man. He's why he's ridiculously overweight as terrible facial -- good reporter the show that he said he thought he make that step up they -- players now come whispering. 2 -- I. You know what Steve. I think it's worked at the players waited till Pierzynski wasn't here and that went to Robinson. It aging but you did you read about -- but there was artwork -- said that care the -- is that announced here that's gone. You know like she's just that for like a human I can't I probably or twenty minutes I've Antoinette and I can't have -- almost and that walked back up there with the crowd that I voted down a prepped and ready to go yes but not my job and maybe -- -- Maybe you're just and move dodges and let's not talk about this problem is no way. I'm not running equipment and client by actual job happening right now. I get paid its its aluminum way to actually get paid to do the Red Sox put your job -- best. -- anything to be sick you two guys today. It's in my heart that we -- not what I was gonna. I'll see what it was really gonna call during the break out there a fear -- guy's gonna play that's when they present -- -- on the way back airlines flight and writer sports or -- media are back on the dale hollow shell and I don't know about your lines but I thought I might let me ask you was kidding. I thought he was kidding when he said he couldn't stay -- and no way to guy's gonna come here for an hour. It didn't leave. But he did not left. In a pregame show. Starting at 325 right here on WEEI. Red Sox and White Sox wrapping up the series. Another Red Sox are trying to tie it up 325 or twenty. 320 OC exhilarating now it was a great -- you -- -- very emotional. Very emotional about this -- too -- article from a couple of months ago and AJ Pierzynski played this down to your objections lost the votes democracy. But voted for it on here you voted voters -- democracy he voted and they ran. I voted nice -- -- voted against and young and voted toward. So life -- it's not AJ Pierzynski. Was written about in the Boston -- couple months ago -- -- who wrote the article on morning -- today in the audience. When the in Turkey noticed when you write something strong about a guy. You're prepared for repercussions when it comes out and I don't determine exactly you know the guy's -- because that's fine I don't -- agency should have been upset. But you expect to get -- teammates as well you I've got -- to Beckett in the past and that hurt me with the pitchers in that clubhouse. -- -- I wrote that about Pierzynski. I fully expected to be some blow back I mean these guys circle the wagons next connector on. Not a single guy had an issue today and Apollo getting too specific I mean it was pretty clear when it came out that I think there are some people who are happy to see it in the club house. -- -- Serb noted stayed jagr apparently -- and get the message. -- but he needed to change some things. -- excitement that was all I mean it's you know you know and went. I didn't stand up for him when there are more undecided right -- -- just doesn't happen I think that that says that -- well. Art lines with it too which are probably. Medical problems first of all he he wrote the piece knowing. And that the players going to be upset about it that is not worth writing yes is it -- because that you know they dispute has taken a -- maliciously going -- now. Maliciously like it. What do you think -- what what do you think his job is as the as the baseball columnist. As a baseball columnist writing but the Red Sox are you supposed to write all things that won't upset anybody or won't get any player. He need -- value -- and the thing is a community had to strong opinion about a guy if you feel like AJ Pierzynski is a problem it turned out it was right. Now maybe got lucky everybody knew his problem and a lot of people wrote that he wrote the article blaming the entire season on one guy that's just pass -- okay. I personally unity park and it -- about it to writing device hyperbole to make a point and on probably he said today he got no blowback from any of the other players to he's insinuating. On his -- part. That he thinks that it was all okay with them maybe in -- read. Meaning here that's fair that's a fair point you know which is what most of those guys in there easily if if the find out about an article like this of proceeds he found out about it clearly present -- insane about it either. A story thing rarely -- -- -- -- tells about the job and they killed in the papers. So they make a look at up. The papers being delivered to the front doorstep or not belong on the Internet. To go to read articles about themselves that or that I'm not -- a little help them some are not asking. To speak for all players but maybe -- Cunningham asked him speak for all players do you think that the majority of from your experience. Do you think that the majority of players understand. Critical. Columns critical commentary. Or do you think they they especially. If it's from if -- Boston Red Sox player and somebody in the Boston media -- you do use. Subconsciously think that that person should be supporting you and not be critical. Now it's it's it's rare that they understand and when I played here for the Red Sox would be literally had a team of about two guys were babies about what was written about them in the media. If they went three for four or they wanted to see their name in the papers they want all for for the error they got upset when someone wrote. That they stunk it up hands looked bad doing it. I have a problem with that have a problem giggle out of his way to rip again it has nothing to do with his game performance. Said nothing to do with playing baseball missiles and a baseball article misses blaming an entire season on one guy. I have a product that that's that's not right this at least those we don't I don't think and you know. The callers can't tell me that I am thin skinned about was written about me. Wreck wreck but that's has nothing to do with performance he just he decided to blame the entire season on one guy. And then poke fun at himself in the article to make it seem like it was -- to do that. That to me is even worst -- if you're gonna go to go there. And you know and as he -- take the heat. I got myself in trouble and only after Beckett and your rights amnesty is to cut rates another in certain cases especially if the team -- its popular. The ticket is popular in the room absolutely and and and again I don't necessarily agree with that mentality in a clubhouse either I feel like. -- -- You should treat everybody based on how they've treated Q if you write an article that you don't like young men. Because he's a bad producer he does this in this in this and it has an -- and it has Mary technologies on. And has merit based on what you're supposed to write about -- to his performance you like. I am an -- -- you based on how you treat me. Treat it differently so that Canada but every ever since I've written -- differently and out announced and now understand he's on you know -- -- -- By accidents every young to establish an app and oh -- -- -- with them from 987. I just let us. Much of a car with -- Mike. Let -- get a look I want to elaborate at what they should do -- -- Think the free agency didn't in the Major League Baseball traffic problems agent. -- the Red Sox finished with one of the ten worst record in baseball that way to their first round pick is protected anti -- and wanted to -- Shot on me wanna -- this -- the NBA now. Well I'm in line because I don't let it seemed to turn around what I want them to do it yet paper. -- the way home TV network and for equality if you can get something decent for -- reporting imam. -- -- said if you want him to get a high draft pick. Must -- games like I don't think NBA it is that's not the way to do it again. He dropped that month you're not gonna give up -- -- okay. -- we weary but they're being able to make free to move into their first round pick it back. Let's not come on my commitment of the team that you say you don't want the team to turn it around because you're thinking about the first round pick and make it more aggressive in free agency. If day if they suck right now and they don't have to give up their first rounder but the talk articulates MBA -- Art might -- do you argue followed closely you follow the Red Sox struck don't -- -- so last year -- blasters first topic. It was the kick I would trade that you don't look. Right -- characterized what this -- are you -- so. Your truck Trey ball right now so -- discount the seventh overall pick in the draft Trey ball. Based on the way he's pitching right now he's pitching great in the minors. Trip almost like four or five years. From the major leagues. Me. This is not. You you don't wanna be thinking about getting high draft pick right now because. -- You let yourself a top ten pick in the it's gonna affect you -- free agency because you don't have to do about that right now. It's not that kind of market I don't think it will ever be that kind of market here involved in the -- -- Shawn Johnson Merrill reception on. It's people like you know everybody appreciated your point of view over the past couple months -- -- joined the program. I do we just wanted to stick up really quickly. Or as a Nazi. On the article or I get an interview from today I think that he had kind of kept reiterating here. We're just releasing -- sort of versions of that article month after month it would have gotten to the point where it was sort of malicious that you said but. I do think. I would bet the fact that he was released I mean I do think there was something to that but that that that -- I -- Body that everyone -- that Pierzynski was hot now original but you can't say that because everybody knew it at any dealer coming. But if he rode it he wrote -- we went out there and wrote something that no one else did. How has picked one gambling in the entire season but let me. He's right in and and and the fact of the matter is if AJ with hitting three sides he'd still be. So I mean that -- it is what it is but not my question if you don't mind guidance. I'm I'm I'm curious about you -- you brought -- like pat the year of the sort of hinted in a position in the starting rotation obviously did very well. In the World Series on the bullpen he's seemingly doing quite well out of the bullpen right now but I just wondering what sort of a long term view it on him. You see in the bullpen guy you know -- movable piece are they gonna try him as a starter again next year that -- I didn't hear it could be good value so highly. And I'm not sure like I -- it. I you know it may be somewhere else which -- -- -- somewhere else I think it was you brought it definitely is starting pitcher me -- -- bullpen guy. But. It's it's Nike love hate relationship. With the Red Sox. Do right now as a where they're still waiting on to develop a starter mean that people saw what he did in the playoffs last year which was pretty targeted. And they keep thinking that he can do got a little more consistently. You know dominating left handed starters in the game golf ought to trees so they get a they're gonna wait and develop as long as they can with them until they decide that at some point he is the balding guy or -- -- that may be better off wearing a different uniform. He argues that it is well what -- Pepsi's. Is. Everybody knew about it. Everybody knew I just wanna go back to us this agent present keeping everybody. And I remember when an -- lot of insiders say that all the time. -- Red Sox beat writers -- except in the new came out this book feeding the monster. And at some of the guys. -- it has nothing doing there everybody knew that partner Biden that part. Well it's the first time somebody wrote it why did you put it in your Red Sox notebook what did you talk about it. On TV why did you use your forum if everybody know about it why didn't he do or say something to -- Really -- that everybody. Knows about it yet you didn't writing that you didn't do your job. I don't like everybody knew that AJ Pierzynski. With the -- -- maybe everybody here. You know insiders know. But your job is not just to be in the know and talk about it with your friends your job if you share that information that you think the public will find interesting and I think the public would have founded. Interesting to know at that time it's over DF -- wouldn't have been that much of a surprise to people if they had been given some tips. From their trusted reporters. And columnists. And on baseball people that something was wrong in Denmark. -- Shakespeare. Shakespeare referenced -- for -- to re quote -- Now you don't have to read quote. Red Sox White Sox last game of the series four games here it's in the Red Sox tie it up. Look hopeless. Couple nights ago but pretty impressive win last night -- -- great job. Thanks to Mike and Nancy Red Sox baseball don't go anywhere coming up right here once Sports Radio WE. Yeah.

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