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John Tomase on A.J. Pierzynski 7-10-14

Jul 10, 2014|

John Tomase discussed the issues surrounding A.J. Pierzynski in Boston.

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-- our number four DNC meter DJ being for WB I dot com are here -- -- back tomorrow we we we are accurate those ordinary cat and they're gonna get thrown nine but I been thrown before we get to optimize your body. At the Emmy nominations. And this is truly the -- need to know if there's no better proof in this -- you're six nominees for best actor promised. And -- get this -- Cranston breaking bad blown up what look like union nomination. What rights are Kevin Spacey house of cards on hand Jeff Daniels. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Five of those hand France since AC on a Harrelson never get a better it was that's ever great result. It's like at the heyday of -- dancing. Ed Begley junior observed elsewhere. Through Ito go there data OJ trial date I don't -- voted. That the reality of a role in rate. Isn't part of the reason they let up. They do this to its season format on mad men leak in it in more you know it brought. Our business -- the other immigrants. But there. On on its but I hope so he if he gives a speech that it is difficult blows. Off a drugs now in the ET the hotline is shot to -- -- -- probably -- the way on this as -- eligible for job. I would -- Go all the way it was meant to America -- -- when I I didn't and it never know Brad Garrett let it Woody Harrelson the tougher role comic had the -- -- Williamson had Tom -- will -- it becomes the other way it's. -- to show her look better on the yet he was there a greater degree -- agreement that you care for a -- -- -- because he had you know you have to. Completely distinct care that's true DI AG -- -- that got him and a ball it's notre you differentiated -- -- -- season to be the AJ Pierzynski show got canceled did not make it through the first thirteen it's sad it's over you're give you credit right on it. I guess when you're sure your read -- today was -- the sense you had going on as well with his teammates management they were down on this guy from pretty early on. Yeah are off limits when the and -- you know that's. When you write something strong about a guy. You're prepared for repercussions when it comes out and I don't mean from a -- you know the -- going to be it's not -- and I don't blame me generation -- that. You expect together and he may as well you know I've gone after Beckett in the -- and that hurt me with pitchers and that club. But when I wrote that about presents key I fully expect it to beat the blowback coming got to circle the wagon they kept their own. Not a single guy had an issue and it and Apollo -- into -- fifth pick I mean it was pretty clear when it came out and I think there are some people who are happy to see it in the clubhouse. Served notice stage who apparently -- and get the message. From teammates that he needed to change the things -- that that was all I needed to know you know one win. That said that law. Early into the season did this stuff start how -- it was an immediate. It just said you know this this -- not -- is the stuff that rob said and others is as you heard about presents you that she said this this guy's not in the. Yeah I mean I think one of the big things and are touched obviously a lot of the lead that being one of the things that he left out. Was the whole national TV angle you know AJ. You've won Emmys as he told people four -- the coach you can coverage but he did and he clearly angling for that job and I think there -- the sense in the clubhouse that. He thought was that. As a springboard to something else you know -- it wasn't just about baseball heroes about lining up that national TV game and playing days are over and so. You would see him be aloof kind of had a locker player of the iPad two as well whatever. Four games but the second him -- should watch game or. Just name a national guy you know TBS guys small to anybody any of those guys came in all of a sudden. AJ it's from -- and he's mr. at the end zone them in good time and -- -- here at the often. You know. Joking with them and all that kind of up and I think that rob got the wrong way that he clearly had interest beyond just getting ready for that game game. And that was a pretty can't say what they should have done jobless -- damn pleased that. Get him in that clubhouse. And that AJ Pierzynski is a great teammate -- yes please sacks on the MLB network to surrounded with guys that he likes. Yeah you have that would have been the way to go if they could have come home and and I don't know. Maybe Ken Rosenthal could have been many guys go out kind of pinch hitter stumping -- and AJ would have been all over that absolutely now what a I cheering -- I think that there's a lot you know because. It states that there are no shortage of veterans on that team like 630 yet is that you could that you could say all right no we're gonna go to different direction. And when you look at ventured and history you know he'll generally give guys the benefit of the doubt -- -- I grew up and I think -- is a really aggressive move. You -- you're starting catcher. For the all star break. You know I wouldn't say that took the alliance -- they're pretty decisively. Judge could say that he wasn't the right character with him I think that everyone knew that going in but why. Was he distant as opposed to the races AJ Pierzynski to people probably I. -- -- -- -- -- People and when you think of him not fitting in in club posts you assume that because he's classic AG -- the abrasive -- along with teammates but from the way the U -- the way the raw pain and it was distant instead why the difference. Gotcha yeah I mean I think your break submit with bill there you know I've heard from people. You know. The umpires for instance -- not a fair government ought to be constantly like shouting at them up like that and and that rubs guys the wrong way I in the club out. It's certainly. A -- I think I'm turning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Describe what you're talking about -- rate to reflect and that was still there but at this point it's career at the -- he was more interest did in a national TV job -- -- -- are going to get along the pitchers -- time. It that is an interesting question the Red Sox knew what they are getting -- -- -- and they were willing to put up a bit if he hit and he didn't hit and then it among them. What's that thing I look at it and I say no. Kind of is what values going to be we have rob on a couple of hours ago -- I was kind of surprised you that presents is going to be like this I feel like he's. He's been the major leagues forever whatever he's 37 years old you knew what you were signing up with these time for presents you so I guess you're right. Be sitting united right now with within -- PS public doesn't matter that he wants to be on TV here these kind of a -- right. Yeah I know I -- the matter off and I think there's also if we can back up a little yes you know AJ with a bat this game and yet you want him back -- out yesterday guys an optimist that. To a degree that I wasn't even expect it but he's a little bit of a boogie man do in terms of. Delude ourselves into thinking that. All the issues with this key entry into present policy not group numbers. -- -- -- taxes last year you know that I mean. And like another spot he did didn't -- he elegant. We either believe it to be -- -- PS right now this team would still be asked. Right on its own big. What grade would you give -- -- and if you're doing your mid season herald report card and is that coming. Yeah that'll be coming up next week I mean you're going to be in the B range I mean I just looked at the offseason moves you know. AJ is god and they get rid of Grady -- They didn't addressed -- that should have been addressed you know certainly. I think it was probably a little bit wishful thinking to assume that during it was and they help the L a year and a -- and Al and I just not enough was done when you lose players like all the you -- drew and we've got -- back. And certainly else buried more needs to be done to replace them a lot. What's your gut feeling I I think less is gone it just it just seems like that's where it's going to knock -- -- -- a golf -- they get out. In sign a big deal somewhere else you're gut feeling is -- here. August 1. Yes I think yeah I don't think they trade let their. Because like you think they wanna make an effort to keep them and if you trade him he I mean you can failure trade him and respect him not that's not how we're not gonna have and so. If you're serious about keeping him the on this here then can't trade him. That's that I'm I'm with you I do you think he's gone and I just died and left. This season so bad that ownership that then. And then we're keeping this guy I don't see it operations. And and felt on five years young 100 million and and twenty million whenever it is. -- to keep him and I don't necessarily blame them I think what does a great pitcher but I. Just putting aside what you feel about him to accused in that category though I -- -- but -- -- people that -- -- career might be over the eight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not having what they're -- might be a bigger risks so we'll see if that's the way to go ultimately that I just I just feel like you've been what we know about -- front office. I don't think they're going to be willing to commit adultery. Let's talk about what their -- -- said not having Lester may even bigger risk if they let him walk. Assuming they don't get a bunch of Major League ready prospects. How competitive are they their season. Yeah I mean it to -- the -- aren't there other pitchers out there. -- that I you know I'm not sure there's there's certainly not. Go in next season without adding veteran arm and he made it may be and completely wrong -- -- -- step -- -- -- -- M Webster -- has. Somewhat reasonable demand may get a dime. Yet but if they know I. How do you say that next year will be better than the one that you removed -- -- What's -- gonna take. And -- -- so this limited time Jonah talked to on Boston Herald radio what's gonna take to acquire John Carlos that. And I think that time guy you know the Marlins are somewhat. -- -- Red Sox fans are hoping to sheer force of will we talked about it enough for the half and and you know I guess that Felix and Adrian Gonzales that. I -- I don't see I don't see him being el Amin the Marlins. What are they building around -- not him you know so. I don't know I just I just -- my dream would be released through the tools somebody actually trade for him -- Yeah that's an interesting one I mean he certainly who penetrate or right now but but getting an army news good -- -- a good defense the short I. A million bucks for a guy who's not hitting I think he's kind of been me. AJ yeah it did but the differences through -- not you know he's not an issue and pop up and always popular and respect it and all that up. In the clubhouse but in terms of production is right there and AJ and that's what I would get into earlier you know there are no shortage of candidates -- yet paid on this team right. When Detroit maybe take a flyer Austin -- it sure. I think residents sure you know. The -- though. -- -- -- out -- you know I mean the Yankees are known him to use their place in the if you. No they didn't step up when he was available when industry and now but he at. Formed I don't really know desirable commodity get the sense of who are will be true. No I don't I mean I argued for. I night's opening a guy you're going to be forty next year as good as he is. If ever there's time betrayed a close I just think he could change the -- the pennant race and I think you have to -- that you know. Look at the Angel of death for those are there making a period -- it. Coach you are met your mother the woman over there can -- the only that. I think that's a guy who can ship about power and not only -- let the American League. I think you have to worry about our topics that governments at this morning we appreciate. No problem anytime got to thank you can jump.

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