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Browns WR Josh Gordon needs a serious wake-up call

Jul 8, 2014|

We discuss another DUI for Josh Gordon, and how marijuana is apparently more important to him than his career in the NFL. Plus some harsh words from Cris Carter.

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Our 5 o'clock hour the deal -- -- -- on vacation Tommy carriage here so it's field Yates. Yield from ESPN. Thomas from Comcast sports net. Those of you get into your cars right now as -- shed a few minutes ago. Brazil the host country. I was about to be eliminated going to be eliminated unless there's some miraculous comeback -- -- -- five shipped to Germany. We talked about David Ortiz today without Kevin love the decision. The power of everything and the lightning round in 45. Minutes so we need some more callers for the next. Forty minutes. And and that's it so for the next five and actually moron for the next forty minutes moron could be Smart. But after that I sit 45 minute 45 minutes so underground which -- forty minutes a good callers yes. -- callers then in the lightning round. We don't want Smart call follow your -- race. -- stupidity. I want to just get there we go again reading what you just did any -- if -- thank five point five language and what -- and edited by me granderson topic. For years and topics -- music. If we play some music during the four cops to report for -- -- a lot of bluster and Chris actually with Andy on what some nasty text. We're talking about sixties music's of people were very upset that you would use. Paint with a broad a broad brush -- higher higher decades of music how dare you so what is good music. We're Kevin Love and up where will LeBron James and up. And give -- another lightning round and and other light. Other Red Sox -- -- expect -- -- -- we go to -- -- go we'll keep it simple. At 545 -- pitcher lightning round total of six not prepared to -- penalty kicks. That could be one of the topics through whatever you lightning round it's all in the table let's talk to John Johnson -- that was a John. I was -- They I got a comment about looked -- Tom -- fed up. I believe it was last Wednesday about intolerance soccer coaches. Yeah I can understand that -- point of view. Because here in the United States you're competing with two sports while a lot of sports. Primarily baseball and football. They already have a built in structure to develop their players and need a minor leagues in college football we have here soccer is trying to -- and legitimacy here. Hey John let me just don't -- -- one quick one quick second to just reprise what I was talking about last week. With youth sports and and as it applies to soccer what I found is -- sports coat with my kids in and coaching other sports in addition to brief the coach eagles' locker. Is that soccer coaches -- less tolerant. Out of season. With kids playing for instance baseball -- -- I can't even identify what the soccer in season is whether it's fall or spring. But whereas a lot of baseball coach to -- you play which you played your season. On the fits all ball baseball team you go ahead please soccer -- soccer coaches in general have a tendency to be less. Tolerant of tickets and I have a baseball game or John we -- -- so what's your what's your are counter to the -- you agree with that or disagree with that. Well well I can understand it because he's not telling you competing in this country with other sports. It universally your computer a competing with other countries and now it is creeping into our sports culture other countries. Clubs or looking at players -- ten years old before -- ten years old even have academy. We hear the associated with the club to develop and by the time they're 1617. Years old they're professional already players. -- going into college. -- -- ball is is inferior grossly inferior. That's why they have. But -- and called project forty generation. That indeed it. I guess I'm making are -- in your -- that we knew when you look at. Youth soccer in general why is it difficult for the United States to build that kind of feeder system it goes as he mentioned. From you know youth soccer to junior soccer College Soccer tuned to high level Premier League. -- soccer it's that it just MLS which. The -- discredited but why is it not taken off the point where we expect to dominate. It's because -- many different options and it's interesting to me as I look at it you grew up in this state you've seen you. Understand a vehicle crosses in Yorktown I mean this this kids who could -- Baseball and do well what claim across his kids to a -- spring basketball with a decided to -- currently baseball could do well. And a lot of coaches are tolerant of it. But soccer more than any I have a little what I coaches -- -- -- game is in season if it's a baseball game and let's bring. -- -- we have hockey game I would still prefer you to come to my game. Force anybody to use with -- practice of soccer coach is not an inferiority complex. In -- special -- nation sports is alarming I'm not I don't know probably fourteen. Both fourteen and up but here but seven to twelve play at all. Exact NN and now don't have kids that like for anything that far removed from you sports cordons so people follow me on Twitter at. But I do find a little bit it's a little you know entered my moon meet you get -- on club team to ten years older travel in every weekend for their soccer team in a 35 weeks a year. Baseball team soccer team whatever it is it's the little bit. We systematically whether -- all of our priorities are backwards whether there's pressure from from the parents for these kids or whether. There's. Something wrong with the management of these teams that are suggesting she to have 35 week and Clementi and here's the real. A difficult thing -- you guys -- experiencing huge further down the road due not to fight on the road -- -- is. Parents want to do the best buy their kids and intern. Have a tendency to over schedule. Now I'm myself maybe being -- part of that as well where I've had baseball games ending and I wanna get to go coach extremely. Basketball game. Up in another place and I'm open agreements like get McCargo coached the kids. There's so much that we put on the -- place because it would -- the best opportunity to have fun because we like organized sports. And it gets to a point where it's you know it gave you when you're playing baseball doubleheader. Of seven innings. Saturday and Sunday. It you've just go into the big field -- thirteen you can be interminable. And that could have a tendency to drive kids away so there is the youth sports glimpse of the day. Back to well -- welcome back to OK back to. Something that I meant to get to earlier and has nothing to do with soccer -- of sports. It has to do with. Josh Gordon and a or Eddie. And we talked about this earlier -- Josh Gordon. Cleveland Browns wide receiver. Not kittens can give you the I'm gonna give you the rap sheet and Josh Gordon missed if you pick up pick up a theme here from court. Great all pro receiver. For the Cleveland Browns last year and an incredible season for the -- unstoppable. Really well. -- 2010. I at Baylor. Sophomore years and found asleep in his car. At some -- with them suspended. 2011 July suspended indefinitely we'd. 2011 August but transferred to Utah. 2013 -- suspended two games a violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy. Who knows what it was probably -- 2004. This year youngest QB 2014 this year may suspended for a year. 2014 July July 5 arrested in North Carolina driving while impaired. So. It's fair to say that Josh Gordon really like he is we need. And could federal subsidies out of well if it's more marijuana though marijuana seems to be the consistent. -- because the consistent drug of choice. OK but I think -- We knew our filed -- marijuana in your system it's gonna hangs around a little bit longer but if you are caught. For. So long -- they controlled substances in general. All right well. Josh Gordon has some problems. And he's gonna be out of football for years. Now how what I want to -- this now from Chris Carter than him and asked you you're Smart football guys -- -- we still have time to be Smart for the lightning round. I'm in about thirty minutes here's Chris Chris Chris Carter. But what will get to Chris Carter was on ESPN radio with this album before we get that when asked yeah. Would you know. Would you be interest in Josh Gordon if you've invested. In Josh Gordon they got some production from Gordon last year great production. Even though the guy's going to be out four year. I think -- take I think right now to be honest man knows who presented as a as a conversation piece might take on it is. To worry about Josh Gordon's as a football at the -- right now news. Wrong. And I wouldn't entertain the idea of trading for him at all. Because he's not a football -- right now. He's an individual who absolutely positively needs some help and structure and his wife that he's gonna have to be willing to trying get. And until then he's not a football is just a person who has a lot of troubles so why would net -- -- him now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For me but I -- place grow about moral little. Part of that I thought screw mentally gets himself -- so if if if presented. You know if -- -- help on the infrastructure business was in place for him to to get his life on track. I would -- consider trading for him. -- patriots got a question of course is what's the price the price tag and I would say is her mighty. I think that I would I could be it's been a fifth or sixth round pick if if it's -- -- really promising for Josh -- to judge scored personal life I could. Be talked into a fourth round pick but above that. Thanks but no thanks. Our fourth -- I'd absolutely -- -- -- you have -- deal before router that that he had these issues these issues. Which give fourth rounder for Randy Moss. And so that your question about Randy Moss was not. Control controlled substances -- radio bosses if you go play. Is -- going to be into it's going to be motivated. I don't know what this guy had. And that question was answered very quickly 2007 and that was worth a fourth round pick that chance I'll take that chance fourth round pick. We're all pro receiver and one of -- I understand what you're saying Tommy and I got to make sure that. That that Josh Gordon the person. Is all right first Voyager you trade a fourth round pick for a you've got to be out the year anyway. And you spend a year making sure that. You you have. Given -- an -- -- look at this is what we -- what we do here and that's -- we're gonna go we're gonna get you some help. Are you ready for the help as we -- we're gonna provide it. -- how many that this is the thing about drugs who wouldn't and and I wanna hear what Carter has to -- Do you think you've probably got help in high school. Which is where allegedly he gets emissions became do you think that somebody reached out to -- star athlete who -- football aspirations I'm sure they do do you think that happened while at the gala at the age of eighteen yes at the clinic and somebody help this handed told them. With him we're gonna trying to make sure you get help. Because of what you can do would be the ulterior motive always. Do you think that that happened in college do you think that it happened with the browns do you think that's been an on going situation absolutely. Ought to handle and the biscuits so far do you wanna bring in somebody who needs a hand held and has so far beyond responsive they've done. This is happening here but can't hold on responsive. -- -- He handled that Cory Dylan was ordered a -- -- was he on respond to another place I'll respond yes he wants. It Cincinnati and not talking about the same situation we're talking about it. Our dependency problem vs domestic violence. Record don't not even in the same planet Mike in terms of what you can do what I mean -- it's it's a problem that I'm not I'm not here to say. I would rather have a guy who. Has a problem keeping a chance to himself and putting his hands on women vs the guy who smokes weed I'm not giving it to that. You know what's worse I'm just saying there -- some guys who weren't able to take control of their careers weren't able to maximize the potential for whatever reason. -- so Corey Dylan would ordeal I don't again I don't think it's a great example because Corey Dylan had anger issues certainly and sorted Randy Moss had dot authority issues yet. But this is a sick person who's obviously got a disease who needs to admit to himself that he has no power. Over the NS. That he has hit rock bottom. Did he use. In his life has become unmanageable because of -- admits those things. It's caretaker now if you're an anger issue that's easily more easily addressed. I don't wanna say that they've -- Corey Dylan had just an anger Hubert. Let I mean it's about domestic violence I mean that he apps domestic violence. At every juncture all the way through his professional career the same way. Trust -- has had these a couple of incidents he did suppressants and I think you know one accidents to -- into web look at what are sentenced to many no doubt. But I mean we're talking about a substance issue in an anger or violence issue and it's it's it's. And then there -- -- they're very different but they still are issues that prevent you from. Doing -- for -- as a professional and had to be a substance abuse issue is he's much more insidious. And it's it is very much a disease where as the -- issue is not necessarily much of disease so you're going to take on this and to be -- test to admit to -- -- he has this disease do what are you think if you think your substance issues this is where maybe we'll agree on this depending -- -- answers. You think -- substance issues go beyond marijuana do you think it is. Other drugs you. The people like alcohol at least I mean I can't speculate but if you get pulled over do you lie you have your that -- -- -- an alcoholic. When Anton as you're right I -- -- out imagine he's had some level of support from various people in his circle -- in the larger circle round. There since he's and he's been that. I think we also remember that he really rose to levels that's not highly recruited players this was -- under performer paler -- We were never talking about Josh Gordon's -- preeminent wide receiver prospect in the country -- But now this is this is may be. May be the best young wide receiver in. Football -- and we've got and it's like you're getting a job as lady just keeps spiraling for a one time it sometimes and and and I I don't wanna make -- this simple but sometimes. You know it is about the circumstances around you in the change of scenery I think maybe it's played well with Chris Carter sounded the death of a player needs. Sometimes -- -- only so -- the browns can do it some may come down to this has to be internalized by Josh court -- make decision to accept this help. -- it sort of seems like no matter whether he tried to do his willingness has not met. Their willingness to help him -- and what is the practical based on. Axle forward to that book book before you let's hear the sound from from Cris Carter and then we can get to the Texas or Chris Carter had to say on ESPN radio. I feel pretty cute -- you'll all cute in the situation. My situation was very very similar but there were some differences. There from the Cleveland Browns let it go -- separately decided. I really believed everything to run helped the key is is that they released. Get our out of Philadelphia I was playing in a plan to do good hard low -- a starter for a couple years not quite good -- -- or. Fat lot of good friends around me like goal lead to Rome are now rich you have all the support system in the world. I just wouldn't do the guys -- tell me you know guys would hang out with me but I just wouldn't do. I didn't have the power to do. A -- Buddy Ryan cut me. -- -- first we can September in 1990. And then finally what all the middle total will probably able to finally actually do it. If I wanted to be successful it does business. Not only as far as substitute -- I had already stopped -- and so is streak OK that was my biggest problem. And I had stopped mutant. You know probable secular they -- steel cut into the city couldn't trust. The world I want to look over and got all the help and everything not realize that alcohol was a big part of this community -- still don't person. You don't weigh 324. September. Friday September 21 1990. Remark to my counselor and everything crash doctor. Unbelievable. Unbelievable sound from the hall of -- Chris Carter now -- situation. I don't know if his situation was if he feels like your situation comparable it was a worse. There what Josh Gordon has right now -- comparable to the situation. Josh Gordon is -- right now at the very least. This is going in I don't know just coordinate the very least I know this. It is hard for him -- if you -- hard for him or not important enough for him to say. Marijuana. Will take a backseat. To football. I'll I'll know how to. I'll know how to smoke marijuana and play football and be effective. At the very least it's difficult for him -- do that don't of the depth of his issues. Maybe it received an addiction. Or maybe. Just immature I don't know what -- just unlucky. Lucky it got an excellent employee and explain how lucky -- well he keeps coming up dirty released on it but that that's my point my -- If the substances a problem. And it's causing you problems in you can't remove from real life and had an issue. OK so for instance D'Qwell Jackson over the weekend. Said that. -- former teammate. Of Josh -- to quote Jackson and his regional equipment. Reset he needs help you really does all the espn.com he needs people to extend themselves and probably have to do what they wanted to do. But if the browns -- thing about the -- they have to do my contention is. That if you are. The Cleveland Browns you've already extended yourself a great deal. You've spent a lot of time there comes a time when -- 23183338. With the individual has to say. I want the help. My life has become. A problem. This substance whether Peewee. Or alcohol. Has made my life unmanageable so until he takes the help instill -- shows willingness to take the help text. Taxes are weighing in all over the place here and you wanted to get home we'll get to him after this 617779. 7937. Tommy current field gates Michael -- here on WEEI.

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