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Bring the Olympics to Boston? 7-8-14

Jul 8, 2014|

The guys discuss the possibility of bringing the Olympics to Boston with Jeff Price, a former member of exploratory committee to bring Olympics to Boston.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's on -- and I'll take over most of the morning show today Dennis and Callahan had a spirited debate about the prospect of the Olympics. Coming to Boston and joining us right. -- a hotline to further that discussion. -- Christian knows pretty well Geoff price in 2009 he is part of an exploratory group -- was looking at the potential of bringing either the summer or more likely the winner games. Two New England now we're talking more about the summer games. Jeff is soon to be working with the PGA of of America used to be with SI Sports Illustrated. The news media and president SID joins us with a sporting news' Jeff thanks a lot for coming out what is in Boston how -- OK to be -- Garrett. You're you're you're called all the way from Spain correct. Kind of ironic -- about forty miles south of Barcelona and did you talk to folks in Barcelona and they are still. The world waited their experience hosting the Olympics. Obviously that was the -- in the Olympics and -- and the kind of legacy of what was left in the city Barcelona is an interest being. Parallel I think what -- bought -- -- or right now. -- Jeff when you first started because -- -- maybe five or six years ago I don't know how long ago was correct. And I directors Chris yeah and you brought up this idea of of exploring the idea of having the Olympics winter or Summer Olympics. In Boston and honestly -- and were told to this. But I thought you -- crazy you let that you're completely nuts. But it's in a global -- You're just a little too early and you're against your you're exploratory vision so when you when you started this whole process. You know what was that what was I guess what did you get out of the exploratory. Study that you did. I think this week saying -- cement that and a you have to look at him any time you're thinking about a city putting it or. Look at that site. Are we were involved in trying out New York. Be NYC 2012 -- which ultimately excel obviously in the and the game went -- them. And you know I think the first thing is looking at a macro perspective is it didn't work. Any effort whatsoever. Because of the position of the US -- OTV here you know all of the other. Governing bodies. In the world in the relationship between the US and India. In six years ago that was the non starter for us we -- We were focused in the winter games coming to New England. I would balk and obviously -- the -- or. Much could be indoor activity and then creating I've ever moderate -- -- That you put but ultimately it's a week topped the process or we recognize that the US and that's what Pete I -- we're just not good lie and and they would not would be a bit. Common for 22. From North America so what we basically backed down but I think that the good news for balk at that point time. -- -- Scott Blackmun. Probably could have -- that the US currency have done a really good job repairing the relations. Weird Palme. With the guys see and I think it bears a strong interest. In being a formal bid from the United States I think the second part is -- now is that we don't -- it is the big infrastructure. In place you know -- the city proceeded to walk -- the obviously ball and as. -- at an airport. You have so many of these bid. You heard even in Brazil the World Cup -- -- an experiment we're going to China they were trying to -- The airport you know you have the infrastructure. To support that and an open that we finally what a legacy that -- going to leave our. And I think that that support it is brilliant thing. Having grown up in -- and -- -- your kid you know and look in my life. You know still following the block it even though I've lived in new York and cargo and and -- I think the legacy opportunity. Here -- -- column. Talking about the need publicity today. And I would argue that it a project like a one game can actually be catalytic. To move it forward an opt -- could survive big. I certainly think you can survive anything that would be related to Olympic. It's yep but it -- there there are a lot of concerns here -- transportation bit. I want to talk more financial news research on Olympics as far as how much -- Olympics cost. You know the monies that go into -- to prepare a city vs monies that come in what is your research told you -- how much money would cost to bring the Olympics the Boston. -- -- -- very -- -- right yeah -- a bit that the analysis. Six years ago the bidding crop that would be very very different than it is today you know I would look at it means that it appeared. Especially given the problem but yet he's having right now with the 22 point per game. It down the Greek cities and either pulling out left and right that the bidding process. Pictures that -- simply broken it was an inflated process. If you go back of that and like 2012. You'll. Hundred million dollars spent just to try and on the right from the US perspective. To put a bid for the -- obviously go. Into the process and you don't women and -- like millions of dollars are usually recover them not doing any thing. To benefit. The city I think the way to -- you a computer approaching it now it. Potentially better no -- -- to this point which is very very different respect of the import for folk. -- local paper to consider right now but the proper that got off the beloved idol or would not to like what New York went through -- -- stated. -- US perspective everyone recognized. He should be putting dollar into the infrastructure and supporting. The opinion not a good bit on prepared. If you look at the is recognizing that but that timing is right lets not. Clustered pretty. And entered the revenue way. I think is much cement maker early reporter at that. There was -- the whole of surety about a caller from Spain. So maybe there is maybe there's a Prater won those Olympic phone lines -- this -- not yet when -- got us down. Again that was Geoff price and we're gonna try to get chip back on from Spain he was part of the exploratory group. As looking at the potential bringing -- this summer or at the time more like -- the winner games to New England used a a native of New Hampshire. And now working with the PGA of America formally of the sporting news and of SI. And the question that I would like gas group we can get him back maybe we can't guys we can go down this path. What it means that we we do have -- back. -- put -- on right now Jeff we were obviously disconnected their but we're we're we're going with the thought before we lost he was. It is this basically two things that I was wondering about first of all in the inevitability and do you mean inevitability that there are cost overruns or things get delayed orders political red tape. That exists. To getting something like this off the ground and there's a rush job towards the end. How much that falls on the city how much of that falls on the state publicly what whatever the regional development group that there's any sort of public money. That kicks in how do we handle that. And the second part of that is. How many of these different things that you look deck can really be used long term after the Olympics are gone. Think that the key to this entry going to do it successfully and I think they're all models. A home and I -- in Barcelona being one where there was -- very thoughtful process. As to not having the white -- situation you look at captain. Went away Olympic Games that and paralympic villages essentially and have -- -- call if you look at Beijing. Many of the facilities are no longer being used that that ultimately. Win the larger and the extent of the Olympics does not work. I I think it. But much like Los Angeles changed the game in 1980 or making them profitable. Brought did an amazing job and changes the whole model game. I think Boston has the opportunity given the university infrastructure given the public transportation -- that clearly are are lacking right now. A concerted effort could think about the long term plan to work backwards start with. What are we gonna and it would -- would -- -- on about couple but a quick example. So right now obviously the crowds are still working to try and get soccer stadium if you look at what the weather was able to do. We can't deal that would be Olympic Stadium they were able to retrofit it back. And -- 40000 seat ballpark. I'll tell you know the cut the comment that they had made about what do we need to 80000 seat stadium or. Or you can have a world class soccer venue. Revolution and how that would bond. As a as a needed a minute -- much -- -- pretty up and look you look back from what the -- need now perspective you can think about. Olympic village -- all the universe be called out relieved that it -- problems I think it would partnership between. The only institutions and and the city in the state could think about what a legacy of this thing and it landed -- great job of that -- And was able to think about it in the context of after the game Madonna what are we going to need to go I think you know they are going to be some kind of insularity component of the game and the Christian you know without yes there are rolling -- -- -- patrols would be. Oprah played a yell out certain regulations generally Olympic rowing and and other. That it might be on the twelve that you need to think about it or random. And other elements but. At the end of the day are often not end up with. Or retained the Bob -- it really is about thinking. Here down the road what what -- tribute to now what in public and couldn't. I heard you need that we have and working back from -- I mean -- you. -- build a great sort of ability when you know what Auburn can and you obviously built up the convention and figured built up our ability to quote part of that. What about hosting a coming event and then -- incumbent governor. Indianapolis could become our many of them in the country so I really do you think what what came out of our solemn and now this one's perspective. Where the potential high speed will. Going up and -- and what could open up all -- -- correctly and you could you know you're not other than the Cleveland. Area in a very good weight so my hope is another quote we're clearly to work or not about now -- -- -- -- plan. Kabila pick -- really what it does it could be infrastructure of the could be. And -- in the region far beyond what it would be you don't know about the pocket and pick one Condit can be that there. That could create -- real valuable opportunity but the Icrc -- -- it all local and those become you know. But I get the control of -- could be big government and the committee that -- -- -- could be able on the map where tapping into the corporations and the and the song you know corporate base bock who has. It got much luck with your proposition than that doing -- in that -- -- Atlanta -- -- -- coconut and a couple of other. Actor but ultimately you don't have nearly the corporate rate that you would have. You can like talk to me that generated a rare million adultery if I think a long term plan. He can bring something that's very beneficial. Though the one thing that I think that it I would be interest -- because this people look at the other Rasheed Jewish traffic -- lot of people say the city right now is a mess now. If you can take eight point 3030 year plan to improve the roads and transportation around the city and squeeze and ten years -- news this is a reason to move forward. I'd be all for that now for the next ten years. I'm gonna have to find a studio my house to the show 'cause I refused to come in -- city mr. it's bad enough is that it is I can't read the I'm just say elect is that one of the visions that they say ticket. -- and have a thirty year plan to improve transportation may be at ten -- can squeeze it all and in come out better on the other side. But it got. -- -- behavior that that was the point if you have a thirty year planet you can condemn records you can crystallized. An entire city but it didn't -- state government did you do the things that we need to arm and you know. Thinking through these things so -- you did -- concern would be and the white elephant around. The Greater Boston area the and the conduct all of -- at all and if you public transportation. If you are able how they they woke up soccer so that you were able to boring events that currently don't come to Boston are sustainable basis long term. Because of the -- having kind of Olympic and you. I think there's a lot of benefit. It can compliment now what could coordinated effort. Public private partnership if you need to be able to bring -- university. Corporation and and the government together. Could do that in the condensed time period -- but I think exactly right if there's a big vision. And the driving -- I mean it in each could be -- situations like they didn't succeeded whether it was Peter you brought in the problem. In LA or Utah had Billy Payne now on the glad that you had larger than life personality who really put. The Olympic movement on the back and change the nature of how would going to be done to -- -- question from -- and then -- that rallying point do you have enough. Support and use that visionary leadership can be able when not to make it -- bit -- a game. Really transformation of of what they'll often and putting it under the context of posting you know a good game and hopefully profitable like LA -- not -- game needs could be you know hundred million dollar deficit I think. Again with Smart planning. Eat out an opportunity to do something special but I need to be taught me -- It -- a lot of hard work in and a lot of them up but you know it -- -- -- in the US but I think and do it I I served with police. Fox has that after the. Jeff thanks a lot for come out earlier appreciated and thank you for taking time to join us from Spain. Conducting -- our Jeff thanks man. That is Geoff price chip was part of the exploratory group back in 2009. That talked about bring the Olympics to Boston -- to -- -- games or the summer games -- with the PGA of America overseas calling us from Spain today Maloney Fauria bentonite threesome to -- IR itself. Dan Shaughnessy writes this column about the Olympics and initially guys I've felt like just about all Boston agreed with them. We don't want this year. And I don't wanna gloss over the phrase the jet used in talking about this K we survived the Big Dig weakened survived the Olympics to. Why don't we wanna bring something here to the city that's -- forces to feel like we're surviving something. That was the general premise that I agreed with Shaughnessy about and frankly right now even after hearing him and even after your John officially Hernandez Callahan. I still agree with I still don't think it's worth it but. I'm -- curious after here in these two guys back to back shows here honey EI if anybody else is that their opinions swayed because they do make some convincing cases. All put up to Boston is your opinion starting to change about the Olympics coming to town 6177797937. Yes I think I think the the Olympics all our -- this isn't about the Olympics as they means to -- and for the city. Of Boston the state of Massachusetts. And it just the surrounding cities of Boston immediate the most important thing is infrastructure transportation. You know venues that can recruit create income that can be used afterwards. Bit I think you have something -- you gotta think like Lewis and Clark type mentality here you gotta you can't think five years down the road. You've got to think a little bit of pain for refer for a small period of time but the people who come after us our kids have their kids are gonna have. A better situation. To deal with as opposed to us now what Jeff talked about. I remember him discussing this with me six years ago was the Winter Olympics and he wanted to they want to build. This this speech -- -- bullet type train that would go to Vermont that would go to New Hampshire that would bring people to. Venues up in the northern states. Even that -- like that's never going to happen -- deputy. -- be grateful if you love to drive out. How important is that on a daily basis as opposed extending the green -- out. Little furtherance of different next well noted that thing is it just bishop under this morning as great as well and you're talking about the funding of this says it be private funding infrastructure part of the roads transportation be more public. Now -- -- -- -- part of a do Texans remember the Big -- -- over the big epic about the chaos remember Apollo way over budget took a lot longer than usual. But -- on the other side of it now. Is that area better for the city of Boston because they get the Big Dig down. I think it is you know was a Pena to go to that a cost a lot of money sure you drive around city of Boston. They need to improve the transportation. Badly I thought the art video public funding its army and eventually you gotta pay forward anyways. Right so the only thing I look at it is it's in my crazy about it not to going to be absolute chaos. But the transportation part of it getting in and out of the city that is up and it's intriguing to me that this up that eventually that is gonna have to be done. And it's -- maybe takes you know twenty years to get done if they sit they say no we now have a window this has to get done over this period of time. And it would be chaos while it's going on portico among the other end. To be a lot easier to give in and out of a city that's -- -- look at what -- every need to go. Practically -- the two areas that I wanna follow up on like -- Christian was just talking about is it that important to have a bullet train going out to Vermont as opposed to the more. Immediate concerns when it comes to traffic in and out of the city transportation. Now to seek closer to the city already which may not be touched by this may not be improved. What's got this here John finished -- morning talk about 128 talking about it in 93 get in and out of the city those will be improvements as well. It's not just about. What Jeff just talked about a justice zip line go to the Vermont it's going to be in and out of the city being able to get in and out easier although the cost overruns and apparently gonna fall of public dollars like. Jeff just talked about that's a huge concern to me the other improve the -- instead of Boston in and out Boston. What's that indeed commit to improve the roads coming in out of Boston over the next twenty years yes because well there in the US it was okay. If if if -- wicket for waiting for that and -- -- to calm and it's being delayed if the Olympics. Our way for them too fast tracked those improvements. It's it's definitely an intriguing discussion. That I'm more willing to listen to now as opposed to two weeks ago. Just by the -- pilots -- all your mind I never really had an opinion of it anyways it was a -- city's oldest will never happen. Now -- you're you're talking to John Fisher who had a lot of money to gain from this and he will be making a load load a muddy because. If you do if you are able to go to spring for -- going to go surrounding cities and find ways. But people who live in those areas to to get them an easier way to work inside a -- so what's gonna have to build that house and so now your footprint. Which -- fish is in in Boston now gets thrown out -- forty miles west maybe we will. -- I don't I don't I don't tell -- Springfield. I don't think that Republicans why don't know I don't wanna coming off I think I -- sick the more pressing concern is like you know. Take this from somebody's going through it right now is trying to find a permanent place to live all right. It's not as easy to get from wall from the workers I thought it might be right it's not as easy to get from -- to work. As I thought it might be is a look at houses outside the -- little bit but not too terribly far. That I could get to Brighton is that can be addressed or was like you know we're talk about really pushing the envelope way out. Just to make it easy to get to different venues that are directly to the city so it in a village rolled out I think had a fever get a. Out of my thing is that you forget about the Olympics that the means Olympics. Are just part of the process if if you're doing all this work just the Olympics will that you are -- you are Athens you are dust -- you're building -- John fish came Mott and we thought that you needed it eighty seat stadium he says it's thirty I mean is that a sixty -- to take up the outer rain. It can be thirty there is your soccer speed and there's your you -- whole other venues. -- Jeff just came on and discussed. The stadium and an Atlanta. That date that was the Olympic stadium they retrofitted it announced the ballpark so. -- I still don't think it's going to happen. But when you what we're having this discussion right now. For a little over 45 minutes and we brought up a ton of issues that we would have it just sit -- thinking about it if it is it possible. And one of the benefits for the people of the city one of the benefits of the people. Who gonna have kids and what are they gonna deal with like you can't -- Five years -- you got -- 3040 years out the cable and what about the housing we keep hearing all these promises that they'll be more housing as a result of this what kind of housing is at those more housing that nobody can afford. Well lifestyle got a -- get into anyway don't have a caller don't have a club that's obviously any user what went so -- -- -- -- we think you have 20/20 four what what year we've been thinking about. That was the year that John fish had mentioned you out an area on knowledge he has got a lot of money to be made on this whole thing and I'm just -- itself actually. They can improve my commute to the city be obvious that obscures them. -- if they admitted broke earlier on I would look for that's been the case and any more functional than maybe what I think the end result would be more functional for people closer to the city already they talk military attributes in my body -- transportation -- Do you think that they're only talking about a zip line Vermont. I would hope not although I don't know reasonable about this -- what it would improve transportation around the city all right the only thing that talk about as a zip line Vermont. No but did you hear him say anything about how it's an. 12893. -- in the wake -- public transportation yes public rest station as well improve the transit what specifically I. Asked him but I'm just saying you talk you talk about as a zip line but that's the only thing to go to improve transportation lines six -- set. And 77979372. We have that we haven't fire. All I used to demonstrate not -- -- we have this. Conversation for the past oh I would say six months right you know this is this is fortified due process you go through. In its attention to our goal is to take this ebitda and the different buckets one of the transportation bucket. And all of the transportation -- -- be very clear vote. We all need to work this all. Strategically to comment from Massachusetts -- wouldn't be any other transportation work other what's planned for. All right and what are they planning and house -- functionally help us that we look every day. Outside at you know this theory that hole and maybe the green -- come to -- stop at the new balance building and we're on our knees -- that it's gonna happen at some point. Well I mean you don't a lot of people living beyond that don't have a prayer of doing media drew that line and a straight line straight out that would help so many people now is that part of it. Or is it more about getting people easily from New Hampshire getting people furiously from Connecticut. That functionally helping changes Boston all that much -- do you think that the -- that it has the bad news that what happened with the big did not a big and all the red tape and all the issues that they had at the city had with that. That's got to leave some sort of you know you know. Shyness about you know getting bald and something as big as this and this is what I talking. About just dig a little hole OK I'm just making light of the situation but this is eight. This is a music commonwealth. Issue this is a a state New England issue that you be dealing with. I still find it hard to believe that it's even possible what would you have the most powerful people in Boston you know looking into it. They're not gonna do it just because of the good will regardless -- who says he's not doing it just because he's a good guy. He has. He will be making a ton of money. Not just in the short term but in the long term that's what it's about the Olympics are means to -- and if it's possible.

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