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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Fat sleeping Yankee fan 7-8-14

Jul 8, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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A PPP -- -- and literally just got a text from -- -- US. But it's -- to be two minutes. It's a foreign producer of the show we talked about him not being invited the. -- -- They still pissed that elicited so pissed he's taxis not -- it's. Not. Aggressive religiously. I well I I I love -- you know we all love love love she headlines the highest rated segment WEEI brought to you by AT&T. They cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network the only do the story. It's a phone calls Patrick Eric in Springfield is rob Bradford territories proud. For Joseph -- would want as you know yes -- -- I was -- Serena disciple is the Ithaca of western mass class of 77. I want us in they want us to do this story but the Yankees -- has caught sleeping -- -- at the time -- we can -- -- I just can't get next had taught all the toward yesterday which as I said you before -- show he accomplished his goal right. I don't know to go any money yet and -- a nap and potentially made money right. They Basil he's a big winner what what what is like to stand -- There -- department and defaming the output audio if you want real of the announcers tell me if you think this is this is worth it and the ego loss. This -- oblivious to how good it is join the millions of subscribers may be even this -- sometimes you have to turn it off and it's actually. That's not the place to come the sleepless. That you looked -- comfortable is that. I won't have any back problems tomorrow if I mean is that guy to his left his body and just letting them sleep receive you well. The securities and maybe you maybe that's his body and he likes a lot better when he's asleep. I think the other guys really worked to. Chicken finger to specialize in the ballpark of -- here. Get a wanting to sleep we will have -- one of those you know moments ago. You think it's it's only the fourth inning -- -- -- obviously the -- with -- -- trouble. -- 45 dollar -- Market that's 101000000 and thirty cents to make you listen to my question is who put in his head that it was a good ideas -- My question is. There are you never answered my question I don't of the American League did you lowered its litigious in the one with a guide out of Fort Myers. Which we got the -- of the billboards will grow at a. Don't know yeah -- a half. -- think -- to guide America whether the big guided. Over the Brandon -- went lawsuit that the warned against armed of that shooting -- -- all of -- because Florida guys like 5000 billboards wherever. I question is. He -- quick release the best color analyst you can get that job and I know Schilling's number obviously for you supposed to be there right now and be with the children dot -- -- it was very arrogant crook. Kirk is awful you'll also is awful -- tweets about the -- -- little. Ever since that. Is that the like while this is a bad food production is up -- I thought Purdue chat but I think he's probably more Ken Rosenthal on a guideline of how -- -- -- good second guy thinking you have Purdue Sheen that's okay. By crook is terrible rentals as terrible as the two biggest odd country. That's where have all the good analyst on her -- for is better than sitting right here the corporate credit and -- I think I carver was okay never bought in the end it was enough for me I was a little. Out of it at the yeah get -- all the Asia. You know five that the biggest analyst job in America is probably some oxygen and football of the worst guy for the job falsetto at. Baffles me these guys suck -- I'm again -- was -- in and wacky whenever but he's more. I'm mr. Joseph Garagiola. To show a lot of them are Tony Q. Talked talking to -- -- Kostis that's right the team on Amazon.com who was it win when Sean McDonough was doing -- invaded in 1993. The news in the World Series who is -- doing it. -- what CBS yet because Caroline McCarthy about trying to go network sort of -- world was right McDonough is the best publicly it is is -- there. I think he has -- he's brilliant he's better arsenal. Yes -- it has to -- yes positive yes. A lot I think Joseph McDonnell might be the best of the best -- -- yet the admit it or -- and he's got better. I -- recalcitrant. All in Ohio like -- -- for you know the course it was keys okay. What's up with stickers. This -- -- we -- to the podcast and prices on dark souls great night at the seat after this with -- that I have this conversation all the time for a it is that we talk about. Who is about what you know what you -- knows what by. Watch any game. -- -- not listening watching. You want -- you -- here's something you don't know correct you wanna be informed yes it's like Sports Radio Libyan formed portrait of illicit liquor. As Forbes. -- It's on a nightly basis and at the top job once 62144. O 158 averaged one now. It's -- again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the scale is set the standard is still setting an -- and dynamic to be fair we do respect the beauty of Vin Scully you information you don't know right I agree with that every right before so exotic -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These -- the top spot last year to work that much different guys -- -- typical authority partners and that. Absolutely awful as the extreme was pretty good that's an extreme and listen listen -- I I did a great you did it because -- -- stuff but it was and it worked with IE I enjoyed working -- -- -- says. As you said I saw him the people go in now and he managed to -- the personalities. But also a big part of that whole thing in in points this note is -- -- Yes he spoke to inform. But people don't remember that they remember him pull through in the -- polling whatever I mean that's what keeps the ball roll. The adult leaders -- they think now -- watch. Them out. But I mean. It's added it's -- -- a document that is pulling the the other and I am thinking boy lap mark I'll play the a big who ran through in the -- the guy on how to Mo Lewis and are now it's time. Out on the apple -- -- in the ago yes it was scripted. It's like dangling out after that oyster if there was that the city you know. Title our politics I'll let -- open. Parcells pretty good and brides. -- excellent. Romans. Art and rip them attack machine that this I don't care. Television play by play you don't need tell me it's a ground ball shoots -- -- I can see that. I can see that provide captioned. It bothers the hell out of me. The things you have your list I have my life so don't tell it's well all I wish I want to do simulated year Q can we do this we get to be fit to be totally -- your -- some work at NASCAR would you -- it -- -- now I agree I agree with what you just said I think you guys are so I guess -- I -- I think Charlotte got one -- -- John McDonough is the best. I've ever -- it better so. Yeah prop yes I mean if if if McDonough is one of the best I've never did I said -- tool is really really solid be absolutely and -- like your time to do I have also I also I do I haven't appreciation for a -- for exactly I don't a lot of credit what you went through last year and how he continues plus I don't know that's my guess is or some work. And did not want to do with your start that's probably fair. And I think is part of the accountable for the purpose that it rather work. Actually give that -- so -- again probably should be national. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- York. I don't I don't use it -- people -- -- -- the batteries David Ross okay oh. It's it's what you have -- crowd knows it's it's one -- It. Don't see swings. Do not -- it as -- up short picked up by all the black -- hero merits. Don't say he throws the first audio. You have to do is say Ramirez. On. And you know our take a -- That's why I say our old school certainly -- the greatest television -- planters all time. Government to Pat Summerall perfect example Montana. Rice -- out. It was good example -- for example. White old school -- a tight race got the same way right and why that's that's overall one white. Peterson this subsidized -- is no I don't I don't -- sick your lower. Yeah learning is like -- master class soaking it all it is like -- the Roger Ebert documentary I have not but I want that was Roger Ebert -- shot by shot. Alex's Kindle squares. It's on demand and I thought that we actually saw the exact same time we got to -- -- document I do like. -- and books and -- That we -- -- I'm looking for the next I got the book Belichick to were approached him tonight. Who attack. But forget the students and other Clements and police officers actually ordered him it's. Like. -- -- -- If we like. Yeah both in another life for the wart free to the year -- -- -- your -- -- -- it was. Yeah Hollywood loses Kurt reported something out to new slide and realize that I have actually written more books I believe that's true. -- -- two is an adult. He had -- caveat that read like you know. The Beowulf yet yet so that's the dose for which -- never read that he loves loves that reference dole. Well they go I guess that's headlines I guess that is solid and I I did I soaked in your information on play by play. And I I appreciative Christopher ready for now -- I appreciate your TV year radio expertise on another -- there are so I don't -- -- I don't anybody I don't have hated me that's what this CC that's where you pieces that I don't need or solo. But don't follow up but I don't hate everybody can now we know you'll. They hate. I've never hated. Jerious never hated any. That. Don't after Jerry asked -- -- -- -- to the country club nobody -- -- Fifth in fairness. As Texas and -- Jews are allowed that my memory problem we have a debate that and they're just not a joke in 2014. The agent that you just that in your right. What I don't obviously are Jewish people know that there's a few. But that back I don't know I don't know I don't say that I'm giving it to great club in the obvious fact there's clubs around our area. Let me ask you this question the -- ethic like that's it -- -- is -- lesser quantities practitioner of the Judaism. -- When my place at the time port next or is feminists also the same. Anderson in their dock at their grand daughters she's about my daughter's daughter said the schools. She's going on overnight camp. Seven weeks. -- -- Doesn't surprise me and that's a little young that's clean out my parents waited till I was nine U -- you're not nine the UN was eight weeks if you like. I was home sick like you wouldn't like to read about us we're what was it may terrorism knows no -- way temperatures camp kept going to be higher payroll -- -- Scott Brodie wrote an article that was coed. Yes wouldn't care that's right coming on real educated -- wives are exactly -- so there's some was it appears adamant -- -- camp government. She sassy legends and now the producer of intervention. The mastermind of the great shows great regard measures -- His listeners who wouldn't sassy which you like the issue assess and she'd come to -- -- installment -- -- she needed to which it in now. A lot of us that because. They just kind of forced just across the way that. This is just your parents think well. Which -- the -- for seven we don't know my mother says it it builds character. That's what they said that's said the damage to your. Note -- top the top of the model through its excuse for equality should -- house art and French Stewart that this is that the nine year olds are adults on campus there. What do we do now it's. Part time -- the -- about it and that's headlines rocketed by AT seven. 7797937. Patrick air promised to get back the roster call to get mad dog Russo. In eagle five this is joined the show which for us. He's he's argue about rush he will be. We the the third big Springsteen. Meet your match. That was great question I mean mad dog this business told a Buick five sentiments that's less complete lies that we keep him on W John fish. Which they have the Boston. Olympic and the guy who wants -- bring -- -- to Boston again I've heard anybody say. Anybody -- -- to -- won the Olympics here -- might feel differently about that. Part of me wants to really want it right but you know part of me says it will get to that as well which obviously on 840 is that like the 60% of that want. John officially forty mad -- 2805 your calls.

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