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Dan Duquette joins Butch and Buck , 7-6-14

Jul 6, 2014|

Duquette joins the guys to discuss how his team is in first place and his time in Boston\

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He's Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald I'm Butch Stearns this is WB I joining us on the phone right now starting is starting halfway through his third year. As executive vice president of baseball operations for the Baltimore Orioles as our good buddy -- and you can hello Dan. Bigger morning butch I don't -- A again I don't. Europe are you doing this morning teams of first place. Yeah well. One of the milestone in the fourth of July right. That we go back in the first -- or is all right so that's good side of the Orioles. Did it yet you're not here in Boston. And I presume you watch the game last night on fox and I Sar. I was at the game last night I start graphic and they had this thing on the Oriole way. Which is little Paul Richards line. And they pointed out what happened with the Orioles in 1966333. Championships. X number of hundred win seasons and won two managers. And Hank Bauer Earl Weaver and so poised to open belly three manages. And it is the -- way from 1983. To the president which obviously has it been so good though it's been very good during your tenure. Are you excited about an Oriole way returning to Baltimore and in turn that back into the baseball town it used to be. Well I mean there are and they're back but you know in my -- -- covered that basically ceremonies at the same principle -- very dull news to. Over the Orioles farm system and build goes in -- victory in the sixties they're good analyst guidance and certainly want. And you know I mean it takes the ability to get stability at the top and a good manager. And real we have good players that we have an opportunity to return through. Have a competitive and you're in your -- this year hopefully -- we'll get through that window. And when you look at the east this year compared to the years and now this is year three in Baltimore. And you obviously have the perfect perspective on this living through the Red Sox Yankee rivalry for so long but for a couple years now this division has been anything but. Just Red Sox and yankees and you that a big part of putting a dent in that how much fun is that for you. What does it mean for you with this trading deadline right now the fact that this division is so wide open in the fact it's not dominated just by the Red Sox and yankees anymore. Well I mean it really has been dominated by those two changes you have holographic last night -- to go to army yankees and Red Sox have been under 500 since 1990 troops early. They're they're they're not they're not as strong this year as they have been in the past through -- that and so that to this important time. But you know it it's it's tough to. -- in this division. Who's got those jeans and a strong every year and then -- course trying to do with the money. And in Tampa -- got a great pitching program which they rely on would be competitive spirit -- court struck targets in mr. mayor a lot of resources so. Just got to do the rest there and the market which. We know what it takes to compete in the -- like competition. You know we haven't had -- Steps required to advance. But you'll register we're -- Dan I always say that you can't professor and the media people can't profess to quote unquote no player. Based on a very limited time we spend with them having said that. I remember interviewing meaning the China at the all star game last year in New York -- and finding him in that small dose. To be a very delightful young kid. Which of course runs contrary to it that hold that thing a couple weeks ago where is his head right now and what are you guys doing today to get him back to. Being that great young player that he's supposed to be. Well I think activate many experts say it right in mr. in forty Tuesday. So well when you saw him last year when it first -- -- with nineteen. Or some -- just wanted so -- you can celebrated court there were at their Boston but. -- does a lot of things. College cute stupid that's really what is ready to. I figured that natural. Maturation process survey mean -- came up got put in the limelight. -- well. A couple of clutch its force in the playoffs. Yet the Edmonton last year distinguish himself rent the best these -- the player -- American League in the -- I think he had like the third best seat in the history mural on defense the way they measure these graphics no. Brooks Robinson had one better and mark Voyager had one better. So you went right to the -- class and researchers at time and -- cynical that. Or tribes in that sort of view mature. Star in the American workers and and he's not a way to -- -- All right get I was gonna ask you this question at the end -- the interview but since you -- college kids and being rambunctious and so forth. -- -- -- a little bit Mike Napoli last week hits the home run off to knock out. And makes a comment that gets picked up on national TV about to knock his pitch selection. A long time -- -- fall lower. Confided in me that you once had a home run for Everest college and as you'll rounding third base or. And it and you yelled in Europe dugout did you see that lately playing ball any truth to that at all. I do this -- that Obama and I think I'll go north. Answer but it -- -- well the real killer. Like it or rugby or import forward but it it. Update after the -- so the story that was told to be true. -- -- -- -- So. Let's go back to college days I think it's important to remind people your relationship with -- -- -- back a long way and as we're. Sitting here is Red Sox and I'm looking at this season where there and you lived through it and but what's interesting to me. And a lot of -- the perfect guy to have on today because you're not only a guy with a finger on the trigger it. Competitor of the Red Sox but the last time this Red Sox operas -- so when have you actually that -- -- you getting the job here. In Boston but you also you go back a long way it would -- he went missing college. You hired him here with the Red Sox didn't you. Yeah better about that came under an internship. Over January nurture us and them memorable work for a new audience and that -- you know mother immersed. What were for him acquitted him and then or is it full time job came back here and then spend better. Since the ninety's so he got really -- From some excellent baseball people and and two administrations. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But they'll spend got a great baseball mind bickering and stinks. Or talent. He's got a real good where they were people and I'm sure he knows what he has to do. You know picked up all of competitive. And do target demo or 500 you know the difference between where you lose so small. You make a couple of good moves that are edited -- in -- due respect it. And met each other attribute that made with the Dodgers -- government although economic. Liabilities. And that turned it -- were a real building blocks from large percentage change so. You know that knows where on the block and a spirit Europe. These are really good instincts and -- -- through it yet. If it can give us a little insight in your opinion to what Ben might be thinking out to be direct and they buyers or sellers are I mean this is an unusual. Situation not only the nine games under 500. We've already seen in -- -- -- and and Chan chi -- -- and remedial rose from Brock COLT. It's a different you know for the people who wanna see play the kids it's just been different this is unfamiliar territory. For the Red Sox for a lot of reasons. Which it. And all that yeah well I think. They're a note you'll see them declare whether there buyers and sellers effective there. Bring up the young kids already. Reasonably good they're trying to improve their team not just commissioner brought the longer term. And men you know article has some opportunities to declare. Which is they're veteran players are -- opal you know in this situation. Remember. You know try to build for the future of the an all time that it's a lot easier when your under 518. I don't know cubicle where. Bet you're gonna try to get better later on and accessory you know this season is we're gonna. Go to our ballclub for the future and I think over the next or extra real restrictions -- -- I was gonna make a joke about -- college being like the MBTA where you know but he's tired buddies Terry -- hired you Milwaukee. You I had been -- and -- you know right on the on the road but a serious question. And I know you've had some big leaguers like which Thompson with the Indians back in the eighties in with its Rudy with a unanimous college guy. Just Serbia he was surveillance -- and actually who left hander that ended McCurry area under forward to pretty darn good the American. So what is it about it is is this is this to build -- thing what is about Emerson College Baseball -- is all he's a baseball people. Well bill third and better -- decode your reporting partners are great passion for base all of excellent. Background. Were developing pitchers. And he went out new recruit the best players the -- I remember when we were a sophomore. He tried to recruit Ronnie darling. Well. And other messages this guy who came to the campus or visit and and then now we have remember -- McLaughlin yes he was a high draft experts -- collegiate game ever heard and their workers. And value and better rotation of the early Saturday Thompson and Coleman's book that's that's. The passion that he had -- recruited players but I mean never voted. Great job in. -- selection like a lot of school in north garden and a third and had a great program and it already. Any players my heart in my senior class that went on to throw all probably orchestra out. Rudy. -- a marked man put the maps. Barely -- starter -- Lundgren we're catcher for the yankees. Michael -- What do you have backup catcher to get it out of the blue generate competitive McCarthy were left handed pitcher from western go to. He got a cup of coffee with the Indian. -- -- -- Mike Ryan -- vice president Rivera met. So there was a lot of that's pretty impressive you know a lot of a lot of men there that were very professional baseball. Children's library but when I went there and I was. Really first and so aggressive recruiting them regret that it got really loved baseball. -- Jon Lester can assured hate insight opinion. On what the Red Sox might be thinking or what's going on with his situation and I don't think it's lost on any of us that. This summer eighteen years ago you went through a very similar thing very high publicized that Roger Clemens. Heading into lock here what's going on -- Jon Lester in your opinion. Well. I'm not sure I mean your picture pretty good and bureau. You know already you don't emerged. The urine and you're out and you know and spend their for a couple of their championships that ignited you'd better at different Specter or. You know I'm I'm sure -- -- Figure out how long he continued to. A high level who's this. And you know -- -- from their but I mean huge this is poker with a energetic great career so. You know -- -- I'm sure Arctic that in consideration. It's interesting -- as a GM is it a different perspective. Trying to keep wanting your own guys homegrown guy and sign him then acquiring. And I think one of the things it's underrated or lost in your tenure. Was you know not only did you trade for Pedro -- he signed him right away. To a deal -- and you boldly stood at a press conference that you people have any I am paraphrasing obviously any idea what we just didn't disguise going to be in -- Fenway is going to be like. And he delivered on the apple when you have your own guy in your own organization do you get clouded at all is harder. To come across with -- more money than acquiring a guy when you trying to keep your own guy. Really I. When I do evaluations are -- -- -- equity industry. And most clubs -- Arabia quantitative analysis physical analytical -- They don't really go my editor personal opinions because that means their financial position and an on time and Wednesday. System that used to make this past and investment decisions well. I'm sure that applies to all that and other situations. And actually it's a lot easier because where -- where prologue. You know. What they're good and then you know work that are you know personal child -- -- after his and so. In many words that he. So around let's talk about Nelson Cruz. I think you may be beat some people to the punch or did you take us back to the offseason obviously you know he was involved in a controversial case would by Janice in this and that's why a guy who now is 27 home runs. And is going to be an all star and MVP candidate on your team was probably available for the money that he was com. Was are a lot of interest in him in the off season do you feel like you were pro active in getting him. Well I mean there was a lot of interest I think in general -- proper of this review and which he elected. To -- iron and then there was. Another offer from another welcome and they collapsed minutes total up here that are so. Restate close through situation and because we needed hitter there -- and in the tourist spot in our order. They are open Davis -- -- and other notre. And melting crews are in need get a hit when union. He'd produced in the playoffs and you can hit. In about a couple ballpark on the American League veteran but I but an -- of course and so while the top hitters and that's proven out it looked at a church and so. Restate close to -- -- -- we weren't sure to federal the first round pick your number up inside and as -- Director of the -- And that's what we -- -- this year and you know well we got there quicker easier and you know he's he's he's gonna make gulf starts in my hope video monitoring of the -- is -- -- -- But -- -- in these record this group in particular. So get three weeks basically -- the trading deadline -- before election go the you know -- surprised -- calm the timing of the so margin deal. The Theo Epstein and Billy being made and what did you think about Billy being make him being so proactive so orally. Well Billy's. Who is aggressive in the market and figured so we're amusement of god that -- Embedded got a real strong team they have a good first and these these. You know he's going to win the -- these filters out the whereabouts. And they drug stopped. Most recently by Detroit are sure Billy had that in mind when they trademark has been on the market. There about six weeks they have -- everybody knew that they side of the local market that would a couple of where Democrats -- -- -- -- and so minute they've been on the market for awhile and who admitted -- tentative. Movie gave up a couple for tropics in the second round pick him up. You aren't sure he did that -- you know the kind of the World Series and large he's got a strong club to start with. What does that do for you and other GM -- now that the first. Shots been fired so to speak. Well I mean everybody has to figure out you know where they are and you know arguably achievements. You don't go to -- really strong first sort of the strongest in America which so far. Yeah about. You know he went out and decided. What he was gonna do it meant that from the cook so. I mean there there's an article is going to be active minutes and -- -- BCA or perhaps you are. You have to match their -- in your score morons and just let anybody and they direct loans started pitching. No larger figure out where it good match up and compete with. So final question what are you gonna do. Well -- mean we're we're there we're active. We're gonna love. Pitched seven Guardsmen that are -- -- -- -- -- but it has already had an impact on our commissioner and I hope that world market. That's probably the most powerful thing we can help our ballclub right couldn't get a chance to be paralyzed starter. Imagine how we're gonna look for some other pitching depth then if there's. If there tomorrow clerk opens. Dan thanks to take some time this morning always great catching up with the hey great thanks a -- appreciate your program take -- again. I didn't look at executive vice president and director of its executive vice president baseball. Operations of the Baltimore Orioles sports Sunday on WEEI. Butch -- Steve Buckley.

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