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Scott Lauber, Boston Herald, talks about the struggling Red Sox, 7-4-14

Jul 4, 2014|

Chris Villani, filling in for MFB, had Scott Lauber on the show today to discuss whether the Red Sox would be buyers or sellers as the trading deadline approaches.

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Scott -- covers the Red Sox Boston Herald and he joins me now to talk more about the Sox as we head into the month of July getting closer. That non waiver trade deadline Scott you go and Mario doing well things did they give you guys enough lead time to be able to stay home reject a lot to the park to turn around. No well I mean I was. I was fortunate enough to have the day off anyway optical airport that. No I think I think ruined it all over there and got Farrell made available and at a session with the media and ray players are into early work so. I think they knew right from the get go that it probably weren't gonna -- -- -- -- -- is going to be this afternoon but. You know there was work to be done over there anyway and now we know when you when you're nine under and ask about that there's a lot of work be done. No question let's start there in their heading into July there's a lot of -- about -- a buyer loses seller who's in contention. Do you view the Red Sox right now in exactly where they are airlifted to being in contention is this a team that should be. Approaching. This month. As if there able to you were trying to get back into this into this race. Yet -- -- And only because the division is gonna allow them. Two and Iran I don't I don't see anyone in the division including the blue jays -- the Orioles are we and running away with this thing in July there are so. Look the Red Sox that the data they in and there are still. -- -- I guess you could say within striking it right I mean they're not fifteen hour eat now order what you expected to be anywhere. Opposite -- bad start so. Sure I mean I I I think that they should absolutely approach the next month with the idea that. It's not hopeless but they really also need to keep. Keep an eye on 1215 at the Hewlett and acting at the actors and Sherry and eight is that the -- that they may. Are gonna be not only -- for 1214. A long term. Goal in mind they're not gonna go and find that guy who's eight. Two month rental or lose in this season. Because they think -- that one player away. I think if they make any decent good guy and he. -- you know on the year if they make any -- I think it's going to be tied to. Our -- are up at the end of the year and probably not coming back at what -- eat you need to present -- You know I think -- don't have and I are both of those things that they ethnical or your -- up. Through the big guys then they come to mind when you'd. You -- -- guys that could be potential high return but also. Guys that could fit into the plans well beyond this year are Jon Lester -- -- let's start with Koji because that the Lester things kind of multilayered. Is he a guy you think the Red Sox explore trading in the next few weeks. I don't know I haven't gotten a real good sense on it yet from anyone that ought to look at it it there are compelling reason you trade him 39 going on forty. He will be created at the end of the year I'm not really sure yet. What coach these plans are whether he's someone. Hiroki Kuroda for the Yankees Hispanic guy who for years has -- has been content to go unity year. An inside one year you'll learn and make a decision you know those seasons whether or not what remain -- -- and are not sure what coach he's my incentive on that yet. So you know look I think that I think they'll probably get a sense from code you've got what you want you know you want to multiyear deal. And certainly earned one piece and only pitched you one opinion business coaching you are -- Beyond its fortieth birthday. I think there're there are certainly some concern there because of the age and the -- because he's at the peak of the value right now -- go at freedom. And get a pretty decent return. From the scene like what -- the hikers who were probably closer short of really being a dominant Internet it is and so. You don't get I think they're going to be a lot of factors there that are involved if the Red Sox believe that they can bring coat back on -- -- He's short term given the danger in any media. Maybe a little longer on the money. Who on the order -- I think this year. Then maybe you look you look at it and say well we can bring this got accurate -- that that we like but. -- -- look if you can get into qualifying offer all buying opportunity fifteen billion dollars that was yet -- ever read for him. Couldn't get it to a multiyear deal multi year deal with it in the 41 Earth Day. So there are a lot of factors to consider when you look at coach you are figured their went beyond what -- Scott Glover the Boston Herald joining meanwhile let's get back to Lester legacy and may be the the more complex of the two when. I know you've written about this Michael solomons -- in about -- -- buster only -- quite a bit and ESPN this week. Are you among the group that's kind of scratching their heads over the Red Sox approach to Lester and is that seem to be the prevailing reaction. From from within baseball from from other teams and and people just to our observers in covering the game they they don't seem. To be all in on bringing this -- back. Yeah I think it's it's a little bit of it's cracker. Look for meat. You know when when a player comes out like Jon Lester didn't -- says that -- taking somewhat of a hometown discount that you understand that. We tactic -- money to sign an extension to stay here or eat it. The market. You know look I think it makes all the sense in the world for the team to say it was. Is there and all of this. Let's make an initial offer that kind of low. And CP by I think that it didn't look like come -- at seven million and he would Jon Lester take it. I think that's Smart I don't think that that -- you put forth in the march. I think you protect your -- and -- and you leave enough time for Lester to reject that deal. Trying to get a sense for OK look. Maybe compound accountant a little bit something different to him let's sit down and let acts at the thing out. Before we get to pull starter eaten would we know he's going after the water. You'll distract the -- goes from. Selectors come out in January says. And wouldn't pick a little bit left in a report we will be in the mark to make it seventy million dollar offer and then decide Greek and not opting more for awhile and now let tapping the currency and where I think he's got all our credential this year. And these people -- eager and -- work 23 conversations could barely two months regency having a really good year. So I just think that their timeline was trying to you on the whole thing I don't fault them for coming either load the it would they're first opera. Mark. Are on the opposite Lester would accept that. But I think they collect and felt a little bit -- -- to meet meet me owner or did -- get serious about negotiations which. It's seven million -- number that an exchange these negotiations haven't got anywhere here. Well if that's the case then what are you would get a handicap -- what are the chances that Jon Lester is in a Red Sox uniform next year. They go to hell right that he gets the open market and thirty seem that he can deal with -- that -- are going to be seen out there that. That would be interested in signing him for the cart kind of contract he's looking or acting it. You know look here what I like to know and when I've not gotten any answer to is what played the -- I mean I happen to think that. Our collectors timing here is perfect. To return with the Red Sox they don't Arabs. A ready meeting place for him than of their prospects -- the counted so much. Are anywhere near ready to be top of the rotation got Clay Buchholz is anything has proven. He's never healthy enough nor reliable enough when he is healthy to be opera these guys so in house you do not have a replacement for Jon Lester and you wanna go out and -- blunt. You probably you know it when -- spending a pretty good amount of money that you could just. Put toward John Lester like look at it seemed sealed the W don't know when you've got Jon Lester the recent mine and you know. What his track record is you know what his injury history is you have intimate knowledge to act you know. In focus -- you don't know any of those things about shields. Or they get an actress and where realizes in the organization for awhile. But it's not Jon Lester at the top of the scheme so. No I think that what to plan -- to the Red Sox and for me that that. That adds to what we're talking about your why director Pete is on the -- it is getting serious in dealing with Jon Lester. When you really view need him quite a bit and that -- don't think they need them that much sense that this guy. He had no plan B thing is is appointed have been harping on quite a bit as well Scott -- the Boston Herald join me sockets and Red Sox here in -- -- -- NFB Chris -- and for the guys. I wanna get to the piece that you have up right now Boston Herald dot com. Three things that were miscalculations. By bench Arrington that now need to be addressed he talked about relying on Shane Victorino. I -- competition will not or will middle -- and we already talked about the third which is the Jon Lester and kind of dragging their negotiations either the negotiations with him. But those first two. Victory -- in middle Brooks now look like pretty easy. They used it to second guess but the UN has dismissed calculations that now need to be addressed how do you go about addressing those thanks. That's a good question a lot harder now than it was in the -- can be church. I think it's I think it's always harder to make deals and in July to speak as teens have different interests in mind. You know for -- victory know what this was in the calculation from the start I was saying that the Nazis and -- anytime -- have anyone in the organization what their backup plan and what -- you -- the -- -- -- more aren't mature way. Via strikeout was out -- and slide over the center field. We know how valuable he was in right field and we know how much they were content on the field and it's easy. After a championship last year remember the Grand Slam in the -- yet remember the triple in the World Series to forget the fact that Victorino quickly. A 120 team last year because we have all these nagging injuries that kept him out in -- -- to the time. You never really went on the DL but he -- considerable amount of time and some injuries that kind of piled up. -- -- the thumb surgery in the off season and I'm not really sure why the Red Sox so sure. That he was in the Victor Reno can have one of those years where maybe he didn't make it -- gains and -- certainly didn't look like he's gonna get there this year. And the 21 right now he's already -- 68 and so I think it. That was something that you sit well -- need another outfielder and here thirtieth -- was Grady -- we know that didn't work out. And so I think that they let -- -- a little short in the outfield in. It's why we're seeing rock holt in rookie debt to infielders. Playing you know starting -- right now in the outlook they just did not cover themselves. In the event that Victorino. Couldn't get you know couldn't get on the field this year and it was reasonable to wonder whether he worked so. You know that -- declaring. Issue right now I still think they need another outfielder and -- -- that it was it where. What an awful lot on the free agent market Nelson Cruz in the is huge second yet. Given the fact that he -- -- not suspension and -- perhaps the compensation. Would have caught traffic -- agent. But there -- to be made Iraq outfielder who were treated last year I like extra hour Craig Gentry. And well I think the Red Sox have what it took to put together it's one so for me that was a that was -- miscalculation on their part let them a little short -- you'll. And come home to roost more than yours say they -- enter into July and it's not one of the work out you'll. Out fuels production lines and in the greatly. And the middle -- one L as you right. Really seemed like an easy easy first -- when you look at middle Brooks track record is struggles last year's struggles that tied to stay healthy. And it really just -- whole left side of the appeal once Steve -- wasn't coming back in the pre season. There wasn't a lot of depth there to begin with -- Brian Roberts being pulled off the scrappy two weeks into the season. Right exactly look you know I commend them for wanting to commit young players actually hit. It would be -- to do that you know he's coming off a World Series don't expect he would that he got -- -- built up among your mandate because of that people are a little bit more patient navy which you know and they would have been otherwise it. You've got read -- young players who you wanted to find out what they are the big league level vote Mark -- in middle I think that's great. But for -- you look you know. Two years ago bill Brooks comes off that point while he's in. He'd given the starting job before spring training. And OK you can say look you look like. A guy who was in the -- thirty moment where. Are really powerful right -- in -- familiar lineup coming off the network he can. Last year he faltered so badly that he -- back in the -- for seven weeks he was struck in the World Series. And your answers to -- the -- unit spring training there was no competition for it whatsoever. Once the ship that sailed -- -- through at least at that aren't. They sit over to our shortstop that'll work is our third baseman brought all that you can get much of a look it's spring training that's -- kind of locked in the work. And -- middle Brooks as the third baseman and again you know that was the situation where I think the -- a lot of us were saying. Don't you know another -- infielder just to kind of bring him in there and the middle so maybe. Provide a little that competition that he didn't provide a year ago and did -- so. -- it's it's sort of unfair I think that you have to -- -- Brooks is the failure based strictly a performance this year. Injury that kept him off the field as well. But you into a whole lot performance wise last year to get their continent that he'd be excited here so again another area where I think you're a little bit short. You read deputies are now on Boston Herald dot com or in the Boston -- Scott lovers joining me a couple of minutes left here. Oh where are we at this point woods into Bogart's his struggles are reaching epic proportions. Do the Red Sox should the Red Sox consider sending him down giving him some time off -- what's the approach here for for Bogart's going forward. I think they're taking the right went on that I think he got the let -- work this out at -- level I think it. You know. I I felt all along and it still feel that. In the program is an all star I think he's in the future superstar cornerstone player viewers and I think that look. -- through 21 year old rookie. You turn 42 until October and which beat Boston prior year in the big league at age 21 and science at the age. Struggled in the big leagues that's just what happened Mike -- rook rough on its first go around in the big league. And which is fine. You know histories so guys like that -- -- through these. What makes it complicated here is that both are really never has gone through it like I mean I look back ago or so ago. You can find you know -- thirty. -- like that. Sprinkled in here in the air throughout my early career which are in a month. Like he just -- -- where he was six or sixty or whatever was our expert -- your argument is it bad. Whoopi Goldberg talked about is OP PP 385 screener Indian and being in in store territory for players age. -- notes and recording so and he's really really struggle and it. That technique -- -- put it in the right. The way to work it out at the level I -- -- -- benefit from going to AAA. And and and -- down there I think that you know you benefits -- Pitchers who are making adjustments to him that are now dual -- can -- -- get back and you've got to figure out how to get that slider that he'd figure out. Satellite operated that are out of the strike zone and not -- happened to -- -- it so you know I think that again it's. And he's gonna have to go through and it away in a strange way I think it's good it's happening. Because -- -- better for it in the long and it will look back at. I'm convinced we'll look back it -- -- -- fourteen. And say you know within the program makes his first -- thirteen it will say boy it was good that he struggled for a while because he's a better player because of the act and you know you know for his sake I wish I wish. He didn't have to go through that but I think every player so. He'll get through it he'll be fine on that habit I idol because predictions which. You and I talked about this before I don't think -- conditions which had anything to do that it was a battle on two of the two leading up. To remove the third he already known he was moving and he was -- -- -- he was he was a -- -- like two weeks so he was disappointed. You know -- kind Stephen Drew get over very quickly. He's a pretty mentally strong heated -- from everything out on that no doubt in the last few years. He's pretty topic. It and I don't think switching positions that it I think what doesn't what what does in the in the last month. -- the pictures are figuring out how to pitch him -- -- figure out I would suspect. A lot of Red Sox fans of course open your right about that Scott -- -- bench Harrington three miscalculations. That need to be fixed available now Boston Herald dot com. You follow on Twitter at Scott -- always appreciated Scott thanks for taking the time on your off day and enjoy the fourth. -- -- Well tries ally average joining us and -- great stuff there from him plenty to react to including machine Victorino stuff I've got my thoughts. On Zander Bogart's go -- for it will take -- at 617. 7797937. Text like 3793. Sevenths support July -- days with an aunt -- is -- -- -- sitting in Sports Radio WB yeah.

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