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Chris Forsberg, ESPNBoston, talks Celtics off-season on MFB, 7-4-14

Jul 4, 2014|

Chris Forsberg joins Chris Villani on MFB to talk about the Avery Bradley deal, what the starting back-court will look like, and the overwhelmingly positive reviews on Celtics draft picks Marcus Smart and James Young.

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Chris Forsberg covers the cells for ESPN Boston Chris happy fourth how -- Happy portrait here. It's I know we talked last -- July said he restarting gated holiday tradition here I love. Last year I was just commenting on this before the break it's amazing how in the world. LeBron -- can't go anywhere without multiple reports and tweets ESPN all over the Celtics managed to hire Brad Stevens pretty much in secret. It is it true in the near the end and -- model that at any at any event they can go unnoticed until they it's and the press release how Nevada Twitter world so. It's -- -- -- -- report yesterday about you know where were you at that moment edited it talk about what those like changing moment he'll remember where you whereby it. Maybe as a reporter I will because we were about to erupt to see some of fireworks in in some flooding it in the yield I had. -- -- -- -- like five more minutes later I don't know I kind of like scrambled back -- my computer and and it became -- -- I get support cutest but I don't know will ever see that out yet. Yet not often the team Twitter feed breaks news anymore unless it's a rain out even then some -- usually finds out before right it's it's crazy. But now where you know a year removed -- and Brad Stevens this summer we're promised some fireworks and so far it's been a little bit of a -- from the Celtics perspective but let's start with Avery Bradley. This year he gets -- years this week rather four years 32 million. It feels to me like a big number for Avery Bradley 23 with the injury problems how did you feel but the terms of that deal. Yet they -- Eric Burke watched that remember a little high opinion McLaren are leaving -- surely be getting the -- -- -- Understand that I think. As inflated as it looks right now beating two years will look at a local probably -- -- average we're starting shooting guard. Written some wizards -- can't step -- April crunch the numbers on the average you can guard's salary of the top forty K about it like seven point 25 billion. So you don't -- in that that that makes me wanna I think loving guys right now -- around eight million or more on average to reflect on this contract. That is the high number but I think the witness -- look at it is you know you got a kid it was a potential to impact game -- -- to -- floor. If he continues to develop the way out and vote and restart offensive came on -- rebound last season each. Shot 40% beyond the three point arc we all know we can do defensively in the economy eroded over the last. Levels are so rim protector behind them. But it it like all that together. Could -- million dollar point guard or combo guard where if you will. At that position so. I I don't wanna -- wanna hear that from either but then when when when you think about how going. We think about what people paper for quality of player vote on the court. I think that that animal local a little bit more culpable as they move forward and the other thing is -- you don't protect itself you know don't want got a break and in order seller they go appreciate -- up in the -- sweet expert like back the one partner recruit over. It over an hour or -- a lot money went out with the rain and record it felt it was important strike earlier and get about an old. How big is the injury concern going forward for -- Mandatory technically there and I don't know how much help there it is but when you look at it got a little something every seat view. Worry a little bit a chip Sullivan in the ankle -- career start with a -- out. You know that that's public critic -- keep saying the ankle than last year orbit more concerted because it happened and any you know -- back quickly it happened again. They've just got to figure out away. Do you protect him from himself. That that that you are undeclared super eight. Are what put -- up hating on him I don't know they've -- they've got got to make sure that. He plays at a breakneck pace he plays hard and physical and an injury happened like now. It just a figure out a way to make sure that -- involved or. Now the what they -- that vehicle and is that none of these injuries except maybe -- the shoulder surgery and now. They're they're not overly concerning. You just hope that there's nothing that there's nothing about what that -- this happened. It's just extraordinary from a hard look at all the hope. We'll report it as your other legal -- those. Chris Forsberg ESP embossed in joining me here middays of them at B Chris audience for the guys on this fourth of July. -- with Bradley back in the fold markets Smart drafted of course sixth overall. And Rajon Rondo to this point not traded it begs the question what's the starting backcourt for the Celtics when they open the season this year. Adamant that they're gotten. Rondo and Bradley back there -- -- -- let markets work as well and there's no your apartment. And let the guy -- Triton and figure out where it in this particular. Adequate what are trying to actually you know so it's a look different from the -- thirteenth but you know what Kelly elect and really used it and and I mean to introduce even averaging over twenty minutes per game. -- they've they've really took strides. Sort of let him that you're being out here this -- let -- in every market indices and I know at this year's another rebuilding process he wanted the guys up there in the banana and but -- that the -- that there won't be Gartner talked and had been. So the particular note where they keep our there is having agreed perhaps mark dot Hillcrest. Businesses yep they haven't had in the backcourt along parliament and bringing got closer -- Courtney and these -- are -- the -- it's been quite a stick. With -- you project that that market and the -- and that that's a nice regard recreation Abbott and cumulative security because obviously got caught and -- or on the move forward and you're probably back where it. If things don't. Is it brought a starts the season with the Celtics do you expect the attention to be focused DA needs attention that is more so on. Trying to sign him trying to extend him or is the attention going to be more on trading him because you draft a guy like Smart. And it seems to -- you become a connect the dots here. It seems more likely that it was prior that they might want to move him in just at least not goal for with impasse this coming year. Absolutely there's a lot of them look little -- -- over there he's first got to get Marcus Arnold or figure out. No word yet. In is that -- right now what -- that he projected. The it is starter in this league and he be here point guard and more acute guard you know we we got a lot of your -- your. When you start moving your all star point guard in order to create space for him I -- think. Spoke this summer and -- straight and hopeful that the -- so you have to. Listen to whatever out there and whatever someone wearing an optical under the government mull it over maybe more than ever. Because you have situations here where there are restricted free agent next summer there it's -- their Republican for nothing that he can walk away now. -- -- you're structured is that more electric side and trade weighted value back even if you are false and why we live pastors and it would ice. Just decided on another team. And did you leave yourself vulnerable that it's hard you know this -- we're so. -- -- Superstar talent and he sent here to hurt their development and do what they -- ago. You don't wanna let a guy like that walk away -- so that much so that -- curator you know so the answer in during the school. Have a -- saga in Minnesota wants in on the off center. And the agreement they're here. But they realize you know -- got a similar situation and it -- Celtic -- it very well apple offers an inside out what they want all the guys. With Rondo is not an easy situation you know but it does that name came back under your third -- for the future what -- have to be as it is great to commit. You know over a hundred million dollars over five years keep your and not so much to -- Would you make that commitment if you -- -- So it I go back and forth the again. Finding AD. All star point guard on a great player in the league is so difficult and he got the -- -- right now you know -- -- -- coroner. The water to whatever you need multiple -- You know you look around -- -- -- the -- and mr. ambassador that total dependence -- waste have to build. Quality depth and talent is are the ones that often remain. The competitors who want it and see you do that superstar by. It is it's off balance and so you know I think. Parred the Celtics that are are they wanna see it in advocates -- -- that Robert -- that's -- of his career this year. And what that makes it a whole lot easier to go back to give them more effort out of work or a quarter million dollars per year. Over the next five years and he is entering it stayed in his career -- it is hard. You hope that with the traffic they've gotten the most they can make that have the talent around make this contender again we just have to be you know a 100% certain. That district. I'll admit it was not coming up an ACL injury. We don't know for sure what he's capable without there's a big -- cut -- around and I mean. We're all indications are he -- let's start certain that there can't be that guy. But again I think the seat of a long way towards. Eating those concerns in it and maybe even those fears and maybe insult just elaborate more confidence that it has figured out that they campaigned -- Chris Forsberg ESP embossed in joining -- is on Twitter at ESPN Forsberg. Can we put the Kevin Love pipe dream to rest and with Flip Saunders doing out there in London said in no uncertain terms. I am opting out I am not staying in Minnesota yet he doesn't seem to be in a hurry solders that is to trade him. Yeah you know it I don't know we can put it correct because I think it's somewhat like you know all of -- about it not come back EU and the risk of of losing it for nothing. It makes you wonder Minnesota can afford you that because -- -- the public are -- guys in the air talking guy. Just walk away that's a stop to do it and and so I do think they're -- continue to explore that. I think their whole. If I can bet we'll look for a hundred trying to do it is hoped he'd bring them back this year that they didn't. -- retooled roster just not to be competitive in the west show that -- And are -- here. And hope that it -- all the -- with the idea of what can't be in Minnesota but. But instead what over the last decade he -- indications that that's going to happen. And I don't know a -- -- -- -- situation that it's about it -- in the plan out there. I I don't think so but it's quite vocal on it yet but that being said you know. Optics are all click here what you don't know where they are not diminish what would mark Martin's game is by. You know sit down and sort of what an odd future pick from Austin's burger. Or not -- a lot with what also gotten in terms of established talent. You know it it's better to talk about the impact and that's they wouldn't of -- -- ultimately won't find a way to fit the crime bombardment so. Chris -- -- heard over the past week just from people we've talked to in just as the some of the draft -- around the league. And their thoughts on how the Celtics did and drafting Smart and James Young a lot of her early reviews seem pretty good. -- you that's kind of proud that they it is it's it's overwhelmingly positive. And it again at its heart and -- its underweight when you are pretty great feature ask what did you step on the floor occurred chuckle but. You know eat it just based on what they did in college and what potential may have. And honestly -- where you would -- to projected he's got to go for the sake you think -- it well. -- I'll I really liked mark portrayal authority. NBA ready body and an interest to see what you can view it at this level. REU just you can see about like cute Smart. I wanna I think that will translate. And with -- and -- I mean need you look at a kid who it might take a little while and most of the neck injury now are slow. Its ability to jump right in on what's in the summer league but I think the Q school for the target people a little bit they are. Eight he's got a little bit more broad and it takes but. You know to take widows that concerned that he didn't have the outs in Q do you wonder what O'Donnell higher in the dry out. The solid hoping that they they got another steal in the bowl -- -- Bradley Jarrett -- -- on draft by the allowed under slot a bit. -- I do like this and indeed on that shooting ability. He's got in Appleby and that would help came -- especially at. Parts of the of the gave the Celtics needed help and they don't have a potential wing guy late. Like young voting who has that size and shooting ability lately and handicap that deputy arts which I think worked out real well. Just they elect act quickly around the NBA it's in the other freeagent rumors -- rumblings that are going on. It seemed like foregone conclusion the LeBron is going back to Miami is agent is apparently taking meetings now with for their teams ESPN's reported that the last 44 hours. He's still feel like it's a done deal -- LeBron along with wade and bosh go back to the heat. He had you know I I still that's the most likely at least he'd never -- out anything what LeBron did. Still think he eventually hand them back quickly I just can't see a scenario in which he doesn't. Getting a fire by what they've got ill and on up there and you know I don't know -- -- the discount necessary here or what we get back there I think. Every player and if it in the league in media are clear it's sports has this little bit of on this salt in them and and you know and it's sort of the same -- but I -- say that the Celtics trying to get a contender. Again here I think Paul Pierce would be ties to come back. You know it is just something about. You know finishing restart either or or finishing your homes and honor guard you know kind of a total personal -- that whole situation played out. That is said the fact that abroad Java. Billion years and he wants that money that nobody else can take -- -- I'd you what are publicly outed. In Miami but yeah I do you think the most likely scenario is that it is just for a year. And that we do this all over it actually it shake our heads and -- -- I would look at is about what it would yeah Bill Belichick into the river about. Have a chance that. Why not why not gonna do this twice one -- is making an annual tradition kind of like us talking on the fourth of July you know summer holiday fun. As a delegate and honestly I don't they don't get that bad. You know I want to say it may -- -- -- ever in the first decision and it was another created you know we were just joke with any of you all. You know the -- -- and when when the clock struck midnight -- -- of course. You know we're like well why you would have yet -- -- of the station but -- yeah I think it was getting hit a great point it's like. You happy he's only only have the opportunity every so often what what LeBron is it more often now but. You that you want to try to just looking good Egypt failure trusted that like hey look let's figure out a way maybe you'll be contemporary intemperate. So the Celtics are are lined up where if things happen right they can -- -- Waltz contract by the and that by the next summer if you create opt out. Before next summer you know they're all the and there's going to be some cap space here that can be some maneuverability. I'm not saying they're going to be you know of the number one -- operable bra but at least you get yourself in the conversation especially if you young guys start develop. So I just the it necklace back to this whole idea with the sockets and fireworks this off -- of people kind of like it it was a market doing stuff well. You know that you want sparklers this year you -- Big -- actually like you like it a nice grand finale next year you're if you're patient and keep this thing -- All right seems appropriate and at a fireworks. Metaphor. On this fourth of July are you headed down to Orlando and -- catching a flight later. I am I going to DC first and I have a wedding thorough -- in my college -- not a -- and then I'll come down to Orlando so it's I'm excited it is some really you know it's undisputed and as you -- Our while fly safe hopefully a nice smooth flight you'll be up above the storms have been as -- -- orient the -- port on. Richard what are the next. Block what route between. Absolutely and pencil -- in for next July 4. Thanks very much Chris Forsberg appreciate the time trees espn.com. ESPN Boston. -- Bynum on Twitter ESPN where is --

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