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Koji Uehara and Xander Boegarts continue to struggle 7-2-14

Jul 2, 2014|

The guys discuss Koji Uehara's fatigue and Xander's loss of discipline at the plate.

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Stretching and the 32 again. Swing and -- fly right field along the line bits closing in you make the chance to run its yankees' third. Resume coming on an annual scores -- opens up the third base line and the cubs have the lead to the one. Castro charge from second and third stop there are. So well when he gets it done. Really sacrificed. And tonight BI you know ninth inning. Let's just saddle us that on WEEI as the Red Sox lose the Chicago Cubs Tim bands -- Maloney Christian -- middays with MFB. While the game between the cubs and Red Sox in two nights from Fenway Park on WTI wants more. And we'll see if the Red Sox can score multiple runs. For change no runs they won against Chicago one run last night. It off and certainly not there and when the margin for error for the pitching staff is that -- dollars. You normally have to count on the bullpen to do a lot of heavy lifting and Koji Rick Horrow. Probably might have been. Doing too much of that because -- is talking about a fatigued armor is having some fatigue shouldn't say -- army didn't say that trip through translation exactly. But perhaps it's showing up his pitching a little bit. -- you know he comes in last night and Andrew Miller was outstanding Koji mean it is out in his job but. The thing with. Last night and Koji display just some bad ones elevated both of them a meal every pitch he really threw their. That was a good pitch to get hit was results first the spurs lead -- singles split down away offers up the plate. And he got enough loving got up different here but the double the Castro a split was at his size. You know the ball that that that he get -- way to the filed -- sac fly again and that's it was at his side. ME -- don't see that inconsistency with the split that we've seen last week or so. Ten games or whatever spent seven appears that think for Koji just you don't normally see. Any all the stuff that law -- this -- a litmus and a fastball and guys jumping all over the same thing last year. I mean you really need analysis I've been in the league the book is out. You know I've -- the first couple of months the book without a coach you we are. Mean nobody laws used to be sneaky with 8990s gonna go by it was good deception. Is gonna bury you with that split they know what's coming they've known for a long time -- first -- league. In last year dominated the right now is just some inconsistencies with the split because he's he's he's elevating. Nuts is that but the fastball more than we saw last year. Don't see a lot of recently honesty. From managers or coaches and post game press conferences but in the heat of the moment sometimes that's like truth serum and it's pretty clear when John -- can the microphone last out of there at Fenway and after that controversial called and the game when Pedroia was called out reviewed in the review was upheld after just 47 seconds. Is pretty clear -- was still ticked off the Golding go their favor. And he was pretty honest with a lot of direct questions about certain guys who were struggling one of them was about Koji we are and he talked about the split two. A number of early swings so what when he tees. Given up some base its its been on first or second pitch -- is trying to get a strike has not the -- put away split that was the case for drizzle tonight and I thought. And Castro laid off some pretty good splits to get deep in the count. I and then gets one of them in the strikes on for the double but it's been more in the early counts where we've seen some of the damage take place. Now Chris and I played football not baseball but with that being said if you're swinging early and getting it and laying off -- late and it's missing that's not a good combination. Yes you know it it's it's all of those things or you think about Koji again you mentioned this a little bit earlier. Is he CNN he's tired. Right he's saying he's he's fatigue -- we declared -- right now we've got that cued up Sam -- while we hear from Koji after the game about his level fatigue and the issues with the split. Plus but it what. It's -- little -- Fifteen. What you think it's. Content from the struggles offensively -- anything you'll -- -- posted them it is and I think that command of my split is not quite where I wanted to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Martin Wolf the book on I think that's that is the case on that probably needs to be some adjustments being made. -- your expertise and express days. Sort. Incorporated -- calling into Kenya. Barring that you you definitely can make a hypocrite about it. Maarty Leunen does it. Sleep eat well -- just I think it comes down to the basics. I mean you ask -- a question that it seemed like it lasted ten seconds when the trailer. Repeated that question in Japanese his version of it was light. Every second. You can't set knowing that the translator translating my questions in Japanese out so we didn't Texas I -- he's sound bite that's in a given question none of the iPad. Critic of the coach I robot this -- but I think coach he understands us do you think so well I think that coach -- understands what we're asking. No I think that it's it's it's easier to understand. OK it is to you brought -- played in Japan not a lot of our. Well I don't know try at all you're there on about -- on on denied that its rocket allowing -- I would never gotten it but. You can understand what the question is. And this is where it is lost in translation -- were Latin players get in trouble or Japanese players get in trouble like when he says. I need some sleep any better -- that makes us kind of chuckle or them all we were go to the guided blaming. That's not a surprise you as any to show more fight. You know I need to shall mold you know stuff like that that's just that's the translation part of written. He understands. But he she's nowhere prepared to insert himself an English because it just is not -- -- grass that that much. Lot -- -- his sister to June leave WEEI dot com. Who's across the last today Sydney and because June was the one that got Koji. After the Asia reporters were done speaking with Koji. Juniors Korean so I think a lot of the other guys in the locker and sort of last -- to do his own thing is always gonna talking. Japanese some more now -- was in there plugging away. Here's the dirty is get the inside it's like a lot daughter at the end there believe -- -- -- was Japanese that thought is all want to like what. -- KK addicted Japanese -- players -- you tell you from -- An American players second American -- they know you're. With a talk and you at all was going on in there it'll Micah guides him you know there might. Or. -- -- why does an experiment my ally. I don't Asian kid from Cornell it's absolutely unbelievable I never -- -- comment but. I think when -- was speaking though -- he was being honest. Me you can -- hired. -- And he says it needs work -- he's saying that he. Is say they let go last year rather and about the same thing from him but. When Judy -- it is now always struggle with his split extremely inconsistent with me that would dissolve sort of figured out and turn the corner. It was through discussions with coach you know both of devastating split finger fastballs. And one of the things -- -- said he noticed that my arm angle was different Norm Coleman split you know or Alter the grip or just. It was the army -- army -- content in really kind of changed a lot of the motion nor the action of the baseball. In the last -- FL on a couple of times in the split that was up almost felt like. Coaches arming and it dropped a little bit and it wasn't he wasn't on top of the economic got around it and it doesn't have that drop action disorder has that low kind of leaves it up. So I think you know. If you if he was able to talk a body probably wouldn't be talking about you know -- a goal back and look at that something's mechanically how he's thrown it. Now because this is this some nights -- goes up there is just it's Koji. You know and and instead of three games now maybe that have been hiccups four games last seven appearances the other three goes up there it just looks appeared it's. Is 89 -- in order that it comes a split -- He said that earlier to that joked that he made about I just need to get younger he said with a smile he knew he was trying to do it writers -- with humor. He said with a laugh he's used that line before he used that line last week I just need to get younger. And I believe in the right up that I -- from London rob rapper wrote that -- even reference you know the response was met with a laugh from reporters and he's trying to defuse this hole I -- too. Old for. Fixing. By a gag but at the same time there might be some truth to that there might be some truth. That the generals were turned down the navy's -- now. And I'll give him he needs mental help pay it down what does it already happened though he has little issues with a shoulder earlier this season took some time off came back. -- get hit around a little bit took some time off -- -- he's gonna look it up but I know it took a break therefore it was a short break he came back he was lights out. Now -- AJ Pierzynski disagrees with you. On the whole currency doing our thing this is -- to say about Koji. And out whether or not the pitches that he made the split the John Carroll where was discussing in his post game press conference whether or not they're good pitches or not. You know everyone knows coach -- fastball split pretty much so I mean you know he makes good pitching his guys I mean -- like he's been getting crushed over the army. I gotta what you say is on the road trip. To the -- -- -- it was a good -- -- You know they're pretty good pitching and then. -- when -- can defend him when disheartening and only has one. So is not what we want AJ is what your manager said. I'm just taking the information that the manager said on his own in a post game press conference. And taking it to you because you're -- I asked that question you're the catcher your -- it is what the manager saying right. And sounds like you're in complete disagreement without -- His assessment are not really ME ST stone -- I am where I disagree as the Castro -- a sure thing I disagree with an agent. Just a -- is not a good pitchers this but that was a presides the shoulder height and that's exactly what -- said two yeah no one's on me just he's protecting his pitcher. I don't agree. I don't disagree really with anything out of in the Castro pitcher when he's right guys still. Still good he still dominating he's just went -- OJ -- a barometer receipts rose is what the hell's going on he's been that good. -- now there's another -- -- is struggling on the offensive side of the ball and that's an old guards say you can name one of nine it -- -- California other -- Brock called we've got to pick. Was an Dustin Pedroia is heating up serious -- before could have been four for five by the end of the night and that controversial -- I'll during the game he was safe. No I thought it was out of those could call what you think will. Are those get caught in order was just one of those calls that it they called him safe unpredictable returned to either right does -- asked about that less static kind of blew off the question but I think you're right about that. I think that's one of those where the first call sticks as was upheld a quick there's only 472 no Marat and I was surprised that they take a long look at. Well this is what Bogart's the conversation about Bogart's house presented to John Ferrell would you do wise he struggled so much -- dropped again. More than anything. He's he's he's rushing a little bit in the bar so rushing out -- his landing and whether that allows them to see the ball clearly. In flight. That's where you see that early commitment and they and the slaughter is not -- given a little bit of trouble right now. The question was directly asked about his ability to -- sliders from opposing pitchers lately and we've. That's become abundantly obvious there isn't any on their attack him with it obviously but it's not -- -- it's pretty much any breaking ball me on face the lefty tonight's going to be in their you know. Be aware of the change because he's out front of that he's out front of sliders down from the curve balls. He's not be able to -- the -- pitch so what you don't exactly right doctor will forced G and it is trust his -- you know when he was -- actually came up it was the impressive thing about in Boca tours takes. The pitches that he was taking the balls he was laying off he was getting good long looks at pitches and he was laying off of them late just off the plate. Now he's not give himself a chance. Because he's he's open at the baseball you know and any reference to two out spears article that it W -- dot com which is great article talking about all of these buckets office hours. His approach was last time I've got two hits you when you struggle like him differ step back you try to get through it and it's impossible I can do was get one. He try to get six hits tonight when it's impossible before a path you know and a lot of Victor Rodriguez did the hitting coach. We said quote he's focused on results in really getting away from his approach that happens all the time. In other words what he's saying is he's just he's just worried about getting hits when sometimes you say listen just would -- a baby steps now. Let's have some good at bats let's stick to the approach -- work indicates in batting practice if we do that the results will come. You're trying to get resulting getting away from what we're working on right now you -- -- it's so damn bad it will would do indicate yet taken into the game. And he goes on and says I told it's gonna take some time. It's gonna take repetition and mostly it's gonna take trust. And that's a tough thing you got to trust yourself that what you work on cage we do it pregame is gonna translate. In the box. This it's easy to leave all that when he get -- box that -- speed the game up again and say you know what screw it I'm go to get the ball is I wanna get hit. Now you got to take a step back. Maybe have good at bats see some pitches it -- accounts it's a good pitch to put a good swing trust what we're working on that story is right now. A citizen you -- two part discussion on the negative and are you concerned about Bogart's are you concerned about coach you we -- 61777979837. The other angle to this the second prong of the discussion are you encouraged by what's going ala Clay Buchholz since he's been brought back to the Red Sox jumper off the game there. Oh this is second straight start since being activated -- he's Pittsburgh well. You know into the seventh inning with one run allowed them you know getting to a pitch count but he hasn't gotten to. For the better part of this year but I thought he had good stuff. Probably one of the better fastballs he's had the entire season I thought -- -- number really good curve balls. And yet we're in the situation room got to get some help from the seventh inning which Miller came in and did a great job. Christian near and I think both were in ran off quite buckles are literally still -- on the edge I think this is a it's gonna trade -- this what you want Oakley buckles to do you want him. Two to have a 3.2 nine ERA only give up twelve hits in five runs in his last two starts. When he took his mental break his injury slash mental break yes 77. Point 02. He already in ten games. In this is. Let's Amy is he going to be. Clay buckle that we've seen the last two games sure you're gonna have some ups you're gonna have some doubts and if you want to get rid of them want to get somebody else for him. You wanna make sure that the young guys and rotation the prospects in come in and you know and pitched in a rotation for the remainder of the year. They -- buckle past the pitch well. I don't know but I don't I don't trust a blue I don't like he doesn't like give me asleep at night feeling. I feel like he's like a ticking time bonnet to watch him pitch -- it. Even like it throughout the game we just feel like okay where one at one is get a jump off the rails one is one of the wheels got a falloff in and what are we gonna start hearing. Some excuses -- this and just it just doesn't make me feel good about it's it's this it's right now for the meantime okay great. But long term. I'd just doesn't make me feel good about it. Well I understand that a lot of people feel the same way and that's part of the resonate with him. It net you know if you if you start trust the will be too much some happens right whether it's an injury or whatever it is but. You know lighting -- last two and authorities that. A lot better in the last two games on the they obviously did prior the one thing that I would say is that you know he's he's falling in love with his cutter. And I mean falling in love with his cutter and that is a good pitch to mix in. He to me is still struggling with this two seam fastball which was the pitch that elevated him. Do this next level I felt last year you know he tortures -- -- -- -- -- get to got a Jack -- back to come back get the inside corner. You know he'd set a righty up -- we -- that same thing back door two seamer that would just freeze the -- -- up balls away and also nick comes back and get the outside corner. He's still missing that pitch. And that is everything forming dig a pro game like last night with the cutter happy. But until you see that two seamer -- that's when you start really feel like the guys back. But. He's just came back from the deal at a brutal first ten starts his last two or something to build. So again for Boston Red Sox fans the questions. About Clay Buchholz started feel a little bit better about it Yemeni start to feel worse about who we are out. And about Zander Bogart 6177797937. Rick's up next Rick you're knighted for seven. -- -- -- I'm glad he hi hi guys I've been listening. Faithfully. Pretty much on a daily basis I am enjoying the show thank you. And that as well Polly want throughout Terry got a hot dog guy eating thing and you guys to have fair amount to you know hemming and happened hot -- and and slogan you could use street actual lunch that. Anyway I I wanted to say before I get into the Red Sox. Of today this is a special day in little brittle these career. And on July 2 2002 he had a game winning double to beat Toronto. You know downloading -- are you related to -- I'm not really haven't I have family and I don't know man this but the people to the picture -- -- outside of the Phantom of the Opera thing is that knowing how close you leave. I'm not let you leave immediately pay its public got their hands and today did not let you -- they talk your -- -- -- there's -- an ego blow for Christian and I had occurred yesterday when we're doing these Phantom of the -- pictures everybody -- individual -- Louis Christian hours watching a soccer game on our own medical Hollywood these greens street's staff how awkward is it when they're like hey -- has has a -- amount they -- -- -- got to stand there -- candlelight. Saint David you know they don't want you -- -- picture -- I was like I. It doesn't really help without either -- Luke just got to sit there and says you know would normally be like hey guys get the picture now he has got to brush and I thought I did that earlier up. There would want the ball -- it came up I make sure Lou in tumor in the. I did that early in the Q it looked at me like I don't know the two I don't want him to -- brighter side wanna go there again and had a glove and his hand a kind of -- while in the wrong they thought Christian was lose body guards at the auto worked with a promotional. That's what -- team down there. Real quickly about baseball going on mortgages inaudible they elect I think you guys make a great team Christian thanks for the two Super Bowl -- luckily I take a photo without you -- -- wonderful. They have but Lou what would you do about this. I don't feel that they put not serious terrible. -- hates the outfield so that you want is our ability to do my thing to Lou earlier in particular call. Without kind of nervous. About -- -- like after watching the last two games. I'm not feel comfortable about who keep bets in the outfield another infield guy that they're forcing in the outfield I think it's going to be a detriment to the team. He's not asked that he's not he's not an Alabama. Better method to the -- legal liability out there. Eddie is he gonna -- the figured well quicken up what you think the last hit the when I went over his head yeah I see them light. This guy out here to see I don't think this forum. That's not on him that's on the L -- coach. Used to be is easy young player who has a good position much and I like to know why the plane and so shallow. I mean it's up a -- as Kenny -- physical back on the baseball. So if the ball goes over your head it's double the ball isn't funny it's single if it simplify this thing so. These new positions so the coach guessing wrong all the -- just it's almost treat -- like. Noted that election Victor Reno can play shallow single global Perry takes its way back in the ball. You know great set of -- to play Shalit tickets away they go back in a ball. A young kid in the position on a White -- so shallow I'd -- back keep the ball Friday don't try to do too much. As far as how to fix it and a look at the health field. I have no idea -- gain on now does not -- -- -- against writes I really don't Johnny gold against lefties tuneup against right he's now about holt and you picked. If you want -- bets or Jackie Bradley in the oil field in an obvious we played alto every day gets right. What we come back -- a lot of fun yesterday talking about that Houston Astros leaked trade information story -- dad's been picked up. Well there were some Red Sox names involved with it and bench Harrington has addressed it will -- about that we come back this is 937 W yeah.

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