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Revs Keeper Brad Knighton with Dale and Holley: Previewing USA-Belgium

Jul 1, 2014|

We have Brad as our third man in again, leading us to World Cup action... USA and Belgium

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It is soccer match day in the USA the United States and Belgium it is actually the very last match in the round of sixteen. US will play the winner if they win of Argentina's. Us Switzerland in that game is still scoreless an extra time. And we got the perfect guy Michael to help break it all down for us. He did such a great job with -- us last week. We ask Brad night of the New England Revolution back into the house the -- again at the extra. -- -- -- Now you don't Wear that shirt because of Michael Bradley -- that your because Bradley's your real first name. Solitary better it just rallied on the back my name on the back where I'm usually -- night. Let's that -- these rock in the career. Seasons and people outside that I have convinced. One of the employees here we were walking in and when employees is ripping Michael Bradley and then all of the back of Dresser that I think you know that's actually his brother right you know -- told the red phrase east area like all out of it stuff yeah. Perfect young woman through yet -- a woman she was caught off guard that can happen. We we we sit in the office watching Argentina Switzerland. And and you made the point that if the United States could get by Belgium and it would be an upset but not a non doable thing if they could get by Belgium today. You can take -- play with either of these teams I do I think we match up well against either of these teams you know what we've done up to this point has been great but it's about what you do and the knock around here and Obama -- we -- a very good against Belgium and you know anything can happen in this round and you know the -- could go to penalty kicks -- you know who knows we could face what's on but I think either of these two teams we've got a really good shot at moving on our got to take care business for. Look at match of -- -- to what it was what specifically does that mean what does the US do well. That car owners whatever Dalton does well. You know Belgium player for player I think they have better players and we -- they have some of the best players in the world but I don't think they've jelled well together in the group stage. On they've they want all their games but it wasn't a convincing fashion they had they had to do the dirty work in and get the results for the US. I felt like we we took our chances when we needed to and we beat you know. The group the -- that not many people thought we're gonna be able to get out of on so we deftly turned some heads there but I think we need to continue the the way we played against Portugal. And in this game today I think Fabian Johnson is the X-Factor in this game I think if you can get open opened on the wing like he did against Portugal. Good things are gonna happen for the US and I think Michael Bradley -- -- at his best game best game yet of the World Cup for us to advance our turn to have a good game. I mean he's he's covered the most ground in the World Cup out of any player. But Michael Bradley hasn't been the Michael -- that we've seen in qualifying and animal -- on you know watching him from. From the sidelines -- game and he's hands down one of the best players and animal lesson we need him to show up in these games he's he's done the dirty work him and Jermaine Jones a -- -- but. We need him to be. Effective in his passing -- in the attacking as the box the box midfielder that he has this post debate. I think there's going to be some disagreement we have Tyler excuse me Taylor Twellman. A -- that many times I thought for a long time I was twelve I know for a long time and how old sage Tyler oops I mean Taylor certainly felt catch myself. But we'll have Taylor Twellman on about 23 minutes of just everything disagreement is about listening to him closely enough. Cameron and know how to say his name but I've listened to a closely. And I think he believes Bradley had a good turn. -- -- -- You know a heck of Libor are -- the game and I don't think he's -- -- term he just hasn't been to -- Michael Bradley that we saw against maybe Mexico and that and the in the -- games to -- the World Cup I mean Michael Bradley on the game we played in an Arizona. He was hands down the bestseller on -- park and some people say he's probably the best player CONCACAF at that given time I mean it was like command plan reverse boys against Mexico and you know we need that Michael brother to show up he's done everything he's needed to. Arm of of course previous passes haven't been here there in this World Cup but. He's on the dirty work and covered the ground that helped get this you know be the engine for the US team and to get us where we are. Our rights are I want you guys to imagine this scene with the -- -- will pretend exercise. Were all playing. Poker. With your includes men. They're plumes of cigar smoke going around the room got some whiskey we got -- got you got little beer whatever you mean no one. And it's is that if I'm a mom that's a hard nobody from hard liquor here and R&R. And Jurgen Klinsmann poker players says. Jozy Altidore is 100% helped the he's ready to go always fully recovered. We're buying we are we buying. And it wasn't quite as adamant his body had -- -- is available already you buy it now. I don't I don't in the I don't think. Jersey is where he needs to be for him to be effective. At this point he's had two good weeks and they've probably -- the treatment that they need to day and night but. For him to be as effective as he has. You know in the in the games leading up to the World Cup and you know the first game for the first twenty minutes I don't think keys to that level and I think it could be a ploy that you know your guns trying to get. You know boast Jozy up and trying get the the Belgians the talk about -- about how to defend them on but I don't think he's he's ready to to be match fit but one of the big questions we'll ask Taylor right. Off the bat. By the time we talked to the 230 an hour and a half before match time. In the stadium he'll probably have a decent idea. And and I just have a hard time believing. Given the entry that we're talking about and given the fact that you know -- you're gonna ask if you play the whole match that he wouldn't and you'd be asked him to -- eight or nine miles. And I just don't I don't see it and then you're running the risk of may be having the sub him off if you start him you know in the first five or ten minutes I just don't see it. As a as a as a solution for the United States we've been effective. Against Portugal. Playing the the -- I'm like I talked about last week with with Dempsey high and I think that's what we go back to and we we continue what we've we've built on from that game -- and use it as a as a template for the. The restraint Q he's trying to throw off Belgium. Trying to get them to prepare for every single thing any any slight edge you can get -- again and try to give it. Including how about this than that you may have. He may have outdone himself and know exactly where your goal and that's what the difference for us. And Algeria official I know those lesser day it's an Algerian official he speaks French he'll be able to speak to the players that we all have any idea what they're talking about. I don't know. And I I agree. The belt and coach comes back and says well you could say that we got an Algerian official and we beat Algeria. So maybe he's got like an axe to grind it gives us a -- are gonna take it that far. What what do you think I was trying to try to do -- not -- any favors from that Algerian official that you just called. The tickets as you're going to be in your again and you know kind of kind of making his two cents and you know going vocal about it I don't think there's anything to look into that it would be interesting if something happens in the game because of that but we actually yeah. Paula I don't think it's something that you know the US is gonna harp on her we're gonna look that much into but it's -- -- interest thing that -- and brought that up out of all the things that talk about for the game. I I have always said I don't wanna CA and Olympic gold medal in hockey decided. On penalty shot is that used to do -- -- they got rid of it I was happy dated and policies Stanley Cup championship decided that way. As a keeper what do you think of the idea. Of the erratically having a World Cup to Saturn and you know it's not the most attractive way but I think it's probably the most effective you know you know when you're running 89 miles a game in year adding extra thirty minutes of extra time in there. I think you have to have you have to have a winner in -- -- -- continue on like you can and some of the other sports by going as many overtimes as possible -- taking a player off the field and you know it it becomes more in the peak issued a more a mental thing -- than anything you see guys cramping up in the 120 minute and you know guys that are have to step up and take -- -- -- -- result for example that you know the PK -- -- had he was the -- shooter and he's got the whole country sitting there staring at a -- he's gonna mess or he's gonna make and all the pressures on him and yet to be able to that take that and you know put that on your shoulders and the weight of the country on your shoulders and -- step open and bury the PK like you did it's. It's something that you know he's at an elite level and something that. You know every players at at one point others gonna have to to have to put the team on their back in Philly Q did a fantastic job with -- but the -- the mentality of stepping up to take a penalty kick in that type of environment that atmosphere is huge and no I think it's it's the best possible way to to get a winner on. But for from a goal keeping perspective it's. It's tough you know if you go either way that you basically have about 14% chance of six. They keep yes I mean I saw statistics that maybe 8586%. Successful rate in the group stage I haven't seen that the statistics cents. The knockout rounds but on the goal is have made saves that to keep their teams you look equally assays are from you know Toronto FC. Pretty much winning the the peak issued -- for Brazil 82 stops to fumble which -- is. I don't sort of their yards so you're keeper in that situation. What what -- what do you think you say look this title one left. Our have you studied the guys you know what they're with the year PK move is that what did you mentality going in that situation you know. I chances are very very hard that you're not gonna even touched the ball. It in the instance he you'd take. You know previous -- is that the guys have taken. I know for myself then and Bobby we get. Printed out forms every single week of PK takers for the team -- playing that week. On tendencies of where they've on the -- is the last two or three PK is where they went three years ago that they go high to Bigelow did they go left a -- rights you have attend you have a understanding of where their possibly gonna go or were -- comfort zone is when they step up to a PK. Now that changes game to game you know some guys change their -- every single game but. You can kind of get a sense and feel of how the game's going and other flowing whether it's. You know Morales where he's you know more of a technical player -- the Correll the ball vs someone who's gonna -- they're just -- probably right on the middle. So you can pick up tendencies of players throughout the game and in kind of harping on that when they step up to the PK and some guys like to step up and not look at the goal some not not don't like a look at where they're gonna go I trying get a read from their eyes some guys might try and look you off but. On -- get a feel and you say look this is where I'm going nominate myself big and if -- it's been it's been about nine times -- and it's up to the shooter and the pressures on him -- Have you -- just stood there. Just stay red spot. I have. And it just makes you look for but it's that one time that that there is it a must game two or three weeks ago where espanola ticket PK was in stoppage time against it was DC united vs Colorado are a Columbus and he step up and stoppage time and view it's gonna try get a three points in the kinds yours here but he tried chipper read on the middle and the keeper stood right there caught it was like that are really discussed at all. But you know -- it goes that way sometimes but more oft than not you're you're trying to pick a side Disco and and react to a. Are sort -- a personal question for -- and Oka -- personal question. -- -- that context before it before I ask you personal question. Are going to be about your buddy Ben and his it is wild bachelor we don't wanna know what happened to -- he's all right here is able to figure out the train system are going there. I'm not gonna ask you about. How Dustin Pedroia without arguing you sound like Dustin Pedroia. And I've won there also tell -- this. Dale Arnold has won awards here at at WER -- awards. He got me a gift certificate to the stockyards four. Being an -- on Twitter use the Twitter eighth WE yet he knows everything there to know about Twitter. And we were looking Richard -- -- activity. Recently what was there with you on Twitter me you are you engaged in -- mean we'd like a professional athlete. Have more Twitter followers -- you have. We gotta get you up with the earlier I talked uncle dale dale knows all about winner of -- well I actually asked them today. It helped you out because you know I I like ice volume numbers and dot. And and deserves more. Twitter followers love our professional athlete girl. It's totally different from analysts -- -- year one of the big -- I did notice Ronaldo has a few more followers -- -- just just a few. Complement each yeah I guess I do like a half dollars million volatile and probably an office. I've. He's got five million follow. -- One out Micah holes -- managing your. His Twitter -- between. Were. Seven point six million. -- Really 27 point six million. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Point six million though I -- guys that yesterday. I just play highest paid soccer player last year he made 52 million just as a soccer player. In endorsements he need another 28. He made eighty million dollars last year. All right so I'm guessing he's got 27 point six million followers on Twitter. It's one of those deals that if he says he makes a recommendation from probably being paid the by a company or to Ortiz and about our most recent weeks about winning a trip for my chip company to Brazil Alter their. Got -- with something like that where. Where he's being paid to tweet if you -- this out. -- this is part of your -- I don't think it's actually I think he has someone -- probe a quick of course not of course if you ask me what it's like yourself. Yes I mean you got somebody you know who handles your Twitter account should get much people. Are so -- -- so -- so people know -- your Twitter Twitter and my Twitter handle is -- at BB nine. These same -- answer and is well BB nine and a degree -- -- to I am are. Now I I'm not gonna I'm not -- a -- that I'm just guessing that somebody. In this room. Banks that -- although it's not the best player in the world. It is that there -- are clearly there's an argument pretty net grad night. Not the point and most people say the two best players in the world are Ronaldo and -- Ironically they're also the top two paid players in the world and -- first messier is second. I've seen arguments for both most people I think would pick the guys were watching right now and wearing number ten for Argentina most people would pick him. I think Ronaldo is as good if not better but I understand that it's it's apples and our -- our forest -- bee -- -- -- at BB nine. I mean I think it's messy. This term and he's he's pretty much taken Argentina on its back. And that's the question you've had for both of these guys answer leading up to this World Cup and previous World Cup's on. In a mess he's done everything for the Argentinian team and everything for his club the guys scored 300 and it's 24 goals and 388 games I mean that's unheard of you know people call this guy got back in Argentina and I think the only got other than messy in Argentina is probably America. What he did in 1986 was pretty much take his whole country on his shoulders and said look come and go -- a World Cup for you guys and you know to be on that level. Messy needs to do that. This this time for his country and he's done an open to this point but on. I feel like in this game it's it's about you know eleven players -- all about just one but healing needs you know half the art two shows flashes of brilliance and you know he's been -- -- offered at first club Barcelona but on. You know he scored the goals -- -- needs suited to carry his country so far in the terminal certificate and is it just that Jesus. Scoring guru was Hillary just he has he scored goals for fun I mean -- his vision and you know some of the goals he scored this will appear -- on Mike and how to be -- that are. The goal that he scored in stoppage time the rescue the points and I mean it's just he needs just one. 12 that to change a game and he's done it first club and now he's actually doing the first country to which is a church and tenor thrilled. They are both remark yeah I mean other worldly players and ironically. I mean most people going into this tournament would have put Suarez a level below them but it certainly within hailing distance of them. And now he's like he's like dirt now. I mean I -- a whole different animal no pun intended he has he has a -- it's a remarkable unless -- are back at. But no I mean I mean you look at -- as I mean 31 goals -- -- -- you know ties the record in it's it's unheard of in the season that he had in the form that he was endless. Was fantastic you know live report loving every minute of that and I'm you know he sees all I think he's always wanting a way out of England. And you know there's been rumors that Barcelona have been in talks in trying to get him to Barcelona and in -- at a report the other day thing that you know. Barcelona were gonna make a bid until you know he -- the pretty much given apology for for what that it and years ago -- it now but it did not -- I don't know. He just said the the Atlantic has suffered. I'll bite as a result of mark collision -- I ran the back of the shoulder pretty much. He said Zachary he will not buy it again -- polity he had said that both Gordon two times he's been all he wants. I mean shame on the blog at a time -- there you don't feel like what's the third one. I mean it's it's absolutely unheard of but. -- -- it'll happen. At any and -- in also somebody. Somebody's got today is gonna say are. He can play for a golf course well somebody will share III frank. -- honestly think that John Henry and his ownership group would love to get rid of him at this point. I think they'd like to get away from them yet and and its western and whether the damage that it's do you want that you know the face of your club and from you know that the tradition of Liverpool that's the last thing he -- standing in in in your club is you know that image and that lasting image of the player he's a fantastic player. But I don't think for for Liverpool he's the right player for that organization. So if you say there's certain guys it's become a cliche he is the face of the franchise what we -- of how. Are. I mean close the -- like what what what do you think he's that. The heat of the French I don't have to go mouth of the franchise mouth and probably the right what is it. It probably the right way to put it considering the issues that he's happy to play for your team all right dale. -- -- -- Outlook -- let the stuff he can do on the pitch forget about all -- that jumps -- he is a remarkable player a remarkable score. And it was so much fun to watch him this year. And I watched the Premier League every week with our team. I work for NASA a -- Whose own job by Fenway so I I almost like adopted Liverpool. Because I didn't really have a team and a weapon -- of people who won't NASA known for Liverpool and then I got that enjoyed. I I actually think they're pretty good on the road. I just look at this Suarez. Other than being a serial biter and possibly a racist what else -- you have against him Abdullah also the only two that I didn't come up -- other than that. A swell guy Oman. -- got -- guy a break. We will head first Salvador Brazil when we come back in just a couple of minutes Taylor Twellman. Is in Salvador he and -- dark will be calling the game on ESPN coming up at 4 o'clock you'll hear the radio call. Here on Sports Radio beginning at 4 o'clock but Taylor Twellman joins us from Brazil coming up next.

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