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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Kid locked in a car 7-1-14

Jul 1, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by John Dennis.

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Airlines is brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network great friends at AT&T I admit I -- 1%. -- -- This is the only five to seven or 8 minutes of the morning that -- me me me me me. Mismanagement. At at that was hard to say. What they drop the New York old people in my lap of the headlines -- many things have been highlighted. That. This is a disaster in an editing on the -- trap we're gonna happen. I really don't like to win this story these these bees. Parents. 22 month old son Cooper strapped in the car seat died. Might be a little bit a trouble. Among the tidbits police have released about the case is that Harris and his wife -- Conducted Internet searches on how hot a car needed to get to -- -- and it was disturbing enough. When you thought that maybe he -- a girlfriend one from some -- Now we think that they might be in a co conspirators. Said we don't want this kid anymore I've seen pictures of them -- QQ it is -- is hell -- parents -- these -- league -- sick kid is like a cartoon character he so adorable like -- -- to circle that you upload options do you look right they look like them -- them and it won't be adopted it and then if they don't want they don't want this little -- so instead of I don't know chrome off a bridge. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But he another image right instead they roast him alive -- car it was disturbing enough when you're still gave the guy the benefit that it -- everybody has made a mistake like it I mean I once loved the sunglasses my sunglasses on the roof of the car drove away you know to me they fell in the driveway. This guy left a living being in the backseat of his. Our -- and went to work when I first heard this Sunday one I felt bad for him I mean obviously needed to for forget but I am saying. Man that's a life sentence of guilt that you'll never get out from under an hour and then let Abaxis sailor. The strap him in the car put a sudden. About six day they let him speak at the funeral he was in jail reality at the speak Covert and calm over loudspeakers neglect and Charlie's Angels the -- speakerphone when he has this -- -- ever been more applicable then as follows. There will be a hot place in hell for these two people -- yeah -- and I don't know it -- strapped in May be the during an interview with -- that's the husband. He stated he recently researched through the Internet child deaths. Inside vehicles and what temperature needs to be for that to occur police said. Justin stated. That he was fearful this could happen that's why he did the research. Like Suarez saying I held down in my mouth -- shoulder accidentally. Yes Leon Harris made -- the white similar statements regarding researching and card -- and how it occurs the timeframe from when this alleged research took place. Remains unclear. Ye who has never -- -- how long it takes to die in a car yes the first stone who alas that's -- I'm glad we have things like computers with with records on the you know that you -- histories yes. If we didn't have that they would still be feel sorry for the -- and in the semi related note guys will you promise me right now that if fight. Drop dead today the -- -- my browsing history. Preached on them is gonna I don't know how to do that now I'd look like always kept a you're not golf and after now treacherous -- though I've never looked up how to kill -- and you know he now we need to know that's on the com -- in New York City back in 2000. And twelve -- thirteen. Got arrested and ultimately convicted. In the cannibalism case you think there were call this -- yes it was quite sick sick but no women wherever abducted or harmed in the plot. But this cop by the name of Joseph Barrett told vale. Crossed the line immersing himself in a fetish web site where he communicated electronically with others. About he wanted to abduct women butcher and caught them and eat them. And something similar yesterday of being stuck in elevators. Eddie survival situation I try to size up yeah among the crowd I would but it would be for it would be human parked car -- can cook and and -- This guy went to butcher them and eat them guess what. Federal judge Paul guard -- In Manhattan. Granted the former officer a verdict of acquittal yesterday. On the most serious count but he face kidnapping conspiracy. Was facing life in prison for of that Al alone. Here's what the judge said. The evidentiary record is such that it's more likely than not. The case that all about these Internet communications about kidnapping our fantasy role playing you may go now. That's the bad news the good news is they really offended the Boston Globe and the -- road running all this guys. That's a tweet yet that it is kind of you read about you say. He's sick he's twisted but he didn't do it didn't know what did -- anybody just -- wanted to yep the EC. They found on his computer. A thing in title abducting and cooking Kimberly a blueprint. That's a it was -- a toilet why don't his wife he drew up a blueprint for. Cooking -- killing and cooking it eating his wife. But he didn't do it at all. And to the public recipes and a triple think what you mean what I do it tenderloin is drills that estimate is -- -- let the American let's have no sympathy this guy. I think you and me he should. Be wary of the thought police -- gonna convict you for you know. Wanting to. Do harm to others and just wanted to just having those thoughts how we own -- field and NBA franchise would be taken away from him. That's a good question good question while. Yes yes probably go by -- -- you can be a cop -- but you could -- a basketball team. Aren't we -- with this that we're calling it soccer sickness World Cup die hards will use every excuse in the book to skip out of work today. The -- team USA's round of sixteen showdown against Belgium a game so big they do not care about getting caught. John made outs of the Bronx. Polishing up his alibis -- we can ditches. Hospital job early and get a seat at the Jozy woods popping grads don't get the anesthesiologist -- -- them out of the -- He's going to watch the game you -- Biden us while we cut you open. I'm good -- I -- pretend I've gotten an important call -- important email and closed my workstation and lead by 230. I'm not worried about getting caught it's expected they would be proud of me meanwhile NYU grad student in chemistry researcher Erin -- Plans to play it safe and take a two hour break to get his cup fixed. All leave for work. I'll leave work for the game and come back my boss won't -- there's -- 0% chance of me getting in trouble my boss. Wouldn't say I am looking forward to watching it honestly and 'cause it matters so much. And it's not a good DVR sport and you can't know I mean there are no way getting like 24 you know where you can dvi and go watch like 7 o'clock -- LSU often that are in the -- you're gonna hear it you're gonna see you in someone's gonna tell you what happened. And as soon as you find out what happened its -- it is not like it happens in baseball game out -- I mean it's going to be one nothing right -- tea maybe -- -- and and most. And so. You missed the goal and that's it it done yet and if you. DVR edit in you fast forward to the parts enough and is happening it's okay yeah exactly just PR -- for the full ninety minutes. I think all the flopping with a flop bomb -- -- brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99%. All Americans building a better network is name is Jason gay he writes for the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) . Is article says how to convert a soccer. -- Jason -- has discovered the cure for irrational soccer Craig Davis. He's next with DNC about an hour from now will check in with the Belgian embassy. Bats too rich to do an interview since he's a -- Austin will join us in the 9 o'clock hour.

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