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Jason Gay on why we need to love soccer 7-1-14

Jul 1, 2014|

Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal joined the show to discuss why we should all love the World Cup.

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An interest and well written piece in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) today by Jason gay. How to convert a soccer hater Jason gay has discovered the cure for the irrational soccer ridiculous he's come to the right place and by the way. A Jason gay knows his way around here he began his career covering Little League Baseball. But the vineyard gazette on Martha's Vineyard you work for GQ rulings on the New York Observer in the Boston Phoenix he grew up in nearby. Bill -- masks so you know the label land here Jason Day joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Jason John Jerry and Jerry here in Boston how -- you. Got that right -- Straight from rock hard street -- Belmont. MO MM the mean streets before we get going here I'm looking -- -- picture you've got these very stylish spectacles on. They look like -- -- the LeBron eyeglasses with the trendy ones that Kevin Durant -- are these prescriptions spectacles or are you just posing as -- intellectual. Yeah not a -- well actually no land there at all very -- Larry Tripplett I like they're pretty good pay just as a jumping off point. Why must soccer card carrying. -- that is soccer globs or soccer fanatics. Feel compelled to convert anybody who is not on board in this sport I can thank you -- the sport. Your big hockey fan big football fan big based big curling span. Where they a lot of proselytize -- action right. And actually feel insulted if I can't make you love my sport. Right no one during the Stanley Cup playoff writes a column saying you're all the hockey haters why hockey will -- no one does that. But I would -- at. -- knew that nobody writes a column saying is that why you will never beat the level of the NFL that country no one tried to knock it. Gap there pit exchange that is happening around the -- apocalypse unlike any other sport where you have this 100 dollar in stock. Stubborn side which likes to underline the fact that. The United States' interest in soccer is once every four years once -- United States team that knocked out there gonna lose that fascination. And need this kind of just. Currency. Other obnoxious and it exists around soccer like any other sport. I would throw it back to UN reversal 180 it is a counterpunch. By the resisters. To the idea of taking your dog for a walk. A leash around his neck and drag them out the front door and down the sidewalk and he is just trying to back away from that and I. I suggest that people would call soccer haters are just counter punching your attack that says you must love my sport. Well let me ask you this why the -- OK because that -- yell at somebody being worked against. And I latter I get every once in a lot from readers and why -- soccer being shot down my throat by the media. Why do you think they're the same sort of compulsion. About Johnny -- now average about the big the read an NBA free agency in the -- certain level of that's in the detail. With something that happens every year earlier this isn't there this are why resident called their writing a column saying I can't take that coverage about. LeBron jeans is free agency. Because this is bigger but it's similar in this wages and in that ESPN has made an editorial decision. To just check its journalistic standards at the door and -- win that with -- bombs away event. And and and you know for lack of a better term force this on a few we watched we have ESPN on all the time here. And we sit here for half an hour sometimes trying to get a score baseball game. Because it tell us about Algeria against and all Kyrgyzstan something it. That's -- -- yeah yeah. I mean would you agree that you know maybe it's. You'll feel like they're forcing it would you agree that the the coverage is not. Commensurate with the interest in this sport. I think that -- and like any other network. But not do a -- if they don't feel that there is a ratings benefit from that and I think that they are seeing. It clear trajectory. Of interest for soccer in the country they're over internal polling has an interesting thing that came out. This spring their own internal polling found that and that is important it's important that whole conversation about soccer United States and skepticism about -- growth. Growth is not happening. NRA express. This is about a younger demographic and you can't own polling showed that among people that are. Twelve the 34 which we -- know what kind of a sweet spot for the media. In terms of buying. And the last. Not merely not the World Cup Major League soccer. Great steps out of American sport that I'm -- Major League Baseball. In terms of that demographic interest so there is evidence that -- apple already in his interest to deal. Well there are also not this isn't really honest cover -- in my mind soccer people want a -- -- they wanna be treated like football baseball basketball. But they also want in Orange slices in half no reticence may get a UK I mean would you agree Jason what. The US did was not all that spectacular so father won one and one they won one game a game which they are. Really I played this is not exactly Lake Placid and ES quit. Not a super. Convincing. Run to the round of sixteen they did not have that great. Performance that -- you think OK things are going to be utterly different when you consider where we were when astrology and now and the just. Huge cloud of skepticism. That met the US chances. In that so called group of -- the fact that they got through it -- now it -- back there way into it is that Gary weird bird team. To qualify. On that data locked by another team winning. Sure but it happens in baseball what happened upon happened about all the talk. -- but it did Jerry's point about the ESPN coverage. After they they had their complete gag job in the in his second game against Portugal or -- you turn on ESPN and they would do and everything short a plane and being NGOs and ukulele and tiger about how great it was like they got a point. You would've been happy to take at a couple weeks ago. That's the only sport. Where that happens. If a call -- kicks away like you know a -- a big lead late determinant. He gets criticized for itself again his point about soccer wanted. It both ways. Aren't a problem I think -- it there's no pure analog and I think Jerry column point that out that there's a great deal appellation that happened here. Because of the fact that the United States and because of the fact that it is very easy to rally behind the national caught -- have to be a stock or entity. Excited about today's game you don't have to be somebody who's gonna buy and the last tickets in order to watch the USQ to be felt. There was no comparable to that. With pro football -- -- a little bit of an hockey in the Olympics and so on but it's a strange sport in which the most important endeavor. The biggest global spectacular once every four years and it's occurring and happening -- country where soccer party integrated in at number one -- Were still in the development stage here. We're talking with the Jason -- Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has pieces how to convert a soccer hater. He's discovered accurately irrational soccer cranky as perhaps we can find common ground here and tell me of this analysis by me is incorrect or not. Talking -- don't care if I don't like hockey baseball fans don't care -- don't like. Baseball golf fans don't care bye dole like golf yet soccer fans are somehow insulted. And it does demonstrates to me Jason some sort of all -- coming. Hyper sensitivity that indicates at least a self image problem if not an inferiority complex where if I don't like soccer you were somehow. Hurt and offended. I think that there are degrees of truth there but I do you feel that. Soccer. Fans are the recipients of more incorrect nonsense with regard to categorization of their sport -- any other sport. People again people -- write columns. Saying want a hockey of the relevant -- Decreasing relevance in the United States why -- -- will never be the other people don't do -- but I will say one little after their. Big poppy and aren't getting a little sensitive about baseball I art and at least in my experience. When they give people are writing World Series ratings story every year now we're talking about the fact that -- ready to the World Series and will be played out -- on the decline. People in targeting a little bit sensitive to the fact that passport is a little bit on it under. It is. The articles called how to convert us operator -- about Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Jason gave the pride of Belmont Massachusetts also -- enough fox sports one write to us if we get this is a bright and second is overkill on ESPN -- Watch what is -- called again crowd goes wild crowd goes wild. Crowd got loud crowd while I had gone Q I TV happened. But I yes we are very much part of our sport sport. Thanks for the time Jason we'll talk to -- to wrote. Jason with Dennis in Thailand on AT&T hotline quick time out our number 3-D NC when we come back. University of Florida has done something that goes beyond. Offensive. Goes beyond the bounds of anything -- analog tweeted that those can't be beat on that that -- rational plot and judgment and I'm not -- This is unbelievable. We hear what the University of Florida has done now.

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