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The Red Sox are almost no hit 7-1-14

Jul 1, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing a near no hitter at Fenway last night.

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July 1 and for the record June 30 was a good day for Stephen Drew. A bad day for Larry Drew and by the way another bad day for the Red Sox lineup but. Of their eight shot well losses this year so far and we're barely in the second half of the season. I say last night shuttle loss was the most entertaining by far I'm just not sure which Jake to feel more sorry for. Area at a PB help me out. Why I was hoping the officials scored when drew hit the single. -- social -- official score political editor at the bus or a ball. Post. It's you know I. It's a good question amid I don't feel sorry in this area of currencies on these mobile -- feel good nice ovation. I think we may have seen the last I don't think you wait for the deadline trade -- that the case was made. That he could be okay against weakness nationally lineups. And the Red -- -- the province of money but some would panic out there and that you thank you. And if it's all about trading high. Right now is now he's probably not gonna beat that ever not that it's it's it's overload you know over the motor anything like that -- Coming off what was a solid performance after he you know yet some real crap performances earlier in the year like in you know in May he -- it lit up on a regular basis. If that's what it's all about yeah I would it. If you could be -- and most. Overpaid guy and that like you do you know he's an expert team fan yeah -- a friend their chair church for an -- is -- tattoo on his you know it's duck -- you know by a doctor at a local guy I'm glad he was here for a year and a half. But his time is done he makes fourteen and have million bills he has one win in seventeen starts. I hope that that's a very good winning percent no it's not. Two things as they apply to most recent history not belong to history this entire season number one. He got squeezed on the ball for two outs to continue the inning before he gave up the meatball. Home run to our shareholders. But Stephen. Jake -- Disagrees with you Jerry he thinks he has another sixteen starts deter this thing around and also reverse his buzzards locked up getting no run support -- And and now he's -- and try to keep your team. -- you -- the best chance you can give Immelman night to win. And I got to do a better job of it's gonna change listen -- keep happening. I promise -- -- Got my head down in the industry who work in if change is coming -- we scored. 567 runs on the day I start I'm not gonna give them believe that this was going to be for the remaining sixteenths and they'll start. Got the remaining you know it was seventy -- of the -- sixteen and seventeen starts and just not moderates warm. It doesn't make sense that have a grand last year was conflict commitment that age. Pitching down the stretch for a team in last place. Or second place and so he he lost to lose in last place it is don't you find it kind of lame that. We're supposed to just. You evolve a credit to Jake area you know the stuff in the Red Sox -- done you're just -- handicap tip your caddie he -- that is lame that's an excuse you know that's it's rationalizing he he beat -- he was great. But you tell me of the 120 pitches there weren't any that you could hit well. Dustin Pedroia said there were not based that he was never. In the middle of the plate you -- -- -- on the -- three I don't know -- never got a good pitch to know you had to be in the middle of the -- against Pedroia for him get a good swing on that's what applies eyeball that's kind of thing elect the swing at bad balls but. I was asked that question after -- a great performance much of the fall is on the -- -- -- pitchers. Amid -- fear of Red Sox fan or player media guys say -- -- in the could have done. He was on his game shutting out the 2000 or no hitting or near no hitting the 2014 Red Sox is a little different but -- -- the 27 yankees would you agree don't you -- a 1013 -- Australia we have got an -- excellent. I saw if you hit -- -- pitches. -- know it wasn't like you know he was blown buy them the secret location. And the pages right now I mean -- ago disease. -- opposite of launching point in the circling the -- The -- that's good enough to appoint. The tipping point -- I don't want this -- points in honor of these guys aren't comrade per minute and yes vanishing point at Michigan boy you know in Manhattan rose script. Hollywood screenplay screenplay Everett is yes result Nokia. Call management at a point that haven't been about eight movies -- and I think you're correct. Oh OK I like deep being this I am deep being this. Great plays in LA is a DB is -- -- -- in LA don't go to hold -- cliche. Living in -- starving artist -- Timor discount outgrown his beard rightness and drugs and I would -- okay and hit it any of the meeting with the big studio was one of my bills. Connection mrs. Coleman and his bloated -- -- connections at a meeting with some studio. I'm -- public key grip right I think it was the boy cleaning lady -- caterer that are inundated with a best boy. One day to see -- -- on the scripted -- get as -- point. Is it was his leading man Gary Oldman was evil yeah okay. And had all these guys to return and Kurtz phone calls for an hour now dad's body's ability of the homes like years ago when he was young and then. Alleged drugs and I am fine. It's called vanishing point point that's that's was last vanishing point. Then. Rally around Stephen Drew now. Yeah that can be a launching point Jerry just may be the opposite what you think many times and -- -- the note that it was broken up by a -- hitter no hitter oh hitter and did you see my prediction at a time. Onto it or not he predicted or your kid with a let blew up last night on Twitter and I was. Is in the top -- sorry in the bottom of the gates. It was now yes yes it was Napoli for Bogart's. And -- I said as well as -- plate would not be the most. Humiliating. Manner in which area it would lose the no -- Stephen Drew. Hash tag ironic ash tag backwards world churn up two batters later. The group one right on the middle eight clean out -- John was taking credit for the much -- I'm taking credit for the mighty UCB is doing pretty critically. -- -- yet as they all the -- is it to from the Bronx -- public guy alive who like you know. He's he's if you don't think that that -- -- -- ports you'd be disastrously -- answer that yet exactly and so I was sitting about five rows back kind of behind the first base coach. And I'm not a superstitious -- by nature but I respect. That you don't call. A no hitter you don't use the term no hitter because you'll jinx it every single time we could do if your daughter or sell. Jerry Remy -- -- repeatedly it would if they can iron out other guy's -- site that's that's what I never say it. When a Sox pitchers work and when there are guys who say the third inning and I respect any announce that will find any way to say it other than the word no hitter while. On about the sixth that the guys go with -- we were. Pretty loud and obnoxious and now we was screaming no hitters virus we could move on you know. Make sure that Jake knew it was a no hitter and make sure like this could be -- -- don't feel that opens and salaam. Yeah he caved yes he gave -- -- gonna take full credit for that -- I mean. Are you guys at all portable that if you -- -- -- game do you wanna see this for history animated little chance against your team not Davis's was the seventh game of the World Series you know too much of a fan -- they'll -- yeah I just. It's like game -- I -- I get that boy it's there isn't. Few things in sports more humiliating for any team in any sport then -- to be no. It never looks like. The only guy dominate you look like -- like terrible sadness fear of being who -- is not so much better than being being shut out eight times and I see what big house. But the lowly cubs that's pretty Bennett has his -- Are you did you cheer when he -- left field that this can I absolutely yeah it was gonna come onto on core represented at what point that -- he was just. I god bless him he was enjoying that that shower of applause you guys gave them. -- on the field the field. It it's that -- balancing act between being arm insufferable installed somewhat gracious and classy guy and you see who was very impressed the fans. Reaction. -- some margin. He -- like very impressed in the whole atmosphere so they were hang on every pitch and they're really into it really really liked the fan base here I'm preachers coming in action DO seem to like Europe via. I hear area after the game yeah. You know that the tension kind of bills there -- you know as a fifth and sixth inning kind of approach him. -- -- there are a little bit but. On the space around me kind of increases you know naturally. Yeah and another special night. -- special to do it in this ballpark. You know to do it do something like this last last week in very -- to do it here. And these two parks is pretty special. You know we won that's obviously that was the biggest. Biggest thing from tonight that. You know we can all kind of enjoy. But it was a fun. I think you pretty much has pitcher of the month sewn up thus he will get a gym bag for Major League Baseball I believe in his previous start. Five days ago in Wrigley he took a perfect game six innings -- -- give up. Since he came back from a sore arm I think is the -- 116. At them or on the next time out. Companies and now what is career in his five humans career. He's now one game on 29 and 28 in 83 starts. And the pitch from Baltimore from four years. You remember him at all no I I I was twenty and 25 with a 546. In three usable doesn't that make you go and yes it would have a couple of years yes what and these days when such stringent. Casting is typically appeals pitching. And also -- has pledged. I know Hinske is that we as -- we -- first base that it was a response you respond to yours while he's got some got to go. Got some heavyweights -- wouldn't I wouldn't know because unlike that the Yankee game from Sunday night. He didn't make 37 trips to them out right in -- -- -- it -- salons in the forget about helpful as it would Wear them one -- two trips and most would be policy began and it -- like or rabbit is an accurate final the first -- my question pointed to you know if you wanna make that transition here. Whose injury are you more tired of hear them Shane Victorino or Jews all the difference is Altidore I think -- try -- really hard to get his ass back in the and a victory you know by the -- I'm a little sense of urgency on -- yes there is and the reason jerseys. Injuries notables as its -- As there ever been a soccer guy election genuinely hurt others would be the first wanted to be what she broken -- We know that but that's that's broken nose. In that. Gently -- the -- knows the next game Jozy -- my having it as a hamster. -- -- -- original injury was hamstring while the course as we all know there's a domino effect here if you have an in grown -- creates a hamstring if you have a hamstring it -- -- back -- it and have a back pool that it changes your arm slot and then your rotator -- called balls off and the and so this year your. Whatever it is so Tommy John thing. So it's pretty much just a little broken body is is is anatomy that's the term general soreness this terrible and didn't go yeah it is here is an error hurt you don't like one of those deals where you just let me know that yes -- -- -- you -- sick updates I mean this -- hang on these every day since these companies back what is the funniest. Most unnecessary headlines ever seen in the newspaper all the victory no -- all run. -- and really couldn't come up. Is there. A lot. He rushed back I like -- think he's got a medical crew just working on a full time lately like the pit crew in NASCAR like like -- team doctors like round the clock just trying to get him out out onto the field no matter what it -- and you know what they have taco and back on that injuries that old team back but. He's not that mean he's he's a good player. He's not like great leadoff hitter. It's not like you know outfield defense has been the big problem and made its production. And did you think -- even if he's healthy -- leaking them to that would they went welcome back there is no date -- -- pocket date let's say your job obviously surgery here and maybe we see him next year next year spring when he came back in a couple weeks anyone think he's going to be spark. Of that the that they need. -- -- He does not I will give him credit for this. While he's winded about you know once in -- you get a click in your back and when he actually said as soon as I stepped on off the bag to go to third. That's when I felt the instant grab in my back and talk about his little aches and pains in general soreness but it will give him credit for this. As I said a few weeks ago. If there's a bigger culprit for what has gone on with this team up to this point -- at the top of the list by not beat being on the field. So he's the reason. The Red Sox 2014 addition are struggling now that's either that's either being honest and taking blame or. Popping up is on tires and say and I'm really really good not wasting usually yeah bat well. He was good last year you ought not -- one or every spent. One in Philly so -- Johnny go home to think he use than the recent struggle and Johnny didn't get that yet to swim practice that identity. -- -- There was Buick championship opportunity is the need to left -- Colin agent you know when in the ball game and not single the most. And good money in the -- and had I known I would help the ticket industry -- get a indices galloped. -- okay that the all of -- Redskins things old result you've got to go with three soul I don't know if -- at a news is the terms scalp on Twitter any ethnic group. You can't though I -- out for some point yeah and you know -- at some point entities you meet. There we have to. Come to the defense of our group for an -- -- I don't yeah. I Deanna I well in this case we have been honest to god. News headline on the globe story. Idea known for offensive tweets. And problem -- benefits of the moment just. Absolutely Wayman a ball innocuous totally borscht belt comedy you know I mean let's just say -- they had deals that nineteen cents a pack two or something like this -- we reached that's a good one. What's the reports belt company portion -- abortion bill comical because we reached the point where borscht belt comedy. It's offensive it is it's bad. I don't say the suspect had. What wedding -- -- -- -- back it's got a nice and you know what it's dumb and and most close it out of the offense. The first one a vote here in this day and age you know hatreds that have not. I don't. Sarah Morse and boston.com. Stances. Checking out analyst Twitter activity revealed -- plethora of question tweets at best. They are offensive. At worst they are racist. Yeah is -- anything do you agree with her. Yeah that's all yeah. I don't true public I have two dogs and despite what you hitting a comedy over there do you think these are offensive. -- offensive just in terms of yet. Painfully unfunny -- -- me but that's like an offensive MI offended you might think that that their ethnic groups that should feel wounded by -- that by by. Some like old crank like. -- stupid you know Chinese dialect or some banana. Are on as to their feet not at all. I don't think that the world's get bigger fish to I think we just saw the headline as a and so at least at the -- was gonna. I and he was I thought Eddie's. It is -- the popularity of the World Cup in America was due to the vast number of illegals in this country. I think that's the number one offensive things it's not funny and that's not accurate. But -- -- -- Yesterday illegals from Mexico into the world I don't think they have widescreen high definition TV to watch -- sure they don't think living on the street boxes. That he's going to be best I would be the cart. Yeah yes -- -- you can beat it all of the point is immigrants are really notice if that's the what you say immigrants will you -- illegals illegals are very sensitive time with illegals in this country race I agree we were having a problem that every 146 illegal children come across the border and it's not pretty -- it and are they not soccer fans is that that's factually accurate that that that -- Just what does that -- -- that everybody who wants to say they have made a higher. I so offense the globe or yeah. I am used jammed in the millions of illegal immigrants who are on Indian elements -- it and she's got a lot of followers on me -- people streaming in Arizona illegals -- it in the us are illegals it's not like he's column. Whenever criminal well you know quote unquote whatever murderers what's the term. Undocumented. Workers is is that how we you know -- of the truly offensive -- use them right that. It was just not wrestler it's a factually accurate term adverse to -- -- but -- -- One of clarity the World Cup in America due to the that was all the first woman here at comedy clubs comedy clubs the last place on -- to be politically incorrect. Ethnic jokes are not screaming fire in a crowded theater laughed and -- -- Important you have to agree with that right you really gonna tell me that you know of ethnic jokes with them. I from an Irish -- -- them. We can't have those in comedy the Irish drunk -- -- just yet have other kinds of jokes since Cramer you can't list right. -- the joke Cramer wasn't a joke that was just an angry I talked about this -- it's all changed now I know and and that's exactly. He says -- always yes that this is a shame that we're using you know the first amendment's. Syndicate he can't say fire crowd -- we all agree that is not protected by the First Amendment and he's making the distinction between. Would fire at a crowded theater and make an ethnic when the that the joke is about illegals watch in the World Cup drivers -- drunks are. You know priests -- pedophile -- some. You can make. Ethnic jokes and comedy club that should be a sanctuary when you get to be politically correct you not agree with -- -- I know what can agree I won this at the moment -- you got a real point I couldn't agree more and that com. But every everything should be on the table I think America would be better off if you could say just whenever -- it just took it as what it is which is which is Joseph. I agree AB you can you can you can barely. Mention -- another country whether that country it's an ally. An enemy or some sort of neutral Switzerland company and not feel the wrath of somebody who goes as an example. Any tweets this glad to see I ran get a draw otherwise the goalie would be added. As an example to the roster what a strange way to motivate yourself I wrote almost the same thing yeah we're on the same bag check. You said he believed anyway as a way funnier if you -- yes find that a matter failed and now but I like. You can tell me this -- that that we'll sub head above that like she has so these things about whether it's. Tasteless offenses racist but the guy that won the the Middle East now. As human arms in India Jordan Mir looks like not only to -- -- what. Hell is offensive about that we have lost -- -- if -- at Lybrand and makes -- some like it just murder you if you don't. -- -- said that -- those same people it's just a wise crack that's just the lame wise crack I'm made similar once cracked today in my column. Who offended by that -- -- like the Ayatollah is. Like a bit -- there's less outrage directed at the actual bee headings. Then they're it's could somebody thought out a funny -- -- about tennis someone does that mean that that the nets run that -- boston.com. Under the headline offensive stuff from Indian moment. I ran be -- Google. We don't know they -- because they got the draw to good thing they got brought so they didn't have to be enough yet actually said the blow out right lol I thought -- used at least there's more outrage toward this tweet. And the actual -- -- -- take place right and I and I. -- Morrison yes I I have yet to read it's our Morrison editorial outraged at actual. It's markers they are liberals who -- harder for us. In soccer than they do in war well yeah. I don't notable I believe it came from -- one of the guys that we exchanged for the for the -- There's a picture of -- of with five heads five severed heads that he got up with a statement that's one of the guys that we. Sent back none of that asked about that he's at the mine. Yeah I don't know how god that's not. -- as somebody tell them look like thousands packed my suitcase with us and I've yet to read an outraged by editorial at boston.com. About. This guy by myself because they're focused on idiom and it was probably got 600 to a ball. How many does not a good question he's got up where you I'm not one of them you you should eat. We gotta get quality material like this I think the worst -- by the most egregious 69 people Chinese proverb. Men late girl on side appeal not on level. Men who fart in church must see it in a pew all -- hands benefit sitting down. -- that that offensive. Is patently the value of that is offensive. That is there that is not a fan you QB sooners from staff oddly in this terrible it is awful. Even by at least worst at skill porch. And sweep probably said this it will not play grounder Ralph Talbot elementary school and I was like well man sits in own pew -- -- spirits it help that Jesse got you. -- -- All I don't know. The -- did you and I should just give it up and open you know crepe shop about -- professor threatened if this is. The definition of -- the standard. Now for offensive and I'm I'm I'm so it was at its time that. Close shop we don't just put let's just play big band swing to -- and go home now. I say this this one is accurate and and because it mentions two countries. Both -- beginning with K. This puts him out of the ledge from me to say that this is accurate that it's funny that it's accurate. Email Korean golfers are doing to the ladies' golf tour. What Kenyans have done the Boston Marathon. False absolutely it's absolutely true and we sort cadets at canyons he can't say Korean pitcher racist. We've set that Ford -- sports store. In golf digest about uh oh -- in GOLF Magazine. About how the sport is. Got no personality casualties. Asian correct Ottawa on autumn on sort of -- to -- -- Who are these machines in the and they ended teenaged. Come out their fifteen in the -- finishing in the top ten in majors. And they -- to -- -- in abuse -- have a lot of personality that's one wants or don't love them happy that show we want our election Thompson is somebody gullible so they can on the practice claims for Natalie Gulbis will hold its its legit observation. It is a record observant Sarah Morris and offensive. Yes yes yes yes. And it with all due respect to the Kenyans and Ethiopians. IE I enjoyed the marathon a lot more when there was no prize money. There was the possibility of a local guy. Winning it I mean I can name one winner in my entire life and it was. -- right we're all -- -- in America I I I enjoyed the marathon this year more than ever. You have to watch at the right -- the winners cross. Each of them you respect the -- watch -- fast they run. And then of the local people you might know or somebody from the -- brown -- just sit there for a couple of hours you get to take in the marathon. In all its form as she did the marathon to meet its its a cultural event it's a parade where they just had to go fast. Might probably -- Bradford. Is that it's it's always that cover as this I -- around so long I saw him yeah but what angle fastball any idea what is timeless whose it was it in well I I don't know but they didn't have time to stop -- -- on economic outlook on an idea that the phases of the moon. Com. It's it gets covered as a sporting event -- to me it's not -- it's. Because ultimately I'll tell people have to it's like you know five minutes after it is over okay one would enable what's the name of the -- want nobody can ever tell me yeah I had it. -- the first -- fifty guys or fifty women off -- sporting -- yeah I agree with you in ways or unable and and the final 90000. Event and this year an American one main duties. Came out of nowhere and Donald Rosie Ruiz the right what it is on our you know did look like you're me in the -- world class -- elements from San Diego and no one knows name actually meant something up in those last met marathon. Men met up at marathon rod who we have sketches this -- has -- 77797937. So the Jake vs Jake baseball game. Is on the docket as is the that's ten and a half million dollars catch -- you don't get humiliated. By a no hitter thank you Stephen Drew out we will get into the World Cup a little bit will continue to take your calls about all of that and -- and the any element situation. A couple of things we are going through -- Deeply dig deeply mine deeply into the minds and souls and culture of Belgium. We have a list of Belgium thing you should need to know in anticipation for clock we are going to discuss Belgium with a member of the Belgium. This who later in this broadcast but he -- since he has yet to do with single interview since he got here. That's during the 9 o'clock hour and when we come back we will give view. All the talking points so you can sounds. In the office when you're listening watching the World Cup that if we need you all the catch phrases to make -- -- like pocono you're Alexi law what do you mean in the office I heard ESPN actually said this on the sports and that you should take the day off he should leave work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And surgery. He's -- World Cup experience that everything. Service nachos and Arctic recliner that wasn't. Racist of the anesthesiologist I mean ethnic adjustment injured. In any serious -- these aux chats about the arrest of Venus Twitter for you yeah we'll be right back.

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