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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - The ones that got away, 6-30-14

Jul 1, 2014|

Jon Lester and Jarome Iginla are both proven winners who are poised to re-sign with Boston, or test the Free Agent waters. We look back at some of the players that not only walked away from our beloved New England teams,but joined an enemy.

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And Hollywood. Then to an end you know. Hillary. And in -- he. Hole. Hear me okay. To me and. For a former -- you're playing are you fairly. Not today AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building you a better. Kept thinking of guys who laughed him. How it all came about -- let's kick off for a. -- lover Diana Ross fellow. Love it. Today's board or we focus on contract local athletes that should have been no brainer. But for some reason went sour and an eleventh hour. No Steve Buckley who won't be mentioned -- it's postmark controversy they are first up we have Jon Lester drama get. The Red Sox ace in the -- hall of fame to be pulled publicly stated desire to stay in Boston's Lester even the breeze hometown discount. So far negotiations haven't gone well for either player. Where global players you play next. Against Jon Lester went through an average zero. During the open for the last six starts have been outstanding. And a strikeout for out number two. Struck him out Lester gets his second of the game that strikeout number three and out number two I checked swing he went on. The ball gets away from Ross but not too far. And CNN. -- strikeout for out number two. Well. Jon Lester next year. Will be pitching in a city that many of you know and many of -- Whether it's 61777478150. Wait. Another 1978. It often. Jon Lester I have seven in there 857 candidates via I don't know what they've -- so I don't want. Jon Lester belongs in Boston the Red Sox -- not the Red Sox about Jon Lester he has. He is the face of that pitching staff he'll be the work. I've got a feeling he won't play. And and I and and I very recently come to this realization that. I'm just not sure that the Red Sox are willing to go with what the market will bear. I think that they made. But I think with the correct decision Jacoby Ellsbury a year ago whether they make the right decision if they left Lester walked this year will be determined. I think he's gonna get more money more years more everything somewhere else. Now if we add the -- -- part of the whole thing in here he's out. Is -- I thought it wise up until a couple of days ago. Our information while not hunt I don't know he's now saying. He wants two years somewhere else but he's willing to sign a one year deal to stay here. I think that the and and let it. Logically it sort of makes sense he was here three year moved his family here kids are here in school here. All that stuff so he -- a one year deal here he's getting two years in Boston. If he's gonna uproot everybody and move them somewhere else that he wants to -- deal. You know I attribute to both going to be here and and by the way the big kids in school. Things may have more to me because I don't of that trap. With Billy -- I I was convinced that Billy guarantees will bring avenues. Mom and dad would drive any go to all the games local guy and why would he leave we go to Dallas that strike quickly and arms and and that put my face. I think he's gonna stay here because this is that a good fit for him it works for him. And -- wanna stay here Lester that the conventional reasoning seems to be slam dunk opening day New York Yankees you that that's that's a fat. I don't quiet because it the Red Sox -- stop the present they overrated prospects we keep hearing about this guy that -- but it's not like they have. All these pictures that are I know they had pitches that everyone raves about but they don't have a number one come along fans. -- you ought to love me. Fans of serious literature surely remember 88 by Johnny Damon. Use the spiritual leader of the 2004 Sox city couldn't envision playing anywhere else especially the Yankees. Putt. He signed a deal with the Yankees after 2005 season. So it really paid for it. Four year realistically right yet I think they -- and they they truly miss him. For a year. -- very 2007 so many baby here to have because or even almost two years because Ellsbury got hot. During the postseason. Noted that really haunt them is what they're away because of Pitt Johnny Damon and -- very on the same thing. -- one would have had to switch positions obviously you're. Yeah because Ellsbury played left field -- seven world RS. All -- great catch in the ninth inning game for all but obviously different -- very when you can imagine Ellsbury play left field I just think about the Mike Cameron put that. But obviously is the issue there by that time he had been established center fielder. And he was -- his position was being taken away. If if he has settled in left field from the very beginning he wouldn't have -- -- I say cash today. The suddenly complain about that if they if they said hey we just signed Johnny Damon you gonna be elected. You left fielder -- but you know Johnny Damon going there -- and a after it happens to. People like you Steve Buckley here at the -- you. The fans are pretty consistent on that. Fans when they booed -- game. They're -- him for things yankees. And they were going him for going back on his words. He was a guy who wrote the and we just alluded to he's the guy who wrote the book light beam me up when it was right -- could happen to agree with him of their art art art. I thought you were thought she did put -- a -- of I -- I can't fight it out talk our targets on the government's not might might it detection and I've thought about yet you're like -- why would they don't -- and ran all. Things ahead for those already sharply in full swing -- -- let me just in one sentence. People -- tickets and support the product and TV and radio every right to bullet here. Who ever they want. And I don't like it was immediate people who don't buy tickets felt they were over stands at six. This is so you -- -- here that's one might that -- -- -- what it okay for me to criticize them if they do know lots of lights out I disagree. And Adam. Adam Vinatieri gets booted Cilic state yet with -- Except for the people bought their tickets I disagree with them out all that but you disagree with the France Boeing Johnny Damon because what I don't know I I'm I'm. I'm saying there instance our friends exercise their appropriate free speech rights and my free speech rights are that I can disagree with the fan to do that. Think it's ridiculous that Adam Vinatieri gets voted to remedy the issue is the it's funny -- Johnny Damon and -- belabor the point Johnny Damon. Sign the Yankees is they offer more money than I thought. And Pedro. Left for more money with the New York Mets comes back in a Mets uniform get to standing ovation. And if wasn't about Johnny Damon it was and about Pedro Martinez was about the yank the arguments no question -- -- Almost seven years ago today Danny Ainge finished off a tree which ensured that Kevin Garnett. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen will be teammates they won a title together and also developed a collective rivalry against LeBron James well. Until -- took less money than Boston was offering to play with. LeBron James. Well. Were they ever talk again -- notable I think I think Ray Allen I don't think those two kids are gonna work things -- -- -- it's not that he gets what he went to Miami that's not. They went to Miami you're sort last month -- -- things yes Andre you you don't really have much to say you guys do yet. If he takes less money to go somewhere I mean everybody talks about chase in the -- is Jarome Iginla gonna chase that the blocker is he gonna you know give himself a chance to win. If the man takes less money to go to Miami -- that you can say oh you hated us that much. That you took less money to leave it with you that much but can't you make that argument. If we are hated -- scored Boston fans I certainly never read yet I don't got that impression on. I think this was simply giving KG -- little thing. What note not when he left when he left it was Rondo -- -- like Rondo was there was some what was what Rondo -- Rondo and then -- he had we have some issues with doctor. So. He decided rig a little pricy but all that stuff yeah -- -- like god you don't like hearing his name and trade rumors -- -- -- like going in that. Win a series it was if there was there was that period there. Where he his his contract was up in the air and all the sudden scored seventy points a game and missed the best by three feet. And then he gets the -- thing he's not gonna get traded and home stuff like that up again. Why don't regular striking. I don't know I don't know I don't know I think he's thinking up what what I'm saying is that it apparent that that you can put that's the -- you -- bring an MBA and fill up and. And lastly the eighteenth -- question of the day. Wes Welker and Tom Brady and a romance on and off the field last caught most of -- passes and -- it was vacation together in the off season. When Brady took a below market deal 2000 their team seemed obvious that a new contract -- was in the works that is and to at least toe tapping for Peyton Manning. -- House -- has been their best foot forward and -- -- to stick your toe in the water you get your foot up in the -- and went about their industry's best foot forward -- great -- we've had some younger players through some of this here and you know his -- -- but he's an -- because Griffey hit his very best of Florida there and -- -- -- happen just -- as confident and being the funerals of soldiers. You definitely have to be on your toes. Or you know -- that might actually have been the beginning of the end are -- perfect got a lot. Predict what ago and that he got punished or effort to create any got Bartlett thought it was so juvenile. Of course on his mark. You are thought after -- Especially after he had been told specifically don't do not not just him -- everybody's it was like really didn't tell me juvenile things are funny. -- things juvenile I I -- let me read grownups I didn't think that was morning. About it was dumb stupid sophomoric and debatable but the park. I said then I'll say it now -- say Steve it was humid it was and it was well you'll start to come out. The -- that during -- Larry I'm pretty resilient attain that then that yes I am but that but that was the beginning of the yet. He did it they'll punish them I didn't exactly slap them around here meaning he sat up for a series. But he punished there. And if you could just see the whole relationship deteriorate from that moment on I'm not sure that they and other conflicts prior to that. But that was the one we went oh boy this is not good. And as far as being easily entertained the course of red circled for twenty years of course -- I had a very -- But you don't you think you think this is one of those things. -- still bothers Brady a little bit -- a look at the offseason. What they do in terms of the terms of weapons they added Brandon fell. A matter that the major they brought back Julian settlement and they adequate and the felt you wanna talk about. Skill players. It's really. About the same as it was last year. If you the only thing you can do -- break on the improvement of Dobson -- on the bank on the improvement Tompkins. And voice. They didn't really give them. It's not like hey Tom. -- -- US solid and we always know the Welker out what you guys we'll get we'll give you the next Wes Welker. Didn't happen. -- says hey I wasn't been -- spent. There weren't jumping and as you -- -- you're not celebrating last night after the -- -- win. The Diaz and sobered up yet I mean that's that's Holland is does not -- all the heel so and so it. The younger and goes out last thing he probably did I left you guys so. -- was. At the -- for a little bit. Michael had just -- Just wondering. It's a couple more and he didn't show up to work and a couple more and not her problem. It's that I'm -- some -- -- -- -- -- and we shouldn't be joking about has anybody heard from him to say I don't you heard from them today. Her net and it all -- -- he told me become an affiliate for. -- got some -- he told you before going out last night. -- you you found out a way it's Saturday or Sunday when it went to -- and say command. Last week he was little left that we think -- Yes you know I should check on different. Check -- -- -- wellness check I think he's all right well let's check -- -- 6177797937. When welcome back to the other side I'm gonna ask you guys achieving. I got into a little bit of a -- -- over the weekend with some of my followers about this about cheating in sports we'll see what you guys think when we come back after this.

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