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Diving! Flopping! Cheating? 6-30-14

Jul 1, 2014|

Alexi Lalas: "For me, diving is a skill. It's a tool." Dale disagrees strongly and brings up a great, debate: Drawing a flag for pass interference, NFL holding, flopping on a charge, trapping a baseball, swipe tags, framing a pitch. The guys (and the callers) try to identify cheating vs trying.

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For -- diving is a skill it's a tool that's good diving back diving. And it's no more cheating then two putting somebody or a professional -- holding somebody back at all those different things. I was -- lawless Iran. I respect the fact that he played the game at the highest level played. On the United States team in a couple of World Cup's but I just couldn't disagree with -- more Michael and I had this discussion a week or so ago. Early on in the World Cup about the whole idea of diving and I said it's cheating. And in my opinion it's it's just cheating it it is trying to get around the rules of the game if not the same as a physical mistake like -- was talking about. You hold a guy. On offensive lineman grabs the defensive linemen in front of him. He's not cheating he's trying to. Usher quarterback -- trying to draw a penalty off pass interference case or defensive back up does not hold you to that prevents you from from catching a pass. You miss it. Maybe just got to throw your hands up like you've been held like her arm was held down and you go to the efficiency of the. Charlie Black guy that's cheating it's cheating I'd go because because you know you did you know what didn't happen. Which who tried to buy the call like strapping a bomb baseball and you know you -- -- I -- and I as a student so what do you try to. You try to show the umpire that you have it -- you trapped. You're cheating yes really about the swipes at about how about a tag where you know the guy is. Or are you know the guy. Got the bag before you -- You just try to fool the other -- good example OK how about for -- date of capital balls better operating approach. But but when you do that's that you don't know what the call is going to be. Where you're trying to do trying to make it it's raining the pitches and the same army and -- it beats are something the public but what it -- eight trapping the ball. You know you didn't make the catch right -- the ball that the strike zone is entirely subjective I mean you can look it up on the rule book but everyone has their own strikes. So before the cause even made you're trying to you're trying to give the umpire every single reason to call that ball strike. But a blah blah but you trapped it and jump up in the air mean -- it's it's me it's different game revolutions. That's what you -- you have to -- to question trying to get an official or an umpire -- by. An illusion that your putting out there and whether he buys that are not. Sometimes I will determine a game but it happens in all sports all the time. You had a situation yesterday where the Netherlands beat Mexico. On a penalty kick in the 94 minute on a blatant -- I -- Robbins from the Netherlands actually apologized for diving earlier in the game. He -- I apologize that was wrong of me I shouldn't -- done that but that was really a foul in the 94 minute of the game. You look at it and you saying it's it's obviously a flop. It's like that Dwyane Wade played an ice ice where the Dwyane Wade flop against San Antonio was the only thing that kept that. From being a four game sweep it was it was it was cheating he knew. That the guy didn't hit them but. Base it got to me that's chief. And in the same way what I and Robin did for the Netherlands not only did he cheat. He moved his team on and Mexico home by cheating in the 94 minute. I think the only the only sport that I can think of where you can see on national TV. This is assuming that you have an injected yourself with some -- cocktail in baseball. Or football hockey mask is obviously thought about it for that matter right -- the only the only sport that. You can you can cheat. As you're playing it out there. Is perhaps -- But even now when you do that on TV somebody will call and say -- Niedermayer will get I happened to our well they're calling what happens at a time. I don't think I'm trying to think of a scenario. In baseball. Or basketball basketball you -- it to flop and I don't consider flopping cheating. It's a distraction to annoying. You trying to sell something the officials don't have to buy it. How can you sheet. In basketball as a player. In -- -- I don't think I had a little Dwyane Wade did is is how he -- some I don't think that's cheating you think he's trying to. It's a fine line between. Drawing a charge. And flopping. Drug charges not the same thing as flaw sometimes with a -- guys got exaggerated. And and when I read on an exaggerated and there's a difference for me then and -- brought drawing a charge and doing what Dwyane Wade did. Where you know he knows the refereed behind him -- -- Mike got my head he flopped that he absolutely -- there. It -- chicken seems a little harsh. -- for what that is and Mexico doesn't think it's arched an and then also guys -- like trapping the ball really c'mon you really believe that Barack you believe that. But if if an outfielder trying to taxable. Any traps. Me hold his hand up wells glove as he caught it. He has he cheated in a minute I'm not be bringing down on the moral and on the guy. If I was in that situation to the exact same thing if I'm playing left field for the Red Sox and I dived for a ball and the ball. Takes a short hop in in my glove and a jump up and trying to sell. So I am not a problem that but it but in the end is -- of course. I don't I mean we would like -- -- it about this it's doing -- keeps and that. To be -- that's when did you and you you like nothing's debate about it. Only if the very Europe point Ramadan -- -- down our throat but you know negotiating -- I don't. What else I don't think it's cheating and this probably is cheating I don't think it is in baseball. It has accepted policy. We look across there. At that third base coach. -- to figure out the signs what are resigns. Yeah I actually don't think that's leaders links -- not shooting and on you don't if you you can really don't know if you can beat your route what he's doing. If he's not Smart enough to change things up if if my goat cheese every time he touches -- L ball the runner at first takes off. Why would not -- nobody that I if you wanna do that gentlemanly thing it's all about the integrity of trying to game the right way. What it takes something that doesn't belong to you that's feeling I don't think it's -- I don't either. If at all battery -- agree about it it's all part of all the things that happen on the field that you say be smarter about it you're putting it on someone else. Hey if you're not Smart enough to. Their camouflage or signs shame on you that full well it well if you're an umpire and you're not Smart enough to understand what happen if you're not think that Dwyane Wade did have done your homework you don't know the Dwyane Wade is the proper. And manager notably the whopper. And that big baby Davis is a flop and all these guys in the league. Oh flop all the time if you don't know better than an -- one. It's not the players players are always gonna get and it all always. Players and every sport competitive great players every it would reward guy always try to get and what it's a guy flops. Annually -- merely in the neighborhood. You just happen to be -- near the guy did as a great YouTube via their vital player. And but but out what we've -- guys -- where the guy was big but -- it was barely touched. Any flops and whose fault is that officials on for a while that's an entirely different that is a direct question again and you're right about the official actually right. Although I'll say this it's impossible in my opinion -- single official to cover the size of a soccer field at the speed that these guys are traveling. It's just impossible at this point. -- -- -- you just can't be -- At that point in the game -- it will win the 21 century technology we got great technology all over the world. This if that's the ninetieth minute. 91 minute and you think you saw flop -- changed the game. I go ahead and call it. And then you go to the replay and you will see. You make sure. That you saw what you thought you saw at that point in the game I think I mean that set out that the guy at Foxboro always says do your job. So if you are if you're Tom Brady for the patriots appear to -- again if -- -- trees Bergeron. It if you're Dustin Pedroia. David Ortiz. You're gonna do your job but you're not trying to do the job of the umpire or the official or the of the official of the -- you're trying to -- your own business and sometimes that means. You're trying to get a -- Michael is Yunel -- I'm a fan of World Cup I've I've enjoyed I've watched virtually parts or all of every single game that's been played so far I like. But I can understand why there are certain American soccer fans are our American sports fans were trying to give it a fair shake. And look at the flopping and diving in the rolling around in the holding of the head in the -- and being carted off on the stretcher. And not get to the sideline before you hop off the stretcher and run back out on the field. I can see where that drives American sports fans a little crazy too. And by the way the flopping Michael and hockey. And Indian soccer. Is in the end it's still subjective whereas the center field the L field and who clearly traps apparel that's -- -- by that he's got to be but it. When the game is over and everyone's seen the replay and he's talking to reporters. Is no wiggle room there because everyone's seen the replay clearly trapped the ball. Where is the flopping you can only say while you know you didn't see the angle where he cut me -- just -- you know blah blah blah. You can win -- out of that you can't win who wiggle your way out of attracted to Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter -- 1996. Feet. And now Brian. He probably knows when Joseph Torre. The great oratory. He may have cheated -- he knows. Some help the problem. Well yet but with -- -- and Baltimore I I could you talk about it that -- which one either judge Jeffrey -- yet they were able to benefit from that they -- well. Would dictate what they know from where they are. That it wasn't a home run. No replay well struck by replay but by then the placement decide -- -- home to limit shouldn't Joseph Torre in the media market of the country number one media market in the country come out. The next and say hey guys. I got that idea we won that game but we didn't deserve it we cheated. Derek Jeter. Did not hit that home run that should not have been called home. -- not I was at this series and I don't remember what Joseph Torre said. And -- say I know -- say that I remember. Richie Garcia. Depending it. And in fact he he did some hello Ritchie -- really -- What did you -- -- zone though he was signing autograph to the next day program and it it it didn't look at that and by the way. Jeff Freeman went on having a stellar career at Trinity College in baseball was all time -- leader. And we invited in the Plano old time baseball game a year but. Why don't you get a -- to report that little -- and Q. Six why have any lives in Boston. It is in Burlington probably listening to us now now what thinking nobody's ever gonna bring in my name on Sports Radio Boston again 6177797937. I like the game I loved the tournament. I have to admit that you know as say. Red blooded American drives me nuts in the same way when -- case -- -- -- Flopping around in diving it drives me nuts yes when Brad marsh and does it it drives me nuts. Michael doesn't think it's it's quite as bad as I do in terms of I just think. Faking an injury pretending that someone follow you when they didn't to me is cheating but maybe you guys think differently diving is a skill -- Please Alexi might -- Westport you're next on Sports Radio Dele Ali. Driving is the bill now it is about to ask a -- Something. On a diet. Anyway Arnold being sarcastic and not -- well -- what did. I'm kind of what you feel like. I actually probably more soccer and you go. I started to that is he came to my friend even though on it and lagging it and eight swapping and I don't you think I'm back at -- where it really is that the and that are not. I honestly think spotlight game. Nothing catch on and -- I don't know I I don't think that's. Why do you honestly and then maybe it it's happening for you might. Do you honestly believe that people are saying no I won't watch it because they dive. Not at least I've looked at this perception that like a sit sees all the general. I'll soccer. Or you know how. What it all the -- lately we've all pockets where. -- that they're there. That mentality I think that the flopping and -- and auditing in an Indy on the ground -- you'll your ankle. Eased into it or. Gary when he's got these guys look like they need the needs -- -- medical attending Angeles immediately when the New York Giants. Pretended to be injured to slow down the patriots. No huddle was that cheating -- Now. They're more hurt they got a heart hurt. Patriots knew they weren't hurt and it that they were pretend that if he turns as -- 07 yet. Let's just like the cheating super bowl of the patriots you know the patriots. Were watching -- they are they cheated first they're watching their sidelines. They were the asterisk patriot Oakley is underworld the gala Perry to. Assistant for a dinner -- He did and he got away with it absolutely did. He did. He was he was doing things. OK there was a rule book all women Dolly is just trying to get an advantage over Sharia it was just that this is a Gaylord Perry was not. -- Gaylord Perry was not just trying to get it in the event has beyond games because I don't know get ahead I know there -- a lot of things when you put on your putting your baseball uniform. I don't their lot of things that are part of uniform opened sand paper. There is a part of it it's so he was doing all sorts of things trying to scratch scratch right up the baseball that. -- -- -- grow up big with the -- -- alternative real Honeycutt now that is an end guys putting it. -- that's super balls in the baseball. Any kind of nails Reggie Jackson's 29 on all that's up. -- out of cork in the bat that's I've tried. Your your mess the so it was corking the bad cheating but but -- who wrote rubbing Arab jelly here at I was -- petroleum are he had that was -- time -- 617779. It's a -- occur -- that the six 77797937. It's dale and -- and Steve -- bucks a third man and brought -- by Suffolk University passion it's a requirement not an elective.

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