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Theo Epstein on his relationship with the Red Sox 6-30-14

Jun 30, 2014|

Cubs President Theo Epstein joined the show to discuss his relationship with the Red Sox and the state of his Cubs.

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As -- for the final hour Dennis and Callahan on October 12 2011. You Epstein sign on to be the president of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs which means season midst of his third season with the cubs he joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning -- a long time OC how aria. Our Margaret -- America thanks for coming on I know there are some disappointed people thinking that this was going to be the -- reunion in Boston when -- cubs came to town but you're in Chicago. In your teams here in Boston. Yeah I'm disappointed. I would look to be there about. It's very very good reason. Hopefully. Hopefully all -- well and then I'll be back next are you sure you usually keep that right. Little personal letter that you saw is a very good thing. Very good things are right it's a -- obligation to say you. The only time you came back for the reunion for the 2014 which got a surprise me went to the dinner the night before but didn't go to the game the next there. Lot why is that do it is get back to work. -- -- we added we had a game the next day in Chicago land. You know the ceremonies of the players really don't know a little. Wanted to get beat him as good bachelorette. And John -- Larry do -- -- -- it was here the other front office about perfectly in Canada in there and under the radar. At a great time at the dinner is probably won't see all the all the players that Rome Madrid and -- -- -- this is the best high school reunion imaginable about it's on your memories than we we made our way around Austin that. Couple -- establishments and how to really get our it was perfect is a great car. They don't get any fences need to be men -- and if so have they been. You know I think it's just the way the way at all transaction weren't that I'm not so much. Be leaving because they got wrong was supportive of that been there for ten years it just to compensate and issue was so unusual. That it -- sighted Koppel beyond a unified that complicated and hearing on alert but. I think with the benefit -- time. That. That look better now than -- on this what they're happy to see each other -- Hey guys Theo you guys are in in the cellar again you've been in fifth place now for 45 years in a row. Are you is this a thinks on schedule are you supposed to be good ending this year. And this is just an off year panel at the Red Sox or are you is this just part of the rebuilding plan. Yeah and we've been very transpired. Since the beginning here that. We're gonna take. A big picture approach and -- at the right way and -- from the bottom up and there really wasn't much of it as a sort this there was a there was a really Major League. Primate -- talent here. Nor much of our system anomaly got here. Particular big picture but yet you are called rebuilding that's fine and and we -- -- it known that the hard thing to do a big market and we've got to be transparent about it and actually you know. We played a lot better lately in the big league. We have the best record in -- national -- for -- -- there. I think a couple days ago and then it you know bigger picture. The palpable in the health with the organization really -- and we. We went from like a bottom pot farms and so the second -- farm system director of the -- next here. We've got a couple point four year old all star caliber players and so Castro and if it is as though having great seasons are going to be. I'm still pretty prime minister permit players on in the rest -- our players -- out here. And produce look I don't know a mode where over the next year to. Where are set to explode as an organization that is pretty good chance that we. Russian on consciousness and they're pretty good position -- or young power and resources available. The I don't know if you spent any amount of your time -- and happy years there -- looking back to prior to the those arrival there. But if you have have you seen any connecting thread. That -- systemically keeping baseball from being successful there why it's elusive and -- was it resources was it Scotty was an organizational. And it and I guess that's it I -- have you identified. What you're looking for. To an extent does that no I mean does just as the Boston. 36 years as hard to pinpoint any one bank. But but at that time by. By eliminating some of the distractions and focusing only on you know. How we can assemble -- the character of the players that we need to stumble we made some progress eliminating. Folks on the Yankee limited focus on the next newspapers. And in Chicago. -- somewhere I think we can you can really move forward just let folks you know what we're doing the street talk about the -- way and being proud of who we aren't developing a really close our arms. Morality great -- -- -- crowd because it certainly. You know this has been -- cent over the years there that no matter whether he wins who loses. People -- a really guitar ever really feel you know there's billions and is -- a lot going on besides the outcome of the game itself and fancier sort of entirely optimistic I don't think there's been the but hadn't been. Been bombarded out here where wedding you know winning is the only thing and so we're trying to get back that voters are you more power that are this yet. Is that a good thing or a bad thing talk about the appetite in the stands vs how probably feels in Boston. That it's both I mean I think it in our fans wanna win that goes -- in the wrong but I think. I think the fact that there is you know inherently. So optimistic had a great time at the game they're passionate about the because there it is it is a person law helps. Providers and industry sources even through. Long period of club not playing well we dropped tremendously well -- -- -- an accent will give well there is looking for something to get excited about and we could be in the middle without fault and that we. Pick one night possible player when one good ballgame. Greatly -- the losses so it's. This certain days put this it's a great thing I think but the concern that the Cuban baseball and it desperately deserved winner here or -- targeted mark. They Theo -- Sorenson and with the guys -- I don't wanna be that skunk at the lawn party and bring up a negative light. Did you read Terry Francona is -- and how did you feel you you have betrayed and that. I end up Internet reading you know and hospital -- there a thought. A pop -- they're fine now that a complaint about. I was prepared there were some. You know there are some behind the scenes stuff that the big picture that is as their currency by. Well it was Ottawa so I thought something about it. And this kind of a consensus here that. Tito kind of sugar coated thinks he sort of said all we had some disagreements but people kind of have suggested it was. It was a lot uglier than he retreated towards the end there. But overall in 2011. I yeah -- -- -- -- kind of what happened with your relationship to take him people kind of say to our breakdown in the and he portrayed. Not in my relationship with deal. Was great and -- grade and obviously you know 2011 when he goes through. We go through you know one of the the worst stretches in baseball history on the field as if it stresses thing that they either one of them neither one of hustle back on the years. Other bet on or off the field by that we mean to me to answer it and kept talking about it and particulars. Are not truly time we've both been mark on the ten years in majors and you contrast. Both -- you know both individually to ourselves in that position -- -- -- you surround -- this challenge and stimulated by that intensity organization -- it. It deserves some fresh blood at -- in an editorial but not to go to our firepower we're expecting yesterday. About something funny and we get along great. A -- Boston a 3844. Says they're not ready to consider the selling mode yet for six games out of Inca may be little but less -- wildcard. At 34 and 46 are the cubs ready to admit that they're gonna be in the selling mode when July rules around. Thought you had already put it is read here we. Really love to win it helped senator -- sent -- twelve enforce our way back in this thing but. At the same time you know we the last two seasons we've. We've made some. Some progress and in their minor league systems but being realistic about where we work we don't to a storm our way back into it. There is there's the potential that we would take him. Shorter amount that you know -- contract there due to expire soon and convert them into a larger -- that will really help the young players but. You know until you get that they get right to that point. He focuses on winning that night in regard to insert somewhere and get really hot. You know better than anyone what it's like to be and then chair and concede. How hard will it be for -- to sell to admit. That they're not gonna contend this year and deal Koji maybe even deal and Jon Lester is that a tough thing to do. I think it would be -- it would be a tough thing to do at any point just because that would mean you know. The reality of -- At this point -- -- up until that point I don't care if you look at the rest of the American League east. Nobody's writing where the division I also thought the division lost fifteen of the last two sorts it's. It's wide open and there's still a lot of talent boxer and hopefully. We will Putin a young talent here is that coming up and Fortis now they can get the momentum in terms -- -- around let you know would be. Incredibly art institute I think that one sentence. -- is. You know is. Is real of them. -- reasonableness and there is. Honestly. Or -- inside and outside the organization so I doubt -- ever get out or I hope it doesn't. But no matter the situation -- the most secular pragmatic approach to the right thing for the into the sand in the big picture. What are we hear so much about some margin of possibly being moved. Has them just look at his contract and you own them another year and a half. Yeah I think you hear a lot about them in the immediate relief. You know remember the story is great football player actually is rumored to have bad enough. Possible patriots record around tech I think -- that was look at our -- at the time that. An upside in the big contract with the got spoiled in the bullpen for years and -- years ago. Actually first time I met him there and starter which negated a cat but -- -- -- it is unbelievable sense. That he's done. He would control -- -- at -- activate the read here trade. A lot of one about commodities based flaws and young starting pitcher fresh arm the you know is this contract does not in Iraq about right at the time we might be starting an excellent on to -- the timing has overlapped but we may. The real effort to extend them and certainly be open. The -- you know you might see your name on almost -- When you put the clause and Jon -- his contract that if he had the elbow surgery that the play for a one year at the end for 500 grand. Did you think he would end up playing one year for 500 -- was that just kind of protection for the club I mean you expect -- Yeah yeah I don't wanna get into that too much Cyrus record on in the -- there and you know you're not a between those two parties -- There is the solution is that the news in this solution came up who is the deal -- This is represented itself but -- that time and the firing at all parties agreed to let. How it manifesto forward you know I really don't in the. -- problem. Could our problem -- -- 500000 dollar in South America together. Optic problem like if the -- -- -- well -- Kolb or clubs should Red Sox fans keep their eye on in the next three games here it that way. Well. Yet you know we got a mentioned earlier though Castro. You know -- too young players that baker going to be. Part of a cork. Over turn this thing around Castro. A real rusty a -- here we bounce back. Grandma got all of the ballpark is an exciting offensive players as putting tools at shortstop. And it even though that we drafted back in -- -- -- if you're you know than be traded for. The first betrayed them Malia -- here in Chicago he's really blossoming and you think about where the familiar my apparently did in Portland and easily double or the Red Sox. Also a bit of rupture last year -- -- hit -- power getting on base and playing great defense the starter tonight. The other trip last year at Baltimore so he kept fighting currently at the Red Sox that he really picked us up -- his development as strong like a Turkish got -- on a lot. EO hands down the -- this movie you ever made was trade Nomar in the in the middle at 2004. Until. You hired Niedermayer historically the future of the cubs. -- Walk walk us through the attic as everyone of us see if things he's teaches them how not to -- ground balls and had -- -- -- nano whatever. Oh no no actually debt that's why get oracle than others like that that -- and I unsolicited. You know this morning from. Our manager down and in rookie ball ordinary Lester if you or -- the triple A and he panders auditing and other how great an excellent read was values that -- -- is out there. Said he sort of first got to the park every day or so without the blue that is not a talk to them openly. About. Follow him on the field and not fall off the field because he did something they liked that he has lost some estimate. And it was a great role model and -- and -- is Larry AAA and I've actually heard the same thing in the back there so -- -- could mean any. He immediately problems the united on prize you know. -- -- -- and busted and you're responsible for mostly gray hairs on my head. I'm delighted it's not something that we entered into lightly. Armed people do you change. And talked a lot and then he he seem like a completely different. There's -- -- -- a lot of people who are commenting on the basis. He's just a completely different person now he's wrong for the better you know open and honest all the mistakes it made in the past and he wants such. You lost six that being under the influence on our young players and making sure that don't make the same stakes on battered she shouldn't. No harder worker. And look you know he can go is because Bernie and then we release of mine it was those are finally are but I don't think that's gonna happen I think if you got one of our. Very -- young hitters in the organization. Better understand that Angela -- breaking ball better. Understand how to maintain Communists in the -- comments in the box. It'll be worth it and and and then you know help one terrible mistake off the field by using as an example there will be where. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it's a busy -- -- got a lot of other things -- your -- thank you for taking a few minutes and visiting with -- good luck with your situation -- things will be just great and congratulations. Thank our captain they're the team with Dennis and Callahan.

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