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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: BET awards 6-30-14

Jun 30, 2014|

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Headlines. Pot intro here shouldn't -- And thank you for not having me do it it would be like. You know it's a special -- to be able to do this -- it's an honor and a privilege really -- on the flight attendant steadily and the the -- Josh I think I'm glad I don't muddle through and it was actually better at than -- man -- Toma said -- let's bring about that -- -- don't have a night. -- -- -- -- As the pitching coach continue to come out to the -- Yankee Stadium. You switch over to the B of course is take time yes yes actually I -- -- most of -- don't tell me one I'm gonna watch tonight I'm sorry -- volatile -- are only -- I -- -- number do I -- pools going and everything so I still don't know who came -- -- not -- candidate for huge on where -- I am not in the watched -- report. Because I can't help myself -- so good good -- and I can't help but I wrote that he doesn't want to that night I watched the next pass yeah yeah I'm gonna try not to watch it even on the Red Sox can Sox probably well. The cubs though. Cubs and SPV that'll be fine. Allow me to win it's -- by the way we'll get to see we are the only chance have a trade peavy again and informative some National League team thinks he's in National League aren't. Will find out tonight. A Wii does against the worst line up in the National League the obese got. He doesn't need. You know guys in the last year of the contract I am sure other Nash league teams will kick the ties if he goes out there and twirls a beauty to the cubs are headlines by the. Is brought you by AT&T. They cover more than 99% of all Americans are building a better network all right spoiler alert. If you DVR the 2014 BET awards -- -- gonna. At the sport. Female R&B. Pop artist winner is the no brainer the street when the Oscars beyoncé. In male R&B male R&B pop artist. But he got multiple. -- William Ralph -- bing bing bing. We wanna hear that gap between black and win these I think it helps yes oh yes yes. It definitely -- -- -- goes out my treatment for. -- cannot win a BI you guys talk about that yeah he's Italian senate process. On cycled went -- a lane and and her boyfriend like always like but how they Oreo mixed race couple. As she thought he was black and he thought she was like Hispanic an Internet -- -- so they just broke up. That's Mike three -- looks like yeah yeah yeah I'm like this on. Sounds fantastic when it when you first start -- -- to be the -- kind of on the spring and summer. It goes on exactly like this. For about 45 minutes ahead of the longer than free -- Yeah okay. You -- do not like the song no Jon no it doesn't stop it doesn't change there is no -- no gray area no. There is no bridge to what it just goes on like this but for ever. If they want drunken level beyond that featured cheesy that's the operation award winner. I'm -- love. Drunken love the appellate one home at the arsenal area well and they did -- the grammys it was a pretty drunken love. Male hip hop artist Drake beam up get our pop artist and keep an Irish. And who would you give the lifetime achievement award to get to this guy in a minute John Denver. I don't know if not do they not get the -- that it ought to be totally. But it sure he was nominated I think you know lifetimes over anyway and that's good points and at. Bill Cosby Bill Cosby you know not know the singer. Nancy Russell it it it. That he's gone to as the thickness. The answer is -- it. Smokey Robinson loves. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- since his last song was. Was like 35 years ago it's like economy resting on his laurels it's been elected I'm not I will not like you guys a wild -- at a at a bar if you can picture that. As -- sold short and smoking jacket shout out to those guys and -- bar -- fans and they brought me up on stage Anderson let's just pick a song and I saying this with. I -- all my longest guys you have sort of like karaoke don't eat it you -- memorized yeah. How did not the -- was there was no escaping the -- want to sing along with one. The music up. I'm not nearly and I don't -- nearly enough fluids in me they have a -- elevated. Way to fitness and out all of the other -- -- him. -- following box office numbers 54321. Over the weekend which ones do you want to seek an indictment. He's got to get to number one out of the well now let's it was transform -- transformers aged ex pension one. And one million I want all weekend yet that. Is I hate the transformer movies all of them talk I don't understand them I don't know one machine from the next and and this looks awful. I got to review -- a movie right here it was in The Herald. I'm James that theory. Yes this is the first line of the review for transformers age of extinction apparently not many of the movie goes red -- Two hours and 45 minutes of staying at -- quote god. Period. If you rate -- pay your hard earned money or probably more accurately your parent starter money. To spend nearly three I was watching rock them sock them robots. Stop reading this at once. In the goes it just -- it to shreds. This is this is Mark Wahlberg first right. Burst transformers and yes. James and racism like -- best director Michael but one question he would be. Like it Jamaica better movie at the end I wish I could make a citizen's arrest. Assault with a -- to board did agree except I thought I take it he didn't like it. Diagnosis it's it was quicker it was over quicker than the -- such a -- hit a four. By not by as a good 45 an hour. 00 boy oh yeah almost an hour -- -- one number one is transformers age of extinction 100 million bucks can you -- should -- -- one other. Of these top five. End of tomorrow or -- out there tomorrow no. Old age of extinction is the transformers and clearly tomorrow's not in the top five on a war that Tom Cruise wanted to that they -- electoral -- -- incessantly just bombing -- I always look at the stop -- this is in the summer of like no summer movies there's been nothing bad about jump street 22 -- okay your number two number two to white to jump street. -- -- point four million. How to train your dragon number three okay her thirteen million good -- like a man to. Ten point four. I have to wait and see 11 and got us a lot of subtle do want to show Imus left us an eight point 2300. A lot of he needs these. And I I loved. Big stupid popcorn summer movies. But iso one transformers like right now it's cool it's at this toy and they turn -- into this is a confidence man -- replace. Shia LaBeouf the -- because he's not a guy he is all their -- buses don't run. It let it and you haven't adept pool right now he'd be my number one pick he's gonna follow the head Lindsay lol I see the photo fighting a homeless guy that's. Seven series like this is rated it excellent if you put this in the Alaska Republican analyst just dollars -- his -- faction boxing stance like it is like -- is thumb against his nose like champ. -- What is wrong with that man in -- and he was passable in the trans the first transformers movie and even -- Michael Bay just. What's noise on screens -- solid stuff he's just trying to -- up every critic of America and in sell tickets -- like thirteen year old and guts and it's and it -- -- work at a hundred. Million dollars funny you should say what is wrong with that man that's what judge the coastal. -- -- -- Must park -- determined today in Johannesburg. South Africa. The murder trial on Oscar the Boingboing guys historians resumes today after one month. During which mental health experts evaluated the -- determine if he has an anxiety. Disorder. That could have influenced his actions that night. -- -- The assessment of the panel -- a state psychiatric hospital. Will determine whether the story should be held criminal responsible. And affect a judges' deliberations on a verdict or in the event of conviction the severity of the sentence -- this evaluation came after a shrink. Testified for the defense the historians. Who has said he feels vulnerable because of his disability. And long held worry about crime. Had an anxiety disorder that could have contributed to the killing in the early hours on Valentine's Day. He testified he opened fire after mistakenly thinking there was a dangerous intruder in the toilet. Didn't hold water and a month ago. The old one anxiety pixel ID. Well -- makes sense now so -- not yet know that up. You think -- you think Aaron Hernandez's lawyers will try that one he has that anxiety disorder brought about by is like pulled hamstring right from 2010 -- they're gonna get to that it's going to be just as desperate and so like any injuries or steroids. And us some. Up there must like Mary -- the 22 year old Bronx woman was run over by not one. Not two but three. Subway trains on Sunday morning. And walked away. With nothing more than they busted up shoulder she just laid there in the middle attacks she's Irish immigrant litigant -- name is Mary Downey. Miraculously avoided being crushed to death by three subway trains. After accidentally falling onto the tracks at Times Square station and quickly lying in the off. Between the the attracts. It just wasn't her time. A witness said. Authority said -- threefold brush with death came after she dropped at least dagger at. -- -- way -- -- -- a drunk guys driving the car never get hurt these sober guys in the past him to get killed ansari and an Irish immigrant. Was was drunk yeah and in New York City out new engine that. She was waiting on the platform -- toppled over and fell onto the tracks breaking her shoulder as -- northbound and train was approaching -- able to lift herself off the rails. -- apparently managed to position herself between the rails. As at least one of the train barreled over top of her. At one point appeared she may have been able to -- to the scale space between the platform and the tracks she was lucky enough to have it it looks like to west rolled to the side of the last. Or. Actually I felt elated about the long and not -- eaten by -- well she probably -- You know -- there. She's Bruce Willis and unbreakable not like seriously can't she should become like a superhero with three trains -- kill you what would hope does anybody any villain. Dozen people were stuck for hours on a ride at SeaWorld San Diego yesterday after a power failure. 46 writers and to SeaWorld employees were stuck on the sky tower ride. For four hours probably start our right you know not as the -- powers -- legal problems -- -- -- dropping well. 11 can only has sold right I mean all -- -- -- it is not moving a Bible but just sitting there -- for four hours -- don't -- -- -- -- back -- -- here. And at what SeaWorld was you going to look at whales like what is this guy's doubtful would officiate and yeah. And put the so let's take -- flying fish at the top of the -- -- the sky tower takes park visitors on an elevator ride. 320 feet into the air for panoramic views of the city and the coach. This is why whenever -- get into when -- closed the area with other people whether it's an elevator up -- whatever the first thing -- do with size up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean if you don't wanna eat some ugly guy beat him at all com. I this that I know circumstance that parts of a guy that I don't wanna I don't want to contemplate but a woman. I just I'm so comfortable up the list the BET awards for subway sportsman of the year and subway. Sports woman. Of the -- way the sub shop a sponsor tickets resolve it is Mary Downey should win this that the I had an idea a drop and roll it. Would you give the subway sports moment. Of the year to. Serena Williams very. That is correct she's probably one. For two would you give the subway sports man of the year they give it to LeBron LeBron I was gonna say -- at least half whites and -- for that probably true. They begin to close -- LeBron. That's it have injury correct okay brands Serena Williams. That's -- has brought to you by AT&T they cover more than ninety -- percent of all Americans building a better network. 6177797937. Phone lines open. We'll talk Red Sox will talk if you want to soccer at some point I would get into this very very disturbing case. Darren Sharper. I wanna ask patriot question of a patriot expert because that's really -- -- foreign thing yeah. He -- in on on baseball and basketball soccer but he's a football guy. Simple question okay. Is Darrelle Revis the best defensive player Belichick has ever coached in knowing all depth but will deal with that we come back.

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