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Stephen Drew gets an RBI! 6-30-14

Jun 30, 2014|

The guys discussed Stephen Drew's heroic RBI single.

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Rob all of the others this first major again. Bookie that's grounded to the left that second base in this matter fail. And extraneous the end of the cameras on mom and dad and his Fiat today in the stands. It's first made they get the Yankees are aware that they put the ball into the Red Sox -- and how's David Toms and it was very you know. Like you said it's not the main villain is filled with a record. Once it went through. Everything. Kind of went out the story now it's the same game. Is it that person or not the way you. He seems like a nice young man -- and seventy -- games. In double -- and triple which is like half the amount Bogart's played he was sort of rushed to the majors as well. But the first ones in the book at Iowa Jeter gave ball. And retrieve the ball going to be cheater like and the two million to about would give him the bottom here that Mike who's my that you could hear -- Napoli says he's an idiot and hit -- -- capitalist could do it. -- date date the -- Jeter's original contract when he signed it was true years before and will keep pets was born. Well so that's going to be a throw for -- right there to get regular in his final season. You know the last of his great generation yankees animal ball but not every guy concerned. -- and and Jeter has never played in the position of that shortstop which is pretty amazing as Red Sox Red Sox have only shortstop to play about a field. I mean guys like Brock called bookie -- -- play bridge. Positions they've never played before we should make a list should get on -- interns work on this list of all the Red Sox shortstop who played a regular season game at shortstop. Since Jeter broken with the Yankees world. -- hasn't. We know that no that's right he's at shortstop second baseman by trade -- everywhere else that came out of the bullpen the other night like catcher. That you ran out and buddies never chicken goat -- coming out to the mound now. It's just a soccer gold in an -- -- up -- this doesn't play the here's what I wanna know maybe I missed something in the smoky bets that was fun watching him play and watch and it is it to mom and Denton fiance who's hot yeah. What happens. Tomorrow and the next in the next and I -- there -- -- who played five days a week where. All over as a matter audible doesn't matter probably tonight where's your plan. Does anywhere he could pitch I don't know I don't know -- right field in Fenway. That should be interesting -- who's never played before playing right field and Fenway and I assume Bogart's gets to play again right. At some point yeah it's -- -- comes back we know by trade he's a third baseman eighties shortstop anymore. In his -- party still shortstop so he placed -- Shore. Where is holdco. Who the outfield where you feel. I think that this team just doesn't matter anymore to find just a broken me type situation -- -- left some paper called I would give them credit and trying to find it. This is the season of in crawl. That's why I just was wondering like who's gonna play where tonight you put him -- left you put anybody out now Auburn Gomes. Out. Senator. Brad got me I mean I I ever yeah I have it right this is before it would -- Before senator Reno even comes back it seems to me that they don't really have a place form but that's okay OP. Wins the job the -- man in America -- -- And you can't you got to find a place for him but unless someone gets hurt. I'm not sure sure workplace I. I think they suggest. Rotate every inning. Like the last leg I'd like I volleyball always slide over what position ya I -- seventh -- Western Europe you put it chart between innings and just say OK you're gonna move from from first of the laughter whatever -- that it has tried out just what the fat -- first. You know exotic tournament -- you can't catch you -- first is the most important position at that level of late I think of their their set there everybody else it's it's the you know Pedroia stays at second and nobody else matters anticipate as such if you would -- honesty don't you know. That you don't mess with Stephen Drew short he is a shortstop. He played short and all these -- shortstop slicked ball arts and -- they got a playoff field earned the only guy who you don't mess with. Guys. Derek Jeter Stephen Drew -- -- I have reversed myself from something I said philosophically. Last week and that is I have given up on what appear to be. Perceived launching points for the Boston Red Sox a dramatic walk off home run by David some sort of remarkable pitching performance by a lack of the case may be anything dramatic. And I kept it to myself -- this is the ignition maybe this is the spark maybe this is the launching point I gave up on that. And now got to reverse myself after seeing something dramatic as unexpected as remarkable. As what I am I hurt last night. And I read this morning in the paper and reentry and the prove that it actually happened we're gonna play the play by play. The Sox had two hits in the first inning and another two in the second when he pushed their first run across the plate Mike Napoli led things off by looping a double to left. AJ Pierzynski supply out wished -- at third and wait for he scored on Stephen. I lost that single where you were gone one because that to mean it was amazing what I think I did really seriously call bull Durham NC you'll never forget this yes there were kids in knowing that their babies sleep. Should take them out of the crib your -- -- up to the where were you when Stephen Drew a single scored Natalie -- went to my grandfather's grave -- -- -- -- -- but here's the problem for Stephen Drew. It's the start of the second half hour here so at the halfway point he had one RB I didn't so technically he's still on pace for to a every guy. The sees what he's got to keep up that pedal got that out of the way to divide the games they play he got that out of the way early -- get that but he's got two RBIs now out on the year is Roland. Playing line drive base hit into right field that'll bring in Napoli. He hit that one right on the button and a Red Sox lead at one little thing here in the second inning. Stephen Drew hit his second RBIs this season. It is I would have been right after you do -- you get the ball that was on us such a let's have to -- Robert in Connecticut before we take a break Robert undermined. Yeah I. Steal or. And they had a big. Get up on the soccer and hit yes and. Talking people was this. -- in my mind. How can people keep it seriously wouldn't. There are saying over 2%. Of immaculate. It was a very out well done very extensive piece done by real sports the Bryant Gumbel show on HBO. And they made the point that there's been no arrest there have been no accusations -- no allegations against World Cup players. But it is all over Europe it is all over the professional world of soccer where they buy off. Either the refereeing the goaltender in a particularly the one of those 24 or five guys on one team to blow game these -- can bet a thousand tons of money and win and it's in its widespread as you can possibly -- he's right. If -- percent of the games have been effective. You know they always argue that one of the great selling point of soccer's that it brings the world together well. Where in the world gets together it brings a lot of bad things you know the world got together and -- civil -- that work out -- I thought we expect that some of the issued -- Mexico coming. That that's -- not gonna. Mean it over this yet quickly yeah I mean this was devastated. Had a pretty -- free for England the day before at Brazil won that game in the shootout -- he had been at risk of popular funny. Shall I put at -- right yes yes but battling the terrible things that the world does his corruption his bribery days. Did this has murdered you get that Brazil warned everybody before about -- The that the cup began they had a little public service announcement to remind everyone that child prostitution is illegal. At a fresh and frowned upon because it's spikes every time general cup gets together now. Child prostitution doesn't spike when the Ryder Cup comes to town -- inaccurate and if so tell prostitution. To -- in joy and you know country. Except the experience and that's it. Take a break one I heard him say that that the Brazilian lost there was going to be trouble. I think EE SPN reporter yeah. The guy reported it probably suspension but they said in Brazil loses is going to be trouble like fires and rioting in isn't murder -- And for income may have made them. But the chances are Brazil's can lose some point -- -- -- so it's gonna get ugly although they it was Howard Webb Hollywood and yet they will be able. Brazil as the favorite by the way 321 favorite. -- twenty to one US news nine -- 114. Out of the sixteen worst odds 61777. Point 7937. I haven't -- me look at this list that is the list of Red Sox shortstop. Who played the position. While Jeter has mandate for the Yankees. Started 1995 -- I believe with Jeter rookie year. I -- buy new bull breakfast if you don't go online and look this up. Who the Red Sox shortstop ones. In 1995. When Derek Jeter began with the Yankees when we come argue sexually attracted to young boys underage boys. The most sexually attracted -- stage -- Sexually attracted.

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