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Mookie Betts with Joe & Dave after his debut in New York

Jun 30, 2014|

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I'm -- get your first hit your second at bat that played the full game in the red sex gotta win that tell us so what's driving your mind right now. Just. I'm stoked I'm happy you know be a part of the team. Knowing that -- my first win first being -- -- -- kind of not my first game so you know just is happy to be. That's have a beer smoking is gonna be the sweetest feeling in the world to get your folks were here your fiance is Syria obviously your family ever watching tonight. When that first base hit goes up the middle and you know it's a clean single and you felt that before but not the Major League game what was that like. I mean it was great you know. Like he says man the man who knows if they'll record. Once it went through. Everything. Kind of went out the story that and it's the same game. Is -- that person -- -- the way. How about playing here I mean this is. You know the cathedral of baseball Yankee Stadium. It's very you know with the yesterday I didn't get to play that I got this seat filled atmosphere you know of the everything out of guys. You know I think you know and then I was kind of able to. To use that for my advantage today. Smoking among some of the players made a Major League debuts in a Red Sox yankees game where Mickey Mantle Ted Williams. Whitey Ford -- give green Mo Vaughn and now you're on that list that's not a bad list. Blessed to be part of it at night not to -- what was the most nerve wracking part about tonight for you. Honestly. With a with a group of guys in this locker room they've they've made me. Somehow not sooners. I'm that you know they say is hopefully just hopefully you know we have Pedroia and Jonny Gomes then you form we have talked -- Yet they. They actually took some nerves away you know. My first -- back you have little. Alligators both have -- -- things now look you -- played two games in the minor -- in right field -- you start Yankee Stadium. What was your feelings being out there. I didn't really know what to fill in in triple A I just went out there and played. And you know something happen in that time talk about it being here you know you know you have that kind of time talk about it so happens that. The big league level so. But. You know with -- Arnie he told me go play the same thing and just to -- like. Movie who gets the baseball that's what I wanna know your first Major League hit obviously it's not sit back in. And you're gonna have been in your locker who gets -- feel. It's my mom the most amongst my first homer my first professional is. So -- I give to her and after that I Al have no idea words Obama were issued with the plethora of a year -- say Diana and she you have. Was a great athlete yeah offered a scholarship to Arkansas and your dad. He he went into service. But he. That I've heard from. Everybody will know by their city wasn't. About it he was he did everything you've been he's one of the greatest athletes in. Come through Kentucky -- which he played. I never got a chance to see it but what from what I've heard. His name is Willie and then tell us about your fiance. She's she's been. Honestly she's doing me every call up every cause he's been very next meets you know that he makes nobody is he. Takes and they're going from what you may -- from the Rihanna. From Middle Tennessee State and it's worked for she goes to school. You guys go back to high school together. Yes we actually with a little for the wow and -- the -- is so wonderful she could be here in. And your family. -- congratulations and we hope we have in the start of the game sure many many more times. This season in years to come but they're great to watch a play and I think you guys think would be.

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