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Mike Napoli with Joe & Dave after the win in New York

Jun 28, 2014|

Joe & Dave talked to the Sox first basemen, who hit a tie-breaking homer off Masahiro Tanaka in the ninth inning at Yankee Stadium.

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Mike and what a dramatic hit that was a 12 pitch at all it -- once weighing in on the game they tell us your approach to. Mess I was I was actually look for something you know in the hang a split finger is. All night Hughes whose thoughts me and I'll swing -- it mean to look so good and the bottom drops out of its. I'll just trying to stay short of off. -- got a pitch up and might did you think it detracted a bad it was gone and we -- not sure. Not to -- sure I kind of hit a line drive so. I was -- sure Al's run out boxed with you -- here and Yankee Stadium that the short porch over there you know use that chance yeah and that. 11 pitches devastate this letter yeah I mean. Later -- looks like it's gonna you know be at the bottom of the zone in the bottom falls out of -- so. He's tough and the other go there and a target soft enough and you try to throw somewhere. I got some that. He takes a complete game loss of the that you you know come and ended it would be that kind of game right between these two yeah I mean to your starters. Coach although -- did tonight was was no real. On a cutter inside the race you know makes -- a curve on you know working quickly enough that defense and him. But just a great game for us and David Ross is not only with the home run what a huge play throwing out. Guarded trying to steal because the next two hitters followed with base sets yeah I mean Rasual is a good job when -- factor. We got to pitch again and moved to throw him. Consider too much from -- And like finally a Pedroia was three here it's poppy has a W hit the game winning home run. Do you feel like if it's gonna start a run of offense it's gonna start would -- three guys in particular yeah we knew we need to get to go on the middle a lot of it's some trying to some early runs for our pitchers haven't done a good job -- That takes them pressure off them. We got to get Rowland feet he'd had a good night and you know hopefully period over the -- Mike thanks very much -- some -- are things that.

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