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Three For All: Drunken excursions causes a boat to crash into LaGuardia Airport runway, 6-27-14

Jun 27, 2014|

A late-night drunken threesome on a boat creates a terrorist concern. Apparently the Port Authority was no longer allowed to have its patrol boat patrolling the area at night, so when it was discovered that the wrecked boat went unnoticed for over an hour, it was pointed out that ANY BOAT, domestic or foreign, could have hidden without detection, leaving airplanes vulnerable to attacks!

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled -- Renaissance man who thinks he's three for -- -- -- number three is our country threes overall picture. It 834 wrong dvds with MFD. It's always gracious favorite segment of the show is free for all we can find random observations from across the world that usually have got to do with sports sometimes basically Goldberg source sports culture but Christian. I don't think there's -- to suggest that this first one does. Well this is Barbara for a brief brought -- we -- we had a couple guys and a girl. Who got drunk on a boat. Having -- threesome. And crashed. In there one way at LaGuardia Airport in New York City. Now so you get 51 year old captain the one years old -- yeah yes 51 years old and the other two -- sixty. So other lady was sixty the other guy with 62 guys a girl 5160. And sixty on a -- Yes of assert that the two dudes knew each other -- gone out and have a good time then get a little good little tipsy. And aside like you know to get low actionable sure enough. They're not paying attention. Two guys came out with the injuries and one person dead and and it quoted as there's a moral here the source told the post if you're feeling armor is a board vote. I suggest you drop your anchor before you drop your pants. So. It isn't like a little time it'll Foster Wheeler that -- -- good side I saw the photo of the voters pretty good size -- in fact it's big enough that when it crashed. Into the bridge that's near LaGuardia and it sort of perched itself off boards on one of the themes of the bridge still was stuck there. And it turned into a terrorist concern. Because. The Port Authority was no longer allowed to have -- patrol boat. Patrolling the area that night giving costs cut back up so the patrol boat doesn't go at night only goes on the daytime. This is like. Late in the evening. And the Port Authority so pissed -- is his boat just sat there for minutes at a time like half hour 45 minute there's an. -- -- -- -- -- These have been terrorist is doctor they're both they're trying to -- -- about the scarlet RPG. Since the recent turn into what terrorists are concerned that these three people got to come out of the -- like guns drawn like people on a vegan advocate terrorist attacker. And daddy Al Arab emirate -- the threesome here's here's my question his -- he Christian have you ever had a threesome. Audible out of vote no well I -- really easy out and vote no is that it was addressed that it was that clause it was. No here's the thing. And I have not by the way and I have crews have finished inside it it did it and I wasn't sure how I was eight points develop I would add to its service so many people don't win there's almost nobody left out a threesome. You know it's it's it goes to. We're going way it over where we should be going to make. It's like having intercourse and a shower but who gets the hot water on the back and who can they -- Okay it's that don't have lupus analyses of the loop but the medium like outdoor shower head now you're gonna get ought to be like that -- Put frankly to my next story. There's a false story or the ball source they're gonna it's gonna get in trouble on a fee you Michael do the same thing on -- -- from China. So two women and a man doubt emergency services after riding in a car that smashed into a tree. So three victims were trapped according to news out there -- job because they were having three -- and Hackett had been comport themselves in on or box or all -- Worn off and let's put this position as the upon impact cannot talk -- Sarasota car was parked yeah they're getting busy. And the girls foot hits the emergency brake and the car starts moving and that -- -- -- -- Just really wasn't recent brief brawl on yes -- they hit a tree enable us to get it in my big downhill must at this thing just domestic aren't so bad they couldn't move. So let's talk show up they're still actually got a naked. What -- -- worrisome want a couple of bolts what couple of them were able to get out of the car. And one was stuck in this silly -- 911 with their cellphone while they're in the car trapped and joy I think this made huge news in China to actually have the clip. From the Chinese news agency. One man and two women having sex in a car ended up crashing into a tree trying to is such a vast country that it's no surprise when some time. -- weird things happen. Last Wednesday morning to ladies and attitude waiting engaged in what French people called me not get off or like unit I know at that pretty self. Exciting car. That's actually the news -- like that Chinese version in English. Like I Yahoo! you know Yahoo! news agency. Yeah like DC -- -- text index of hoisting their GO precisely as the -- always translation we and he got. Kind of been so it over. This is this weird things happened yet it was the other one was another one this is pretty crazy imagine your suspicion yes. And -- tiger just jumps out of the water snatches you out of the boat I your neck and drag you into the water and your kids are sitting there watching it. Where where where does that -- -- I don't know it is and hopefully not as happened in India. So family via a father and his two kids are dishing -- -- -- fishing in India on a river in India and sure enough. But tiger jumped out of the water snatched up the father. Dragged it into the water and brought into a -- grow. Which of the -- what do -- group isn't sure but to Bush's. Off the side of the -- the name of the both the crash into the bridge in -- area he ever make it out I don't know he's dead so here's what here's what the -- says is that the tiger. Quickly -- my father on his back and gave a giant leap before disappearing into the forest. And his father was dragged away it was presumed dead. This is like I mean this is my best -- tiger was in the water definitely. -- -- the head and got to see it and write it -- like swimming and it's that -- pop up it's not like -- sit there one of those inner tubes and -- -- assuming they're doing to assist to survive. The other getting -- to dinner and lunch or crab fishing you know obviously a huge population out there so. So the tigers which there are a lot of -- or 200 tigers left. Included in the wild those people are venturing out bought it and they should come tiger look for lunch. I -- -- the story for you because literally. I think wrapped up in Dennis and Callahan discussion about the worst wind died yesterday. There really seem to affect you this the worst way to -- to get snatched out of the water by tiger in your eyes blog publish it I would say. Giddy at being stuck in the water and knowing that a shark is about to attack you for being excited that I would have before. Bitty bit -- Robert Shaw and jaws kicking at the shark and gaffe pops down out of the -- -- comes out of his mouth was awesome much -- dad's gonna matter anyways. But being attacked by tiger having them drag you off into the woods. And it added knowing that your kids are watching to imagine that he -- yeah. Politics today -- I don't pay great critical fixes aren't -- that this you know big article list -- that -- well. -- is right about it is that we now see the August break down the scenario a year. I don't think that take my children of the forest of India and a little behind Goldberg -- and if there was an area -- tigers swivel. Head on a swivel that would have again a -- which means that you're on tiger watch. Because I'm gonna bring out the lies not the -- -- to give -- the white whatever let me bring base in Albany Indiana jungle. With -- tigers. Head on a swivel as far as depth goes I think it's worse when I know it's -- drowning. So like data like OK I'm a -- -- by a shark Barry you -- eating you buried alive cynical and I'm dying I'm gonna died at bats. The quick thing if tiger Jack's favorite my throat out of debt. We have Heidi you know maybe doesn't get the jugular -- doesn't get this like main artery in your life just like suffering and he's just chewing on your delay. It's like that Wes Welker old spice commercial with the -- like eating in the lake brightest city regularly and it -- storm with no pain and body looking down all your nerves or severed -- tigers just not await your calf muscle. -- image and it. Gonna come up maybe -- over the quad muscle and maybe mitigate your actors are all Latvian in the about for the soft meetings attended. Another was the inner side by yourself upset last time Douby under a pile getting the most sensitive here not necessarily immediate. Sox. What we come back and water -- out for Christians real concern is when he tries to advance a point in this program that nobody else agrees with crazy people come out and agree with him that seems to be a pattern that we've evolved into on the shelf. Christian advanced a theory it is supported by those who are insane that's up a little bit today and the whole soccer discussions. We will have further underscore that we find out how much Ann Coulter agrees that Christian Fauria next time out of every seven W yeah.

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