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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN, talks about the Celtics draft, 6-27-14

Jun 27, 2014|

Jackie Mac joins the show to discuss the Celtics 1st round pick, Marcus Smart, and what this means for the future of Rajon Rondo. The Miami Heat also traded to acquire UConn star Shabazz Napier, which could entice Lebron James to return.

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Joining us right now Jacqui McMullen from ESPN Boston and actually Jackie would give it credit here because you're one of the people -- sort of set this up -- or maybe. Lou and I should've been listening a little bit more closely to buy your level of pessimism that something big was gonna happen because. If you're open for fireworks got a few duds despite promises to the contrary from the celtics' front office. Well yes I would get it done anonymously. I think what happened with liquid was probably a little excruciating for Celtics handed. We kind of got the idea that media Eric Gordon could be either fix. And then all of a sudden he can't but more to my. Surprise it was the next some. Dropped to five. And he wondered -- right what did you -- to get Trey Burke did they are they gonna take action. But he was the best player on the board at that point in the course Texan someone that the Celtics for -- -- year ago so. The -- the mini drama over the draft those kind of things I was watching. But you know what I like markets Smart he is a tough kid with an edge he can defend can't really shoot. You'd like to point -- it would shoot a little bit but he's a tough kid. I think he hit. What Bret Stephens is gonna wanna do pretty well and young as seventeen. At a young Adaptec. I like -- pick a lot. I like skeptical and he indicated with a ton of upside I think can be a really good score he's. Cal Perry county defense right now I might -- with that a little bit on what he can depend on the NBA level. But but that's something he can learn he's only eighteen years diligently to turn nineteen target so. All things considered. I give the Celtics -- coming out last night. It -- let's not I like both players you know I just figured bought into all the possibilities that could have happened I wanted action you know and get through it. I know I -- a lot of kept telling you guys like the Carmela can't -- thank goodness schedule came from like a spaceship from -- in March. Some don't I'm not given up on LeBron James to be -- -- not -- I'm reaching here but. Real quick on a market Smart I liked the players well and and -- the Celtics say that these two guys you run and play together. But it did the only ones that maybe believe that nobody believed that so what is your take on that. Well I mean I suppose they could play together I suppose they could. But don't listen you've got Avery Bradley to restricted free agent in the -- and Rondo had a chance to be an unrestricted. Everyone I I think it's over and over with he got the mistake everybody makes it that all the Celtics won a trade Rondo. I think we're on the want to go. And any great specifically want to Max contract he wants to play in a big market he's very particular about where he wants to go my sources tell me. So you know whereas Sacramento so it's kind of interest then they'd have to gamble. That after years he'd walk on which he very well might -- he's looking you know he he considers himself among one of those elite players that can market himself accordingly. And so. If it Rondo gonna go. I think mark look at markets I was the best player on the board when they picked. And you got to pick them. Regardless of position and you worry later about what to do with front decides he wants to stay maybe you still have a chance that level -- I think gold states still the leader of that clubhouse. You grabbed the best player on the board and you worry about our profits -- I just think that's what you do when you're taking that high. I think everybody on the Griese only around -- wanna sit around and watch business owners while you talk about trading him but with the Celtics be better off trading him this off season. As opposed to waiting to the trade as far as what they -- return. That's -- good question Lou and amateur know the answer. I have PT people have enough of a sample size the Rondo last year to believe he's fully healthy and ready to go I would think the answer would be yes. And what can you get per Rondo when you're gonna get back. That's a big question and and yet another team out there can depend on the Mac. If you're thinking you've got new ownership your team that's trying to make a splash you probably will which you got to convince -- this day. So it's you know it's a very interesting thing to make the lakers. Love Rondo always has didn't -- we don't have interest and Rondo but what you get return from those teen -- See it now so Jackie would that be the fire were several look at actors might think to these two guys who are there are both panic or freaking out there look at fireworks but he did it. My my point to that -- relax. I think we're going to get I think they bought into the expectation -- -- they brought in -- yes I've audited Danny gains in wiggle what do you have to say at that would that's what I want it should have been the only one inaugural but didn't have to say it. Except a lot of banks you know. And now we -- owner -- he spoke to be selling some optimism in tickets and -- or nineteen or whatever we're on now have lost track. And that that's his role but. I don't remember gained everything we're gonna have fireworks he did -- any. Did did he -- you within the last thing he might still be in the Kevin Love saying he's he's trying to make that happen. I as I detail with you guys couple weeks ago I think Minnesota would rather not deal with Boston again for a bunch of reasons. And so they're looking at Golden State Chicago like think to turn its attention trying to get Carmelo Anthony to go there. So the Camelot they make it it's it's -- -- it's not completely dead but it's on life support let's put it that way. But gaining did the right thing -- -- trying to make that happen until. We still don't know how to -- and shake out here. Yes I think there and I think is going to shake out all of a better later in the summer. So also Jacqui what's. Team in the NBA helped themselves the most during the draft with free agency user team out there that drafted the right player to keep another player from from leaving. Or to entice other players to come to them dirt free agency. Well I think the Miami Heat. Getting me Napier that was a player that LeBron wound but I just think LeBron going back there anyway. Sell that to me. Neither -- I'd be really shocked if LeBron James. And up anywhere. I -- will. Although. You know you but I have a -- state just for a second just pie in the sky it's -- they end up. With Kevin -- And Stefan curry. And Bo -- and some of those players. Benefit at that -- they just don't think it's gonna happen so I like with the Chicago Bulls did they get -- they needed perimeter shooting. And they got it in Ann McDermott. And they're they're positioning himself. The try to get Carmelo Anthony I think Chicago has the chance to be a really big winner here. Yes so that's that's what else think -- looking at. What the bulls did but got -- this perimeter shooting they got all these shooters. And no she calls a big defensive minded team first right while Carmelo and that he did while they get another shooter by the get another swelled to one another shooter. After -- beauty McDermott now they have all the shooters. And out of -- wanna play defense. Well neither one of the you know. Christian Chicago would the single best defensive team in the league last year so if you play good team defense. You can find a way to -- guys that aren't good individual defense it. And Larry Bird was a really good team defender. Obviously limited as an individual defender but they found out ways. To make him become a great team defense I think you can certainly are able to do that and it's not like McDermott doesn't want to play defense he just. You know he just gets the physical limitations that make it hard from the play defense at eleven you might want to play at a but that's a good test that have been out and if -- While they looked at me. Jack during Baldwin is here -- 937 to be hired here's the quote that I was talking about Jackie from back over -- -- I believe it was in late April. We're always trying to make fireworks every summer we try to do something that's unique and special and we'll definitely try this summer and look at Danny tried. And it didn't come to fruition that it didn't come to fruition and I give them credit for trying it didn't happen did happen but I think where. I'm coming from and maybe were Lewis come from as well as we were hoping. That something big would happen and maybe something can still happen but. My goodness even the people do wanna see Rondo traded to naming get then Michael Moore and the eighth pick in exchange. I think you might be onto something though about Aaron Gordon I think and Aaron Gordon had a one of the guys that got here repeated slipped to six navy would be feeling better about it. Well and didn't feel a lot better tune that competed slipped all the way to fix the way his agent Orange County had hoped you know Pelham won -- -- to go either six to Boston seven and the lakers. And obviously thought his expression. Reaction you'd wanna go get the pictures either. So you know I've been really excited that morning even as it was indeed injured if he landed in the process topics slap in the next decade could be. The game change. You on all people at seventieth or Gary Harris was still there of -- -- -- young -- directly at them right and if they -- and harass people have been -- James Jones the better players so we we understand happened. I -- like James Young pick and asked Youboty Avery Bradley. As you mentioned restricted free agent good defender. Is he -- know a Tuesday no other chip obviously. Well let's see what happens to be he's restricted free agent and I think what the Celtics are guarding themselves against. Pun intended I guess is that someone's gonna make Bradley and often it's gonna be too rich for their case. If that happens now. They've got some depth in their backcourt which of course they haven't had. Though. You know I know people wondered about Randall should Celtics have picked Randall there. I just think that market might have so much more -- I really do believe that number six he was the best player left on the board we handled gonna be a nice rugged. NBA player for the lakers if he ends up if he stayed there with the lakers which I'm not a 100% convinced the panel think they're done. Maneuvering. He's he he'll be very nice player but I just don't know how much more upside he had. So -- Jackie. So it's a law Friday everybody it's kind of depressed about the draft you for their own personal reason they shouldn't and I and I in -- so that's what I need to talk about the alleged. -- is what well. Do they looked -- yet you had to pick. And you you've got two guys that you were hoping to get you targeted that you were targeting you know -- them. Right there on the cut you elect couldn't help but think out. Let's remember they tie with you to offer a worse record -- it was a coin flip calling -- excellent excellent point flip yeah that's kind of depressed folks. It's so movie so moving forward into the summer. So what do you think looking at the roster right now you look at how young this team isn't. It's basically. Really the same team so we don't wanna get into this but this might have on the season starts that OK here we go again a look going to be a long season and hopefully get thirty wins. They're not done right if you -- -- if you were to bet on it they're bringing somebody in this team is going. And I sure and I don't think they're done I don't think they're done trying to get capital oh I definitely don't. And whether it happens or not -- you know I'd say and I know people are tired of me strong cold water on everything but. I just think that Golden State in Minnesota wants to be good now they want veteran players. They would like some -- but they mostly want veteran players and Golden State you know the -- but is there the liberals want -- content. And and Golden State doesn't wanna give them up. But there's other players -- Harrison Barnes there's obviously David Lee would be a part of any deal but they made so they actually have them no differently and I'll start. Prime you have -- you know Q1 trade Rondo for Kevin Love if you Minnesota you don't want -- you get Ricky Rubio. Well Jackie thanks for coming on and you know what we can also go to your ESP colleague Bill Simmons for optimism because -- you look at set up you have to know that. You know it's -- -- -- your fist on what they'll sit. That changed. The old days you get some like that what you fight for that you know. But it's a new world and in news isn't very new definitions of journalism and and what constitutes journalism and you know -- never I'll say this about Billy never ever made any. You know he's never been secretive about the fact he's -- Celtics fan and he comes to added differently than people like me you're kind of old fashioned. Journalists. That's why there build a different kind of breed -- -- agreed today that very very popular no question about and I am a big fan of bill. But it probably would open probably wishing that the camera wasn't quite on and so closely at that moment. Jacqui thanks a lot. I I have a partner and I noticed accurate ball in front nine -- in Bosnia and had a 37 W yeah.

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