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Revs' Brad Knighton with Dale and Holley: Breaking Down the USA loss to Germany, and the advancement of team USA beyond the 'round of death'

Jun 26, 2014|

We have Revs' keeper Brad Knighton in with us after USA-Germany to help break it all down and analyze all the action.

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That's right. And Texas is right. Normally hear on the dale and -- program we have a we call our third man and we have that today Jack Edwards is our third man and for special occasions we add a fourth man right that's what we've done today -- night and from the New England Revolution is in the house with -- -- say. -- the ethics of Russia. It was fun course watching this afternoon although. -- was a little nerve wracking at times but we managed to get the job done and you know looking for the next round. I just -- -- -- to write in here because it just it's up to speed on the discussion that we've been having. With these these gentlemen here even as what he wants to set the what I would say he soccer evens two person. Maybe maybe treasonous these guys are I don't know what -- even. -- They they believe that the United States now. In the round of sixteen they think the United States ranks anywhere from thirteenth to what 1514. Dollar and fourteen. Of the sixteen remaining that country's. I don't buy it where where do you think the US stands vs the rest the world right now. That they were deathly top -- thank. Who tune in this -- -- which might come hug you know I had aren't 61010 days after -- -- examine your letter and I. Not that it's qualities affair that that your bit unfortunate. I'm going into the World Cup draw on December not to get one this offseason one of the -- groups but. You know the rankings are what they are and I don't really agree with them only to Portugal for. When I don't care what rankings do you. Think you shall we follow. Well I got one team in the world has gone yeah same telecast and -- guys like art work. You know Jackson is with eyeball test which is valid but it isn't that. Is that we're looking and we just looking at eyeball test for all of these teams over -- -- all reputable ranking system that you can go to Wednesday -- They know what they're talking about. Yeah no -- I don't know I mean it it varies but you can base it from -- the -- you know you look at the teams that have been most consistent through the last. In the last two or three World Cup's in the last euros. Some of the best teams in the world do you look at France you look at Germany you look at Spain. Netherlands and yeah Holland you know that they're the top teams that are always either getting out of a group for making a late run and it also went from Germany that they just have been in the when the big one the last through four terms they've won their group they've got out of the group and I've gotten to the big game and they haven't shown up on the big stage so. I think Germany is a top two or three team on their -- with our a team you need to watch out for special in this World Cup and you know for the likes that today's game you know Germany where were fantastic and you know they do what they needed due to get the result move on and that's what it's about this term. So let's let's talk eyeball test just a little bit -- with the United States from. Our goal -- perspective. Because. A lot of coaches say well if if by our our defense can make the attack predictable. And our goal -- has an idea where the shot is coming from he's gonna stop almost every single one so the United States. By its nature by -- -- it seems has the bunker in just. For a lot of guys into the box. Defend with six. And then counter. How do you see the United States attack being diverse enough and inventive enough to advance past say Belgium. You know it's that's -- question but you look at you know what we've done at this point you know obviously -- Yeltsin or going out was was a huge loss for the United States and you know the -- the way we managed to bounce back from that against Portugal. You know he went with a different lineup with a false -- with Clint Dempsey planned as a lone striker. And that's where you need your outside of false nine you got it. Us. God I have I had and I had a I -- -- -- -- false -- the false nine is playing with a striker that's not normally a striker so the number nine position is is the striker that -- underneath that is. That target clear that you want. When building on the back of an option Al Al -- So then the next -- forward guy in the next the most forward guy kind of awkward kind of via. A high post center in basketball terms -- -- -- exactly how you view the five. Yeah. Carter's ego the whole trip. So obviously Clint Clint Dempsey went up on his -- and so for for us to to be able to. Get out of pressure and help manage the game more. Better. We needed our outside -- the push for Bobby Johnson did a fantastic job against Portugal if electing getting the attack. And pressing their outside backs and their outside wingers so we were able to get numbers up inside their happen inside their box and make them actually defend. If we -- the show with six players it's very difficult to get out. And I felt like Clint Dempsey did a fantastic job. He he went through moments in the game where you saw bits and pieces of what he can do but it was ultimately up to our central midfielders are outside backs that were able us helped us to get out of the back in and into attacking areas. As somebody who knows the game a lot better than I -- Explain to me why. I don't think Michael Bradley played well at all and I keep hearing people defend him. I've heard from from a lot of people you know Michael Bradley. Hasn't been the sharpest in the -- cup but he still player that needs to be. And the starting of the sense that it's that's fine but he hasn't played well now he hasn't played well you know his touch has been off here and there and you saw little bit of that in this game and you know people are -- him for the game against Portugal in the -- touch the last thirty seconds than a minute ultimate comes down to. To take care of the ball you have it and he's a big focal point in our team. But you know obviously there -- the results and has played haven't gone according to plan but if you look before the World Cup's are the game against he had against Mexico and it looked like he was playing men -- boys you know he was out there he was getting his touches he was getting a possession he was getting on the ball and blowing past players and it was a player it was something that you'd like to see in the first -- perspective and animal less being able to watch him on the bench or on the field. Up playing with Toronto on his deathly by far one of the best players in the league if not one of the best players in the world that's and from the field. But he hasn't shown up in this republic he says and if for the US to hopefully get out of another round of sixteen in advance past Belgium you know you're hoping Michael Bradley shows up and on the sixteenth. It's it's an interesting dilemma that. I have then and we were talking about it as we were watching the game. Scoring opportunities against Germany we're going to be few and far between anyway. -- how many times during the course -- the first -- did -- say she would Landon Donovan has helped us now you know why there aren't you by that Donovan was a was in distant and egregious omission from clients man. I felt it was a bit harsh. I don't think he probably could have started in the team but I think he's someone that you needed to have in the team saying that. -- made his decision and he felt like for the opt for the United States to go forward in this in this turn it. It would they would have been better off without Landon Donovan and that's a bold statement to make -- you have to back that up and I felt like he's done that with the players everyone bought into. What you're Clinton wanted to do leading up to the World Cup and how we were gonna approach these three games in our group and I felt like everyone bought into what Klinsmann was selling. And the product on the field showed that and more in the next rounds. -- strategy who has who has who was Donovan right now on this team. Well have been the perfect replacement out of the dorm right now I don't -- and I would not let us -- and ask the question right -- what about Eddie Johnson. Right right Donovan is not here. Because Donna Donna did not hear that somebody else has taken his spot with who took. Ultimately who took his spot on the team which guys. Fred Davis. Yeah well so -- bullets and it has multiple players -- it would rather have Brad Davis or would you rather have landed on Landon -- no brainer. -- so Brad from a from a goalkeepers perspective. What does Donovan do it because from the outside and I haven't covered soccer for a number years but. Donovan is the kind of player who can do the unpredictable who has the skill level the -- think he's gonna do one thing and all of a sudden he does something that is so creative. And so different and so technically. Out of the realm of forty you what you're expecting that he provides not only of the ability. To hang on the ball somebody's trying to chop him down but then to pull off that thing that you say. While that's a highlight -- no I mean Landon Donovan is is US soccer on fifteen goals and and if the assist. Speaks for itself I mean you need him on the field. That to get through and -- -- like new yergin did his thing and saying look we were we're gonna get through without Landon and but. Also late yergin stepped up to the play written you know it is words and youth is there and were -- through the next rounds a lot of people are really talking about -- but I think land and the guy you need to bring on and he's gonna bring that spark like you said. The goal we scored in South Africa four years ago to get us in the next round and you know it's it's it's unbelievable what he can bring in any given moment. But -- felt like the group with a 23 that they had that. They didn't need them and you know it's a numbers game at that point and. I can't wait for the exposing. There's -- Anderson is silent on on his endorsement today you're going to be yet and and -- it's got to come out some got guys that come out. But I'm not here now if I -- -- -- I don't know. I don't I. Brad -- is in the house with -- Jack Edwards is here as well we're all right to your calls coming up next 6177797937. Dale and -- Sports Radio WE yeah. Sports Radio WEEI. We always have a third man and Jack Edwards is in the house today guy who is called. World Cup action was a calling the World Cup games in Korea. We've added a fourth man in to make as we needed reinforcements -- night of the England revolution is in the house with a says well. And don't worry we have not neglected or forgotten about the NBA draft has -- been schooling us. On where he thinks LeBron should be playing -- opinions expressed some opinions on some opinions and and and I have to also say I didn't really get it until a couple of the techsters pointed it out. He does sound just like -- and I thought I thought -- -- you probably haven't heard that before but a lot of detectives sounds like Dustin Pedroia and those of Korea if you're a little bigger than him now I will -- slightly larger parts -- lasers. -- marketer and -- him -- into the actual absolutely -- so what toxin soccer and specially with Brad here in the house but don't worry. We'll talk about the NBA draft as well we're gonna dive right in the phone calls that you guys right now at 6177797937. You did actually come here from another event right. Where an accident and sorry what party. Party. Around for everybody did. What big time professional -- water here clearly you were drinking water that's what party was. Responsible management is. -- that I'm -- a lot of water -- around that nobody was drinking. Okay now is it was actually getting married it is. To come to Boston for a bachelor party. It. I do deteriorate. That's gone out there and in my -- the -- into the air it out before. They've been before you say anything. I've heard that you're about what 28 years old. Imported. 28 that you're getting married when unemployment just like -- okay to have another drink and nobody started a little odd ball. A beer open and -- How would you getting married went. August 30 until he got five good years that -- -- Mary now 29 why don't come why -- join -- -- In either of them -- interview with us. But yeah they're all I hope you cope with what apple brought it up a report. And you guys all came up here just to hang around with -- Brad for your bachelor party. Their whole goalie wanted to shut them included and that we knew. He couldn't go anywhere in the we -- here with the replicas. His Arabic at the call. -- under pressure on the air but you. Are not try to pick the team that he's somewhere. What the driving you around driving -- in the city. I -- -- mass transit yeah master and to keep their hearts and minds heading in and eat the -- -- live rent and all is very easy. For and you are the responsible. Member responsible for the and how many years are here there's eight. -- it does carry a best of luck with that away and let it the other seven are like -- good -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it appears that you could have a good -- yeah. Is it for error I don't know a lot of our super. Margaret Beckett we should put pressure on. Before it was an ultimatum. And I'll get him in deeper bond. 617 -- 797937. Mixing Connecticut nick Europe next on sports radio's Dele Ali. While the government and and so it -- saw a little bit clarify about the -- ranking system it. Talking about it but -- Basically -- so there's that algorithm where all the teams in the specific region according to a and the US coming into the World Cup was that thirteen. Based on every country in the world. Now going into the round of -- That there are thirteen based on everyone out I think they're a little bit higher than that. And that's sort of based on their ability to hold the ball and I heard Jack's saying that. He does think that they kick it up and then a hoped for run up the middle but I think. Michael Bradley's role even though he's been sloppy and he's been missing and such as you've been so critical -- calming the ball down in the center. If you watch he gets the ball passed to -- and he stopped right and then that allowed us to push forward it is should be the ball and put it can be made. Yeah and good call and it's not a nice state nice to hear that kind of analysis from a caller fan and the -- that's what Michael Bradley supposed to do. Yet there's not a whole lot of diversity in the American attack and when you start playing knock out games you've got to figured that. The team against whom you're playing. Has examined every second of your three pool play games it knows what's coming before you try to spring and if your hope present Michael Bradley's got a slow it down and move it around at -- means of Michael Bradley's. -- navies can be well advised to pershing guards on both sides is lower leg skates he's gonna get a hole. Heck of a lot of -- cleat marks all over and it you know what that he he knows that's comic but. I just don't see a whole lot of the US moving the ball around. Yeah I think that -- on another person that's coming off the radars Jermaine Jones I think the relationship between Bradley engines the first three group games this. Has been unbelievable you know they they should start with Bradley and jones'. You know -- covered in you know yeah Bradley had seven point six miles against the against Portugal. And nothing Jones was seven point ones though. I mean when -- put not amount of force on your legs and three group games it's gonna take its hole and you know for the Germany game it wasn't going to be the prettiest of games it was just the matter of being able to to be effective enough to get us out of the group and and get some days under us before we move on the next round but we've got another tough task ahead of us against. Against Belgium side that has some unbelievable players and and it is well thought. But -- like you said Michael Bradley he's -- of the force in the middle and I I can't see an outside the eleven ever. He's a guy that's you know he's penned in every single week. That there's a game and he's he's the senator and focal point of this team and -- -- for us the function the way we want to it's all it's all Michael Bradley shoulders -- feel like and he's risen to the challenge. Up to this point he's just had a few shaky games but there's no reason to toward anything other than that. I haven't asked this question yet because we've been concentrating obviously on the game but people also came down to -- -- their decision. On now what was gonna happen to Luis warrants he gets suspended for nine. International games for lack of a better term but also for four months. Champions league games to premiere issue 43 total axle it's a lot of games wasn't enough. Now. I don't that'll pick -- enough when you've done that three times and four years there's something going on there's something. Internally wrong with with -- Horace. It comes on you know the verge of you know Barcelona was about to make make a -- form -- huge 350000. A week at -- but it was well. Wow that's almost Michael -- money out almost as Arnold historical I mean that's real money and so you know. Live report gonna miss out on that the first part of the season I mean they did it last year. The incident happened with Ivanovic but. I feel like now this is more detrimental to live report now more than ever because. You know he's playing -- -- an unbelievable season last year. And you know this is the last thing Liverpool probably one Agassi and you know it's it's it's unfortunate deceive but. You know -- you feel like -- learn from his mistakes but ultimately keeps combat troops -- again. You started supplement -- something wrong with the guy. Mean it's not like. You gotta get away with that the World Cup because nobody's -- broke our cameras or camera there. I got it before it's not like this the first time he's done it and hey I got away with it every time he doesn't he gets caught. Yeah it yet they're so everybody does it on a bigger they get started giving it an out of just trying to. Forgive me I'm trying to think along with a guy. A tropical was warrants and you know put myself -- his position going in his position. It's game it it's a scoreless game. It's not like they're down. Three goals and he's just frustrated in that I -- do something I'm just pissed off. It scored a game -- -- that -- they scored Betancourt right after like five seconds later I mean. I -- what the guys totally amassed about what just happened -- totally some opens now. Right on right. About some people who buy you know in a -- -- -- -- -- -- finals men's league basketball games and sometimes guys despite all that stuff that's seed got by. But generally when that happens -- if somebody much bigger -- you Armstrong New York. Not that I've been through this. I thought this out on the -- biographical portraits of outrage OK maybe once but that it would headlock. It there's no way out and you can't physically remove them only thing you can do it -- wasn't happening either. It took it to the guy with clear is. Up the worst thing you've seen happen on a -- I mean I had a bad as it gets tight I mean I went hard you know people as an all -- what about a -- spit on a guy. To me this is even -- -- the I think this is works spending. This is just. On call for me it's just you can do spitting and probably get away with -- this is something that's under a microscope and they have done it already twice under even now much more microscope and you don't do audio on the world's biggest stage there's just no place -- This is not what you want youth soccer it's learning in. Growing up with this thing all disguise the greatest player in the world scored 31 goals in the Premier League but yet he's it's located Goran bite somebody I mean. It's just it's it's setting a bad standard for you soccer and kids growing -- -- -- elect or Sorenson. We'll continue to sort of that standard because you said it was on the verge of this 350000. Dollar per week deal. -- after a suspension you know what's gonna happen that he's gonna get a lot of money Sony. He's he's actually five year deal yet he's actually got a huge problem though because he was he was in effect trying to shoot his way at a Liverpool. He was making remarks about the people in England didn't treat improperly it was pretty clear he knew he was headed for Barcelona yet he knew I -- -- whatever I want about people back in England because I'm not going to be there. Only now Barcelona's on. Map Clinton but don't you think. Somebody's gonna take a yes I'm taken but. Then again half the price can't wait to read that moral turpitude clause in now that anybody read the article in the -- in the magazine for the World Cup here. The preview police or talk about Italians -- biting it and actually it actually touched on his childhood and yet how he had an incident -- childhood where. That -- nothing was filed against that note in this guy -- reported. Interviewed. Dozens and hundreds of people. The try to figure out the story of dollars or is growing up and getting -- carted out of this game that was never -- happened -- Is pretty remarkable story. If you get Chancery in its magazine for the World Cup so. It's just something that. Or is it read an article and then obviously this happen and in their last games as a -- with their batters are probably added there was. Actually I was a betting site there that allowed you to place a bet on whether he was gonna bite but at the World Cup it was a 175 to one with the odds and a guy. Actually on Twitter I saw his batting -- he'd bet that -- war as was gonna bite somebody in the World Cup and won the -- On one of these you know offshore betting site Wii -- says you set for months wasn't enough what would -- -- A year to two years. Which was within their purview they could have suspended him for a two year I thought it might have been two years I mean. After after twice you've got to think that you know you need to hands up and down that it's gonna warn people not ever trying that again. In a four months it's okay to get away with Shelby. PLC's and -- contribute like and if I'm still there and trying to help this team but for him to be out of football for two years I think is the pretty -- Are pretty. Pretty good statement saying that look this is happening -- but I think four ounces. -- -- -- -- I hope you know I don't know -- let -- forget it and I don't wanna go like. You don't tell me about when you were like it seems like their magazine article it'd probably went back very far when apple when you -- seven what happened when you were nine. Evidence that probably relevant in the larger discussion but just for this on the on the pitch. Why do you -- people you know -- look at this out he can afford it. If he wants -- help if it's available -- -- get sick about this guy's he's been caught three to. Net and caught 300 times and got beat you think these are the only three times in his entire life in his entire career at the least bit somebody on the pitch elections that it's like that guy who gets busted for for do you why. Are we to believe that that double what -- what breaking up behind the wheel of a car ever -- all draft the locked I got busted I don't believe that audibly and he's the only three time he's ever done it. He's got some things -- on an. You know and they're very lots of Hannibal Lecter reference that they really had Walking Dead -- like -- but don't. It would it would Hannibal. And put the mask on him. I don't play with a man Photoshop and all eyes and notice of grace us I don't platinum they do with Alex burrows. No nothing but at least put for at least they're gloves dry -- his gloves on land and Alex burrows Panama. I've just others in Suarez and I'm sure other guys have it people on. The -- for. I just have never seen the -- via I hear all. Of our buddy Taylor Twellman said he she get a year and this was before the punishment came out you set a year to two years. People who work in the sport. Seemed even more offended by it than those of us who just watched the sport. Yeah it's just that were around that every single day and you don't realize how egregious that actually is and how old. Detriment and -- detrimental it is to our sport on there's no place for that you know we -- we call this the beautiful game and if you wanna play attractive soccer but. We have this -- type of stuff going on it takes away from the beauty of the game it takes away from. You know teams going up against each other and you know trying to get the best set of each player on the field there's no place for this anywhere in soccer and until we can get rid of this it's it's just horrible talking point that have a on this World Cup and it's been so great now. Quid pro quo and Reese Hoffa fascinated Perot -- 6177797937. Marks in Salem New Hampshire Kmart. I think they get it -- how are you. Dale and Jacqueline you guys you come of the phone fantastically. Thank you. What I can't understand it how they can compare soccer jockey. The principles are. The same in a lot of no -- lot of facets of the -- -- inside you -- by day and defense is structured has OK and I hate when you're attacked. The the principle of depth and attack and having a triangle and trying to produce two on ones but I -- but it. That's toward ends. That -- then right right to leave it in the goal. Well yeah I've used in soccer. -- yeah I'm trying to get -- are you offended by that. Let's get to let that let's advance the story about you can offended by the comparison you don't like it to. No no no on -- I don't. And don't get it can. -- -- Please think of the back compares. I don't get it -- well I I think Jack can't hit the nail on the head in and you played its sport at the highest level anyway. Brick talks to us all the time about triangle -- it's all trying balls trying. And that western -- he has that's what soccer is if you want situations all the -- -- which ones that's what's been so dominant the last couple cups. And European championships is because they -- track triangles every single place on the pitch. There's always to be one opportunities in the keep the ball no matter where it is on the field they're keeping triangles -- keeping the ball and it's some of the most attractive stuff. But it completely asleep at times but. That would probably be the only instance -- put hockey and soccer. In the same boat would be triangles. Getting numbers -- on the Parker on the Baltic to create this to be one. Protector as interest in -- says that because you're secure. -- secure person you love soccer. Clearly. And you said it can put you to sleep sometimes and there are people who love soccer in if you say anything critical about the sport. They go to bat. Crazy you know -- my. How how candidates it was cut short. When you're out people don't know that you play for the revolution they probably just talking about soccer actors -- -- boring whatever what do you say when you come across people like it's that. Well you know you need to take it with the greatest all I mean how much are they -- how much how much to they understand about the game how much did a much soccer and Watson and a daily basis. I've been around in my whole life and people play the game know exactly talking about when. You create -- -- V one opportunities and you keep the ball around the field and it's not always the -- people want 50 -- six -- 622 or three and Iraq and get those games and soccer which are gonna get soccer's. You know people moving the ball at pace and knowing where they need ago common you know that's that that's were kind convinces how much -- -- -- about the game that that we play. Speaking of moving equities at professional try this don't try this to teammates in locker room here speaking of moving you have some opinions about where LeBron James. Should be going next NBA draft is tonight and hear a lot of rumors about LeBron. We won't talk about that on the other side all.

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