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Luis Suarez Gets Suspended and Fireworks with Danny Ainge 6-26-14

Jun 26, 2014|

The guys discuss the suspension of Luis Suarez and what to expect from Danny Ainge during tonight's draft

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Mood who they get a pick. The re drafting Kevin Love is going back into the draft the Celtics gonna -- don't they wish we have lots of NBA draft preview coming up. The big news moments before we take the air in this shortened show they shortened version amid days -- it be because soccer is that -- number one -- soccer will go on as scheduled here at night three point seven. Team USA vs Germany. I don't know. Which team is better in the rain if either team is known as -- -- Vs the other but they will play in inclement weather down in Brazil. We'll take place -- got a -- hand things over -- play by play there will be no more play by play action for Luis Suarez he's outs. The rest of the World Cup. Guys I don't know what. Nine games means to anybody. In America beyond what could be what five more course Juarez and the your -- national team I think it's pretty much. All this part of the globe care about right is that he got suspended for the rest the term for. -- that got all the severity of I mean it's nine games that they lose. No on Saturday. And yet that's only one he's got eight more as far as or -- national team but. Nobody else cares besides this tournament -- Ross about Ross but I mean people of Premier League nine game they care for much less. You know it's always a -- -- -- missing nine games Premier League games in three champions. League games. The next available for Liverpool read of him. First now he's innings joy in life that's the thing a lot of life. Excerpt that was considering what's gone on with people in the past that wasn't going to happen but I think is kicking him out of the World Cup. It is is is good enough for me. It's good and up like this I don't want sees him. Again because I won't see players in the World Cup for years -- that the World Cup is over I'm not want to soccer yeah you're soccer fan beyond this tournament. I'm sure somebody out there are listening and actually educated us more that we could anybody who sees soccer -- as to whether or not is it fair punishment. Automatically limit punishment only unity to me if he just said rest the World Cup and it goes to Colombia on Saturday -- you -- -- suspended for one game. That's that's not right the skies are too big spender for eight and ten games already in his league though says -- I don't know what the impact is of four months battle for Liverpool idol season nine you have to season Brian -- and that's pretty severe -- That is minutes four months of nothing pay amusing getting so that's that's pretty big over there. 61777979837. But again to reiterate the point he's up the rest the World Cup and up for the time being at least when it comes to -- American view of soccer that's what's in progress that's what's present. That's what's here now and you don't apartment yesterday you're talking about how ESPN was going to page Steve -- a -- leave him in the game and as much as I am glad that he gets suspended. There is there is some morbid curiosity that goes into wanting him to be out their justice he would you if you would do it again because. What do you take that as an opportunity elude kind of -- this guy knowing how. Quickest fuses. How easily he gets disrupted -- eat out quickly he gets off his game. -- -- they've been doing that against him for a long time output -- -- I -- I'm sure they have -- -- For you oh yes -- yield while passing it on Saturday watching game Joseph. -- grades of me is that I'm thinking about you know besides that would be in the stance -- -- release the World Cup soccer haven't seen a lot of them. Well I visited John precisely -- -- 07. So you know so it's it's it's somebody's there has been dealing with -- and all the the racist comments playing me and you would you like what Eagles -- menu mentally going nuts against this guy alleges he was head -- and threatens fifty misses this is nothing like going on Saturday against Colombia -- played it would have. But nothing to -- -- -- he gets it he's beginning for a long time. He is now a circus sideshow wherever he goes all it is was Suarez is whether or not he's going to explode all orders for Suarez whatever Jersey he pulls on. It's what's he gonna do next. Thursday Tyson element beyond just the physical connection between biting some. The umbrella that he's been thrown under here with -- for that reason because -- bomb could go often his head. Any time he plays and now he's a drawl or that reason and and I'd sign up to watch that train wreck. You know it's like I was saying Caspian knows that as well there was a secret part of ESPN and it wasn't secret maybe there was a phone call it the was it wasn't her because I don't think it would've been. Because of the severity of the incident and a third time that it happened. But you know folks ESP and what they -- you know what. If he doesn't get suspended him well eyeballs on this network or whatever time we put Europe going on television rights. Alice who -- you also say the it would he would be would be we speak above a whisper. You know I want to hear his response we're gonna get it soon but but but you know it. Regards to your right. Big big match today we have at a twelve. Delray Campbell have not no rain but enough. This has no chance he -- as -- 11 o'clock they're gonna make the call of the gonna have this game not because the rain apparently is that bad. I see the pitch did you see what was on TV as far as the flooding that was going on the streets. Mean it was it was some goes crazy how how high the water was on the buses on the streets. Just almost up to go to the top of the real well there's one wise and I'm not sure how good. So our system does not -- the water to get on the streets but it did not look good. Just as far as how much rain -- such a short period of time and again I'll plead ignorance of the politics on this but you would have to think the part of the reason why the decided. Whether it be damned they're gonna go or with his game is the other games affected -- in the other game -- the weight. -- they would they wait that's. When I was told -- yet yes the other get my first I was like oh let got to Portugal play and that you know I was told that the other game was going to have to wait. Because they can't have good result this -- and that's get it done. Allowed the play by play here on ninth. We got to -- We're going to be chick let's chant that as a walk for lunch as we're obsolete to our -- us. -- that -- -- sort of like marks in the only people we did join is for the whole block of walked we have across the street and it. You -- attempted rally that you you were -- that we will always know what -- out I believe that. Analysts I had not done the full one a that you have -- it's sort of -- -- from. Covered responder you're watching kind of like you do when you go to like when you go to a concert you sit in the back. -- -- The field you see what's going on as you just got to take it all -- -- like -- you act like I know pay to days. Her her my face to go to the stockyards do we get USA. I'll be you do. UBS. To who did and it and it has no idea big giant exclamation point -- perpich. There's children work and I want to show up that -- you know. -- the -- is chest muscles now purposes is your version of WEEI. The ball pass critic for have a hot dog eating contest. There we go on a -- that US -- better now to do it -- before the -- -- is not exactly perfect. We've got a lot of NBA draft on the appointment as well a lot people article on about this warriors. Suspension apparently some people disagree with us are -- Olympic these experts is a joke so we're gonna get -- got from yesterday -- out to -- -- his name up from -- because that's probably him -- -- August is really ticked -- that night I spent. A I can't about a suspension. A lot of soccer stadium did you see them as -- Donald Sterling right now yeah he's dolls -- up from its -- agenda however he wants to scale world we sort of -- he when he goes in but. When I was able to read very quickly since that report we -- on the air apparently. Luis Suarez has not allowed to even be any -- Go to high school field coaching clinics he's not allowed year's soccer stadium anywhere. Coach is it calculated that happens August wants to defend Luis Suarez could guide. Held in he'd been -- or probably Italian on the other side of the ball so you pushed the huge job that you kick you don't. African -- somebody out of the well now. Fox you see it. Right. Guys -- -- I typically someone out there's you know what the -- was worthy is the same thing. It's the same thing if you bites but. While it was wars suspension with a lot of other people apparently does this -- NBA draft night what he -- gonna happen. I would say give -- your prediction right now knowing everything that we know. Her hearing everything we have word what you think will likely. Happen. I believe in Danny Ainge iBook how did I -- -- -- there will be fireworks. He's got a trip to number wanted to take -- Parker the he's gonna fall back into that draft and see -- there eight. And the Kevin Love dream is over yet and he's gonna traders on run in the Sacramento. He's gonna either get on -- opinion we get back right Ben -- more. Maybe it's Isiah Thomas maybe maybe -- loves Isaiah Thomas says you know. While will only give them a little contract will only get 67 million dollars a year like a France liability can shoot. But most likely you may bent back McLemore. And now you -- -- -- Parker -- almost last year seven throughout seventh pick overall. And number eight. Which because you've traded -- maybe that's mark. As markets aren't that everybody does because the kid from Louisiana Lafayette decayed -- patent that Chris medics actually lost the boards -- Or maybe they get Thomas and return nickel after -- Gordon still sit Saturday I think they get Parker. And and I think they sit at eight he -- available in the trade John Rondo Wheldon. Why didn't make him move slap a -- now. Fireworks are that's gonna happen market down the president of basketball operations as fireworks the owner says fireworks the point guard says fireworks I. I haven't seen any fireworks yet not start to give up on fireworks I wrote a column today for WEEI dot com to concede their -- at. At -- -- WEEI. Begging for the fireworks I wanna see the Iowa haven't seen them yet. Which I think you can see right now I was a little while Melamine has even gotten going. One -- what are they gonna do in free agency they're not gonna get Carmelo releasing it disappoint itself but has been no fireworks newspapers tonight if there are no fire has that yes OK it's not disappoint thing you'll do you think will happen I think what they're gonna do is they're gonna go six today I think -- got it half right the economy all Sacramento trade and they're gonna get Michael Moore and they're gonna get the eighth pick and they're gonna wind up with Gordon's mark. Okay that's what I think is going to happen that's my prediction and I still feel even though those are two really good players and normal circumstances. If your basketball team and you walk away it was six and eight the same draft. That's pretty exciting. I still feel like that's gonna feel like a bit of a dud because the band basically collectively talked itself into Kevin law. Or then Carmelo was dangled out there and then the discussion to maybe get up to number one was dangled out there. And it none of those three things happen as good as Eric Gordon mark is Smart might -- it's gonna feel a little bit anti club Mac. Oh it's gonna feel like it's gonna take longer than than people anticipated with Rondo love combination. Right but if you are including medical more in new get Smart medical more and an -- and Gordon. I mean security that you -- a lottery last year -- and seven overall Betty at the moment B does produce first year rookie Adam okay. Maybe kind of comes -- -- -- year -- when you've got you know. Pretty nice core of young players. -- they nailed us down what about you I think you. Lose weight off. This is -- closer. I think this is flat out a dud this is a this is a flat out just this is what we're getting as good as it being a citizen is staying at seventeen. But it does not mean that Kevin Love is off the table does not mean that -- on Rondo. Is going to stay either but the picks. I think it's obvious that they've been trying to work a deal to get locked up it's not happening. The value it number one I think the caps are gonna stay stick for that number one pick. Because it's it's deep enough for them it makes no sense to them to go up to number one and if the all the other guys if your top four guys. You got Wiggins Parker and beat upkeep and -- there. X some odd that you have -- -- Mark Gordon and -- John Randall. Who nobody's really talking about it seems like you discount -- a sergeant Lewis Randall John -- would be the football player for Minnesota Vikings was -- -- -- -- -- -- by Alan -- considers the shortstop about 35 years ago so he's got flooded basement 35 years ago I think they're gonna -- to stick with what they have. But it doesn't mean that all the assets all the draft picks that they that they have after that won't be used -- some point but there's big to spend too much. No choice and I can't believe my line I just don't believe it anymore I was debts that they were gonna get Lebanon think they're gonna do it before the draft. Unless some some crazy draft day trade happens. They're sticking with that their picks. And then from then on -- you look to July 1 for the freezer markets start to -- could start making some -- -- other -- next to your medal going to be a -- the. Help block the reaction is going to be if they want up six and seventeen and whether it's martz or Eric Gordon or Randall and then. A Croatian kid it's not going to be here for two years that's a hell of a long way from Kevin Love Carmelo Anthony or -- Parker -- How long you know in terms of enthusiasm and reaction. They -- and it's 617. I just I just don't basically boring. I don't know I think any new numbers just memorize it's been too much of the build up -- They've been we've been being teased for almost -- since the season the blue ball strap yes like does major leaders know release and site. Okay and it's gonna continue to got to continue to -- -- -- etc. -- 77979837. Celtics fans what's your prediction Celtics fans what is your vibe. You've heard nonstop now at the Celtics might do drop stays here what is your feeling as to what will actually happen. Tonight's -- -- I think it'd it'd solitaire -- came yesterday and said that he he had heard at the Celtics did trade up they would prefer Parker Wiggins. Kept. I believe that. I believe that -- will do something and I don't think that -- that if if the Kevin Love that situation does not on full which I don't think any was to leave it will. I think John Rondo logo was well and it does make sense right -- and its popular Detroit about Josh Smith. People out there wanna whether how you want just gush myth that it's like well now -- -- has always been there. Impeccable for Rondo that put two good friends together. They got some salary issues and that's why is it may be Isiah Thomas is the government be involved a more than actual but I do think they gonna do something because I just. I trust any change. I NN I and I trust the guy as far as on draft day or as far as -- -- of people -- -- on for the purchasing a few years ago. But I trust when he has all these assets that he can figure out and do the right thing. Now do you when you look at this draft list of prospects but we were were calling this eight deep draft right because they deserve a lot of talent is not. Zurich. We thought there was -- part -- there's got to LeBron James there's not a Tim Duncan. There's not a Dwight Howard. And there's there's not a guy in here we say okay this is a hall of fame type we gotta we gotta we gotta move up to get them. If you're sitting at six a frenzy asked -- but if you're sitting at six. And if you believe what's coming out about how much the Celtics like markets Smart and how much he said that he would want to play here which really is irrelevant based on the fact that he's not picking -- are. I mean is -- in between Marcus Martin and aren't Andrew and Wiggins Parker putters. And I think you're good either way now yeah use different screen Smart Wiggins and -- -- nobody likes those aren't wigand's if you -- if you know if you don't think these guys. Our transcendent if you don't think these guys -- their (%expletive) maybe our standards SEC case -- -- we lost on purpose to try to get one of these two guys now all of a sudden one albums back out of shape but the other ones that. And I don't believe that I don't that I don't believe anything GM says immediate. If Danny age all yearlong was talking about how they don't -- park meet transcendent player can be a player that just lift an organization a franchise. You must have the same thing about Wiggins and a draft -- surrogate -- Encapsulate the our senior comets and how much of the guy. You know -- not -- to show your hand good downplay it because you wanna move up you love the player you wanna move up I mean it's. -- times have we seen this immediately be upset because Danny Ainge lied to us and said is that the draft -- it may be overrated right now like two months ago. Now he's client I'm only play in the game. Yeah I'm only of Sudan needs to be lied to us about the fireworks. Damn I want to cease fire Paramount don't think that's happening. Six and 777979837. We got banked out phone lines any Justin -- victory it's got -- mitigate to everyone have you on -- warriors and the celtics' draft. We'll do that we come back also Lewis -- -- who's very interesting theory here about GM's in Boston I -- want to get to as well all that to come here are not present in the media. Destination round of sixteen standing in the way. -- think -- NFC in the -- -- men's Christian oriented. Who's already done he believes in being standup. I don't right now I mean I want you thanks so I want to. Back that was the top of the Mike common WEEI dot com there while you're trying to give me Christian duty. Red white blue Fiat paint death I can't because of -- by green and white space pain on a period and all of my deciding golf fan boy in okay. Big Danny -- to do some sort of big move to make them relevant because does it feel like guys it's. In longer than what it really has since the Celtics were a championship contender. What you go through work stoppage you go out for a 500 season and you go through a was 25 win season. You have a divorce from a coach that a lot of people like the dismantling of a proud group of guys that brought you a championship that makes it feel longer than what it really was again. Three years since they were competitive. So. Why not. You know why not bring it back fast why not make the splash move why not make the big play it was still has made the gonna go up to number one. I think the -- make at least a little meeting move -- Move -- Rajon Rondo and get themselves the eight pick and you don't think you can do anything Christian no I don't I think I think they want to. But I think there's other people who may have made. Better pole position. And they do as far as what they're able to offer right now I mean word is that -- -- wants to move the number one to take -- Wiggins Parker and outs we have a third. And also have a ten I mean and Orlando's another team that's been a -- since this all started and have a fourth at twelve. Celtics -- with six. And seventeen. Mean I know they have featured draft picks and of their assets that are sitting and well ways to be used but for this year I think Danny. It's trying to do everything he wants to make those moves but I just don't think he's going to be able to based on the other position of the other teams and -- European he's. The best rafting GM in Boston right now. No no no it. -- last night we had. Out of LTO -- I don't got less that we and I got the impression from what you're saying that he was number one on your list. Won't -- you believe the Danny -- last I do believe that in. The less that Witasick tablet GMs who do you trust on Comcast yeah and just going driving in thinking about a myself forcible Danny -- the guy. I trust more the bill to Seattle those two guys got a point America's Carrington. A couple of years you can say it is a good things with the -- Beat Australia -- -- -- a good run at all either on the thing about the draft that that he's been involved in policy in Hamilton but to get some guys and animal you know Amylin and -- on and these -- some some misses. What thought it was easier but it was the inning it and then -- -- -- kind of look at it we just focused on the first round. And it was amazing to me when I looked at like bill Belichick's first round picks them. And I -- ticket well if that's the case article first round now we start talking about the second and third rounds. Not right now up -- Bill Belichick got it but you're one the draft Seymour Indiana Graham Ty Warren -- -- Watson. You know you keep going Mankins. Maroney. -- merry way that I can say their busts. But they plate you know any first round picks in a bus or guys just never even show up for you mail McCord he. Nate sold at Sheila Jones so it's a nice nice run there and I looked at the eighties and it's it's okay. But for some reason. I do I trusting each morning last year was you -- Kelly a clinic if you moved up a couple of spots he -- without you a couple second routers that it was sellinger. Fab Melo what do you take -- sellinger. You know so it's -- -- not you don't rush Sean brought to -- right away for JaJuan Johnson was now playing Turkey. You Avery Bradley she word Danny. As well as the late in the first round second round he finds players you know which is up to do when you -- banks and. I would actually while he move up to number one. He's so good at finals both players later on in the draw is that players now number one you know one that the find is now the number one guy yeah I go Belichick Q. But then again if you're talking about filling 22 positions as opposed to filling one out of five and obviously you're gonna have. Better chance to look at him you -- more mrs. -- some better chance to look good with frequency. So I guess ago Belichick deputies. Yeah I know I'm looking at it the only the drafts that I mean this there's really nothing to say you know this year is drafts of Dominique Easley is -- curious but I really. Upon further review that a drop in output in there would be 2013 with Jamie Collins Dobson Ryan. I'd -- on -- a lot of second third round picks guys that are supposed to. Contribute. But he's the one that's always kind of what is it. The 2009. At 2009. What they did with the pitchers did for those 2009 the validity to have a first round picks he can't use it. But it -- Patrick Chung -- -- they -- -- they kept moving back moving back and and the -- that guys that they missed. Was. Michael or with a guy Al Hakim nicks -- Clay Matthews is always the guy that Barbara you're you're gonna hear about from 2009. Did they had the opportunity to take Clay Matthews and they passed on him. Thinking that they were okay going back into the second round and taking Patrick John who by the way is playing again for the patriots. On a hole as far as hits and this is just first round picks. Output pitchers above. The Celtic yeah Iowa I mean I can look at first round picks but then you know the good. You know you -- seven Jeff Green turned in a Ray Allen. You know -- at some other things Rajon Rondo is it was a draft eight drug trade Perkins was as well also mean there was. There's some good things there you know soldier fell depict him I just addressed when did he has all these kind of assets. I trust and do something with them and be honest with you last three or four years anytime anyone from ownership of any these teams make a statement like that. It was going to be a big trade in a big sign I think. Then whipping that Red Sox did at the yearly trade for Gonzales and sign Crawford night as it turned -- may be we're excited -- and ownership comes out. A member of ownership. -- says it's gonna be fireworks the owner and the president about you calling kids I mean they usually kids so I -- -- -- Danny -- -- -- idea and not -- do I do fireworks it will not be six in seventeen it will move. It's gonna fizzle six should wander out in 7797. And 937. People lined up talk about the draft and Luis wars is nine game suspension if you missed that earlier. We'll start of the phones right now in Milton and talked to Victor hi Victor you're on 937. Hey guys -- Gloria noted. You know did any age typically does something good -- follows that up with doing something bad. Specifically last summer -- We have spoken over the -- the years and I think UN live all like to deal but he did with New Jersey to get those those draft picks. I thought that that was a very good move on on on behalf of -- deviation what I'm afraid is is that he's got a screwed this one up. What I'm afraid of is that he's going to give away from the future of the out. Of the franchise. I think yet Kevin Love Kevin Love is a very very good football player. Is -- a franchise changer know. Of. A franchise changer what is better help as opposed to the Minnesota Timberwolves though Victor if you have the time and depicts the assets that they do is still build around him. Is he an EP keep Rondo at that point you wouldn't trade Rondo -- decide to go after love. It's only a franchise changer if there's a little bit more help the wayside in Minnesota. I don't think so I really don't -- is a good. Football player -- you know with with with which I don't want no I think they would work well together. But the way I look at it guys their first lead. Is the rim protector. -- second need is the shooter. They didn't -- shooter but they need the rim protector more. Well a lot of the current protect Qaeda I don't agree rebound or I mean I think you -- about whether or basketball I don't win a -- did you -- play defense. But is it is it easier to find a a -- a surge of -- got. Got to protect the rim or zip or is it easier to find a guy that was fourth in the league in scoring -- third rebounds. -- which is tougher to find. You know which is tougher to acquire. The guy that it guys top forwards scoring top three in rebounding. Organic and just play defense. I think that there's one dimensional guys can just play because they could find it easier and they've been fighting a guy like that that kind of ability to again -- not a Kevin Love is available to worst ever happens courier Boston because I've never it's only people but I'll bet this player is. Just going from Connecticut -- just. Hey let's go I got it just. Hey -- just wanted to clear -- a little bit on and he got the suspension for Smart now let me just preface by saying. I am not a soccer guys out soccer guy probably every four years -- World Cup comes around -- and I even not much at that. Hours looking to the station and heard Tommy Smith. Any product a really good point I'm -- suspension is just for international play. How do -- Europe. It doesn't happen knew what Liverpool at all. -- it's up to Liverpool. And the Premier League if they want suspension but as far as those -- in -- four months. That just how do international -- But not according to a ESP in the World Cup. Their coverage I mean I'm looking at Michael Wally right now. Who is is talking about him in addition to his World Cup immediately being over. Suarez who missed nine premiere games which is the four month band as well as champions league in Capital One cup matches. It is an addition to it is nine. International games for your reply as well as a full month bit of all soccer which is comes up to nine premiere games. There -- and I don't know. I love it I mean like there's obviously don't have a disconnect because Todd is of ESPN as well all right cell. This is the official statement but the -- Lewis Suarez -- benefit nine official matches the first match suspension of Meserve. Yeah upcoming World Cup picture between Colombia and your guard the match. The remaining match suspensions will be certainly Uruguay's next fifa World Cup matches. As long as team qualifies. And all represents the team's subsequent officially official matches. The players banned from taking part in any kind of football related activity administrative sports or any other repaired a four months. A stadium bears pronounced against Luis Suarez was -- admitted but entering the confines of any stadium during the period of the billion. So in in this article it specifically says before months which means you'll miss nine Premier League games as well as champions league. And Capital One cup match translation if you want to come to -- games. Can't play soccer for nine for four months coach so when the Premier League opens up in August. He can't play for four months.

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