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Craziness at the Avicii concert 6-26-14

Jun 26, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the Avicii concert gone bad at The Garden.

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I thought this was the case but it wasn't sure and now I have proved to myself that I am without question eight tougher individual. Shane Victorino. You know why that Shane Victorino was scratched from his rehab start him -- it will not be making. The trip to new York and start for the Red Sox Friday night because general soreness that -- side I was at the BBC concert last night. Sick out of my mind riding on the floor take I -- -- all bad always bad -- to the hospital and by god. Who's in the starting line up this morning for Dennis and Callahan minute I am victory you know is not yet. Where would you rank this among the BC shoot that well -- 31 there alas I was 31 thought I was via it was muggy there -- yeah I think yeah air conditioning broke like it did in the NBA finals you like really. Really drunk chicks rise at a and this decision at least the -- that those without it -- -- those guys are going to -- John says it. -- I usually vote historically we know when. It was hotel room with a girl just after she plummeted. Couldn't even look it was making me -- just thinking of GAAP. With the people of lower stand off man and this is the kind of I checked myself before I did that a ridiculous. -- on suicide. -- check yours out. I think the you know fun with it. Years also looking at a -- and I I just happened perhaps scope. Can hang in the like another fifteen minutes it's okay computerized -- dry up a video game what does this concerts so like but last -- not yeah why does not. An actual singer and Stan knows how old white I don't understand. This isn't Egypt as a singer. No it's -- of PC I am to oversee is. BC. The -- are pretty good -- -- fair I'm positive. This is not a BC this I've heard this on from each artist he's DJ DJ -- plays music. Yes -- -- -- that's the way that it has piggybacked artwork there I it's not this isn't -- How many people and the -- she. Was not playing that you know. -- -- -- I do like clothes off the top I don't know half the guy. He did you can't -- -- the garden that garden holds 20000 people Max how many people show for I don't know we need to find out on a work night like this their kids but. We night. At the garden interests race play a look at his upcoming events please. In Bristow Virginia and -- little place and Governors Island national monument. Is that the fourth of July 28 in New York -- in Berkeley police playing where the nets play. Barkley said really it was an electronic dance concert featuring the artist of BC. So how much of an artist you have to beat it. It's been a record to one of those guys whose principal ways though lower back pull back. Or where's pepper where's ads -- -- -- enough that I don't I don't I don't understand you guys are you guys younger you're in this scene. Why is it again why I asked the guy who doesn't know the different -- no hostility and make it and it was a new music. Okay well what our British are these guys popular. Just got -- it hasn't worked. I can't really tell you how it DJ is popular I don't really buy into the whole DJ thing but if you could -- the guy singing it's not about the music but I thought to have Bob don't even. Yes I thought or reject or reject you see this picture of the substance as well but chicks like in their teens and Taiwanese. Hammered trip and NASA and had a good time yeah -- asked -- got lucky sweater on right here it's not the by acts like it gonna gonna get out of the house and lets them again ladies and. Concert -- -- ranged in age from sixteen to 25 all hell broke loose at 830 when people started dropping like flies large incidents. Involving drug and alcohol problems are -- at techno concerts. They -- nineteen year old Mike. Sent us to fondle from Ellis who said you couldn't breathe if you were on the floor. It was the best. And worst time ever. That some great photos in the general. Place to what is wrong and girls in debt strapped in stretches and they -- hospital yeah. In the stomach problem. That look like a good time management 36 were taken to hospital the rental idea 5014 others treated at the garden -- fortunately there were no deaths. Do they build them hours this all on us -- Weren't the -- -- they have the police force. The corruption is not the best use of -- resources. Could play this music to hold this kind of this vibe that it would just drop out and -- and trip. -- -- -- time accident that for two hours. Fifty years ago like if you took the essence first you couldn't. And everybody tells us it's pronounced of the chi chi chi chi chi says I figured I thought it was Italian defender of the -- on the shoulder arrest warrant at that that was a -- -- gets around. But he's not saying a confusion by someone explain so this guy picks on its -- a different that you would know he sees him. You're younger and he -- the dinosaurs in your could be cheap and a VG was there they got to Matthew Walker that's a pretty good civilian sectors of the -- is the biggest DJ in the world at 24 he just bought a fifteen million dollar house in LA. The guy singing isn't him the -- he writes and produces. The show up through there with you right. This is this is what's -- threatened. But now yeah this is that a now it's just like a social plays and Adele song where is its value. Through the if he's just like no other people's music you can look down the beat he's the nominee all economic choice for Grammy Award. -- -- Yes it's desert it's a good one about reports showed -- on the scene reports. Is in Boston Steve what can you tell people. John how are not good wave -- custody. -- they're watching their work at our door and watching how well how big a crowd -- the most DB. They don't provide an estimated 121000. -- -- -- -- report she sees was a hot and -- was a part of the -- -- it was -- and the -- was crowded. So that kid who just gave him new report it was one of the best sides in the work -- -- -- -- -- and it's a young crowd right. -- very young and very young telly about it I'll see you all the once -- arrives. Or all the ones are really. The top of -- she does specifically that makes in the best DJ in the world. It's more overrated -- -- from -- -- and that it is the first -- that I was yeah I didn't make the last one that was that VA area. And how many young girls to -- vomiting on themselves. I didn't see any. But it didn't hear reporters back in the seat. -- of the -- seats in the senate seats is that like remember a drinkers that it's in the actually -- on the beach. I didn't see it it was only a report that it erred when you're actually there Steve Fossett was it there will always electric and a map that you missed that they're supposed to do. You know it's suitable sex in the six passes this stuff -- -- Your -- it like easier than the old guard sexson OC what he's a -- that your that would give us dogs rats -- every member of the you'll -- and hope classic uncomfortable seat yet quote they did a Steven good to talk to you thanks for the report so this. But it can graduate in January next block of what is important Steve -- people like to profit is out already the self beaches the beaches on. He produced it and -- it. But says American soul singer. Alec. -- black provide the vocal said and -- guitars provide tickets are so I don't know how it is on them you wrote the people together. Now that he could beat it and he made the record go back and forth this is like a good show. Which like the -- ago oh absolutely out of Baghdad back a couple of -- you have to pizza covering the Pam Jones 52 and Richard you off 48 of situation. Think you if it weren't there no they weren't. They were in the north and eating dinner. After dropping off their fifty year old daughter and her friend -- They heard the report somehow -- and rushed to the -- to try to find -- she would pick herself on. She turned out to be okay couple a couple of Texas thing Hagerty reviewed the thirteen year old girls caught -- -- -- -- -- -- -- today. And if -- the industry is now thirteen year old girl's house argues it -- of these shows is probably tripped out that's what happened yeah I'll get it. While you Europe the show oh yeah well I ice I don't remember all I -- Stan yeah and happens I was up -- -- buckles is great and he. It's quick 76 pitches to I was forty minutes in and out. Will you do in minutes and I was what -- -- them play on I was watching the rights watch the Red Sox. And tonight is NBA draft source double forty different draft previews which we are -- on mock draft that morning you know what ESPN is not happy with the NBA's schedule draft right in the middle of the world now and and and abroad and Tim Lincecum -- it just brought everything out of Bristol right this this -- Michael -- has -- shares this morning all on board and look at that. And the broaden that is -- Tactics. And LeBron and and and Lincecum public in the way. Please most of which. Means is instead of thirty minutes to art sports and soccer it's 25. Before they get to LeBron and it's good that they brought in five minutes wade bosh got together had a big meeting that got got together -- the forum to discuss their future that an end date Curtis -- a good point on Twitter. We supposed to believe they never discussed there. A talk -- notice it remember they are together all day every day you know in hotel and era planes in and and on in that locker moments practice -- games and they just decided on June 25 or whatever -- together and discussed -- hackers. And you know what I said there's no way in hell Dwyane -- -- vote. Dwyane -- the most overpaid guy in the and no question the next two years guaranteed and I guess he'll try to play for the next two years in like in three years from now we need replacements he's. Now. Right now on the rims and he's gonna make 42 more than LeBron would have made 42 years -- -- -- right. He caught up -- I heard Broussard say he would be like -- six million dollar player -- percent I was there was a six million -- in May be on reputation for how many years. Washington one joke. -- mean he's gonna and I know he's got plenty of money and he set for life and all that pulls. He's gonna walk away from you know thirty million gallons now he's already won three titles he can't say he wants a chance to win. He's you know he's close at the end of the beginnings not not like LeBron in his prime. I'd I'd be shocked would you not be a -- of respect and don't forget the heat is his team. That's true in his team and he won a title before LeBron got there so it's it's all the real road how -- -- He plays in over the next two years in retires and lives there and you know becomes -- Miami. I'd be shocked by some and we -- -- gesture we have among men exit maybe you would go for more money did you rip up at 242 -- exit five for fifty Iverson but on the white and well. Does it -- he it would pay ago I guess after they would they would have to -- 555 for them to 42 strangely and and I they would have to. Pay them -- if if LeBron wants to know if they've paired up -- Bausch and and and I mean there -- in the numbers part BO now. And that's what LeBron wants that support the broadcasters got the right of first refusal to assume he has a mine in mines some bench help as that was the problem when -- let Mike -- ago. Man GO tool and an ego aside she assuming you guys in mind that he wants to. And sure our bench and an in depth guys would would Ray Allen go with them. You know if you went somewhere else. Official brought -- Other other yeah I mean maybe those good shooters out yet some experts and shooter. But think about LeBron is gonna go on tour and we think he's gonna go to -- Anthony -- -- -- it sure would you when you -- -- an adult. LeBron doesn't go on tour -- tour comes to LeBron but it's a show -- show would say -- -- when you go on the road really makes it look like you are. Open to any -- And when you do that as we -- baseball you know fifteen day expose appeared baseball teams have to negotiate with their own creations once at fifteen days up sick about. Because that you go on court and you talk yourself and anything mean -- criminal's gonna go to Houston. Chicago and Dallas. Dallas and all of those in the -- certainly -- the New York. And better than it probably -- of the Miami they're all gonna seem great -- -- team watch personnel wise it'll mean as a place to -- he digs the New York thing. -- like he likes that -- -- -- -- loves and that's twice there but it clearly that's that loser franchise is gonna win nothing. Next year year after he knows it so he's gonna go to Chicago Dallas Houston. And they are all received better of the new York and all Obama's speech on the general the red carpet -- all gonna. Tell home wow wonderful things will be there looking back. Well probably the same thing if he hits the road -- -- -- in them but LeBron is leaving a more promising place sure Carmelo obviously -- of plus you still have Bausch. In way to tell us which is more promising if he does a war like coast to Houston a Houston goes to the clippers or those two -- as the two best spots in the league for. I mean there obviously got to dump guys -- dump half they're team -- going to be playing with six guys next year bright it LeBron and whoever else -- robbery and those guys are you know -- powered in -- games that's pretty cassettes or -- or Chris Paul Blake Griffin. And LeBron James and maybe kept brings out -- with them. But they will seem better Obama if he goes there and takes a tour and and Chris Paul meet him at the airport. Right that's gonna seem much more. Promise I remember I am I remember obviously the decision but I remember leading up the decision circus around LeBron stop. Going to visit places like he kept the other wasn't that why it wouldn't be much speculation right it was like it was an event when he pulled into new Yorker pulled in the Miami yeah it was a shock that he left Cleveland -- Cleveland was the favorite heavy favorite -- stated that a more. Hometown all of that. And when he made such a big deal that it seemed like what the boys club in the cry and yet brought ESPN right. Come in the race. I think there was -- World Cup then you don't know a lot was staged to hold the World Cup -- hold that up. I played at that at that boy's club they play like OJ bronco chase -- -- -- apple when he made such a big deal obvious that he must be stay in -- as the -- doesn't he's gonna look like an eagle and he did. And he looked like today hole because he left Cleveland went to Miami to Crist announced the -- in the way away and always. -- a little older now but he's not battle and we're way Cleveland might be the best spot in the Eastern Conference form. If they get this first pick in -- hit it right you have Irving really good player may -- the Brohm looks at that. Now that's why they're trying to get I mean I'm sure. You throw love in Irving at LeBron that's pretty but Carmelo is not politically. No problem. Not -- sugary out of -- I think this but I do that in terms of motivation. LeBron is more driven about. The chance to win and win immediately and Carmelo is -- Carmelo has sort of mixed messages mixed signals in terms of what are you what you want to city for his wife's career to be able courage Porsche. It's a human in in -- certainly not place like Cleveland. Probably not a place like Houston. He seems to be more intent on the lifestyle open and what do you say the -- -- -- Ron I mean it would kill Carmelo not to win a title next couple years well. I give credit to leave the new York and -- 23 million dollars what is his wife's career -- -- mean she is she's yet technology jail immediately accuses effect that that burgeoning acting career of earth and makes one minute -- -- we are they can -- to reality -- Houston she's -- he went to Chicago tomorrow. And LeBron left the east. He's the best he's on the best team the sure. That would be we do not say or Chicago yet if there grosses -- obviously is that not the best team east. Like not yet but in India and yes I'm registered -- -- goes the other way who knows what the mean probably the prices at the best for companies. Seem possible that your team. To the five years ago that it's possible that an -- and went to the conference finals and on the really good you don't hear anybody you know visiting Indiana you don't hear anybody considering Indiana. A true. Yeah -- maybe Larry could sweet talk some people do you think we what we don't show up tomorrow. You know if if you you make it you know because no -- and their constant and it's a -- -- it's always if you I was a veteran. Just access it on and and hit the route to work off blew off work yes -- follow -- -- did yes it did you know an Acura Buick Albany. -- -- Would do -- the next morning that was a plan means that I was going to visit family happen would be the open area. That is totally I'd muted would be embarrassed that you now. Readjust to life to pull troops out recently at 6 o'clock in the morning I would -- one issue that's true more points you missed the show the morning after the opening comments Bruce Springsteen you more port to meet and the show -- days it is odd even -- McCadam -- Chris Christie yeah. To be honest with love sports team that -- -- go on the court which we teach about each of -- these guys. Mean they're not a lot of 22 year old -- -- -- -- -- office until you're older model of girls area yet street at the spruce for Eckstein is our planet is because I I I I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Asked. If the -- you must equipment -- -- -- -- you do. The fifty year old guy dropped sixty year old daughter of -- -- you know go. John Dennis like I that's the older brother. At. But tomorrow when we show up when you know hopefully all of -- shows up yes. Will we be surprised that eighth. Then went Cleveland Philly oh Orlando did at the top that are at Milwaukee and beat. What Danny did underwhelmed. By what Danny did I think this is going to be the ultimate. It's going to be com. Perfunctory. Would be OK that I -- -- -- the answer to my questions yes -- -- the and he goes according to plan. Extra guide picks -- -- her record company and -- that Levine you that your. Related more of all five singer -- yeah yeah yeah. Yeah it does its act. That's a lot of money. -- I'd rather do that happened to -- -- -- -- that -- Adam will be musket in -- like. Pictures themselves team has -- that other girl who convinced that the stars -- and Julian whenever he does that too. I'll shoot up as much money Adam Levine must have wondered. Would she have she does. They must just overwhelmed. Or like money with a -- hundred million dollars would -- -- Adam Levine's medicine. Two weeks during Bruce's opium and diapers or Jimmie Johnson's extend my I would go with the papers were 95. Five million -- commercials. He's just trying to help others maybe she donates adult Richard BI's problem that you guys. Were. That's more. -- -- -- The -- 350. Man that's. Were Perry's but she liked him in boxes the voice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and but anyway I think if he takes Eric Gordon will mean. Exactly mean more with the second pick. It'll be shocked. If there and it just goes according to its expression -- for oil. Yes the oil oil obviously got the bridge. Way to play host. -- Just made that up it goes according. Homes at least done that oil. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Big smarts not -- it is that makes -- expendable. That fast trade -- that can eventually take that Dick Gordon and then take. The other guy from Croatia the you'll see for two years which will really be underwhelming -- interest on the well well I am a bit underwhelming -- deal several Arnold envision Dirk Nowitzki some super idea that say that guys waiting in the wings that -- that I think two guys. Who are ranked where they take them. And use -- Gordon and Levine will be will be surprised me NB a going forth it's not days the -- Not mean it's not the way he thinks. He's gonna look he's gonna think out of the ball I'm sure is trying to I think Marcus Smart and a couple of people have him come in here. Would be fascinating because immediately you know win the -- Rondo trade would be the new culture. And Rondo will be. Spent kinda out front of late no man knows. Well for audio for him Toronto would be here today show -- and he's he's -- -- turning it GQ. On which -- mill hill on numbers don't lie or whatever it's called. I think Rondell immediately. Would would would be either embrace this year. Bitch about it. And I would applaud it would mean that's short statement and -- -- -- meant -- -- around you -- but you know you know he has one year left them. I understand they can't get love then is not lotteries keep bridal -- and anywhere that's that's that's going to be another. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What you expect an expert for the drama aren't we are choking on mock drafts that it's just like the first five that I have -- -- would you discuss those if you like. I know since you Tuesday it up out of cultured did not see Buchholz pitched. Lobby in the trending but he wrote that he was -- it was he -- a wintry -- Did you see shall MB -- tweet. Did you see this tweet about that. Great news for Curt Schilling as well. All eyes open and talk with you next and and haven't -- a camera follow all in the inaugural our technologies Kevin Faulk agrees with them. Many ahead and I that sometimes you know you never know a close friend -- call were bright that you thought was reasonably stable could turn out to be a murder I thought it was -- get short -- Jack Janet the right thing that was great wasn't -- develops we'll have that went back.

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