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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Fortune Teller Edition - 6-24-14

Jun 24, 2014|

We break out the sports crystal ball to get some thoughts on some sports futures.

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We'll we'll do wind it's funny Jim Talent that we can can yeah. -- -- -- I'm like yeah. Well done Andy. -- get -- export forefront you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network. The song will probably tell you where we're headed are always about the future now I don't business enterprise ultimately care. Now the name that tell the future well that this song is called. Fortune teller who's doing the artist this is Robert Plant and housing crops cells have been covered and who. Its own this is great I like it. And you know dale. I don't remember before. You know what I get to the point sometimes -- into the eyes rolled back into -- head I can think -- few mushrooms Kate yet I can do that. So evidently did them all the demo ordered an -- it's your future. Old dale -- for you know. All I feel wedding anniversary covering up for you execute celebration. If -- -- not a last week. -- But that's OK last of the viewed as -- -- -- -- -- the right track. They're the hardest here where did. At their wedding anniversary governor for your own about a month and a big celebration. I did. Right that's right we're telling the future here today for 44 and we'll start with -- LeBron James and all I want to know. Is where will LeBron James be playing basketball next season. LeBron. What's your decision. This fall and -- And this phone looks at my talents to South Beach and now -- my new. Miami Heat. That was the conclusion you woke up this morning call's conclusion -- -- I'll say this I'm gonna look into the future and say that LeBron James will never do that decision again no matter where he ends up going. I think he's -- right there where he just told you he's no. Back to Miami. Nicholson -- -- -- back with more. And something Stevie Wonder played Orlando for quite a roster Mariano yes. It's. And that's my answer La -- Not Carmelo -- La La La La land. I -- LeBron James I'm not sure yet because. I just started the whole process. But thank you for coming to me. If you give it a few extra dollars up there would be forced to serve. I do know that LeBron James is going to be playing. This whole game at the staples that are next year. What are for the lakers or clippers I'm not sure what that is where -- going next. LeBron James -- either playing for Doc Rivers. With the clippers. Forward plant alongside Kobe burn it. And Carmelo Anthony. And that's all started edit Carmelo at LS cars that it. Lakers lining -- that he needs another brokerage company we were looking for a city or looking for a team. -- -- can't be cheap and going to was so I don't politically ideology I have a fifty just yet that the clippers I'm a little. I'm not buying -- people summer and Akron I think there was more to that. Controversy -- if you -- -- -- -- back to Cleveland his wife was really excited about about. She's really excited she grew up in Akron. She's been around all these phony people of South Beach. All the beautiful people. But you know I I I can't do what -- not just excited to go home would free up. Real politics as well no we might hire like dismisses the salt and your insurance candidates. Backed Cleveland. He's going to Cleveland Cleveland let one -- on home. And he's an affair with the Irving and Parker you're good fortune teller -- that at least it. That particular for the clippers to have it. Boston Red Sox are currently seven and a half games behind Italy's. Leading Toronto Blue Jays know. -- it's up to seven and a half games behind it eased a bit much for my. Although I want to know medical cannabis cripples him past Mike that is will the Boston Celtics -- MLB playoffs like this. But the Red Sox make the playoffs this season. The one to fit to it and it is in their first like three and a ball game is over. This won an award goes to Seattle twelve -- three as they take game one they beat up John Lackey tonight. Felix Hernandez gets the wind and this one was over pretty early -- I'm gonna say they don't make the playoffs. That just. It's a combination. Of having too many problems. Right now on their own roster and opportunities. -- surprisingly good including the teams that -- going to be playing tonight and they played last night Seattle. A lot better that I thought they would. I mean it's really Fernandez. Had a long stretch again once or what June 2. He still has not -- -- mean so. They are there they're pretty good team and they can actually hit a little bit. I'd think no playoffs in the future no. Question and I think it's the -- last year. Last year but was waiting for the bottom to follow they didn't think it was good that they were playing in almost one run although -- -- This year but he waiting for them to turn the corner every time applicable for The Herald it's you know signs of life or ready to go water. It's not that good maybe they're more like it if you were expecting to show up at some point last year and they're not good fortune teller avail. Never felt better Bogart's played nineteen games and Syria. Brought Stephen Drew and and he moved to third in the nineteen games since he moved to third base including 162. Now the Red Sox say there's no core relation here. In the shift from short to third has nothing to do with its offensive struggles. Fact of the matter is before -- get shifted over to third base he was hitting 296162. Cents then. You get two big guys were going through too tough a time. While guards Peru. -- -- mothers I think it's going to be next to impossible I think no regrets only. To -- total mystery. Across the Bruins had some tough decisions to make this summer. By October 8 when the season starts against the Philadelphia Flyers watch it live on NASA. Nice plug I don't know. Which Bruins mainstay will not be on the team come October a trunk door right. A couple putts. That's my choice unfortunately. Johnny boy chuck. They need to free up some money. They've got some depth coming back on defense with the return of Adam Quaid and Dennis Seidenberg. Stability they've got to deal somebody off the Blue Line. McQuay might be my first choice over -- -- but unfortunately because of the injury. I don't think you'll get much back forum. Boy chuck has a three point six million dollar salary will be a free agent after next season -- wanna gonna wanna go up from there. I think he's the guy. I'm not going to be able to afford to bring back. I have a closed my eyes I see that very clearly here and guys' job. It's not really surprising that -- take full price. For this gift. That I'm about to get -- you guys is an IRS favorable price for the thing that -- week -- I'm gonna give you guys that I always a guideline that the free world scale. The guy who's gonna impose got to move is gonna leave. This -- -- Because. Johnny boy judge did you know 3000003 and a half million dollars that's fine. They need to make some significant move they have cap problem. The Boston Bruins have some financial problem -- that they are. Back at their cash for. But they just need to free up. Some space. So that means Graham marsh and that's four and a half million dollar salary. How to do but isn't Peter surely on the record Ingraham. It's not -- but you know sometimes -- lying closure to it. That is not a not a truthful statement -- I hate to always automatically oh -- it's not a true that is truthful statement sometimes things change right. What's changed. It may want to trade -- this time -- it might -- -- well and I also see here's the bonus. I also see it another. Surprise me deal. For the Boston Bruins. Now they we think we have the shake up got sharp -- leave now. I just told the Brad margin between now here's another surprise. Dennis Seidenberg. Also. And we're not be with the Bruins in 2014. If you've got to stuff so economic things are very guided their out there is no way Seidenberg. Just signed into a long term. Contract extension for eagle and any. You have to go into the future dale may I guess you're an app I got -- -- it just -- out. Time now for the eighteenth -- question of the day Ann -- are real money right here progress wherever our real -- -- up I interrupting me. Bill. And if health outcomes reporting Rob Gronkowski could be ready for week one so I want to know. How many games this season will Rob Gronkowski play great. It's. It's. Like Google. Plus it's. It's. Business -- six good. It's. Don't let your -- and Kevin Harlan there. If Kevin Harlan you know Jack Roberts was saying yesterday if you put. In English accent on what he was saying. And what American announcers say they would be lauded. For flip around. If you put an English accent. Or Kevin Harlan. You'll be ready Hartford. That's what we're paying. Yeah. -- credible the flying Melinda is don't hit the ground awake drunk the I don't know why. You've got to everyday don't actually I -- of the ground. Rock. Gradkowski. Plays. Every game in the regular season. Its first -- including game one. How many did you seven -- A 114. Yards. Two touchdowns. Both from the red. We asked you how many games to play sixty games that -- -- thing isn't what way so I played sixty. I think I don't make the play -- -- -- the regular season play 61 summer I don't know how. I don't know how many games and -- play -- play ball stopped whatever. Whatever they do in the postseason clearly they're crystal ball over there and policies I don't know if it would have to report but I know -- -- -- -- sixty games for sure. And he's got to play at all. Think I am going nineteen because it from Gradkowski play sixteen games in the regular season the paper it's going to be a very good football team their defense is much improved. They have a great player on defense now and Revis who I think is gonna transformed that unit. And he is the offensive version that he's transformed that offense we remember last year. When they had him the offense was putting up 35 plus points they were great when they didn't they petered out in the post season. He will play sixteen games in the regular season because he's playing those games they'll -- nineteen games. Idea. But I hate I hate beat them. Wet blanket. The turn in the fungible here motorists caught up well. This coming. -- field they -- the last well on the amount of our armed Britney for the basketball paper today. Well a great day. These do is and he's gonna get hurt he's -- he's gonna get hurt -- -- -- -- -- -- fury toward the AC -- African Jerry -- a freak injury he's due to just. Give the and I'll be honest with you there's a little bit of me that's like man in this -- he's one of my players to watch. He is literally one of their players I -- I 'cause his diet and I if anything to see him last the whole season and he's been taken away from us here he's a unique athlete this is the year that the happy go lucky -- he has -- all year long. Hope you're right I just I fear that he's never gonna have a completely healthy -- when you very good. We debate but I -- Reserves and -- played three games. Starting catcher is not a -- Three games started just one does the fact that we did get hurt again and hope for the season. Into an -- Like a lot of emails and trade. On time one can't count that I like this. To have -- Arnold knows hockey colleagues are. All you don't think the future you don't see the future company. Whatever you guys won and now. Because I love you guys so much. Charged daylight charge and where those -- -- about here. But we have guys in pharmaceuticals. And how this hey listen if you guys whatever you want to tell you what can happen to personal lives. Now in your professional lives just -- you know. I want to Ali I can own and I. Whatever you -- editor Purdue -- prohibit of that W. 6177797937. Is tell one of the AT&T text line 37937. Leading -- criminal. Problems okay because nobody's gonna root for criminals are right and and Michael correctly added left that we've been trying to figure out players. You couldn't root for if they came to play for your team we think we've come up with a couple. Why are we term -- out because the whole idea is Celtics fans. I mean maybe this is a vocal minority. On our text machine Celtics fans and don't want LeBron James on my team won a form of LeBron James game here. We appreciate and that's on July 1 I don't believe them. I believe I believe Mike Adams would -- LeBron James Jersey if you played for the Celtics. But maybe I'm wrong maybe you know maybe all those folks represented a much bigger group of people who just couldn't -- for this team -- trying to figure out other guys. Who and and I called Randy Moss was a great when everybody said they would root for Randy wants. And they and they are on their feet they were wearing those moss asks in July in another one that can never happen but would be a similar situation -- -- -- Peyton -- People written in the mock him he can't win any show he looked -- -- face but in an. A different universe that the patriots need a quarterback. Of course you jab at your target it's hard to imagine because you know and contemporary is right here and -- bought this thing you know roughly the same page and you perform every how to spend what it should -- -- -- -- it's hard to even imagine that because you're you you can't envision a scenario where you'd be in that situation. Brady retires today. Timing is still -- -- you can't just like I know what I can tell you and I'm right in space well I would always thought this day I'm in the space for the next hour record for the future talking to you Tom Brady and here's a tip top right he's not gonna retire today. Or tomorrow. -- -- the paper press starts right. Texas is have a Terrelle -- Oh well like forget the six out of 77797937. Is telephone number right back with you coming up next Sports Radio WE yeah.

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