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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Like a rolling stone 6-25-14

Jun 25, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Just got the -- texted to me and for the 22 straight week you know headlines most popular segment on WEEI. Radio and still the recent past stands to reason that -- should one -- not this political -- when a clip buckles takes them well obviously some saying you know concede. The you do it's not going to happen for 20/20 two weeks at commanders blows about this return tonight for guys had a first pitch I'll be there just random sales people people -- James -- -- what you think that when that didn't herb Albert and it's a -- -- party on a -- -- the technical doing it but we're doing and we're going to be here. Where mutt is going to be -- we're gonna do the post game. Good we -- we're going to be in here I'll be up a wire as Jerry likes to say people love. Huge event I guess that's what it's like a World Cup brought -- just like it -- -- that's true -- doing that I saw budget movie theaters showing the game that I should Worcester -- a show in the game on what do we only goes like three the third -- in his opinion anyway yes this may -- Walsh has the -- problems at the common. Right it'll be huge -- economic. Grant park Chicago yes headlines brought you by eighteen TD cover more than 99% of all Americans. Building a better network. Does this which Purdue this you would you favor which a favorite song to song means the most -- -- a poignant spots like this are hard question I'm dying at a hotel room alone. Sanguine and it's wrong. -- Ripped -- about that you've never found Everett -- on favorites on the you fascinate you relieved and I never thought about it's never crossed my mind at its spot ever have a favorites -- Number two or three favorites -- desert island gonna bring one song with the song. Shall -- his funeral her life inspires W Jerry. Depressed and I needed -- -- all time favorite a favor right now. It does change tickets today by Maine my all time favorite would be probably thunder road but I would never -- that now. Have heard personally time which appears on today favorites on today. Would be. It's it's can either be. Gary in Allen's. Right where I need to be more. Eric church's. My hometown. Or. Although I got it got YMCA. I figured out like that I mean I'm celebrating diversity not sailing OK once or not well would you speak Kirk in Atlantic City atmosphere it's. Now -- every time what does that have to do with headlines. When you get their -- but the segment regal I don't Springsteen's version royals but he won't do it for me again you ask him I just love that song yet but scripts terrific -- we get that. AI hand written -- script manuscript they should say Bob Dylan's like a Rolling Stones song and you like -- idea was sold -- -- New York. At Sotheby's auction house for two million to an unidentified bidder. Two million whose version of it. Turn this up until we hear this -- don't read this sounds like Bob Dylan -- anybody. Other famous second yeah. -- noticed it doesn't. Because. You got to be recognized right to voice getting exhausted because this is -- what -- you know this. I don't -- bill you know this is Jesus Christ like a -- guy. I'd ask you during the break get Bob Dylan's like a road so the most famous on. Fair or unfair to him for most famous aren't American rock history I like this version better than so why I like this much better than this is sought. Well because he's so obviously wrong Arctic ice but to -- was he thinking of this art house version. What would that -- got paid two million for the four page handwritten manuscript of the words to like be Rolling Stone written. Was on four pages of Washington DC hotel manager -- and rounds that he unidentified could be Jimerson. The sheets -- features and -- to make the final cut including the phrase. Driver moved to tell the truth and -- line of Al Capone and also is currently. It's in the it's it's a great great great great song would you like Bob and not. My point is invited two million dollars was spent on that is an investment officers were how it's worth more don't seek out. Like -- Satan if you went to was a little museum in Indianapolis -- stuff like this you know they have read this transcript from. On the road project -- bet that some Springsteen all kinds of Springsteen's -- it's not -- I don't do it as an investment they do it because they have enough money to say I'd like I -- that they have too much money you might Miami where there was cool though that. The previous record for for for for song lyrics was one point -- paid for a -- it day in the life job and Sargent Pepper's. I asked for that would probably get. Michael McDonald's. Like capital past so why but I just think. Just like -- -- you dig you know Mick Jagger is. Yes I wish you were next to his ex girlfriend right now. But we have here remember this story the other day -- with his father in the top of the SUV Steve Miller Steve directory. My neighbor saw Nadal -- -- on my foot down hook up with somebody -- you this surge. Go to our public getting ready for the Hernandez story now I know Steve Miller Mercury. Great sought to but -- -- -- not I'm not exactly that that's a type of Mercury and by the way Steve Mercury blew it. Because they are sort of trending older. And they somehow acquired the rights to the song and stylized bunch of hot. -- young people drivers -- young -- up and down the road I felt that it was Andre liked to three years ago mercker distilled. In this viable -- ticket sold a lot of cars a young people elect Allen. No and I actually. The one above on Mercury in the -- -- the guy -- this. -- And being. Don't -- Like Chris on you'll it's a -- -- does a great commercials Mercury only on about -- For Steve Miller and Albert Albert is that we'll -- airplane I hate Steve -- they give you an actress and -- -- Miami had a moment to remind you of a phase in your life. You know when you. Like certain songs like when you read bloggers the kind of failed -- high school again. And on a sort of a statement concert at great woods is nice defies scored. There was -- -- no other states. Well the female to male version they're all out there. Why now cute too yeah you're right in the long and a -- -- -- there yet. -- -- She might dragging -- -- -- damage from home. So a soak this story amply evident we saw this and the father we thought I was skeptical. Let the kid and then in his car seat widow working back and now they're saying you have a journal constitution saying that the father knew the child have been left in the vehicle. In other inevitably there are major inconsistencies. With the in this -- stored in the -- was dead they'd need and don't even know what time he wound up. In this Sarkozy they think the kid might have. Didn't kill or die somewhere else and that sets this up yes well like this never works you know may now it falls apart after five minutes of course like this. This guy in San Diego this Muslim right killed his wife yeah bashed -- Edinburgh and then wrote little notes that go back to your country you. He terrorists. And said that some crazy. You know and in. Big it's. Skinheads or some did to my wife. And I think it doesn't pick Colombo. Look in and realize the fat chick it's sprayed graffiti on a house in most -- -- like more damage or hoax or damage was bathroom enough. Let us experts and that's a swastika but he did it backwards if you look at that. -- I salute Gary -- yesterday and the -- group everything he said absolutely -- yesterday after that came out. -- bash Hollywood voted for twelve here's a slave called the Golden Globes mockery. Said that -- to face Jon Stewart it's a something's bill markets say something's Alec Baldwin -- -- Gibson camp. Well of course he takes the heat from Nancy Pelosi takes the from the anti defamation league Simon Wiesenthal Center. All the -- is out yesterday he apologizes. Says he was says he's he's very sensitive to the the Jewish. Movement he says he's deeply remorseful for the comments he made Playboy did not offend. On readings come to print he sees I would sense that they may be -- -- -- he contribute to the furtherance of a false stereotype. Gary Oldman -- -- -- bad as active during the interview I've been asked to elaborate -- that with a point out that I just finished reading -- -- -- superb book. About the Jews in Hollywood Jews invented the fact that our business. Posing enormous debt to the contribution of the Jews. So they go Gary Oldman pitching back into the fairway drive into the rough it it by Hollywood standard estimates cuts at this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We have -- -- called dual source questionable hope this little lighters and I don't get to the -- emphasis Aaron Hernandez makes me sick actually a guy that made me -- he's maybe even sicker today. But NASA can show you the photograph if you haven't seen the photograph you're not watching NASA and all of be on Twitter John Dennis WEEI. And I have set out a photo in full credit to the Boston. Herald who retreated something from the Associated Press. Of this piece of garbage. In court yesterday smiling dare I say almost laughing. Speaking with attorney Charles -- -- just showing it. John Dennis WEEI you can look at it on Twitter. It's the story by Antonio minus. An upbeat Hernandez smiled as he spoke with the attorney Charles Rankin. Shortly before the hearing while only a few feet away for top -- mother. That would be staff bureau for model. One of the two people the allegedly X unit in the -- then. Sobbed loudly she had to be escorted out of the court while this laughing and high in a jackass. Looks like this -- you think that's helpful. Is good for him now he's just. Socio -- like also asked them to do that expresses. -- behind you. And and offered here when we debate that the people at Google relic taken its worst can be imprisoned for a ever -- And BXQ did he -- quite companies don't present and ever he's gonna have some laughs right. He's already shown -- hasn't killed the sense of humor. Actually right front of the victims. Animals you get a TV will be able discounted you know -- reading into all that stuff at some sleep. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we pulled BB gallery it was ugly she's crazy. Now we have some sound from here's the 911 call during hopes those violent Rampage. Nine when I'm not a location near her -- -- think -- -- and you -- complete -- ambulance. Obsolete I don't get to the site department. Yeah absolutely. -- You mean you. Need -- Some aren't going to act like it disturbance altercations going on there. They get -- you won't -- are now he's system -- gals are we're going -- in getting people. Are okay. Well it seemed engaged. Energy right that she is kill them. A car over there are over. Yeah along gave them dispatchers. And increasing calls him yet. I don't know how many how many people. In early eating up their their nephew dispatcher called us when that's right she thought we said something. It was or what these things here right she said you have no idea I can write a book right members she says she gets calls like how much -- -- way right real where -- don't have -- anemic nuggets in the background and yet. That's headlines brought to you by eighteen -- the last one the columnist for time that is summit -- not complex. -- it. We expect from the showers later it yet. At 2 o'clock tee time once -- get over a 61777979837. What intrigues you the Celtics trying to get -- number one pick from Cleveland but risk reward of choosing damaged goods -- and beat -- number six. The -- by a basketball options for home LBJ. Is it time -- almost time for the -- sought to blow this thing up and of course the single most embarrassing moment in the history of the World Cup soccer the combined cannibalism. And tanking. And all by the way God's will was done Bergeron won the cover of an HL fifty on the table next would be NC.

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