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Dustin Pedroia talks hitting adjustments, Sasquatch

Jun 25, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia to discuss the adjustments he has had to make, and is trying to make. Pedroia explains his thought process while attempting to find a hot streak, and the challenges he has had to face this season. He also once again debates Bradford over the existence of Sasquatch.

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It's nice easy and. -- things that interest. So I wish my -- it's. Just sit there and still. Episode of this and to be who would win and show. Cheers rob Bradford. Welcome to another edition of the award winning brat so show sponsor that's always my -- distinctive clothing that people make you look so darned good. Someone who will attest to how good I've been looking this year Dustin Pedroia is sitting here. And now what we're gonna talk to -- and about his -- and then what. A Major League Baseball player has to do in terms of adjustments as they go throughout their career -- -- and talk to you -- Putting -- in 2010 and about are you really had become a better hitter than even 2008. And just talk a little bit about the out of -- how do you think. As you went along even though you what you you -- is obviously MVP numbers in 2008. Yule ball even in those 23 years. Yeah you got -- -- obviously at that I think that. Early in your career pitchers don't know you as well they they it's. -- to mention a lot of fastballs I mean amiss. In the inner heart of the plate sitting in. You know if you obviously start hitting on the stop doing that also. You know I think there's more. More thought in this you know the way they. And on approach hitters -- me even other guys too many try to stay away from home. -- know what discounting they have to try to stay with the -- our area and you know eliminates a lot of mistakes have been made in the inner part of the play itself has got to be Smart and and try to get them you know -- does the pitch that you want -- and drive it. So. Year to year to year they should people issued differently so this year how -- they pitch you differently than last year growth. It's more like data is -- a minute you know you show up in Israel away one day 84 hits the other way next day across territory ends. So you know it's a cost adjustment every day depends on his pitch -- kind of stuff he has. There's a lot of thought going on before you know each game and and the ones -- -- approach changes -- day ends. You know the more -- -- you can execute your approach and into what you wanna do more successful asked when you're going. Did when he's gone on good runs this year what have you done well what what kind of adjustments have you made is it because I would imagine again it's is adjusting to. It's different ways that that teams are pitching and so what what do you don't want. Should I mean I haven't really got hot streak yet I mean it. You know there's last homestand and -- in Detroit series. Got a few bits went to Baltimore. -- the ball good and give many heads -- You know -- servicemen and about went home Cleveland series where does -- get many -- -- got lined -- five or six times so I started to feel better. And the results aren't there now and I think that's the part that's frustrating but you know when you're going to hear your -- Taking your approach into the into the game trying to see the ball in and putting your swing on it you're not thinking too much about anything and not thinking about. You know I got to get a hitter and John footballer and I -- just trying to have your battle for your swing on it see the ball. And once you know you kind of carefree -- Attorney -- that is is is to see the ball react that your that your abilities take over and -- In the pros you know it's officer that's all you can do that that's what gets you out of this. You know it's not hitting the ball well or not are not doing what you do. It's not a simple us it is okay they're pitching on the outside corner from the playoffs playoffs playoffs -- tell -- getting a little bit closer to. The plate coverage it is not a simple as that right it's news. Yeah now they days just stay out there meaning it would you can understand and -- First my first couple years -- -- pitching us right now is a lot better -- see a lot of guys -- throwing harder means I don't think this -- in -- ten and hasn't -- 98 I mean -- you know -- -- power -- so. Mean if you take two strikes on the outer half. You know you really wanna be down -- you -- -- get those -- are crossbow in his throat where you want them to strike out so. Sometimes you -- you gotta make adjustments things and go up they're looking to get the ball the other way. Instead of trying to he pitched so you know end and -- damage with -- You know when when you -- things stumps thing last year and obviously you don't want that out because pitchers could try to take advantage of it. When it doesn't something like that does come around or are pitchers think that day. Can exploit in injury do you notice. They're trying to do something that maybe they won't have done otherwise. This. Yeah I mean I'm listening. He's you know everyone pays attention than having to live -- every team has advance scouts I mean you know us. If you guys banged up he's not in the balls or or one way and you know. You know when help him high ball hitter yeah I mean I'm just didn't get -- back and how many guys. Okay -- Paulson. You know as chest area you know my face -- facts and it had a former so. You know obviously Lester could really do that. And I'm just getting the point now -- -- I I feel like coming from beginning those balls to damage. One of the things I thought I think I've noticed a little bit lately it's a song in the first pitch a little maybe a little more offense that. -- now. -- haven't -- a little bit more aggressive I mean we've got to. You know it's if it's. No I think traditionally haven't been on I've worked accountant. And see a lot of pitches and then in England at bats that. You know when he's obviously -- teams struggled offensively a little bit first part and and we know we don't have we're not in a rhythm of the game you know figured the first pitch fastball right in there you -- home and a lot of client. Hopefully. You know obviously this scouting reports that in and no -- that sounds -- don't announce via first pitch ball will set a plan not forming back. It's tougher when you lead when you have a lineup which. Across the board isn't producing like other lineups you've been in because you're considered one the foundation guys you've written a 23 sometimes four spot. Is it even though you can tell yourself to be patient be patient be patient you also know that your being count on is that tougher to -- and keep that sort of patients. A little bit amused sometimes. I had a message you're gonna runners on it and you know smoked a ball and got out and remember. You know I just adds more pressure to it instead of thinking man hours and you know there's nothing really else to do and I had. Save those those great -- that just didn't have results in people don't see that you know they just look at the numbers -- -- -- as hit men since you know so. Was that a signal of the process and I think Edwards you know I tried it too much asylum again. You know play outcome you get a lot of us throughout the year in and over the course of the season here we're -- being -- The last time you're on his -- -- You knew you had a sound by actually they keep playing over and over which he told me to invest in Google or go to Google. Because I -- not right I challenge your beliefs and SaaS clutch. And he said that you were in Syria for another time I don't wanna get into it too much by it. Tell me why I'm told Malarkey. Guess if -- proclaim right now that. This thing does not access the. I mean I'm a big believer in its engines and proof of whatever it is that it means that if you have proof that it doesn't exist. And you know take that into account. Would you improve access. No that's why I'm looking. Like I don't know if it exists but I think it does. It's a big difference in your blind faith and -- I don't know what that means that -- you know -- there is -- -- proof -- you pretty sure. If it doesn't exist. -- CNET. It's what -- knowing all the you don't have the it's the you don't have. Proof that it does not exist peoples some peoples do. -- -- the -- those people now talk to me you know but a lot of friends on the gonna cut you out. Well there because they're coming out friends you probably want to show and I just how -- this is I was sitting in my. McConnell lives motel. -- the only channel I really doubt it was a channel are showing them on first task watch. And he -- you watch I share your most honored right. -- the F finding bigfoot is that same thing. Yes. Yes if you see if you're aware that show yes but. Is it having watched that show finding bigfoot. Is that because you Arctic show because those people have images or whatever is that your biggest. Com source of evidence of the success I just think that there's so many people. That has it. -- they don't say they've had an encounter I don't think there's that many people -- the world that are losing their mind. So therefore I have belief that there is something out there. Where in the window I just remember that were in the wind of this right now Aaron this -- plus territory. Lone field one more data to get it done so I appreciate you joining thank you thank you.

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