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Mia Hamm, World Cup Champion, on the USMNT, 6-24-14

Jun 24, 2014|

2x FIFA World Player of the Year, Mia Hamm, joined MFB to talk about the US's draw with Portugal, and previews their chances against Germany.

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At this time on Thursday we'll -- anything over to play by play of team USA vs Germany. Professor love soccer live here on night 37 WEEI that so big the World Cup has gotten. And joining me -- -- that the Maloney Christian -- one of the biggest names in USA soccer history male or female it's Mia Hamm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No problem thanks Brad and the mayor is the first time I've -- -- -- you -- the airwaves here our show. Yeah but I -- read on personally well you know this is because I've still -- you to know more from me as our listeners with that -- That's that kind of stuff had to be honest with Sophia but it's nice to have you on -- because the World Cup. We go crazy about this thing my -- my I -- -- was that loss for the US the other -- upbeat but they attacked Portugal that's the good -- He had not hit it probably felt that way I'm just looking -- Say is that the guys on the field and mean. Say they work -- -- stand there don't -- it just happened. It literally you know they -- twenty seconds away at them from advancing and -- -- correcting ten and making tactical tactical decisions on in the third game and very -- later -- side and but that's really kind of -- your leadership at the step up and all got together locker room. And get them focused on the next game because them. Ever really great opportunity -- it's not going to be. You know on the World Cup and it is. -- -- Pay me X-Play extra time that happened. In the of the game against Portugal why is there are not a set time as far as. OK a running clock and why would why was it that -- that not ever addresses a just International League player how does that work. Why I think. -- say there at the guidelines right. You know -- and -- certainly substitution. -- averaged about 32. They add extra. And then attack in -- for -- actions that he will Eisner has taken their time actually some eighteen that's ahead. Wasting time. He might decide you know what I -- that another 32 term and it not -- back on what apple. That he was gonna for a minute and then essentially grand DC. It's a little more time -- normal to get off sealed but. And and Terry added another minute which is -- is crazy to me I mean in the end you'd. A directory suggests determinant and and make actresses and -- more -- -- -- always maybe. Another thirty seconds while while the light on why you're in extra time. But you're right there is no running clock one and nineteen minutes is that it's all on the referee to watch and and that makes it a bit frustrating in as a player you get your client and in your opening. Someone on the sideline telling you you know one minute -- -- you know. Kicked the crap of a bond in an out of bounds. We don't feel as. No we're talking to me -- -- me how arbitrary use it I mean isn't it because it's almost seems I have heard that you know if there is they run they sort of -- -- the clock went up then maybe let that play sort of end the mean. As a player you always do you ever feel like we kind of gets screwed here in the news in the stoppage time that maybe they added a little bit to see a final run. A little bit I mean I'm I'm sure you guys whether it umpire directories and and football I mean there are certain -- Egypt's -- We're kind of waiting. -- to challenge them. And and I'm saying. You know what time they tend to take it personally and and you're going out there and you know emotions involved in this game one of the great things. -- what we get to edit your basket. And -- I think sometimes that spilled over a little. Ma'am what -- smear what do you think about the theory of having shootouts in the pool play as opposed to going with draws would that be wise given the stakes that are attached to just games in -- I don't like it because I didn't I don't I don't like shoot out isn't inevitably -- the team that didn't dominate. Mateen and -- hung on. You know get an equal opportunity -- and -- and you know what ends up happening is those teens are earmarked successful. In the shoot out there because there absolutely. Attic and get there. And the other team like -- -- you know kind of like did that happily goes against China. Yet what are your -- sitting -- your your. Like take the US and and Portugal I bet Portugal would have dominated actually out because the US is one of my gosh. Let it happen and their thinking about the -- ninety minutes and what's going on right now in Puerto quote like oh my gosh. We have every bit of the cancer advanced or or get at three point. -- we have to do it was tied up and now we have been helped me get three points and and just let's make our politics so I. I don't like it I wish they would start pulling that off he -- played so that the act of the last players understanding when that happens. Here you guys rose one of the favorites in your World Cup games and I was just wondering. When you hear Klinsmann say you know before Germany and started that. We can't win the World Cup that the media make too much of that that take you by surprise as well. -- I mean. I am I kind of understand where you're coming from but at the same time the final and the players. You know especially looking at the results of this -- I mean look at the eureka -- they were the first out of their group -- -- and -- I think that mentality especially here in the country is. No matter who is doing it right there we have to believe that we can. We just ask Q and because it it and I play. That type of mentality to get you through. But at the same time you know I also read and heard like I don't want these guys -- think if they don't win that first game that we can't thank. And and then maybe he is. Giving them. And it's putting receive -- -- was -- we take each game one at a time. And we placed target we can't in every game and see that happen and you know after the first game in the first game that blanket he told the US would he take four point they would absolutely. So me is that one of the biggest criticisms -- where we're talking about a lot out here on our show is the floppy in the over. Over dramatics of injuries of collisions. If for one way article -- -- -- what are you wanna call it. Is it as rampant in the women's soccer as it is men's or is this purely just what the men do these women are tougher that's. My point I wanna hear from me -- -- colony here today everytime outlook that we got a game on right now. And I they are Italians I. -- but again isn't as bad boy what would you see the men do what you just kinda. Chuckle to yourself like -- really. Yeah and and I hit. I mean I'm not gonna say that I didn't easily. You know if I got hit me like couldn't get that ball I might. All down. And see what happened but at the same time I think in the -- -- game you'd. -- I don't like it when I do that I don't like it when you really talented players like Luis Suarez. That you're the diet if he can get down NC it's amazing what happened -- the other game he. He was able to continue tracking let her. Your life -- right now and I'm actually. He said he dying down but he stayed on his feet and he made something happen. And I think back to watch him play. Not only their country but for -- how many opportunities. He he would have a he just stayed on the -- Yet sometimes it really that it's like the guy didn't even touch him and he rolled around for fifteen minutes can. I'm they'd bring the stretcher out. Why does -- come out so quick. Distract everybody director until a grateful I during the big thing. -- -- I think that's the way to -- that combat that like within your -- and get off field. But now you understand you can't come back until we let you back on the Al. If you want. Out of you the lines between the U wanna play the gamesmanship. And you're gonna play you're seen with a man down we're gonna take you off the field and not have to -- -- stoppage -- directory to bring you back in. So let me back on the field and and that can cost he's Islamic that say that the player and about nine -- your team is sending a blanket in. You've decided he would take an extra thirty seconds very well to see -- like -- -- -- and now your man down is sending them a corner. -- when the most impassioned debates that we've had on this program since three of mr. doing it together was in Christian Lou we're gonna help one another about whose tough for baseball players verses football players the ball we know who's up for you mentally -- could pitch for female soccer players -- and throw your hat in the ring. Well and I've played with some pretty tough ones. With that avenue are mocking Michelle Akers says that those. -- few women I mean party candidate so I I still I mean football. You guys modern day gladiators. And I. It and present it. -- how about Alexi lawless I have two new mom. Every time when I hear him talk especially. You know gets the last game he was. It seems like -- emotionally best there was no -- decry anyway he just beat each. Because I am pretty happy they're a top -- when he hit it didn't go your way. I he didn't underlining that I think it's hair colors always and -- You know he's you know what I think. I think it's not here's a guy used if -- seen export -- And -- is is critical and he needs to be. And but in the end he loved the game and he loves that happened like that game is killing actually in the country and it's. It's hard not to to get emotional about it. You know so. I think. He you know Alexia and humiliated them and I think he's been great our amen. He's the guy he's not afraid to speak his mind and hey gotta you gotta respect him. Neal last one from me we all know most important thing is advancing right so. What we know Thursday if let's say it's 11 earlier on what you expect is not talk about. But we just played the draw we both advance which -- a problem CNET orders the outcome just advancing outweigh what we could see in the second half. Why. I think. First are you you've played Smart that means unity still try to attack but maybe down attack with that many numbers that he blurted -- -- If you had to land or if you are down and a ball. But I don't like the mentality of everyone uses the term parked the -- because what ends up happening you keep up players. Better normally higher on the field whether it's an attacking midfielder front runner now collapsing back. And you know trying to get players behind the ball didn't hit to make sure you know they have more players to go through. Players in the end there are getting responsibility that they don't don't normally have. And you'd -- start going volunteer fire team my players can now. Rather than being you know eight yards apart your four yards apart and that at the attacking players in between you and just I've seen it sometimes I know personally. Like when iPad to be that. I keep people inside because I have no idea when I'm done it when I went back in the different site. Where I'm but the stop and the defenders are looking at me like. If -- holding their entirety mom's side from Memphis. Well I mean did you ever go through a game -- was kind of a pre ordered prearranged hi did you ever after and you know now. Now I know now I. Never never heard that I've been I've been in games where. It was actually and 95 world and we wanted to finish first in our group is usually and -- the second place finisher. -- experience. And no we I get the game and Lee and the other game is going on simultaneously. And then. It was like China Gordon and we got a message from our bench we need Wal-Mart called -- -- happened like three times in the game we had the Orchard Park. -- just that easy Paris. Me anyway what gold is going to want. Now out well now but it it it just made you -- as we talk about the stress. We're like oh my god so. -- I wish it was that easy. But. You know any and I'm I'm excited I'm excited for Thursday acting. I think. You know it'll be attacked on on the leadership of one of what these guys kind of how they respond to what happened the other day and also the conditions in other places. As it is not easy. You still rock star Maria -- -- rock star was like you know nine to twelve year old girls he still. Didn't any other eighteen now is what I what I -- -- my mom watched you play at the right. We've all -- and their media believes makes or or that week are. I'm pulling out my old me hander Mike you can plea deal that area got -- old Japanese baseball card of the days ago. That -- noticed a lot of sporting event ever -- was after you guys won the world governing the second stop after that was a Columbus Crew Stadium and it was just Walt Walt packed like nine to twelve year old girl screaming to me about three days to get my hearing back and I don't know how you went through that every time for about the next year when you guys run to war but yet quite the -- Analyze. It it was it was an honor to do it and them. You know I just feel so blessed and I love where the sport is now -- -- you can hear the excitement I am not sit on the women's side that you see the viewing parties going on all over the country and you know the port for the fifteen men and people watching -- work -- as it's fantastic. Me thanks a lot for coming -- -- thank you for taking no moral ways salute could be on the air with Christian right dead those -- and video soda think 910 and a -- to five. And it could expand. It's in the things they activists. That's -- am. Of the team USA. World Cup winning -- in women's soccer team not -- about that that was that people -- was a lot of civilian government in Columbus Crew Stadium with that shrieking I can still hear in the background at Taylor Swift concert yet exactly yeah I know I know that are on stadium to get that perpetual we sold well they had a following two after that World Cup I mean. All it was out of control. People just love the kids you go to the soccer games. -- actually not a rock star status you know question I think I'm over my Julie thought he -- that lasted for a little while. You had a crush on -- about absolutely there's only is it so you think of me Hamilton he's you know it sees that you don't that modern day at that time as she was Mary Lou -- Mitsuzuka. But legal but legal gap but we had a field dirty about it yeah. And I wonder where she ranked on the on the hot days or would you ever consider me him hot. Idea -- it can't answer. A conversation yeah bullet boys like -- I was like -- actually voting and I certainly don't bash -- little and you -- hot and a half. I mean you don't help -- it is totally what I recorded just heard was that apart commercials that if media -- air yeah it. Where there are liquid deep could you ever separately and she's hot as it is she would she be would you consider her hot on the golf course I'm not happy about attic and yes you get -- hot absolutely you know she's the she's got that. Q but to me. Which is nothing wrong with that I don't know or splitting hairs so much here -- is a big difference -- hot is like -- girl the swimsuit model. With the girl altered -- that hot you know you get the she's got a an adult body. And her. I mean it still has the body of elected nine euros yeah because respect welcome to stay -- -- that. You know he's got that little twelve year old boy behind. This is -- -- road right now. I mean I would -- is soccer player but I've missed this curiously all rotted out. I. I usually can't bring them to. We're very very retreat reload and there's going to be a break coming up so fluid -- watching Christian back pedal like Johnny man sell in the Alabama. Only two choices that we brought it. What brought out a parent or if -- benefited from family that. You are heavily. It's 177797937. To -- the Maloney Christian for a hero ID so WB I don't on it and know that -- Well if you cannot download the editor at that there'll be four more years before the next World Cup I'm sure you'll forgotten by then. One question you -- you -- -- take from that when I take from that out. I know that -- honestly god like. That's us that's what her reaction I have a penalty shot out what yeah gala meet to ragged they don't like an iconic moment they'll put it makes sense ago. She will she had her penalty shot in the British cast and ripped off the -- everything and I was an iconic soccer -- in its. I. Don't agree I just gave us a little -- the boy's body got there. Guys. I'm just a lot of what I took from -- -- -- this whole conversation that I am no longer I mean you want added that's not tonight to try to out of it was a creeps and at a ten technical. Edit and it didn't really surprise me at all currently -- Ehrlich -- group of girls cheaply with. That they're tough for the these guys. You -- to -- she will she have she goes down what we're talker all right -- go down as you to step I can get that ball I would go down to maybe try to steal it. But once it's called or not a mop up. It's not a -- great players lying on the ground fifteen minutes you know stealing call also sort of -- playing for ties like the mentality right. They don't think that she doesn't agree with the new general -- update -- guys plop in into guides -- he's been talking about tying. Well seriously though don't you think that there's a reason for that in part of that reason is especially them with that team tonight tiny -- XP of rights like up to China and apparently close but. Part of the fascination with that team was while look at what these girls can do they can make guys like sports. And don't you think that they were conscious of that during the game and don't you think that that played into their mentality of if all we do is flop around on the grass and the guys are gonna like the sport where butch girls look like crime were hurled time. It's like they're I mean I don't remember that ever being an issue. When they -- it it wasn't. I -- I know wasn't an issue because it was not nearly as dramatic would you fall down if you could get to a ball. Sure I mean you you if you're going opera pass he beat you you can't catch the ball. Hopefully get a pass an apparent so you may over act a little bit -- -- -- your hands in your hands appear ball that hopefully the rep thinks that your heels collect our our larger. He had a different feeling of it is that it Brazil kind of would do that even the women when they played them but the -- made fun of with the moloch. You know the other day tattoos right and these guys he goes down in delegates up we see is maybe somebody might have questions is she in India comes off. A super woman did that would sit him -- use Sissy -- get out that's -- certainly if you get hit in the chew and you you wouldn't. Would you relive their reaction is a bit of a double standard I got a mile -- come look at Adam tattoos everywhere I don't know hardly. Think a tiny little bit and just roll around like you're -- -- because -- looked pretty jacked for soccer player with a Mohawk and tattooed but two point it was it was a postal girl that's probably twenty years always got to buckle five. You know a little more about if you need if -- -- air ball is -- -- or do another one I. Albert because as if they so based over acting -- -- -- the ground they try to kill time they try to get a call. All because of the all right bring the stretcher opulent were we watch much match. You'll TV show mash -- comes a stretcher. Now you have to come -- they bring the structure on May have to come off. Right it's got -- -- back later to his guests of that what you can't kill the time and then when you do if you are gonna overreact and you -- you're not hurt. Well then sure enough when there's a -- ignite your man down and he can't commit to stoppage of play how long that lasts. They're placing commend yeah so. I I just honestly it surprised me exude. The velocity play for a guy that's it's that's not hurt the philosophy of staying down fifteen minutes not. Am not her at the girls they played with the you know and here it is kind of accepted but yet the penalty kicks. That's always what people don't feel like you know shoot outs and not hearing -- -- Ike -- -- just say they did for me to defend she had a good point right because if that would did go to PK right. Is it wouldn't be -- I don't need to -- colonial ports deal on Portugal. Always yes it's going to mentally like okay Portugal pulled this thing about the way this game just ended the US and standing over the ball going Keebler kicked. Tim -- nickel I can't believe I got dressed up particularly -- at this point. 617779790. Preset -- we come back. We'll discuss if you miss the conversation that we had about the connection. Between John Lackey and David Ortiz in the two stories surrounding those guys. Over the last 24 hours we'll get to that next this is 937 WBZ she's -- she's got that cute but to me.

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