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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Student stuck in a vagina 6-24-14

Jun 24, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines brought Cuba AT&T they cover more than I got percent of all Americans building a better network. Seen this story -- This American student. Overseas. In Germany -- ago. The world sculpture a help yes is he sculpture. The gentleman tries -- -- -- tickle wacky picture. And get stuck. On it your rescue workers -- special equipment were needed. To get this gentleman out of that it was a a giant vagina sculpture. Germany and -- got stuck he got stuck in the vagina in the vagina 22 rescue workers were need to take this guy out of these twenty year old American extra each it's funny because that Medina wants a good episode of -- Was -- twenty to rescue. A. We believe -- That's -- that was -- and -- leader. I'm a man movie. It was actually it was who has not. Not states we all come. Tell who has an agent. You should notice all it was rebel Bradley likes what they're -- now via. My agent. And I don't throw it generally that was really should note that. Was please -- Stretch -- -- that was released really use the little known fact that these estimates it is. It talks him resort to toxins and what he's in the -- -- right uneasily art institute doesn't get into you know you gotta see this. As a it's a fairly Brothers credit and I love the fairly Brothers. It and talk with the funniest movie that is never discussed and it's a great move everything that biggest -- but I don't live far. Until until November 14 I asked one of us forget it was a leader in that movie in. That much money -- make this. Since only about twenty million but -- -- as far as it use it at that that that. I think they took on big paycheck yes so. He's six foot replica of the female genitalia was -- thirteen years ago outside the microbiology school. In mines Germany why. It's it's because it's there aren't there at their answer to the penis -- administration it's worth spending the Iceland it's worth. It's nearly 200000 dollars or photograph of he showed it to me yesterday. Remember it but I don't remember. You know I do here is about here it is right here. Yeah. A crevice that have been worse. Yes that's that's absorbed expiration twelve year old 22 different fire workers. And it took that they did some vagina to give him out they did not grab the pole of the promote our bare hands after about thirty minutes they said this guy's leg arm received stock in this. Six -- big -- and they have to do like some seduce her. That Kennedy and handing it can't. Or some sizzle lubricate his arm had a great lubrication lubrication goes haywire and -- -- able to try to -- KYDO. -- -- out there anyway -- sell it right. The defense. Guys Gary -- fans. Yes -- -- -- like a more news yesterday I do expect a lot more but he was he's one of the great evil characters. One of the great bad guys and bring the character actors. From the Harvey Oswald JFK you was -- ever play -- good -- About the Batman movies commissioner Gordon and those. Asked questions that don't spread past four. Man on the -- biggest movies and it was great in Nam. Was a movie with Kevin Bacon. -- -- Murder in the first Narnia excellent -- good killers that's type -- films. I've seen a -- the other night 26 movies that's so I mean you know. -- over his blast at Hollywood pretty perceives a double standard. Asserting that Bill Maher and Jon Stewart get a with politically correct humor while others like Mel Gibson Alec Baldwin can not. Profanity -- state mr. included an interview in the August issue of Playboy. Smoke at most explosive -- interview includes attacks on Mark Stuart in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi owners declaration of political correctness is crap. Well sizzle reflect called Nancy Pelosi east seaboard. And I'll go one better and I think useless -- I can't really say that the Bill Maher drug store can't nobody's gonna stop working because of -- market call some of the nicest word now know get the short version of the F word which is not. When might the cigarette. And get away with it he said Seth MacFarlane this year I thought suited to the Oscars again instead they got a lesbians. He could say something like that is that more or less offensive -- ball is and some on the street UF. I don't get. All and also certain that the culture Hollywood during the past awards season was such a quote if he didn't vote for -- a -- you were racist yet to be very careful about what you say. Throws. I -- I mean -- every one note obviously it was gonna win it was a terrific picture but so there are other traffic predictions. And I thought -- -- what was it we we -- as with optional one yes what was your local Wall Street. Right you have the awful but you David Wolf Walters a better movie yes indeed it was little. And even got a little going -- but part of language that chocolate uneven this -- after while I was way too long yet. Do you think obviously was too long. Too long now the aisles like twelve years. I told -- my problem with that the title gave away. Evidently did you didn't think Jimmy was worked out at the end. But it didn't know if I when a movie that wasn't -- obviously I would not long he was asleep one to -- killed at the end twelve years. But you wouldn't -- -- out. But it could -- and they don't know candidate they don't have to put the number years. 'cause he almost got out a couple times you've taken is he gonna get out of -- sent a letter oh that was so bad rough that is one of the great movie I have ever seen and I don't conceive again. Orders slid out stuff that's action restless feeling you know you see it but -- -- we should just don't want like. The American history X that's awesome Monica watch if you wanna see the curb stomped scene again -- kind -- you do do you see the president routine again yes very much -- adamant that fairness it's -- -- just fine. He also expressed sympathy for Mel Gibson who declared 2006 the ball being arrested a quote Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. Gets later apologized but Altman says Mel Gibson is in the town it's run -- issues. We said the wrong thing because exactly bitten the hand I guess suspension doesn't need to feed him anymore but he's got enough dough he's like an outcast leopard you know. I don't know about Mel got drunk it's have a few things we've all said those things. Were all bleeping hypocrites that's I think about the policeman arrests -- is never used the word and where that liking Jew I'm being brutally honest Gerald said it's hypocrisy -- decrease. Gary Oldman playing the bad guy and you will -- might as -- what it originally. He he got out the only -- cast did before asked what's the word before before statements. -- -- -- -- -- -- Quotas -- entitled your moving vanishing point vanishing yeah. Sounds trite I agree to agree -- used yet -- Jews viewed I think even send news it's not because as long time to vanishing point giveaway for Jerry now. Survivor. -- gave it away via a point it is but I knew the story -- another -- -- -- -- this -- -- machine. Unbroken we know he is still alive right. That -- unbroken was -- or I didn't and I am -- in my my thought is all times. Why do we know everybody's reading -- -- twelve as a slave that was written how many years ago. 1520 years we didn't know about it that they don't even know how. Happened to announce that very and you that we gentlemen and what goes on -- satisfying when you -- -- -- But you have the same problem with twelve receive an extent that chip with a broken returning to the greatest nonfiction book read my life. The you're not short everything's exactly true I mean is it pre retirement at and they make the point is a category that memory is no way you could -- Northrop could remember every. Now they feel on the blacks bright. About American hustle. Well I think it is true that the units is now this is actually -- up close to the truth I mean we just took a lot of liberties and -- weeks loosely based on the true story wasn't true every film takes liberties the end of lone survivor was dependable through right now buried it yes I'll bet you. The book it was kind of fine. But it wasn't -- won't be that the only thing I've ever seen that's right on the money. He -- After detail is point four minutes right the one that is true yeah. Through the first Superman couldn't flew back and change time that was accurate and yes we're real life. We -- we talked with yes it's a sad story. -- has a lot of the Red Sox bully and his girlfriend Jessica Campbell brutally says Stewart were killed when. A vehicle crash struck on the sidewalk and now learned that the twenty sexual also resident -- not have a driver's license at the -- of the vehicle that. Allegedly ran a red light Saturday in the back -- Setting up a devastating crash that killed the young couple strolling on the sidewalk Torre said Monday what's the guy's name. It's a woman a white was driving my husband lied -- -- -- had no right on the collection this this this this driver's name they're also looking to charge Mohammed. Al grief -- point nine -- with misleading investigate right under the State's witness intimidation statute. You actually told detectives he was driving -- vehicle -- the time that she ran a red light where he has no license he's now charged with. Vehicular. Manslaughter -- murder motor yet motor vehicle are so yes he writes yes. That's just said real sad story there and that's headlines -- -- -- that she did was we go to sunset. Yeah Europeans and other minutes ago and they were watching this beautiful sunset -- armed. And these maggots -- -- the minimum license. And had to be driving like maniacs are on in the back -- that's an issue walking in the back day after having sat on the banks of the Charles and watched the sunset and your with the person you love and walking on the street. And this happens a great summer nights does this not speak to win it's your time Richard I'm. You know that's you know you were asked in which your fear fear is when I'm walked in on the sidewalk on. -- -- had -- a fair -- Lincoln now -- next -- everywhere on the -- like football right Atlanta up on the sidewalk and killed in the guide directed All the President's Men out accurate I think was he died who's driving a bridge in New York. Some part of the car behind him the ropes fell off with the windshield in an -- Just random stuff like. This doesn't happen. That's not a fear I have. The -- like that we're gonna get into that. When we come back out we -- well -- check on Shaughnessy and I'll explain why and maybe we should do away well let's check on Cincinnati Reds hall of fame broadcaster Marty Brennaman because he has some. Fears that he was willing to talk about -- and all solicit your opinions about what you fear the most we can.

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