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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Good Analyst Edition - 06-23-14

Jun 23, 2014|

We tackle four topics all centered around our desire for a better World Cop commentator.

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And -- So. -- -- I can't believe it. For example are brought to you by -- AT&T AT team -- within me being 9%. Of all Americans. Building you. A better network so we must be talking about broadcasters -- we have the Jokester Leo so. But you can send your iPod and I don't think doing -- -- and I've got -- joke is currently owns I'll be more like a -- and kind of field. Tommy Dorsey. Now this. This doesn't work yeah this character bureau. Are -- -- -- wouldn't be able prides all kind of view that we like rock and roll that's like plastic. Rock -- -- I don't like little pink houses by John Cougar Mellencamp. About just run. For workers article well what would -- A little Pink Floyd dark side the probe. Ultra mellow out. Ceremonies -- old. Pink Floyd. I don't think and that's what that's -- -- -- -- right well yeah and no kidding guys. Which is the king of the -- opted out -- relative -- what we don't believe I hit hybrid that's why you're that there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was seen that the movie yes it was a -- when they match up the music. I was horrible our war this is gone way off early is the first time I've done -- war -- -- rails. Paul -- come up for our guests tonight are bad we bring in young -- report right. Yasser -- we're talking about the best and worst color commentators. We've been much in the World Cup Taylor Twellman did a great job last night but they all haven't been so good. Not nearly as good as ray Hudson. That's what sort of -- wonderful president and say yeah and again at the extent and strength thanks. It's just yes there is -- it's expected that at least it is -- -- -- -- that respects we -- -- practice this Altman's the white -- so I have read it. -- want to pass this -- these up. Or -- halfway -- -- -- all of our aggressive -- without -- like that Brent from Miami bridge after it today report how many rules start in the NBA and I want to know your best. And worst color commentators and a good example might be just what they were CI stock fourteenth report. Seattle and the Supersonics. To Oklahoma City Thunder it's different if I don't want. And what they've got -- -- went under and I pointed out. It's good stuff but when Zetterberg Gundy I think you're undergoing regular out of luck as bad guy and he added I don't know about you guys when we're very going to be. Stopped coaching who wanted to broadcast I didn't think this I didn't know right after -- he looks like measles lead. Snooty little guy like that is it's not just that format some dirty. But I'm I'm the thing at the colts. Did you he was a lot more protected well -- -- -- New York, New York he gave to him when he grabbed onto Larry Johnson's -- -- -- -- go -- -- -- don't go -- -- -- -- and there I would say he's at the top of the game right now. We'll -- I would say so too that's my -- -- top of the game and hopefully why. -- colorful. He's fun to listen to we feel like a guy -- wanted to beer with at all by the way. It's x.s and o.s are phenomenal tonight doesn't do it at the expense of the -- don't basketball right after about a guy my guy and what your -- I wanna be entertained. When election NBA game I'm on the ninth to entertained. That's all it matters but I don't want. Stats I don't want I just wanna have funding to exactly what to name Tommy has never failed in efforts in that respect ever. When he wants us. I can figure dollars -- at this point I'd be inundated with information what the past -- beauty of the game I'm watching that's all I want and the referee calls. It -- that's stick that's on point. You in my Obama and it might know why am I am a 1000% with my -- -- on guys there's got to act now -- college -- I'll admit that it's part of it is selfish on me if you've ever been at the garden we all have you have admitted to sit down with the army. Tommy Heinz he's no more basketball than -- anybody in this country does from a coach's standpoint from a players have. -- more than willing to share with people and he does that on the air so I agree I'm biased maybe -- the Austrians. Don't see it on the marketplace -- crowd like. Glad that a crowd Genco -- -- -- on me than in a Democrat it's correct in this case and the discussion my favorite Tommy is. This is just this comment. After following you know it's become my core recent -- says the third. Tom is just go. Yes we are baseball as a slower -- more predicated on having good announcers but sometimes when you have a really bad announcer. -- can really -- game down. -- -- I haven't seen. I got a recused myself -- this. Why isn't it John is the difference in my view the sorry she's gonna come -- insult -- -- -- -- -- of randomized at the difference between five years it was all right I'm sorry my friendship with Susan -- then -- you know dog's name is and as such Barack. What what you -- as a reserve numbers on the program previously if this were dispersed without being able which you can -- and we roasted her yeah and she came after you've the president. And hello look. Yesterday intelligence sharing your totally made so please don't let buck go for it grandeur at -- it needs to do this to me on the radio -- your best baseball color analyst is that I don't. I did all right I think her size is really good I think mark is really good I think advertiser. Interns and a obviously. The -- this past weekend and hopefully we know we couldn't find Alameda on that's guys Europe. By the gag is very good -- her child -- -- -- Now up a lot of baseball guy and -- -- a boy and he luckily mom -- -- -- all. He did -- treaty was the best third -- -- -- -- all uses more we get and that you don't get joke treaty was going to be better than Brooks Robert I -- and -- to do that I don't buddies and you at all. The best treatment grateful if you in my -- I have some great -- stories when he was in Boston Italy tomorrow others. But I've got my actual -- value lie because for the people get -- of cheese and always things in this that again for a guy who's played at that level would be in there. He doesn't he acts as -- olds are phenomenal. -- -- most infamous pictures stamp on what he will gain what do batter's thinking you know as a guy on the money somebody else twilight and -- might have been in the minority but. I was -- Tim McCarver guy. I liked him coverage did not -- when I was not a Tim -- why. -- and urban -- Joseph Morgan was he is not god that's terrible. You know he swings at that third pitch he is you know it was pretty well covered support -- watch the Pedro Don Zimmer. Andy and I I loves America I'll book which what Pedro by by him totally and percent on in the wave currently have you believe it. Ways that. Pedro chased him and assault. What did Pedro could do in America Europe and on but it that the reason he didn't like it and and after the -- -- dislike him it took them ten minutes to explain that properly -- remember that right up and took them forever is finally say oh well looks like Don Zimmer charged me. Eat -- totally watch that and you can't watch something like that on national broadcasts -- I definitely. Mikey is a great sport we've got some great announces here in this city and Jack Edwards and any effort into prickly. Might be one of the best color commentators and all of the national hockey. A couple one putts that it's. -- -- -- -- -- It gave us taking gifts that make plays make the body when it there. So becomes the best hockey analysts. I think we're a little bit of a disadvantage because that in Boston we've got the Bruins have progressed little stayed right in its other individual teams and and there is not better than -- I think Rick. Is in a class by itself wherever you grew up. And a certain generation that was Fred Cusick and it was at least play by play. I mean I'm there was Johnny -- an excuse me everybody else and while I certainly both break it is that he comes -- cries as your college -- bright he is as local guy. Melrose played first base baseball he went age played -- city league knows everybody lives on the South Shore where I'll go for orbit. His brother is brother John prickly with Major League -- the reds and Toronto Blue Jays and and just as local guys you'll -- -- All right now we're all adults here I guess everybody has received some IDs. So let's be real I like delegate lead -- -- but let's say. Well like a little bit better than -- copiers. These topic is more fine I think he is fantastic and this is what he really does well. During the game now this is for any sport I really appreciate got to do this. During the game before the replay she's come on they can tell you what's happening specifically scientifically. What a team is doing well what -- is not doing what's gonna lead to problems. I was gonna lead to an advantage I think he does that. Without. Going to the replays or without looking at it. Overnight -- -- coming back a couple days later about -- -- think about the ultimate compliment you're giving and he does this rate on the radio -- in -- closet so he's paint a picture -- my -- really is about is my favorite guy this is this a little underrated one but. You know again with the Bruins have been national live video check is the national and was he really does nothing memorable. Either way like I feel so they're memorable guys aren't studio. Well know Mary I know some other people who don't know yet snowbird Jones are excellent that that's one of the best right here report. Well here's a -- I'm just gonna say that here requires wonderful when he's been on here. On the radio here it's been unbelievable however I know a lot of hockey people that believe. That he steals away from -- camera because he talks too much -- comes down with stuff I've heard a lot of stuff. During a game. No food. Time now for the AT&T question of the day. Football is every American's favorite sport and we've been blessed with some great announcers each network has a great announcer and -- might be better and Chris Collins -- -- whole -- -- he didn't put. -- third and eleven. Giants were confused on the play nobody down the field and walker makes that catch a hundred times out of behind. Stunning to see in this and especially in that situation. My -- wondered what Iraq up the -- borrowers aren't covered about throw the ball across the -- or if you hit it if I. Collins Stewart speaks clearly concisely and use opinion it. Yeah I would say he's up to recruit. How are we got a circuit that group -- national announcers analyst at football we get gruden. We got Collins are we yet Phil Simms and we got Troy based brightly guys anybody -- Paul has -- -- -- to -- I will never ever understand how a guy with his intelligence to pull it take anything very susceptible. Well BJS two and. Very quickly changed when Charlie Brown color analyst -- driveway. Yeah he's and I like what they're doing now it is OK if it if I really disagree with the -- -- -- doing right next play the other don't like what they're doing here is how to prepare out of our Red -- -- -- Old composer of this it is right I didn't know what. That's -- I was there's I didn't know it's of the game was over and people -- matches that taken -- I really like you know thickness and Sizemore both football that I do I would have taken any. Question are you mentioned -- and statement I don't think there on. I don't think they're on the level. Of college -- and it even group I don't is Beasley Reese still around. I don't know -- he was the guy everyone used to get paid up -- I I guess I don't think he was as bad. As people decided he was because I think it was just kind of piled on. You guys -- accused me pandering to fox I'm -- Don't know I don't bolts guy I learned. From a lack -- he also does his homework -- talks quarterback and I think almost -- you handed to the network of Fareed you you're -- with that because I like your freedoms -- greater part of those. This I got the source. Thought well you know and then and one half to finally -- let me say -- -- and want to be on the ex wife yeah. Yeah like acts of why you went there. Don't know who did bills to bottles Maria and I were not no. -- agree it's a little more otherwise you set up my -- -- bottom line today at. But Beasley Reese is he sports director of the field though he owns the CE OK that was our order for me. That's accident that brought to you by AT&T AT income to cover more than 99% of all -- winning -- work. You know we said for all week we gave kudos to everybody but the worst. The worst of the worst part of at a Peewee Reese. Similar -- -- takes a beating from it does but I wouldn't -- it's the worst about Joseph Morgan I mentioned Tim McCarver about football. A football although I. Shall bucks you play by play by play. You guys feel about that your work. It was hot and cold as some games I really like me provides analysis he's good -- -- his other games. He starts harper announced on them like to know Todd is going to be I was article -- -- I don't -- I don't I didn't bike windows act. Nor -- yeah but you know with. Generally I don't know generalization. Like ridiculous. While it is still aren't aren't those guys still do and a solid ground that now they did -- -- -- and -- regarded -- -- -- -- of -- it's part of -- -- -- and premier programs. But which would -- it -- don't generally. Offensive lineman out of the linemen and quarterbacks. And the constant one electric for what it's -- but they used to get the highest wonder exports. Quarterback an -- line. So those guys. For the most part are able to. The conventional wisdom goes are able to break it down they're able to analyze what's happening I was always surprised again do your work hall of fame offensive lineman. Don't think I ever saw him do what I said you know what Bob beard during the game -- hey this is why it's happening now -- -- and -- to work. Stating the obvious if the Buffalo Bills can beat the patriots. Well it yet he does well but yeah I know but. That's why how how does that play how that played about. I heard about three times this weekend Neil answers were exit he's gonna throw a curve ball here he's got to go here and it happened exactly as he said it would. And that's good stuff I. Pretty -- I'll tell you this -- for business I was in Vegas for four days recently and for the six hours I was in my room over four days the NFL network on for most of the time. And they had a thing on the 71 cowboys won the year when Morton and stop backward that could decide on the court -- -- it was. He's an -- they got they got for Saint Louis I've played against this for the Internet -- -- PNC. And he came out the guy was talking about was somebody else and -- said as that guy you're talking about. And he goes Diego's he had a look like a pair of the and it turns out that lit well schooled the Mac game but it was the start of gear doors hall of fame career. You know while -- year -- tricky was the play by play guy for the Rudy game Notre Dame. Wasn't yeah. There was a Georgia Tech game of the game was over at notre -- ahead he's talking about wanna thank the director and cameraman to do all that stuff in the credits are rolling. And and you can see on the screen Rudy is in the field make an attack on everything but not even talking about it. I'm getting a break on dale and -- Butch Stearns Steve Buckley Michael -- in this afternoon your phone calls. Our next Jack Edwards coming up at 430 and more after that.

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