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Rex Ryan Defending the Patriots? 6-20-14

Jun 20, 2014|

Merloni and Fauria discuss the Patriots-Jets playbook scandal and are surprised that Rex Ryan actually defended his hated rival.

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Here for a. And it's at the right next -- his -- -- without a sample of it's incredible to relive it Rick Francona to -- -- behavior. -- but it happens. Close although oil would spark. The great -- story in the Monday Morning Quarterback. This article with Mike patent. Which by the way I feel is a really strange days. My -- and his estranged yeah PE TT I Andy how would you say it if we -- know how was pronounced at this time at the time. Anyways long story both Mike -- But he gets in Tucker what is playbook. And how it's been at that's by design quote I don't put a lot of gradual level information it -- -- says. We know it's places like New England it's gonna end up like this that knowing that's a matter of time before they somehow mysteriously end up with a playbook. It goes on this story -- -- his wedding -- Tom Brady bragged about it. Jets outside linebacker coach Mike Smith. That we may or may not -- your playbook. Incident shocked in shock like that at all because Rex would give them -- like candy gave one Alabama coach Nick Saban. Now -- like don't you know -- to -- good friends have a gut feelings and a New England which sort of it's what adds the bit and everybody kind of took out of Rex Ryan yesterday was asked about it actually hit the defense -- when the patriots. This usually ever knowingly. -- -- to sit back and say that -- They did that's a good -- every single game that we ever have would knowingly has been decided on the field -- had a competitive advantage always had anything else. And that's a fact. It broke which showed Richardson. Looked for taken a matter of and he told the book of the story in -- possibly brag about his quote. -- some of the worst games against the Soviets are playbook which now here's my question because it looked biggest story broke. Rex Ryan what an idiot giving out -- defensive playbook. Is that really the case Christian I mean if I got a defensive playbook what do we look at for game significantly. A significant -- plans to any. Want you want weeks agree that that -- of -- Brad Bryant when it when it gives them away no and to you is there's so much turnover in the NFL and all these coaches. They all have these playbook and they'll keep them let me tell you all the route concepts are the same for every single team that you go to. Now if you like the Washington Redskins and you have in a program in the third you may do some difference up in the backfield with a -- -- But the route concepts or the route concepts. Like I've played somebody offered the systems. And all the plays are the same speed is called something different will the velocity won't -- is a little bit different you know what I want. I bought big game -- so if I know when I go on third down and we lineup in this particular formation out I don't know what they're gonna do to counter that. And public -- the player -- I know you're checks are. Pollard a pylon at the base defense and I show that the strong seat he's gonna come down overload right. Our coach if you are you gonna check out of it if it's if it would get you -- first -- second guy it's it's a slight. It's still game specific it's still -- delegate general defensive playbook really. It's -- -- may -- a general philosophy. But. Being specific it changes so much and again. You know -- was then. This is what the jets who was also with the Baltimore. So he's had this same -- it's forever till. It's and it's completely blown out of proportion it's it's not a big deal. And it was playing the blame game Rex Ryan. Says himself that he's also friends. With nick -- And if so it doesn't matter now do you -- knicks' David what -- -- like hey bill. Now my loyalty is always do you like coach with you in Cleveland just for a hot minute we all got fired but hate to see -- Typically account had a envoys met all your are your problems of salt no it's a the the pats lost last year to the -- not because. Of may or may not have had the playbook is because of a fluke penalty. On all the PT block -- team. That's what they lost another to do with this -- -- get into more. For Chris crazy and current delegate matters. But at the jets go to matter what if it's a jets. We gotta talk about it because you know at the pats have been accused of cheating so many times so -- -- you get the one day Vick -- you all the answers the -- --

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