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Producer's Podcast: First Episode 6-20-14

Jun 20, 2014|

Part Time Producers Sam Packard and Zach Geld share their random musings on topics not normally discussed on air.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Much of aboard the crazy. The action gel. Small southern. -- -- -- -- -- Welcome welcome. That she still has the Ohio and -- got to -- -- here's the important thing about that behaviors and it was. Yeah I mean analyst he's. Who doesn't hurt. I mean in the media. One and you're gonna you know. The curious -- like it feel if I was this little crack at have to make myself. Make your own cracked yet I'm not gonna go and buy -- well -- interests. Other people's car it just feels like a process being more like you'd have to like. You know it's like -- late crack. You get a bunch cocaine -- put it in some -- martyr. Boyle of the key came you -- this means you add some sort of baking -- to make it so it's believable. And then you -- down cool it through much ice cubes in there and now my question for you have he smoked crack no truth of iron. I've considered it though clearly because I know the process via obviously Johnson Google searchers on the subject but -- off crack into sports part time producers podcast we talk about sports that. -- talked on the radio stuff that doesn't get turn on the and 937 Airways and yes the drug that drove of the same topics and remember we're talking in. The end of the NBA season. It is done called spurs in six. Lost prices right rules went over spurs in five you know you don't get it. And just domination and it was wasn't that entertaining. At the end of it. Yeah it was paid to every game was blowout in the interests. They just dominated them from witness on all it is fun to see because it's. LeBron surreal jerk -- if I dare say so myself and her bag not a huge -- are now perhaps. Explicit so listen you know this is a podcast they can really say accurately accurately a chance to get a little bit -- a little bit crazy here. Yet but I thought this the finals was just an example of a better team. BD in the best -- You need need a great team too and championship races -- it seems if you look back to the thirteen World Series with the Red Sox. The spurs here that is great teams that feels great players. Kevin would go last year he won with the same exact players. Now Mike Miller big laughs -- -- Mike Miller -- this series did you watch Mike Miller -- -- -- last year this heat team had Mike Miller they would have won that world I mean and beat him out because those are weighty matters spurs team and the spurs team from last. Do harmful -- read it didn't bunk. I think Saturday TV -- -- in the heat team stressed the worst is Dwyane Wade is a crippled old man your story the spurs were. Top five team of all time in the files this year. They looked unbelievable. And they started in the Western Conference files funding they just they won they won the finals by an average of fifteen points -- game. But that is the spurs were effective is because of the -- and I think this is the spurs were that good because the thunder were good team as we'll only do that to them. Yeah I get about point they did leave the regular season Wednesday they are amazing leader is sugar K Leonard which is. With the effort George Hill straight out. Larry Bird he really missed on the island got schooled who also a story came out -- lake. In the 2001 threatening its -- back had to choose between and UNC star Joe Forte and the Frenchman Tony Parker. And the so the GM of the time. Wallace to forget his first name Chris perhaps Chris Wallace Celtics GM. Additional its official he wanted to pick Parker and radar -- land is McCain against the desk that -- -- -- with Forte is your story is true story. So we'll proceed yeah but he's dead now he can't really talk kill him LSU is G. So that he won't three before he could make some mistakes and get away with it personally at the a's eleven I was really -- draft Parker by the relentless enemies had you know but on board here. You play here. I was. Balls deep in the year leagues when you know Mary had a little boy -- -- they yet to drop yet but they were in the Euro leaks angered a Euro league coach is about to come over and coach. The Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland Cavaliers. That's my mentality of that's where want LeBron to end up if I can tell you -- known that would be the value of -- renewables scenario. If he joined the idea first couple of years -- -- majority in two years obviously ending their. Picturing. Know what I -- Cleveland I -- return to Cleveland. In the whole areas. -- ultimate troll Lou do you think he's the Q do some like who if anyone -- balls -- opted out if he does that came out with the decision to. No doubt be the greatest thing happened in sports. LB dot nest. He has back. It goes technically out into the -- of this Atlantic I don't act. I'm Rick I'm returning military. Equipment to be returned in my talents to Cleveland. That would be phenomenal him a kite re. And what I thought was -- -- oil -- but who knows now yes -- anyway -- OMB and wicket for an injury went surgery tomorrow is tomorrow. Out six months several us longer unknown that general injuries like three and nine months we could be at her to -- -- nine months what does that. You know -- veteran reels is that a real timetable. And that's the one Twitter timetable I saw that his listeners that power but I'm gonna die and then next. -- of 75 years for yet that's accurate true. It what is. Well OK so Joan -- foot injury. Was that back injury in college that kept him out of the tournament via U. First -- tough five -- first you're the caps. Do you take too well I'm not after you bomb had a bust on Anthony pennant last year terrorist. Act. The box I don't know you could top five do you see him go into five now. -- see below is arguable number one pick in the center probably gonna be in -- all the things -- the cavs looked as. -- the -- love this. The 76ers market it's taken its there'd have Ireland's Noel -- nearly as bad you didn't have to bring it all us here stud. I'm hoping he falls to six at the Celtics -- to take him instantly. In I'm afraid that her players that code -- -- he's played like a hundred games who cares -- worst case scenario but it best case near you get the best player in the draft. -- why yeah why not take a risk and that six to us a unique pizza you might pick a chance and air in court and everyone else was axe and kid. He's not gonna be they're going to Orlando. As a source inside source the Internet. Must stress the ignorance. Gently forward leading chads short for anything by the way to chatter Ciatrick shattering Ciatrick yeah. -- Cedric Ford well he told me that to hear them is going to magic. Pick five. Us are just gonna miss them. Out of I want him anyway although he. Does speak to cool Australian accent -- be very cool to be very entertaining would be awesome great sound -- and share -- speaking. Also -- -- state this is another segue. A guy who scored Goldberg the USA. Brooks Brooks. Total German accent just like a full plate I don't think he's ever been to a mail -- addicts. This whole taking players who are slightly if Philly with the United States and -- everybody does it. -- -- the US thing I thought I agree it's a bump feeling dude from Brazil was playing for Spain this year. Yeah and it's Dukakis is I don't like it -- the world competition we shouldn't have a foreign coach we shouldn't have any form players. It's over I would division -- a bit and we never really compete. They -- like the American citizens. Thin -- and Johansson. He's got a pretty sweet Icelandic ash acts how what makes them American citizens are actually American or in America but no parent ever you are born in America are born to -- servicemen. Parents -- -- street servicemen. Relations. -- gets a little bit more fair Julie angry and his dad. Paying to German -- artists. Maybe that was the prompted dollar foreign policy and like the Reagan years assists were trying to send alarm and two different bases just angling out of him. And create a bunch of American athletes superstars to win this World Cup. This specific one yet that's what we -- Alley reagans and game looking good minus all the muscle injury is and as -- why do today -- have you seen Clint Dempsey that they know looked like he'd. They huge for twelve rounds I hear is gonna be might Wear a mask he -- not to but he might. How -- that kind of for the -- if you like a red white and blue mask them like a hockey mask -- he doesn't like just payment -- documented a patriotic Zorro or something new for daddy cool the same it's tough to play especially as the plane in the jungle. And William Reid immediately and -- at -- he said he could have pre that is either an Astro. Before today you are a mouth perhaps he can. He can bring that up on rookie Peter. K Peter -- Other -- communicate curious. About where you currently you can get out -- that. Of those Jessie -- reference. Speaking of Jessie -- Mighty Ducks. Which -- we the team the movie the movies are okay the united big Miami next week before and not enough to know the referenced -- hall. UN that you wouldn't know -- there. Knowledge -- Kate Snow is ultimately I thought that your friend is going to -- -- there today cake eating. While lost completely say surprises me. Not a big fan of the Mighty Ducks from French as. -- were always a team Iceland -- Got herself. Yeah they heard they were a team ranked their team can get behind this ragtag bunches crackers I've seen that story before. It's Americans. That there should just -- a story a story just about Iceland -- -- more interest -- -- would be no doubt it just did that all. You know move the hockey players electric -- -- -- -- you see. Can newly made in dumb and -- -- he made the movie I did a sea bass. He that's his back -- At a -- -- dumb and number one -- played on -- like in the scene with chameleon they have to go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But those. Group that -- a whole group recruit to hold our that is that's about it view of it -- as good news. Fantastic. Our World Cup -- you have winning the whole thing after will -- happen viewership. Before started in the force Warren's. -- ahead here going way. You're right elbow your way today you know what's yours did. Tests -- beast so brilliantly game one. So I was hesitant to stick with them -- -- was complain. There was source plains core two Eagles today. And stick -- behind -- way would -- Netherlands aggregate. You know who does look really of the camera out of Chile Chile looks tank very -- and they say any time it's in this hemisphere. Satire American team and that's bad year by winning and last titles -- -- numbers of them and you know one Chile -- would apply. -- -- -- -- -- nineties as to what happened to that four line guy who says he's on the bench he's just old that's said he liked it to those on the bench of agreement and it was everywhere he's hurt. As those of yet he means old he scored a goal this year for Chelsea. And celebrating years the corner Fy oh walking stick it's fantastic. That I love it it was pretty. He had been a crazy World Cup's of Spain RD eliminated. England on the -- for 20 yeah zero points. Portugal's stomped by Germany. Big porch we US match on Sunday New Jersey outdoor. These natural official OK stop talking majority -- and they're really bothered me. He went down seen in -- like like twenty minutes. Twenty minutes in and it runs like complaining goes it goes out like Anderson get injured but why the soccer matches have to have that weird buckets stretcher. If -- old school. They can't drive on the field -- cardinal field. I know what that you can use the normal stretchers who couldn't put the old and puts them at their big aptly particular -- of again -- smoked and your players in there and these tiny cubs have to McCain escape. You see that's the you have can't escape did you see early in -- student he'd in the face Amanda replied I think it. -- -- You know the face out completely. Black out. Unconscious on the field they bring him over to the sideline he walks over the -- wobble and she. And the trainers like -- -- amounts of about and he almost fights the trainer. Did you stay in the front back and man and I think he's got and it can do about it. But we don't need it puts it -- electronic president's mind it's -- -- -- and ready to go for. Then we stayed in the game there the game. I don't why he had walked in to the station after that are listening. All watch him -- -- ball drug not gotten bored. Kind of listening -- traffic. Mr. you're listening to soccer is that wells in the broadcast. -- on your vote and taking casual glances. You know you know we know you that you could travel. 500 feet without looking at the road. Creating dangers because eulogized by. There was. That is so bad traffic. I have there's traffic that he's -- Your pretty dangerous Boston was always out there in danger because you watch apply your -- I was shocked that you your team to pick. It's -- who's in my day club team -- group -- -- for your big Liverpool fan I -- is wars like the best in the world and what prompted that decision you'll opiates some DC the radicalized he has in the magazine about it though. He when he was fifteen he head but it refereed. And in the whole Europe allies soccer. Com. Federation just kinda covered it up because they're creepy and all of these. These really do it in all of its fund by. Narco terrorists and anything that soccer international. It's basically run by narco terror strategy. It's -- -- game I mean that's kind of the appeal. Yeah I mean what two escobar's. Thirty for thirty -- fascinated. You term that one error parts where the guy from Colombia scored an own gold is all his on -- Escobar and then he got murdered. You know could definitely do it and it's. And then there's some other guy name high ethical fashion via the scope that we don't win is because organized crime people don't publish it to pass through a there is a bit. -- to -- standard of some US soccer guy got an own goal. You know who organized crime boss is but they wouldn't kill that person -- I -- now you know you can now anymore because if you know to. That was why he weighty Bolger right what he the guy I guess so would ultimately call the shots for awhile. Russia that. Podcast producers that -- with the accent death tune in next week will tell you -- the head crime bosses in ball. America obviously. I would team back in the -- and why they should kill whatever people. Hey -- and then. This has been the producer's contest. I -- impact you can reach me on Twitter. That this tech guys. It's terrible terrible handled by what's up with here haven't I've. Oh -- -- -- And that the system. He that's via his album cover for on the zone can I borrow believe. When he tries to win -- who win the tournament favorite mrs. Simpson never. Swing your avatar. Mean it's jealousy. Years ago -- at that -- That H candidates that is an age. And join us next time in the produced podcast on WEEI dot com.

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