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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Sex change for the helicopter pilot 6-20-14

Jun 20, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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By headlines brought to you by eighteenth -- to cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network. It's just store it's kind of interesting. This is going on in southern China they have. -- bone to the republic and put the annual human dog eating festival on the somewhat tighter -- Google will let that yeah that's threats like give credit to the world's well. It is somebody would say -- -- -- that accident at a at a at well played my ma'am. -- -- It is the city of -- in the grew nine -- region it doesn't have a carefully event insisting they're eating dog meat is he local custom and he couldn't possibly interfere. Still they have told civil servants to try and stay away. -- for going on now for you know a long long time they say it in this district pets dogs as pets religious begun its in its infancy. In southern China they've been a delicacy forever and every -- At that line musket blurred where people you know have a nice dog yes -- what are we gonna have for -- OB a regulatory pizza for -- the -- this guy so that they put it in the like. A special fried rice. The shrimp there's chicken dinners. Despite yeah I told you about a from the mine that was in Vietnam. And they said you could go to restaurant and that the cats were alive. Like in the -- -- -- lobster and you record cat. Well The Who -- the government organized tours for years and years. This town for a chance to chow down on on dogs this is supposed to be great towns little town. For dogs some other way the reason they bred them. Net did you kind of eat all kind yet let's say the majority of that bullet or by the would have stores UB bulldogs' running around playing today. But the exact guy and that -- -- -- could probably be tough for me right -- and a little pale blue team that only people -- through them. Yet it seems Basset -- below fatty yeah if you go on the -- let's say you were flying -- -- Just you with -- the plane crashed. You were stuck and don't know where he could politic for you told. Them would -- completely obvious ZoneAlarm and my own yeah it really is surgery to personally for your dog. And the -- -- the person who was Dino Adobe. I echo need to you know now. But now he's like came up and like at all I don't. At different. Did say that in common purpose. Bad news for the good people -- doctor I would second short it's seems to me that there should be some synergy between the Olympics in Sochi. And these people with the dogs could somehow. Got together assault a couple of different this just bad economy -- come get addicted someday dogs and rule the world because they are superior being national locally. They got -- soulful yet we knew that responsibly we made and go to school the war but I knew he told me. Dog he's good -- it. I like the taste that would not needed because any but it should eat that she'll get my point is admired growing -- like the east. Like I like -- and I like Turkey have a I don't re also know you have a dog growing up no you never had a dog in your life. It was definitely you'd like -- well I know. See that. A lot about his personality is not -- yes and got -- demanding a -- yeah we're battling a battle but it's him as he -- agreed to go see Jim McLean and stop the lessons can shoot seven if she if you get -- gets their dog yeah. Or five -- suck it wouldn't get so batters in -- dog. Of the good people -- experiment expert guy. But their fourth of July beach party has been canceled because of concerns visitors were -- endangered bird piping plover nests. The type of over Byrd has moved ten and there are at least 24 nests on ducks bring beach. There are large areas of the beach -- restricted. The -- fourth. Committee July 4 committee said usually a couple of thousand people attend the celebration there's no way to ensure the national market tripled. So the bonfire is canceled overs are federally protected. We have to follow the law said Margaret -- -- race fourth of July activities committee head I think they should. -- the ball. And barbecue them -- I could you have the putt and I definitely seem bizarre that we won't go on a -- change our lives you affect construction genocide yeah. To save the piping plover an innate the same people who do that go home and have a nice chicken dinner. Or Turkey or right or you pretty unique in presenter. Doctor -- got it she you know you got to do everything you can make sure. The piping plover birds by the voters who once abundant along Atlantic coast born nearly hunted out of existence according to US fish and wildfire service. The birds were highly sought after for a for trade. So what mean things go eggs every day a species becomes extinct. That's how you know it works we're above them on the -- I this is this is a story of section pretty big national story recognize. I have sympathy to some extent for this guy but I also want this -- -- go to jail for the rest of life. But Georgia man -- 22 month old son back a sweltering SUV while it worked for seven hours has been charged with murder. -- we said there's agency that's just that Harris 33 years old. Being held without bond in the Cobb county jail faces additional felony charge of cruelty to children the first degree. You're supposed to bring us on the daycare in the morning before -- arrived to work at 9 am -- for him he left his job he claims he drove to work for the sun in the car seat. Forgot about it -- went to work it was over ninety degrees Atlanta the windows were up he was dead he's driving home. Realized that it was in the backseat try to resuscitate people who's who witnessed the events -- -- Apps that we get sold crazy which I can understand if he's completely innocent that's awful but. Now is gonna go to prison. Should yes part of being about someone who you really have to take the shoes and and shoelaces in the beltway yeah America's. Would you just tell yourself really just want to ask -- the -- The political way yeah whether by -- and -- got you there script you know -- child alive nine months old. Yeah it is my I did not know. I forget except as applicable water work and in the -- really hotly get back to our -- forget sometimes. Forget the water right that's fair and among those in my mind here usually grab the water in the forgotten today. Right I don't want all that and Louisiana hey you can use. He -- thought of at any time during the day -- from I think he's never he never thought I'd probably say the minded and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you want a -- jail yeah yes you know. You have any sympathy for the guy if he -- at -- audience yelled or hit a rope. Right I it's hard for me to a are finally. Remember obviously we've been looking OJ here this week that the famous. Rock -- chase true. The two LA helicopter people the first two followed OJ. Around on the chase. Bought her. And that was the person's name. Dirk volley VA HOZ. The two of them have since -- gender reassignment surgery herbal women. -- -- that to -- the first to have done that herbal now women they were fierce competitors at the. Time now in other words a particular rivalry little I think they are and now they're best friends which when we have the sound from. Here's Bob -- you know now that come out about this you know my kids had to go through morning crosses mourning the losses -- tour. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ends it's not easy. But what's your -- -- gray and being on the hormone replacement therapy. East -- everything it's like you understand -- spring without the right hormones and once you get them. DOC DO CE's market feelings are gone. And for the first time I I didn't know liked all of it's it's it's very credible. That's so we terror now I gotta tell those so much -- -- but that voice. -- to -- like you see you have to I don't know what you do Bob -- Was when he shot the Reginald Denny beating covered eulogies those who rock which is the two of them pretty famous you know argument over who -- OG first during this. Did talk for years -- both discovered they are now women become. That's for so they didn't do this together as a joint now -- candidate -- out separately and they found out yet that's that's very strange yeah it is it's very it's strange to me when. So obviously this was in his forties. That is I mean -- full obviously it's strange but points to doing that to kids. Now it's just weird it's a big jump this senate -- -- you at all not know what. Living as a moment now I would never wanna like you know I know you see these stories -- -- least underwear run around the house -- procedure. I would never. It's a comfortable on him and make up like a week. A lot of work to John now all let me cause I got no answer to such an ugly woman -- and got a call that all guys make ugly and well your forgetting Bruce Jenner. He's in a means a woman but he's an -- on what idea of the seas but I said yesterday you see some of these these these transsexuals these -- -- -- terrible looking to say this if if if you receive the bar and you think it's a beautiful woman and they're going pretty well right don't you open excel. Now -- you don't think you ever looked at eight what you thought was a beautiful woman and it was beat transgendered. Person but you know what what if you took -- -- -- the slanderous and and in on the popular -- talk about a guy yeah. Also if you -- and the fire -- test and and -- their hair and get their makeup while don't look as good as -- normally. This. We. Universe is transgendered universe we talked about the idea that you please. Just -- that is very rare when you say. How does she have a Weiner. And she -- But she's does she look okay you. Yes yes yes but that's a rare exception of -- said it will pick the guy you know and guy you know if a Bradford. -- -- Gelman doesn't visual I mean I have been abusive person inside what do you think could be a bit of the three of us who make the best -- woman. An economy. Now if you if you if you really had me at a minute when this -- staffers I'm gonna Curtis Turner Apple's last. Record as Bob where you look at the glass to see a bottle. And maybe and welcome Davis start here. Would make big good looking woman like the sort of I think it will make Eric would be the best looking woman that we know WEEI personality that's. Say Fauria now is to be a big big -- to -- but he's got -- -- my sharp -- is a good -- man that's all agree yet but as a woman. -- -- Now what Dale's name be. Dale it's all right that's like Dale Evans all the best league in -- schools and dale have still close anymore now. I'll tell you what a title but no. Not Mikey and small. Yeah he got fine features may. He dressed up lipstick and did all these caucus night for a hot -- to pull ups they should do yes. I am so I'm telling them they're going to -- do you like dogs to you know not really. I don't -- Ever thought it won't like that even like the don't kill us assess -- level he's eating contest against those oral assault it was any oysters oysters. Coming up doesn't get beaten and if you like them. I'd say at the mostly. EO seven record about the -- shot and she couldn't agreement make you sick it's good if you money on the line every other vomit when you're done. What they'd go to the blood -- -- water right so goes down smoother -- gas jets for the did you like -- I'm serious about in the -- days and it would -- kill the mall and in the contest. So I'll tell you -- the little guys always win -- -- that's true by Ashley's little Asian guys decrees and imagination. In my pre and I don't know we don't have any good look a bit of German Mercedes pensions -- -- we have a really good looking women guys yeah station right. You know -- be called and -- school almost there aren't out there and they don't. Old woman -- -- who it won't be out this -- -- From group CLB. In address and a and a -- and -- -- And it isn't sure it. Mike I just don't see it being fit cape. Us could pull off yeah. We need to do they can do it on the computer the and hey not I -- brought in someone back there right and they can do collect his thoughts do it all the hosts we have to do anything I want there. I. I looked around went at its peak your interest as a headlines brought to you by AT&T and but I would have ever interest either for Halloween or any prank. That's never appealed to me I don't think if you don't know and I know. For Halloween party. I know what to I want to anyone have a picture. Yeah there is a picture what year was this all along time ago but it got the biggest like culture she could get just. Like. That Miami and a on the of movie trailer. It was hideous. -- choice to seat Tammy transformers tonight which Wendy group. Came at him and hard at my -- I'm disappointed. Mark Wahlberg and I am currency Georgie -- the market has to be a long time detractors. I know what this is -- -- now meet the element doing that but it is it. I've been asked yet to open on time and the come around a Mark Wahlberg is a good actor and intent in one way it absolutely because -- dollars a means Creighton. In the departed. -- -- it like to get over it over the planet of the apes thing to me awhile. Back to that -- this is like planet of the -- she admits a lot of money. It's hatred it's like thirty million -- -- -- -- for him on the value he has -- them at thirty but I didn't think it was one of those I think he was. Got the part where he -- aren't at bounces I think -- moved to them with Denzel last few of them of that awful. It was a program that the science orbit and don't do some of the -- to. Do something else that's pretty good. I'm like a -- -- -- is required to hasten. -- at -- games to Boston and couldn't get accepted for every book but he's become a big box office dominant talent. You would see transformers -- one or two it's the worst. Just robots fighting you don't even know who's good who's bad -- -- it's and I guess it's for the -- You not for me not that -- you are at 61777979837. When we come back we're gonna play a piece of audiotape for you. From yesterday not on this program. That is at once heartbreaking. It's sad it borders on nauseating we -- not going to play it to make fun of the individual but to. Demonstrate. The dangers of some particular sports I think once. Men and here's this Harry is not going to be allowed to participate. In this particular sport when we --

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