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Donald Sterling threatening doctors on the phone... bat-bleep crazy doesn't begin to describe him

Jun 19, 2014|

We listen in to some tape that proves further that former Clippers owner Donald Sterling is pretty much a raging lunatic.

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Out of a a separate NBA story. And we thought that all of this was kind of put on hold until July 7 it's via. The struggle for the the ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers and there's a hearing on July 7. But they were back in court today. The latest in this whole thing -- sterling was in court today asking a judge to order her husband. Everybody knows Donald Sterling. To stop trying to intimidate opposing lawyers and the psychiatrist. Who ruled that he was mentally incompetent remember the whole thing. He was examined by these two psychiatrists they said that he was mentally incompetent. And calm and so. She was in court today. Asking the judge. To ask Donald Sterling to ruled that Donald Sterling had to stop intimidating. These psychiatrists there's -- psychiatrist named James sparked. Another name to Merrill -- Well she came armed she had. Audio recordings again Donald Sterling just has not learned his lesson about audio recordings. Here's the first one this is Donald Sterling in a recording. Of one of the two -- to a psychiatrist James Barr. It -- Monday -- go by numbers through an old. 788000. And I'm gonna have the illusion right so how are you give my medical record -- might -- To a law firm who hire you. They over the course but I'm Indian truck with a lot of -- -- -- -- incompetent. Stupid doctor. There is a lot here record how much we paid for that bit of a conspiracy ill from the lawyer about the other did try to establish that I would not able. The perform are more able sport that you are getting it didn't do any. -- they absolutely and I don't understand it aired. Here Larry it would -- -- at -- AM. They're good ethical -- -- why would you get quiet my personal mental work -- -- mother to a lawyer for the purpose of elite. I'm just sell it cited that consoles -- so. I just can't believe they don't have your lawyer an Irish company called -- Volumes Bailey now an automatic get -- fired from -- you lady I think about it. -- lived -- when you shoot that way you know you that you. And while you're paying the -- -- but -- but obviously you're not -- it sobering update I'm very out there you get my. The records to a lawyer for the partly it he -- may well. He does the conspiracy and I'll show you what I think that you might say -- court at your insurance company called it my favorite Donald -- In case you forgot to look at your belly -- Bigger -- -- over the course to a lawyer. So obviously is certainly true view it illustrated that transparency. Would get this -- you very much out there. That was the when the recording was being made the psychiatrist for his psychiatrist was standing at a table that was on a speakerphone with lawyers all sitting around. -- how it was being recorded. That was the first one other second when a shorter and a little more to the point. I would like you're hurting your company call option hey. Saturday eight. You know why or why. Well I'll walk without the patient and you don't pay and you -- it -- if you never called me and they. On or heritage he. It was. Shouted you could. Call -- Wreckage and the gators. The Hollywood that it is fine and I'm confident in -- but it. Well oracle. But people and -- it was fine. -- about your life. Well we. In order. -- -- competent. We -- I'll be your. Could have been able. You there are large spotlight -- you. All my whole life albeit you know look like. Apple contacted heritage there's. More. So -- 88. By the way the phone number if you're wondering is the general switchboard number we're not. Broadcasting out as his personal number it's the general switch port number for his company which anybody could yet. He doesn't sound like. He's ready to. Now assume control of his company does. What are our closest thing in the -- that doesn't sound like -- It's not like he understands exactly was happening how what the way his description of what's happened is what happened. Am I would that's proof that he is he is not mentally capable of running a franchise. To me it sounds like guy who's upset. That somebody is using his record. As he said to sue him here's the problem okay but it is there if he's right. Why isn't his lawyer calling now why is giving them -- he's got because he's unstable and are not because you know -- -- -- are starting to exist there and he may be unstable I don't I don't know. But I would say. When you're rich when your group as rich as he has. In years old is he is. You probably haven't you what the bleep attitude. I'm rich. I've got away with a lot of things in my life. I can do this. Money well money will give you a lot of power it will money won't take away a filter sometimes. A money won't take away protocol. A lot of people -- OK this is the property and go through the proper channels I'll do it this -- -- him he's eighty years old he's got tons of money. And from his perspective to try to take -- team way the he's gonna fight like hell for his team he made the same point like seven times. -- -- -- Over and over and over over well first all you don't call them anyway her lawyer contacts -- that's see that's end and I think to judge today will rule. Mr. sterling and allowed to call these people. And leave messages but what was his who -- he actually speaking dude is -- lawyer he called the -- psychiatrist and -- okay and is. Was at a valuation done for the purposes of the trial because. Well it wasn't his personal psychiatrist who did -- -- of written on him correct because that would be a client doctor privileged that. Would have been broken in that case this guy I was specifically who over the doctor's work. Were specifically about it hired by his by more than one case by his wife for the case yes so what to complain about that's why they were fired. Well according to a CNN and that's the story was updated. About an hour ago. An LA judge on Thursday denied -- -- petition to prevent estranged husband Donald sterling and his legal team from contacting witnesses. Is legal team can probably Ke -- That's when I don't have a lawyer identity but she was trying to get it was her petition. To -- to let me read it again. An LA judge on Thursday denied -- -- petition to prevent estranged husband Donald sterling and his legal team from contacting witnesses not. -- sterling -- a pending probate court case which is asking me just quote uphold her negotiated sale of the -- ownership of the clippers. Despite her husband's objections -- this is gonna come down to. Just -- just look at how these things are playing out. -- come down to fight between -- sterling and Donald sterling and I think Steve Ballmer is gonna continue to be the owner. Of the LA clippers on -- he's getting his team back. Out of it but there will be there's going to be. Probably a fright and -- Legally. Between Donald Sterling -- sterling. Texture says don't forget sterling is an attorney himself that's -- quite call. He's not represented Canada so he's not mean he he is technically had an attorney the techsters right. But he's not represented himself and. You know here's the other thing. Just start out there now we don't know how this how would happen we all think that it was. V. Still be on around him who gave up Donald Sterling gave up the tapes. Were they -- okay if she wants money. It was stupid to give the tax which makes me think it was a big that would surely. Makes more sense and Shelley is supposed to heavy role with Steve Ballmer. Older Americans is -- at the at the title -- are negotiating -- Words owner Americus I mean. It's it's a nothing -- I think it may have bitten. It's -- you know what I like a conspiracy theory here and help because it it makes some sense to me. In Taiwan the media empire falling down around -- either an empire fall. Why did you decide to. Just sold the team for two billion dollars avid C enjoyed being part of it as he -- a little -- recycle the part of delicacy of predicted that. I don't know. Well lions let me update -- on World Cup play England finally got a goal from Wayne Rooney. Stymied scored World Cup goal this is its tenth World Cup game. England tied Europe Y 11. Until the 85 minute Luis Suarez just sport again. His second goal of the game he is -- four had knee surgery made twenty if I think it wives. Some it was early may a middle of may I should say at knee surgery. They culminate keyhole surgery which means the scope. But he didn't play in the first game your wife played and couldn't play at all. Is playing here in the second game scored both goals for your reply. And they've just taken a 21 lead over England England was all fat and happy here when Wayne Rooney finally scored and they tied the game and they're all looking great. And five minutes later. Suarez breaks free and the goal is the beauty. The goal is nice of the goalies once a -- got a short side right there he's literally outside the goal when he tries the block the -- went the wrong way -- -- the -- charges Nazi gas -- and guests come I mean I -- guessing wrong but don't guess that if we actually stopped the shot -- gonna be outside the goal anyway it was he had no chance. The lines doing analysis. I -- Later soccer but the replay again that's great big guys on the short side and even if he was right if he stopped the shot the shot would have been no -- close to be Ingle. Born in the goal. -- -- -- love and everything about it and it last longer appears. Dale. It's wide open. Our team to make the final four it's why -- When Sunday night anybody's tournament. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text line -- 37937. Yes Europe wise leading England to one in the 86 minute now well. See how that plays out over the course the afternoon still com. Never ever ever ever thought I'd say this but Pat Riley is dumb man. Will tell you how why just human it's.

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