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David Ortiz complains about Official Scorer and the Lester and Lackey Contracts

Jun 19, 2014|

The guys discuss David Ortiz beef with the official scorer, as well as Ben Cherington's comments about Jon Lackey's contract status.

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In the year it is when I thought not -- yeah. Not one of the walled him ball. Hit. -- -- And yeah. And that. -- -- Maybe Mike Napoli was mad at the official score for something to. The ball or -- Fauria advance Christian back from his mental health day half -- We just looks refreshed -- -- shackled despite that's what. They need to get away to come back. That type of a mental rest day don't know it -- it wasn't -- -- -- -- but it's borderline mental stress statement fact that you know. But I can't general came through it anyway get -- -- -- yes this is my comfort -- warm happy to -- bullies are laid -- place. Whoever wants. Safe harbor. You had been stressed out like an official scorer at Fenway I don't like got it right. This poor guy that put the -- to me and it more data that goes to stay out of the paper -- now -- -- you're like a long -- -- you don't ever want it you know with a long snapper is. Until he screws up now nobody knows who lost -- there's two officials scorers or front center yesterday -- one of Fenway and the one in Los Angeles for Clayton Kershaw has no hitter which are gonna talk about a little bit now little. And is it fair for -- to assume then based on what David Ortiz said yesterday that you were probably a 32325. Hitter if you had to played Boston now that officials courts. That elicited no question. They suck at it. It is just say what did how does -- -- nobody got to be the official no one likes official scorers nobody -- -- to -- official scorers though. I have a light -- because it's this is. Why does not -- -- this livelihood this that you get up and you hit a ball that you feel is that you feel like some loose bolts on the frustration level. I can't even explain it's like when you're. Before instant replay. You would you know you are sacred arsenic call you out you can yell you can screaming you know he's quite doors because you know it can't be changed. And that feeling that they actually took something from you mean that's a competitive you walk but they just stole it. It and you just can't accept it. An umpire -- jump on a ball that you know it's like to be a foot outside. You'll never accept that. It'll always -- to you because this is what you do you don't wanna give up any better -- law or what you do. No I don't know what hit you want a -- utility guy like meat or an all star. It's everything TO. So sometimes you're cheated got a voice your. So they got this guy's name the paper that Bob Allison is about thirty or more wise -- guys like why not anonymous why. Is it public record of who the score is -- if -- him do you want to be. I mean do you wanna be judged to. Every single time for every auto and yet it matters maybe take on the job at that it's a public job to a degree -- -- the -- public job it's it's. So he's basically wrath in the box. Right to exist -- breath -- LK. I don't have a problem with his name being mentioned Al to David or does David Ortiz know what did you know the names of the officials or was it him the same god. No no no it was soccer. Drawn a blank right now that's where a couple of years ago. Just -- that was Texas Tech text -- is up. But some nights just. It's just frustrating because the game of baseball you could judge but one thing you'd just by numbers period. You know in that that's -- that's all you have to -- the -- All the people. Have been under rocks as the entity. Boston Red Sox win yesterday. Did complete a sweep against the Minnesota Twins it was a stirring comeback -- -- won back to back home run victory for them to complete the sweep against Minnesota. No -- or no runs rather throughout the game until they got the two solo shots from David Ortiz and Mike Napoli after Napoli hit hit into a double play. Earlier in the game -- David Ortiz on first after Ortiz reached on an error. I thought it was a hit. Puzzle surprised when it was said in the press box -- -- their -- park and when they said that it was an error I was surprised -- disagreed with the score keeper and obviously suited Ortiz quite vehemently. On the field behind home plate. Turning around looking up the press box pointing yelling gesturing giving the thumbs down to the press. Lot admittedly it's been at a figure up continued to do so as he walked toward the dugout and turned around again -- radar out and started I get some more like a thumbs down -- bigger up. I mean -- -- so. Yes -- cook cook. What what are you -- the so I didn't stop there it carried over into his post game interview it's not like this is something that David Ortiz. Wanted to just blow off. He wanted to continue to push the novel. So the heart -- man. -- -- study -- -- we'll plug you back home you know and it never happened it's always like having him over more than a decade and score -- you know it was horrible. Homeland you know I mean what do you might want to do. Go for mobile -- neck and down. So we've got I would look like kind of back back I don't know they'll always end attended. So it's not like the -- just kicking a puppy kittens goalkeepers we see what he's doing wrong and since. It's something that I. It's an out of control. Oh that bad. Here's John -- I must say I don't that's ahead with that I asked barrel about in the post game press conference as well here's with the Boston Red Sox manager ads in about Ortiz is display of frustration. When it comes the score keeper. No I don't think so. You know David's got such a way of -- behind them what happened and come back in the next at bat would -- with a clean slate. -- -- It it seemed very calm on the field at the time I guess he did focus in his next at bat obviously hit the home run to tie the game back up 11 after the Red Sox it. Given up the holes that previously this collision on the -- This is David Ortiz. Okay -- and I know a lot of people they get it they're gonna get after Rome I mean it's Shaughnessy articles comment. You know I don't know block -- -- I'm a little Britain is the good the bad these rights but this he's right there -- this is the good the bad. So there's a game is being David this is David B -- now we -- now so Manny being Manny is gone so it's David beat David I would write -- out of this. -- I would rather deal with this. When I do what I know that when David start to feel good about himself it's a walk off. The all star game they won a home run derby that though at times we you know we see he's swinging the bat well. He's gonna just be honest he's gonna just of Ontario fields. This conversation should have been a private yes -- sure there's really no reason to go public with that but that is David was he right. Yes does it is right but they don't -- all day long just like it's Yu Darvish that no hitter that was it clearly need a lot of give that an -- home -- in Texas. I'm not looking up for the players look it up for their own and that's there is something to be said they're always a questionable call -- -- -- like -- and or New York you know America they gonna give Jews -- The goal is not gonna you know you're there what about what about the hometown score keeper element when he pitchers do. Okay well what about pitcher vs fielder. Out went Zoellick Boggs like. They ruled that a hit and Clemens went bitch and did not know that's an error begrudge those two earned runs should have been earned their bog you were -- big snowstorm that left and right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jets are quite frankly who's got the biggest clout at the rolling out of Rupert Della Rosa is thrown too Derek Jeter. Yankee Stadium and it's a questionable hit it's going to be a hit and -- -- not talk to our hometown in Fenway Park if it's an error against Dustin Pedroia and ruby Della Rosa is on the mound you don't you're likely to be it hit. In the long run because that's just him but now -- now we go to the player. Right Tito gave -- gold gloves. -- You don't don't you don't know -- subtle errors to gold lovers. -- -- -- Above Alice said thought Adidas policy here as is his excuse his guesses is like it's okay it's a play that -- makes with ordinary. Ordinary efforts that -- quoting now yes OK it looked like he got a true hop. It didn't look like the ball exploded on him he got in position his body language is telling me. I've got this ball. My rendition of -- was in the sellout. And it looked like a play you make with ordinary effort I'm not saying Ortiz didn't hit it hard to play out but -- makes with ordinary effort. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- David Ortiz questionable play in Texas and Yu Darvish. That rule was read over and over and over again ordinary effort ordinary effort by the office and let it drop. -- really isn't that it is important ordinary effort. Subjective depending on who the field there it is the job I know look -- that's maybe that's not ordinary peppermint that's extraordinary effort because he Sox. Maybe the other may be Pedroia error Pedroia it's it's easy for him and ended so they can they may be judged him harder so. That's a big did the big Grady scale to me a lot of my a lot of things and -- On the issue yet what are the -- -- always have with Fisher scores remember have this discussion was that when they go back and rule whether should be hitter and Sarah a lot of time to do in slow motion. Day -- and that pissed me off because in slow motion I should never suing a sly editor. In slow motion should be able to see that it's a slider and layoff. In slow motion calls organize step it of the Arkansas almost session at that -- ball. In slow motion should make every single play and every player looks easy in slow motion. OK Joe Mauer is it gets series over the played first base. When he you leave your feet -- you got to dive for a ball goes up for glove Ayers there's no way to tell. -- -- -- -- I think -- Knight Christian are on agreement that probably poor decision to give it an error you know I don't know I don't know I look -- it. Multiple times and not knowing a lot about an hour. How how might also know that should be ordinary effort for him it looked like. He had the ball in his -- I'd look like -- it looked like he had an opportunity to make a play in the ball. He did the ball came out of his glove was because it was hard for me or did you just but he just lose it so. I think I leaning towards the beat an hour because the guys got the ball he drops it. Now I'll -- get back into all of us think you should have been -- agrees with the officials Goran says it's an air 6177797937. Lou while also concede to use the unwritten rule of baseball about the hometown score keepers. Going in favor of the hometown guy from my opinion they shouldn't but there's no arguing against that they're going to or that theory is that they should. Most times rather than not all ball I dropped -- this about Ortiz to -- -- so much that there are inclined to not go in his direction now. Especially after what happened with the Terry Francona incident a few years ago when he burst into the press conference now. I don't I don't think that you see Europe what you ask you ask me that official scorer old grudges is anything close you bitches too much now. You've got to call this official scored got this wrong. And an MLB is gonna change it not because David Ortiz because he's wrong just like the guy at Texas well they're also gonna change because he made a big stink about it. Well it made any public this -- -- displayed it would have been changed and we were just heard about it. That's the way it usually works. You have a problem with him being as public about it as he was I don't think Israel's public with. I don't -- -- -- public with a but he should go privately with that ethic should be changed because I do think that he is right but. This is the thing I'm not that it amok and asked David Ortiz changed -- -- -- -- -- how many years right twelve years twelve seasons however it is I just don't -- and ask -- I know what yes. And I've seen it. Because I'll tell you guys' eyes I wanted to broaden his favorite a web -- his favorite product that'll be condensed -- the exact play. So Luke and look at it in real time and look at it in slow motion. And it watches to wartime -- and just let me know if you think you can make them play. I while -- watch a little refresher and -- Again make the play. But there's a lot of guys I see dynamic it doesn't know. This don't you think if you make a play and he does that it's an error Noah added I don't agree with that at all. A synagogue make a diving play -- a -- come up and throw it just off the bag named David hit it could make. Play yes there was an -- hole. Let's refresh your memory with him come and at a press conference -- Terry Francona commander as well. -- finish on it going to split. He's going to. Was it. And yeah. -- With -- and a bit. Work well with this time whether -- the media when he was holding the press conference afterwards -- one team left for Oakland I'm sure he was on the field behind home plate. I'm not that great lip reader but he seemed pretty animated I can't imagine a few beeps were dropped in there along the way. I just walk away from this and say. For instance since we are now encouraged to get in the flame wars with people on Twitter by the company since I do -- to meet my mandatory minimum responses to people. I got into one was somebody last night when we can only keep coroner yet the keep scored his remembers a float chart we it's not I've -- -- So I got into the back for a guy about it Ortiz last night on Twitter. And you can follow me on Twitter week you can help me meet my minimum -- -- in bends down to the. We each other times and -- -- good I guess -- -- mentioned we are -- -- -- -- OK I think text messaging which is used Twitter I idealist better I was fighting the two guys about hockey fighting in and the Ortiz they happen I've followed another guy I've met my minimum for the month now you shape I'm all good. So this guy and our -- backe -- that. And he says stuff like well you guys WEEI are gonna make a big deal about this -- -- and well this is not us making a big deal. Dave did. Asked us to make a big deal about it. David Ortiz stood there in front of 38000. People and may get a big deal publicly. David Ortiz then became one of the heroes of the game. I would imagine -- his mood flip -- 180. Took a shower put on a nice suit. Stood in front of us laughed had a good time with it and asked us to make a big deal about it again there he said that he wanted it to be talked about. The -- that it did. Why Gary this is not a media creation this is the player asking us to make a big deal this is this more later. Politic and yes this is the same player who has a recall just a couple weeks ago. Said pace on. I got five was a four under Almonte in his league yes I got 400 what did David Price remember Diana yes John I got 400 home runs in this league. -- I got 400 -- in this league and it's 00 game. You're worried about a single in -- yes. 6177. Cents and 793 never write a word but you don't -- argue I. I can't I can't judge by my numbers -- David Ortiz. Did the error in Texas got changed to a hit correct. So at that if that error is not change in this one isn't change you look at David Ortiz that in 246 to forty through. Okay that wasn't changed. And it if that's -- it's changed the correctly. Is it took 46 right now. When this like it's changed correctly and it will be changed to -- is that what's it going to be hitting 250. The case -- -- -- four points if the one in Texas never got changed it this one never gets changed B 2.0. So what's right is David -- fifty. What's wrong David to point to let this happen another time or to gain all the sudden night talking about ten points on an average it. I don't I I live well and I understand and I just because it's June. If you make it -- a Texas September you have me some sort escalator clause where you -- forty balls during the season and then you drop one in September. That that's an important catch maybe it wasn't it an important game but as far as stats ago that was -- that would put you over that hump to get to that money. I agree with that I think it's air. Arab agree with president publicly going nuts we have one phone line open if you wanna grab it now was David Ortiz right to make such a big deal about this hit verses an error against 6177797937. Matt is up -- -- iMac glad you're an attic for seven. Like a brother that you couldn't be more wrong about that the issue is not what it or an error the weight or eat that. By your belt used to complain privately. A year ago we bursting into opera opera. Now in the middle score the game making a mockery out -- and now -- about winning more upbeat selfish and getting it. It is what spoilt children do. We should not -- -- it was rewarding to -- here I need to beat all it would not Cheney did that that meant that. It's -- you're not at all and were not report Q were making -- game. No reply. Former player but. Not the. No you should get it right the first time Mac. Mean I'm gonna have a higher official score I expect official scorer and know the game of baseball. You know what. After the mattered you know what it was it was a it was a mistake there's a way to handle it. If you're secure product with the kuril I will daughter if she -- that with the way I handled that -- that the went. -- she can handle one to each other respectfully. Force could wind. Cry you whiny cry that's not the way to get the not so you know what it what it July rightly called the played it straight Pakistan not out part of that late point in rye and wind in the middle scoreless game when you lark. Seven game -- -- -- -- -- that really what you want the Red -- to be out individual 28 by players twenty iPad like that it might. It's not about camaraderie to the world when he needed. Without our I don't know about that I make it sound like it's just this is something new you say five years ago we wouldn't have done this. And all deepened following David Ortiz I agree with my career since -- left he's been bitching about protection and nobody can get. Behind him. Every single year he bitches about his contract is the first time restock the boat hits. These donors for a long long time he did last year when they're great chemistry and -- World Series -- that get their way. On this isn't something new rule and as far as whining doesn't get to anywhere now that the native Americas the other DC these begin them places it has. Not all of them not all of them. As far as what -- that I actually agree with a lot of what you were saying until the end because it's not hurting a locker room and all the locker room was 100% behind Ortiz honest -- Why are you might have a problem that I don't think any -- don't like locker because there'll because most of them are hitters and they -- assets. There hitters in a pitcher would sit -- -- call politics at the -- and -- that's an earned run. I honestly affecting chemistry that's you know it never has now. But he you'd call it could care less about whether it was hit or error he's more concerned with the way he's acting 667. 77979378. TT tech size 37 and 937. We got a lot of people who wanna talk about the David Ortiz situation and we will do that we come back. Also staying with the Red Sox. Ben cheering chin was as definitive as he has been on the John Lackey contract situation this morning with Dennis and Callahan. We're gonna get to that do this is not -- seven WEI. Our record contract you agreed to a contract that. He goes Amarillo -- Don't agree you contract before -- venture into it and so. So we know that. They're really not much more say about -- we're glad he's with us. We expect them again it's -- here. Voting for you Ben so Ben Carrington and DNC's -- he was done where. Dennis and Callahan encouragement and and guys is it just mirrors that a lot more definitive the more we hear from Larry Lucchino. We can -- on the John Lackey situation the contract is the contract is pretty blunt asks is it not yes it's done it is what it is measured while pretty firm. Done it like notices. The way it is we expect him to sign the contract with -- 500000. Yes but generic. Both sides entered into it knowingly put his name on the newspaper yeah its own -- it was like you restrict night. You took the money we restarted right early estimates point to say it was a -- I don't -- to -- then he got out of that money when he got hurt now that you think that that. And I'm glad he can say that now -- But we all know but -- -- of 500000. Okay where your music that this bit losing baseball open that's not. And that you get mad at two year deal or is going to be chilly on some farm. But some rates down there at Texas got to -- it out next year David Ortiz might get that. Official scoring change now we know John Lackey would get that contract changed apparently he's not under different animal just to select two dollars though the inside scoop. Ain't happening again I hope elicited. Don't think it is. 61777979837. We have a full foam board of people wanna talk about the David Ortiz. Temper tantrum behind home plate when he started yelling at the official score. On the field and nothing nothing game late after -- double play when what will and I think should have been hit was ruled an error Christian you like the decision. That it was an error. Yet but now scrolling up more summing up upon further review this will -- up for later okay now or you and I think agree more so than Lou does is how important it should be to David. I keep going back to I have 400 home runs in this league son. So I don't think he should have made as much of a public display over one single in June. Where is erased and a double play anyway you know 61 game seven different. The situation like that I study was to public and he practically begged. Encouraged the media. To make a big deal about it and we are and -- And without power lines remain -- made a stolen out our grid so much easier let's go to New Hampshire next inducted GM I Jim you're a 937 WEI. Just -- mania all all of opinion I mean what Thursday is to eat these. Gave you as an attribute anger and now all emotional outburst I think we've opened it and it got past. For five years and I think this is just -- sign guys aren't something. Talk about is speculating about the old days. You're you're speaking out here you're talking about steroids like he doesn't have a massive break out of actually. He's got emotional you don't even down maybe a little by poll when it comes to his craft. But no this -- he's got completely out shredded. Eddie didn't look at -- I guess they when he talked yep these look. It was that was that a rage all -- rage she was actually laughing and joking I slapping a joke he's actually are because he came up later and then hit a home run right team won the game but. He definitely was pointed in his criticism any -- we want to get a point across. I would more argue that if you missed on steroids are still on steroids or was getting back on steroids however you want a raise it if he was. Then maybe there for you would hit the ball pass off our data isn't clear. Clearly they're complaining about that yet he has all -- it he had it on steroids and we be giving him a free pass somebody testing blood that it -- about -- -- a very interesting study in this city. Presumably he's the most clutch -- etc. He's won three World Series people love them and people can't stand. People can't stand -- his. When he does that they keep -- to -- the NBA he has any other -- data that that is why can't listening to advocates and re opens his mouth. So you get like you give this sensibly calls a run -- as well obviously he's complaining so we don't steroids or maybe appears on steroids it would be 8240. Georgia New Hampshire hi George you're a 90%. They local did you get a -- sure I would I would suggest to direct -- who Almonte. In the near future deputy it is a job killer now what stupid -- We really can't say it again incorrect actual formal enough that not Ortiz actually got shorts on yeah I'm. At first call it exactly right it's -- talk about the issue went away and power or hit PH who is this guy -- it all -- Media access spectacle of himself he always capped at -- center of attention that's gone bad still blog worker's career and didn't reply what exactly right. But Ortiz and he is accurate and game. He wouldn't aptly YE. Tears you apart of that crowd at doesn't like David. I probably didn't hurt somebody and -- David Price drilling David Ortiz the candidate a prom and all. Bomb with that like a lot of people did because of David I didn't David Ortiz is right that ball was hit and you'd say it's not about it. He -- complaining that he actually got it up. Yeah but is the public display dollars and -- is that the public display of him standing behind home plate the score at the time the situation I mean. I think I have. That -- back to a certain extent insofar as when you choose your spots a little bit better if you go downstairs and have a phone call made on your behalf. I get it that's not that big he's not the only person. Let's get net phone call money on their behalf -- -- Diego David Price they never said the price was wrong. All right David it time that he's bigger -- game absolutely David Ortiz one of the faces of baseball yes when you are one of the faces of baseball. Yes sometimes you think you're pretty important guy you've got leather bound books but gave -- I caught up right so. Zero a year you can do things that others opinion why because he's. Earned yet he is the most clutch hits per night for temper tantrum behind and I'll play he has earned the right. Did do some things that others in this game and not know he's that's. Two years and he's earned the right way I think people get irritated about is the fact that he's he's risen to the status. They've -- -- come along for the ride enjoyed it backed him. And now it seems like he takes advantage of that status. Well I'm not not Manny being Manny it's David being David which to me is an excuse for a guy with status to do whatever he wants. So it's like you know critiquing him getting on -- Purdue is something that. Some people are just can't stand it's -- David -- David. I don't -- That's the personality. It doesn't mean that he -- to roll out his issues for all of us the deal. But if if it doesn't make him telling me we know what you think you should have been hit Asia by end of the show I'll probably feel the same way. As David Ortiz in Cordoba got over it -- as a Red Sox Jersey and that's why. Runner for the fact that it still fits is the biggest yeah I am talking about it looked like little tire of them all but if he felt you know put it. Roger called former -- how are -- Roger. They guy or if you're all right it ought to think Lackey and David Ortiz. First let me address the lacking and an -- it would -- all hang up quick. A lot. Okay. I hit my problem object. If John -- you want the poll this crap. You gonna tell me you know what I didn't eat it you know contract -- -- Note this all happen at some point whether he's pitching well whether pitching poorly -- signed a contract. And I've I've never been an -- That just warm renegotiate some would make more money or because they don't like be on the -- actually. -- -- -- -- Okay I'm in a lot. -- all sides because I would address it -- and are you really -- short work 500000. That's what I -- them about the reps are now getting David Ortiz. I brought us this are. Probably in the minority in this town because I have got -- -- I have never liked and I'm about. I'll -- old whined about this whined about that. Shut your moral capabilities. -- or you know what I got I got a project it gave -- -- Maybe you go to restaurants all because -- restaurants will quote what every opened one up because of -- all maybe that's. That restaurant school our backs we have that's called culinary academy of cutting the funny part is that when you bring up David Ortiz. The vocal minority. Hates David Ortiz. And that's who you here with we just talked -- tees for four hours we took full cost of four hours we have 4000 David Ortiz and he. Is -- vocal minority but he did it got up and you sit back and you laugh at these fools because they like truck. Yeah I know it really sucks I can't handle -- topics in a body hit I can't handle eviction once -- twice a year but some other thing but you know what actually you know I can't. Guess it's 688 the World Series because he probably three World Series because it's 3900 each and every year for some people had to I don't what. You look around they want everybody just perfect. -- -- -- Speaks his mind focused on an article this is people I don't know that's a big critical of Ortiz right now right you don't think that I'm suggesting that this incident outweighs his legacy with the reds aren't your not. Okay and -- you think some people here it has been critical of the actor I think some people so Forbes has been critical access he hates the putter tees and always has. What he that you can go 13 World Series this guy's always hate you can create a guy's attitude but you can appreciate what he does on the field what he's done for the franchise in terms of production you can. Yeah I think some people can come compartmentalize. Their dislike for a personality of the athlete but at the same time still appreciate his -- -- That's fair isn't it yeah. 617 I think in most -- don't like it most the vocal minority. Despises.

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