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Ortiz hates the official scorer at Fenway 6-19-14

Jun 19, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing David Ortiz's latest complaint.

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I'm going to apologize. To Charles dickens' this morning. Fracturing Charles -- opening line of -- -- for Tuesday tale of two cities. It was the worst of times was the best of times at Fenway Park and only as David Ortiz big poppy can do it. He helped create the best of times and that and -- embraced and emphasized. The worst of times after the game who does this can get away with there's always better at this and it -- more freedom less than David Ortiz. So the heart -- man. And I think it was we'll plug you back home you know and it never happened it's always like having year over more than a decade and goalkeeper you know it was horrible. Homeland you know I mean what do you -- -- to do. Go from aboard American. So we've got I would look like kind of back that I don't they'll always end attended. So it's not like -- -- just taken -- my chickens -- you've seen what he's doing wrong you know since it's something that I. It's an out of control. I read the score keepers and book from front to back it back front and no placed -- its say in there may be -- places. But the score keeper is supposed to -- now. David Ortiz back. Just ten more seconds here and the Buick golf analogy which will surprise you. This in my estimation would be like go out. And fourteen fairways eighteen greens 25 putts shoot 66. And go into the clubhouse and it about the fact. The cart girl didn't show up for the back nine that this is equivalent. -- that can be frustrating. I can never it never it never ends with Ortiz it never ever ends and that's what happens -- Oh cable has enabled in Kabul all the time they used to be in the guys who talked to yesterday. When the Mike -- disagreed with them. Oh number I I disagree them I -- shouldn't say I agree with them official scorer. Has been horrible over the years that way it's been horribly biased in favor of the home team. It's been exactly what he wants now I don't know if Bob Ellis has been guilty of that I don't -- I guess no because this Wednesday impartial unbiased objective call which is how it's supposed to work. Indefensible Ortiz doesn't appear to be aware that. I'm sure he's not he he's been here for more than a decade as he points out. He's not aware that the official score is not on his team this should -- opening line of cut number two again just the first sausage weekend ready to do this. Go so. -- -- -- -- In a study -- -- we'll plug you back home you know thing never happens. I thought people at home we're supposed to have your back and it never happened it -- -- wrong statements in ignorance of the laws no excuse for it we know it's it was against law the cubs don't accept that the courts don't accept that. -- ignorant of the process. And I guess that's my defense of him he really believes and Kirk's right. When he looks up there and he sees all the friendly faces or when he's in Pasco was in the sees all the from the faces. He's he puts the official score in with that group -- the official score was attacked in the press box after. Got the snot kicked and beaten you eight or nine guys got together and an Al bottom yet to -- and Abram son his head at again you're right. -- it's hard to blame them if this is. Bill in the way of what is it the owners think this is the way it's bad is the way it's been generally they are home -- guys that aren't on scores at home -- media. And generally they give and it happens in other parks. They get the home town call and in this case he didn't get the home time Collins and wait. I'm on -- on my team right he thinks that the official scorer because of years of official scores kind of give him the benefit of the doubt he takes it somehow always works here hometown guy -- hometown call. I disagree with you a little bit I don't think. He thinks the rules should be and is in in in in the whole team's favor. I think he thinks the rules and the decision. Should be and David Ortiz paper there's a certain amount of empowerment the David Ortiz -- all his baseball magnitude. Probably deserves some of it. But Dave Ortiz knows that there are only. Handful players in this game and probably not other on this team. Do certain things and get away with it. David Ortiz thinks it's okay to stick his head and Tito Francona is press conference. And bitch about a scores call three years ago David Ortiz thinks it's okay. Two hold his breath and turn blue until the owners give him another sixteen million dollars. That they didn't have to give him David Ortiz thinks he's the one who can say F bomb on national TV in front of 37000 people at Fenway Park. And walk out -- with impunity and you know what. -- -- dugout for a ball to paint and other you know but he got up on a. Happen all the time and I'm sure the owners are angry sorties is that right I'm not sure Bob wells and the score of the game. Might be might be done you know it's a good gig but you know Russian goaltender you've got to be on out the team and he didn't quite an apparently almost didn't quite understand the rules it's it was a coin flip play. I was an era of if you -- they've ruled that hit because they'll watch it again. Would you say oh my god if they ruled it. I hit you know let's say typical home I'm gonna break yet let's say it's close some OK I would have said this is crazy in the glove he didn't -- I want alternate Clark well I can't you know -- -- -- ball hit hard pressed to make I don't like kick -- and go crazy you always my soap. By your definition of the balls hit hard it's hit in the one in Texas should have been better attic as it was just pop up. He induced job right drug right all right that's fair yet -- editor and and as somebody wrote this morning forget who we're rated that you know pitches did this. Pitches looked up the official scorer when they called it -- In the same place it was a hit the -- looks up and I know would have to be home -- guy and from the Red Sox pitcher but. Just work at me it's a ground ball climbs up from calavo first baseman should have made the play. And they called -- an official scorer. Gives a thumbs down official scorer I mean the pitcher. Layers up the pitcher gives -- fund are one and the pitcher bitches stiffened up because you're showing a team that's percent this. True that's that that's that but this is not doing your job now probable the first -- I would say that for guys won three championships. Baseball's the one sport you can be in incredibly selfish guy which is what -- -- it's the way and I mean. Which is cares about himself first fiscal existing seasons going down cropper. And in there in a close game he's more worried about getting hit and usable winning their notion that. You are so right and you said the sort of -- that he comes from years of enabling. -- blogs which is always accused of being selfish he wouldn't be this brazen he would never -- look in the camera and say. Man you know this guy supposed to be in my team in what is this happens he would do more he would try to be more subtle so it's supposed to be done. Mike Napoli or Dustin Pedroia is supposed or John Farrell. Is supposed to bitch about that call right not able Ortiz. In -- it's supposed to appear. And and again he he should notice. Should know this but if he's -- And enabled for so many years he doesn't see anything wrong in amazement watching anxiously. When he says men are supposed to have my back into the good Forbes good form has not but why he doesn't know that right looks back correct. Because there you know friendly faces all around him or agree with him. And owners media teammates. It should have been this way she obviously should be thumbs down lookup. And after the game demands of points out that should have been hit correct and then they asked Napoli or this -- usage a lot of president who cares we won the game. And they go to Napoli and Pedroia and black and they all say. You know that was wrong that should have been -- and they appear to have their teammates back. Well John Ferrell did not endorse or decry. The scores call and you know we can count on John Ferrell to real David in and make him understand what he said was wrong not so much. He's in a stretch where he's working on some things mechanically at the plate. Certainly there's there's some frustration that. Comes to the surface. You know you get a chance to talk to -- once things calm down but. The -- a competitor as we all know and ultimate competitor so. You know he's working through some things right now. -- guy is on each of the thirty Major League squads 25 guys times thirty. Would feel empowered -- comparable would feel it would be okay and not put them in a bad light to stick their head. In a manager's meeting and state Tito when -- done with this we have to have a talk. Not wait -- it got to his office and talk. Not read it in the run away from the dugout to the clubhouse haven't talked to in front of the immediate member assemble. But it Andy that he does not as if he knew about it look he'd never do think -- -- but doesn't care I did it or taste I think. And badger and every team -- they're older man who's the -- who else is now I don't I don't know probably Wade Boggs is called the most selfish guys ever yeah you would never do never. Bucs -- called upstairs right. Are coming lots again which patents are up to guys do that that's between -- new units between that's man to man -- discard that was the big which is amazing -- Scott -- he always gave. Benefit of the doubt and -- cog in the box to -- he he was selfish one. Every ground ball that you know and offered his -- we want that to be it he was concerned about -- average -- almost. And apologetic about it you knew the average and a lot to him. Or pieces posted it to good authority figures since he's been to the rest with the Red -- it and read. It's a -- it's Werner it's Francona it's -- any of these guys ever done anything but -- able coddle. Burke in breast feed that you didn't hit it I mean obviously since you got out of our browbeat amber wraps Selena now so there's never bend the level of that duration. From ownership to management to a player I've never seen -- a minute you know. -- didn't get it. Right Tom Brady doesn't -- -- home they they would at a ceremony given the nature of the game -- have a whole thing -- -- -- Tom Brady I've never seen almost left and Larry Bird you know I mean. Forget occupy it would never happen with a hockey player there's some there's some way can do is the equivalent of football what happened Ortiz if you're -- do you think he would ever ever do this -- error. Others Quigley kept me we're living through Brady's kitten. Criticized these asked about it again yesterday. Because of his -- and play drop and play which in my mind is double the equivalent of -- it's all about our teammates right right it's all about his lack of supporting cast. It could come out any minute thing you know. When I had Randy Moss and Wes Welker can do off the record subtly. That's what I had guys around the Pro Bowl as he could say when -- veterans around me you know things were different workable rookies. And work into our growing pains he could make subtle excuses there he would never ever to -- sounds like. Sounds like on the kids prisoners he sounds like he's. What you need money so he sounds like and the -- -- we believe will would you say if you did did he say he sport to grow up he spoiled he says that's -- and condition despaired -- -- everything -- -- surrounded in that -- you know it was like him when there was when they turn off the the tape recorders in the phones -- done bail out of them L yup -- primate by the score keeper left. If you wanna use the analogy of a three year old acting a certain way because the parents empowered him. Let's transpose that to the Red Sox clubhouse John Ferrell the Red Sox organization ownership and David Ortiz whose fault is it Charlie. Whose fault is truly -- David has to embraced us. But at every single turn you made a good point I mean you guys. -- -- punch. Things the locker room he tore apart the dugout phone. But as anyone in any of these instances Terry but Terry Francona often get that -- the Terry Francona think respect is -- in the press conference and said this. Commanders fastball finish on it bone split. He's been -- Was it. And obviously. That is amazing it is amazing they're there -- players. Blogs to -- one who would never ever of that right -- to one day thing yeah he lost his temper. I mean you may that would Manning. Would never -- at some other -- Demanding but it would be a black mark black guy. With Davidson is another day another that it got the office as David beat David and I find amazing that he thinks the official scores supposed to be on his side. -- -- Usually is on your side David but it's just the opposite he's supposed to be objective I don't I don't lawyers surprised at all amounts but -- -- -- your surprise -- Yes stated that the ultimate reaction and I must -- what he did -- surprise he thinks hard score to me. Is on his team. Because it's the rules why -- that he's been around for awhile he was in federal way Jerry that -- his house he's been here for more than a decade. He's -- -- the official scorers post beat say that's my guy yeah yeah she's a hit and if you're an official scorer supposed to then about pitchers to. Liked his pitch effort just dead yet. Just -- not supposed to -- argument Lackey and he is not supposed to be Pedroia is now on our. All of you ever -- go off on and a score keeper maiden back call from last year for -- here for Pedroia or her net heavier for that -- for anybody. I don't think so and every call. I doubt it you know it is it's it's it's a one word answer for him in his mind disrespect. Any time it doesn't go his way unless they before all these instances we've been talking about do you think at any point either privately but would have to be prime it would never to a publicly. Any person in power. Called David -- And said David that was not right what you just -- That's not what we're look in fear for here in the Boston Red Sox we don't need a -- part eight telephone with a baton nearly can open -- at next -- we don't need to stick your head into a manager press conference we don't need to say an F bomb on national TV I think anybody ever said anything to. I think the match today no and -- you know it's. Another example of him being oblivious or ignorant is what is the manager have to do with it. I -- it's a manager at -- if you had a problem with the official score you. In historically hadn't seen it happen -- times either it's man to man you know -- the player to the official scorer or the PR guy. The call him over and say -- I wanna check that idea I want a guy am -- -- you know. I have a problem with this -- And he'll call up or he'll try to set up a quick meeting and if -- an official scores and doing his job you'll say a mummy with them not -- on the right not my job. And that's that's not got nothing to do with the process I don't check with a player who hit the ground ball right say. What did you eat did you really think it was hit a -- for the ball no actually didn't dive for the ball you know in his club he should have made the play. We talk about how many guys in baseball go do this for Franco guys in baseball after that play fine he's upset and they knew that the home run. Then apple it's all guys when the press comes to them after the game -- early to say well. Sort of like right it's like bitch at the cart didn't show up your shoot sixty coming coming of the guys you vehemently that you brought that he almost deserves credit -- is not sneaking around pitching and complain that's what I say he's just -- -- like Cameron says. Got a problem with this -- so try to definition of being selfish -- -- -- but if you hit and run if you read you know sources say that he was -- that he complained that right. That from lieutenant Germany went through official scored -- amount you'd say. And that's selfish in his case it's right he does not even. And knows or cares how it looks it doesn't matter it doesn't bother here's Ortiz assessing the score keeper job and roll and quality of performance so. So hard amended. And I think it was we'll plug you back home you know -- -- never -- it's always like having him over more than a decade and score -- you know it was horrible. Homeland you know I mean what do you normally work to do we go from mobile we're neck and down. So we've got I would look like kind of back that I don't -- always -- attended. So it's not like the -- just kicking a puppy kittens pokey with you see what he's doing wrong since. It's something that I. And out of control so when you're looking up at the -- would you say. What are you watching. Now what's in the same ball and that it was wasn't. -- even make it yet can make it clear. So it's not my first rodeo event. He's got to make this clear on the field putting it could -- he's got to give credit as some quality humor ever heard that before. Mama's purse from you were between Armenia and that was it -- -- it would be I think I guess. -- when you have a total of -- -- amendment. One hit in nine -- yeah. Maybe you do have to fight you know right for every pitch again. But it looks really release -- What does not have been mitigated have they not hit the back to back home runs and they lost in Koji gave up the game winner and there's abject frustration in their bye week. Every member of the Red Sox because they only managed three hits from -- one hitter to -- or whatever. Then while still bad form. A little more understandable. Should this not have been a celebratory this is a launching point kind of -- maybe this will get us off on this ten game road that's a -- when you -- He said maybe this would get a -- ornament and you want someone who could look in the camera and bitch and complain about lack yeah now peace. Too Smart to do that like most guys too Smart to -- -- and they understand how would look with some. Ortiz doesn't know whether he knows or cares which is does he know how. How bad this looks and doesn't care disease allergies he not know how bad this looks I don't know. But I would I would reject Carroll's idea in the other I've seen written for tees were an eight. Twelve for seventeen -- stretch this happened yesterday it still pissed. You do the same rights not because he struck out by the bigs -- ago well before is complain that bad that is another excuse. And you know excuse and I also work next time this happens it it's a -- gets hit during it might be hit by tomorrow. It's true which is a disgrace yeah it's a disgrace him three and they changed at the last time yes yes yes they changed it did they change on the -- situation. I don't think they did -- again the -- I don't think so. I don't know check to a -- 500 rule one bitchy mean to me I can Bob Ellis the official score a lot of credit. Does it if given that -- could go either way I think it was an error you say it's a 5050 call yet conceded it's it's a good take the kids. His call a judgment call. And there's all this pressure he knows from not only from Ortiz but from the media -- player's manager from ownership. Everybody wants in the call that hit he called and an era that takes guts but. The easy thing to do the backbone -- and we're back right. What do you think more dirty looks. After the situation the score keeper from everybody in the press box or David for bitch and moan about it. It -- it gets close yeah I mean he was trying to get on the media elevator and dreadful with the extra help with him. And -- I mean you definitely ostracized. As you know on the team and and and Ortiz know which is. He knows says it is that he's supposed to be on our team 6777. -- 7937. Bench Harrington. Join us in the 8 o'clock hour a lot of ground to cover with -- An Antoine Walker last time you've spoken Antoine Walker and only ever really. Now about what their program on the show -- no judgment you know went with the Celtics -- you know. -- back for some event or something -- long time since we talked with -- Antoine Walker probably didn't have at some point it. There's a documentary coming out on him we'll explain what that is all about and without knowing you're having seen it in read all about it again the guy credit. Must be something in it for him to get the guy credit for. Lehrer -- open the dome opened loans that -- his financial scorers. So conflict that they may have been a lot model launch to do it I -- -- desperate -- in his office on -- out and want to compliment 1 in the 9 o'clock we'll talk with you next and what we -- back. -- question for -- When it comes to the Kevin Love to Boston story or Kevin Love not to Boston story. Addressed. No she's trying to hit it through this ship that -- time solid guy gets a glove on it. But it rolled club that's didn't look at it bounced up a little bit on him on that was dropped. You know it is it we'll make up the event said. Did the first base if not he will. Need a lot of one out walk on. And they charge an hour now there are.

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