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The Bradfo Show: Twitter Tuesdays with Torey (Lovullo)

Jun 17, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo to talk the Grady Sizemore decision, making decisions with John Farrell, and his strategy when it comes to arguing with umpires. Lovullo also answers questions from the world of Twitter.

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It's nice easy and. -- things that interest. So I wish my -- it's. Just sit there and still. Episode of this and to be who would win and show. Cheers rob Bradford. Welcome to another addition the brass show's sponsor that's always by school system to close -- the people who make you look so gone did. And today we are privileged. A -- voice that you might be familiar with from his various radio appearances. Sort of fellow bench coach Boston Red Sox it's perfect timing because this Tuesday so we got Tuesdays with Torre welcome Torre. Gonna be year -- it's been awhile. You're the second person on this team this company Bradley. Can we start over. It's good to be here rob. It's been awhile. The only other person for some inexplicable reason -- -- copy Brad and a bad is it a name in -- the second on so. Well the second time for me too because I did that to you sometimes spring training that really wanna apologize. However be referred to -- our Farnsworth Bradford from now -- is my middle name. It makes me -- -- smarter right navigate. -- related Kyle Kyle Farnsworth you know but I do have a Farnsworth he sure they were handing out at Tampa Bay Rays game. Which state where with great pride so anyway enough about me. That's about the period speaking of teachers by appearing on this broadcast you'll get a -- Bradford teacher European -- so start working out now. Does that mean an extra large becomes an extra small that you got it. So we're gonna talk about a few things. The first thing on -- about is the tough decision that went into designating Grady Sizemore for assignment. We talked a lot about creating spring training he was a story of spring training and I know we talked about the merits not -- came. -- what did you see. From Grady as the season unfolded. You know if you right away it was a group really tough decision on all of us and especially those that have known Grady all the way back Tuesdays when. He's with the Cleveland Indians and it was it was a tough it's tough tough day. What we -- to Grady was a guy that started off slowly because of his his inactivity over the past appears he had terrific spring regatta -- a working shape. And then it kind of stayed about the same we were looking for a little bit more we're looking for a little bit more. Production offensively and you know in his defense he took a lot of time off and who's gonna take a little while I just think considering the circumstances of what we're going through offensively with this team. It was a situation where we needed. Need to change. You -- player you've been part of player development you've been coaching -- coaching staff's finally coaching staffs. The whole thing -- -- boss patience and you -- be patient be patient and Boston fans don't wanna be patient by. There's the discipline in and so you get this far this season who is this is this kind of a jumping off point where you say. Listen we we wanna be patient we know it's been two years off but it's the middle of June and we kind of got to make terrible now. Well I think there's a variety of thoughts of winning McGrady wasn't just offensively -- some other little things were happening along the way where we felt like we had. You know. More of a chance of other players that we're gonna help us win baseball games and that was the bottom line in and -- you gotta practice patience in the scheme you don't have patient don't have team unity everybody's gonna have those moments whether they're gonna handle downturn but. You know I guess that is just unfortunate team wasn't winning at the -- if it. The team was winning the way we drew it up the spring training and we are pushing forward -- wouldn't have been a perfect peace but we need to a bit more offensive brought -- -- is certainly. And played a factor in this decision. You're you're expertly. Help guide the Red Sox to a world championship. From the bench coach's position which of the process for -- when asked. As a bench coach. You strategically stand next to John Farrell to get more TV time or is it it is that has that been a work in progress where you. Stand. Do you have 11 foot and stop the third step though if you feel comfortable where you stand. Is as ventricular outside I love your perspective this is fantastic this the tough dugout there's only there's a couple of usery to see the field the players block. Most of the field because you're sitting on the bench his right front of the right from the screen. So there's one area where he can stand and then we've got to get out of the way when the players who were shifting on and off the field. You know John's good looking man and another camera's gonna find him so I had a finally cynnex and so -- that he -- I need to get a little TV time so if we if we just looked at. Way to you guys stand -- the chain of command for the Boston Red Sox would be you or John Farrell. For the fellow I think Chris kind of the batting the but the 44 year old -- Would that be fair -- -- I like this show like where it's going that's fair enough enemy -- right there he's he's stepping on our feet and moving us out of the way but he does a great job he's been -- quite awhile. Well -- so that we can all -- do ready -- get back on point here in regards to being the bench coach said the Red Sox. Compared to last year last year. Things -- and we've had we had so many discussions about strategy about what you can do here what can do there. Number one this year the cohesion hasn't been there has been a lot of injuries. And also used to this BIZ you can offensively challenged so when you're going through a game this year is it a lot difficult than last year. In trying to map things -- And trying to strategize like maybe you did last year. Last -- pretty magical year -- does seem like every time we needed a big hitter. We needed a big pitcher big moment the players responded and did loan to their jobs so we can't expect that it was gonna be the same this year but. I want every understand this is tough game and the opposition has made some adjustments sort team they understand a little bit more with the Basra talks are about it. Kind of pushes backwards a little bit but we're trying to hold our ground and you know during the game what John I talk about while we are on the third step kind of pushing forward. We talk about just. You know. Sitting back letting the players play maybe jump in from time to time when we feel needed. But by and large -- pretty special players and they're gonna go out there and find their way they're gonna find their offensive approach they're gonna get that big to -- it and that's contagious which we once we get that side of the rolling we know the pitching has been outstanding. We'll take your chances from there. What adjustments and other team's main. You you made reference of that to me an example of something an assessment. That teams are making to you that they make last year. Well the control and our running game we possibly the team's speed we all know without the players that are put her out to discern some of the players that are hurts us just such as chain victory over it. I think we we're unable to move on the bases like -- last year teams come in here. Put their pitchers and catchers guns ablaze and ready to go and stop listen there's strategy to that that's a whole another topic but they have made some adjustments there. I think some of the pitchers have figured out who the pitcher around who do who attack offensively how to match up. And that's that's credit to the managers in the pitchers that are going out there each and every day competing against us. When you go into this year. Did did that surprise you because you guys had a plan you guys -- strategy. You wanted to hit the ground running and that all aside and UT you realize wait a second. Teams are doing this differently and win his second maybe we don't house. The sort of weapons at our disposal that we thought we might in spring training. We knew that we're gonna be a little bit different team this year I think last year we almost at the Major League record first on base percentage it was phenomenal we were just so good -- it. And as a result of loses and -- Steve we knew we gonna take that same -- it wasn't gonna work we're gonna create some -- on the basis but. We wanna do -- take advantage of the situations just feel a little bit sharper a little bit better when called upon itself. Know those little speed guys there that might not be able to spill is still -- like Jacoby did last year. We're trying to take advantage of those key moments in key situations it's worked but it's not as frequently. We knew were going to be challenged every unit offensively we we might have had a death them -- and Mike Napoli to his injury. And -- his injury just wasn't while he was on the disabled list he injured his finger while before that he's playing through some pain. That hurt us and with his health coming back we know we're gonna be a much better teams up the depth was also questioned as were pushing forward getting guys healthy we know we're gonna be a better team. Give me example if you pull the strings give -- example to be conversation. You guys who -- you and John have had maybe the last couple games that might interest people. In regards to strategy. Looking forward to tourney game maybe something that work maybe somebody didn't take me take me behind the curtain. First and second the other day was Zander batting. -- no outs I think was tie game. Was late in the game and was Jake Peavy is game we were talking about maybe -- As it was. Developing which means that first batters on the next batters up. And we thought if it comes first and -- would you wanna do us treasury wanted to but so pitch goes by we we kind of digest the thought. And then we -- -- thoughts back and forth to one another's pitches going. Going on to the batter before Sanders. And we decided -- Sanders too much of an offensive force is one of our leaders on base percentage. Once of -- anybody can create three runs for us and we're not a -- organization so we decided that. Through about 45 pitches to the hitter had him which -- brought pole -- of getting on -- we weren't gonna bunt so would Sanders going up there John knows. Well before hand that we wanna put three runs on the board -- played for one. -- worked out. -- did not so that is a situation where. He kind of second guess yourself but we do in this game we train ourselves to believe in our thought process. Believe enough to say like we have just kind of figure this out well before handed sneak up on us. And live with the decision that's been made based on this based on the criteria that we made their decision on what do you guys -- Do you think you -- -- are better right now than you were when you guys first start teaming up. -- the -- last year. Knowing our personnel and understanding what they're good out what they're not good out. John I feel like just very good job controlling the pitching staff he has seen one -- great out and I think that's more of his Forte. And he he does real good job of the bullpen I think we've had to develop a little bit of feel for him. You know maybe creating some sort of action offensively in May point back all of the players play but we know our players much better this year than we did last year. All right -- since it's -- users -- Torre were gonna go to you to order Tuesday through -- and answer a question on Twitter here. And you're not a you know on Twitter cracked I am not why -- she is not. Why did I think she was -- content like the 1990s. It's clear to me that we just can't figure this out. Before I get to this Twitter question tell me that Twitter story yet from the marathon. I was a mile marker 25. Waiting for all the people that I knew they were running in and the four people had passed me. About half an hour before the last gentleman I was waiting for by the name of rob Bradford. So I just casually was talking out loud and mentioning your name and the person next to me said on following rob Bradford. On Twitter. And he obviously said he's doing great he just created that he's never felt better. -- is -- them probably when he's getting the kisses. And Wesley if I'm not mistaken that's works out. He was doing greater around mile five to ten but around harper just after every hill maybe round. Boston caused the -- was not doing well. Aiming for a finish. That that's fair that's fair well. It's a good one from -- should shoot for you know and I should I should be pronounces it dirtier Italian. -- truth to see and feel. I. Use the question how do you decide between throwing your hat or kicking dirt on didn't believe no shoes. But. You know that I I tell you that I felt like I was. And pretty. Fragmented state of mind right there and I just felt like that hat was gonna take the brunt of my frustration -- First of -- others that the the truth the story is it -- believe known Jeff -- -- forgive me satisfactory answer I felt like I was protecting the Boston Red Sox at that point in time where. -- David Price need to be -- from that game and and it just didn't seem like we're treated fairly David Ross lost the privileges throwing inside that day once he did hit David so I was sticking up for everybody and I just need to clear that. If they had out there is the first thing on my on my list things in my hand and it was going down and going down quickly. When it it was a -- where you manager of that game for four innings. Warnings are now you turn over the reins to Brian Butterfield who was like Dennis Hopper in hoosiers without the alcoholism. Eight issue it is sitting there for awhile. And but is only like. Past half an inning and I -- did you feel bad that potter was only -- for happening I think we did have the right way we want exposes many people move the managing aspects. As we possibly can that you know I've I've got out of it quickly butter got out of there quickly -- we want to pass a political -- I gotta be honest Kobe was the guy who took the top staff. He was up there he was. He who is up there talking with the -- or whatever celebrities are the first couple around so I thought you made the most of the opportunity of the of the Ford managers that day. For right for there was four of us you know you can't blame him he's again it's in the batting cage to get it out of the hitters. Things chance step up the top step he didn't miss that opportunity that was -- oh well excuse argument I aside was that the your best argument value between image and the miners. We'll truth be told my release you may contact any part of the empire. -- any equipment or anything it adds to your fine so you know you're not making a lot of money in the minor leagues and I figured I learn how to clear that quickly so. The thought was to get they had out of my hand because I knew that I was frustrated wanna bumped the umpire which was. Which is absolutely inappropriate if you do make contact him are so get the way in the next yet I was just throw it down and it is an immediate ejection from that point. If you wanted you ever think about doing the covering the base with there. -- Billy Martin trick right that was I Don Zimmer might Don it is well here five or or grab the bays and hurling. It's an -- -- this he regularly you make enough money you doesn't matter what you -- fine well it was -- home -- arguments though it. Your hopefully you're gonna have that home -- access. You're gonna cover first base it's gonna be a lot of dirt can take a lot of time -- excuse these things. Well in quickly and I've seen guys try to pick -- first base and throw it and they can't even pulled out of the hole at first base is dug in they're so well so. I'm a bad back and the back patient had back surgery that wanna spend too much time bending down trying to pull base probably wouldn't -- me. That's the best answer you that he had very detailed and very accurate. Before we leave I was there any questions that you like to ask me. Are you still running. Very little and I blame that all on time your team in my job. Question number two is what's the best method of travel that you've ever had from town to town. As -- cover in the Red Sox. Let me let me turn that question around on him -- in and obviously listen this is in my days there's -- broadcaster -- morphed into another medium. And there's only one way to travel -- need to -- and that's on the team charter. So that would be the answer every year for for those who don't know your fried clams -- chatter from cocktail before wheels up. This is the reality is true. It's fairly true yes it's legal seafood. And they have literally. Might might favored the year which I have not touched there with a line ready to roll. I you CBI you just going to my C put my head down. Is it Oxford that I'm on that plane. For being known for others yes really it's all of -- so there as hundreds of -- and. Police what shots you go from dean. A guy that's been doing exceptional journalism and covering the Boston Red Sox for. For art you know make an assault that are helping the fans understand too then all of a sudden talking about us on the air. With some you know some other broadcasters it's it's maybe the same dynamic that you switched hats that throws people off with the biggest problem. -- -- -- Anyway -- well that's good I'm glad we get to that that was a good question because I was able to find out some information which you know very paranoid about that whole subject. I'm only kidding you I think actually the people that know you love you the people that don't know you. Should look -- People who made me made me and then that's not change. So by everyone loves this podcasts and everyone loves -- is that Tuesdays with -- so thank you once again and hopefully we can do that once once. More in the future I would love that rob Bradford.

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