WEEI>On Demand>>Brad Feldman, Soccer Analyst, joins MFB to talk World Cup Soccer, 6-17-14

Brad Feldman, Soccer Analyst, joins MFB to talk World Cup Soccer, 6-17-14

Jun 17, 2014|

Soccer Analyst, Brad Feldman, breaks down the USMNT win over Ghana, previews their match against Portugal, and talks about the popularity of soccer in America.

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Joining us right now -- 937 he's the play by play man for the New England Revolution he's Brad Feldman on what this year on 937 WEEI hi Brad how -- -- you don't. Brad -- on my right is those Jurgen Klinsmann is that they approached the Americans the new approach slip up this hockey team to. I'll regret that the -- and I'm -- instinct you know in my head. Is that approach for the soccer team to be more grass of the score points or is to be more defensive minded. I think what -- preaching coming in was the war sort of comprehensively. Aggressive. Approach which means a more skillful. Attacking approach you need to have the right guys. For that and you know that these guys who can hold the ball under pressure. And I do think they the last caller to an extent it correct it is so far as you're quite educated at after the game. You can almost scored two early because then the other team have to come out of their shell and attack. And I don't think the US responded you know before Altidore went off injured particularly well. That midfielders in to a very good job when when the US recovered the ball -- -- usually very reliable like Michael Bradley you're former BC star. I'll honorable -- it would play pretty well but the first -- on the back very often. Gave the ball right back -- gotta figure you're -- your -- your own defensive third and that's incredibly exhausting. So that it sort of look you know it compound itself the guys are you know sucking wind it -- what condition that they work. -- subjective. The next first tapped out the back is poor and it has the domino effect that they were pinned him for a long period of time you can have the best of intentions to possessed the ball. But gotta have guys who play in the Italian league the rest of the big -- over. In in Europe so when they get a hold of the ball they could that's pretty well what god is not is a team that get through that time defending particularly well they don't have a reputation of being able that. Like Spain at three short combinations are great counterattacking team still in a way. Even though it was excruciating to watch it was the right tactic for the US to use to absorb that pressure. It's just that they didn't better with the ball once they got it they could release some of that pressure and you're Quentin say that his comment after the game to. If -- Zeller Alexi lawlessness that's talking about. That was American that was beautiful like does America have a style right when you think of Brazilian think of a style advocate Germany think the style. What is America's style. America's style right now is what electing lawless says which is athleticism. On his gut. And intelligence to back that up you know I think that. People want a more expansive style then integrate some of the other -- cultures -- that we have here but it because. The US is a melting pot it's it's hard to get a definitive style that you get when. You know a lot of people are from the same. The same background same culture and art soccer culture is still relatively young so. I think that in its current state Alexio -- is correct that was a very American victory although I was getting. You know pounded by a -- -- friend and colleague this morning saying that the US beat the better they need to be better with the ball on the shows. Our weaknesses of the soccer culture and my response to that is. The one game is not the test case for that you know this was a great gutsy victory and even guide to portrait with. The ball like Jermaine -- and help -- and had great games those two midfielders were great for the US in the context of this sort of bunker mentality that they had to use for. Seventy minutes plots. Absorbing the gotta pressure. All right so Sunday US vs Portugal what are the odds of us keep in this. Undefeated streak going is that too much to ask for the US team. It really depends on Portugal I think it in this did not look like Tina have a lot of unity. They have Chris -- and although courts. The top player in the world arguably one of the top three players in the world but his. Portman is by language on the field was -- good use playing out his teammate on the world stage and things weren't going well going to the rest. -- didn't follow -- go to. The portal coaches getting a lot of criticism for leaving -- out there when you know he's coming back from injury and what to what mysteries Euro people are saying why didn't they. -- didn't the Portuguese -- rest him. Hugo Almeida. It's one of the key players injured apparently suspended. -- Portugal looks to be a -- but what they -- days before that kept a red card. Portugal would not out of that game they they had -- the -- the other attack what dangers. And the other thing is I think they were a little bit cowed by the moment I think they're a little nervous against Germany were one of the three favorite to win in this toward the I think against the US Portugal in the play with a lot more swagger a lot more confident. And he's the way that the US is not able string passes together under pressure. Are playing out their own and they're gonna take a lot of confidence from that -- the US could be under it from the beginning if they get a good start -- can't -- You know whether he plays. As sort of withdrawn forward or word you know -- pushing up opted in that holding role presuming Altidore is out injured. If they can string some stuff together Michael Bradley not gonna have that data passing day. Every night people are saying -- Blake looked a little bit tired from all the hard train US have been doing you'll get sixty -- If they can refresh the DEC US. Get a whole ball that yet they they could get a result -- a way to get support a team that appears to be in disarray but it portal comes out. The first forty minutes and establishes their dominance in third street got together in the US to. Put back in Portugal the cut in the can break down. You know -- -- -- defenders with slick passing mouton and undressed him and take apart and then it could be abetted the officer for the US. Finally Brad can get -- element from the human revolution where about plan and a guest here on amid days than it be. What's the story with the foam is anybody else -- in the -- and that is the ML SMR using the fall we -- Fascinated by the -- prey on the ground yeah yeah as much of that that you want to come to the game with what we're the only issue is one look exciting parts of the day. Really did you -- for a couple of years. A lot of this is the first World Cup plus our that this is the first World Cup that was doing it yet you know and I think that's correct. Yeah we feel we've seen every week in and MLS and I still think they get the pacing off about the free kick in Walt wronged by you know of of all the complaint you have and what does this small and I think the phone makes a better. -- what what is some. Was the growth of this game you think coming. They -- at the World Cup the US wins game one a lot of people talk gambling that the ratings everything what are you seeing an ML us you've seen the growth over the last few years. Absolutely I think it is a new TV deal the league just got nearly a hundred million dollars combined between -- three networks. Is a huge indicator that the people. See this is the growth sport the growth week. I think the fact that I -- the players on the US squad and another five we used to be an analyst are MLS players shows you that that it's the development of platform for. For top quality players I think when we go around the league. We -- places like Kansas City and Toronto and Seattle Portland where they're banging it out huge crowds in the you know the Red -- 24000. For their game against New York in June the -- And so yeah I'm not trying to you know to put you know a glossy coat on things I think that. Use it only takes twenty years become an overnight decision rightly you have to suffer through the growing pains. I and I still think there you know it's been a good product for the last seventy years you've really seen. Things on the upswing but now. You know the World Cup. Bring it into sharper focus and I think it you know soccer's moment it doesn't upbeat about the clips. Baseball football would be a really big thing in this country and I think. The answer is it's already a big thing and it's here to stay and you know they'd like nobody needs to justify soccer it is already its own success story. Rat thanks a lot for coming on appreciate the time enjoy the -- the couple can't. I've got it done guys thanks all right that is Brett -- from the New England Revolution their play by play man to advance Christian -- -- Maloney.

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