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Godspeed Thorty! Bruins part ways with fan-favorite Shawn Thornton

Jun 16, 2014|

We break the news to the masses that Shawn Thornton is no longer a Bruin, and discuss Thornton and the Bruin's future without each other.

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Well we do have some off the breaking Bruins news. Within the last few minutes. Boston Bruins general manager Peter sure rally. Has told Shawn Thornton that the Bruins will not be resigning him we knew it was an unrestricted free agent -- -- to move. We knew that he had at right after they lost to the Canadians surely said he told thorn in a gimme a couple of weeks -- write things out men yelled at. Will be back in touch and apparently. -- surely has been back in touch and told Shawn -- he will not be back with the team and you're not surprised right I'm not surprised but I am sad. Mean to prove these. He is a -- quintessential liberal when -- and I know that somewhat -- a positive ways. It's ironic in a strange sort of way last week. The the Jimmy Fund on their Twitter account weeded out some pictures of Shawn -- visiting the kids again last week. But the Dana Farber it's what he -- He's there all the time around it's so just take me through he doesn't make a lot of money right. I am not a lot. They made a little over a million dollars this year I think yeah I think he had resigned himself. The the fact that if he wanted to stay he was gonna pick a pay cut short and I think he was willing to take pay -- I think that the Bruins have decided that that there their fourth line is gonna undergo a shake up. And can by the way I hope people don't say all that's why the loss to the Canadians because of the fourth line of a lot of the Canadians 'cause they're stars didn't play while Margaret's right course. Well while Shawn Thornton. It okay if he's not if he's not back. Who feels as role. Or or. Is it. Along the lines of those comments to Peter surely made after the season that is final press -- out. And I asked him about Shawn Thornton and you start talking about the role of fighter and it's not there as much in today's game as it used to be -- -- that was the first sign. Ryan is thinking about something else. But but so -- I'm not around the Bruins nearly as much as Hubert dale but now I'm around and occasionally and down. The one thing that struck me during the playoffs. Was when things are going bad. -- was kind of guide it seemed to rally everybody in now locker room. Seem to. He had good spokesperson for the team when may be some of the other guys weren't interest that he was there we go to guy absolutely but the -- so just it seemed to -- a guy that the players. I'm could appreciate and respect he never questioned whether he plays hard I understand he's not offensive genius in fact I was telling you there were times during the series. You see you know hockey's a -- -- it's not a Bruins stick your and it's thorn in your like. Does he misses the matter you know he's not a great score again all of that but I still think. -- -- I'm just I'm disciplined. He's he's gonna -- dot. Com he has made it very clear he's not ready to retire. And you get a job or in fact if I were a betting man I would think that that Brian -- already placed the call to. -- make when he gets the job somewhere else. Little little less than a million dollar million dollars you know maybe a one year may be a two year -- -- if he's lucky in that regard as a cost cutting move for the brown knows I don't know I don't know this is say no it's not it's not a major money move for the Bruins this is say. A you know we need to make me change the makeup of the fourth line I think my guess is what Peter -- has in mind. Is -- it is to increase the skill level little bit. -- fourth line guys in a couple of guys who were in Providence for instance that type of player. Now the question is you know is Gregory Campbell. I'm gonna continue to beat he was a big part of that fourth line had a good run wasn't for years together our line at I think four years together we're -- here and don't play well against Montreal but they certainly had a lot to do with them winning the Stanley Cup. As I said doesn't have the Bruins lost to the Canadians not because of the play of the fourth line. Because of the play of their stars David Craig -- didn't show up Brad marsh and didn't show a lot that's our had a tough series. I mean it did it was the stars that cost the Bruins a series against the Canadians. And and if somehow this is portrayed as. Peter sure rallies found the problem in and he stepped up first this is the first small move they'll be more moves I'm sure but Adele who's who's -- Anthony Camaro. -- can play in Providence actress and Anthony Camaro to replace Norton fights and he's a better score. Well he is he is tough guy I mean the guys right I mean they've got. Body Robbins is down their -- Robinson was a big tough fighting ties Gary Bobby Robbins is scanner he. He eats he's tough -- and maybe you know it may be that and every tough guy in the history of the National Hockey League. Has reached a point where they just can't do that that job anymore. If you think Jordan was at that point me. I didn't think it was at the point where he couldn't do it I I I will say this after the that Jon Scott -- -- concussion now. He didn't seem to fight as much and after that. I he went he went you know -- -- explanation necessary yourself fighting it's just it's almost becoming obsolete in the unique talents. Getting closer closed. But I don't really fighting. Is between fighting and toughness I just touch on the -- was brought toughness whether he was -- -- the I think that that leadership rallies right in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. There isn't outside map anyway if Ian there's almost no fighting in fact there's no fighting the pros to never fight right but. In the regular season it matters -- and and I don't wanna see -- -- -- doing it. I don't wanna see Zdeno Chara doing I don't wanna I mean Gregory Campbell is willing. He's really on middleweight you know in SP 22 heavyweights job. They're gonna find that that position is more important perhaps than they think it is right now and and I think in that regard they may. They may end up ruling it and I am not trying to make it sound like Shawn Thornton is -- of the speaks our on this team. He was an important part of this is a favorite son he was also a leader on this team ends when real leader that's what I was trying to get that from what -- off. In the lot in the Dresser. Excuse -- so if you look at the fourth line you look at the Wharton. Not being resigned. About Campbell. How do you think day is Campbell necessary. For what the Bruins are trying to do mean is this the start of a penalty killer of just a to shift. In no pun intended what -- what they're trying to do. While Campbell still under contract so what I would guess you know he's still going to be here. But I do think they're gonna they're gonna shift how they play that fourth line they're gonna they're gonna look at a fourth line with a little more skill to what. I mean I give you an example the -- kings. I mean Alec Martinez those guys that's the fourth line and -- were amazing you know and they just scored the the Stanley Cup clinching goal. They were there and Martinez himself was the guy who scored the clincher in game seven against the Chicago Blackhawks. They got more serious minutes were relied on to carry more of the scoring load. That's the usual right yeah most of the time the bruins' fourth line. Was the so called energy line you know but there and and hit a few guys and inject some energy and -- you score that's a good thing too but right but aren't aren't the kings and usually. The kind of like the Blackhawks I guess I would say that both of them aren't usually deep with skill players yes. And the Bruins wanna be deeper and skill and dollars 6177797937. Dave's in Natick -- David. Are -- good dark here thank you what's up. I am really disheartened by. He's really cute design council and I think it. He was part of one of the best character guys we have had here and aside from the good guy he is off the ice. He took he took an awful lot of punishment for other people other players. He did he didn't mind stepping in and and that was his role. As as far as as far as currently pick them up by a Brian Burke Greg Tucker I've been like Brian Burke that they have Brandon Graham. I don't particular war council won't know unless they get rid of McGrath. But these guys serve a purpose. And Wendy Wendy got you know that is fighting it our way -- I was just got pregnant you have every year. You know vs Minnesota and Chicago valid buffalo was living next year god knows he'll be somewhere. But I think you'll be playing and and I'm I'm the one who said Calgary it's solid Brian Burke said that. He's exactly the kind of guy that Brian -- I think would like -- character guy in his dressing room. The same way the Edmonton Oilers went -- to get Andrew Ference when he became available a year ago and made him the captain of the team before he ever played a minute. In an Edmonton Oilers uniform. Well you what you talked about the stars. Not really stepping up in the Montreal series. Maybe the stars have to step up. On the ice and maybe the stars. The leaders have to step up even more not that they were lacking but if you miss a guy who is Shawn Thornton moves on. -- cycle where you replace them with you know do you bring in another guy like that no you probably don't become if he's come from another organization. It's unrealistic to expect. If you come in and and assume and assume a leadership role and a Mark Recchi did it when he got here right right usual but it doesn't happen that way. He maybe you look at it this way to dale. Just being objective. Shawn Thornton is going to be 37. Next month. And he's a fourth liner. So maybe it. Just simple as that 37 year old war I I you know what I have to be honest I did not realize he was channel yeah. A ten week week and weekend replace him and it's it's that cold way of looking at him but he's going to be a general manager. In professional sports sometimes you have to be. A little crass and -- unsentimental. And texting murky right now on talents on -- available let's see if he could hit it. I -- met us at and I wouldn't be surprised to be answered yeah let's see if they don't I I -- I will promise you that Sean Parnell have a job extra good. Deserves I don't know where will be he'll be playing somewhere next year and also say this he's made it very clear. And he was saying this even as the season was like -- -- -- knew this might happen right and then what he's been saying all along no matter what happens the year two years whatever it -- -- Shawn -- will be a part of this community -- a part of all of our city going forward. He loves playing in your love love living here. So I gotta tell you this I watch game one of the Stanley Cup the first game Detroit out at at with Amy that one and only great Amy Latimer and that the garden. I was in the box. Sitting with interference. Was also watching the game from any -- response bright and he said -- was asked him how when and as you can imagine and those who can -- they have such a great year. And it's also worried about it I said all this is where organ and this is we're gonna end up when its -- So many how many players end up living here and and I think maybe some other sports as well baseball doesn't seem as much. Basketball doesn't happen at all football some guys stay here basketball not at all and hockey players. They play here they live here they stay here as -- is the nurses aren't here now now in Atlanta union left Yang went -- And -- on the radio like runners on rate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- PK Sudan with a water bottle unfortunately that'll be the last thing that he's remembered for here but I don't think there's too many people who think that was who Shawn Thornton. Closet -- up here formula you have to same you look at the suspension. He sees referenced in that Brooks Arctic situation against the painlessly look at the suspension. And then you look at the in the water bottle a situation in the playoffs. And and the level of Plame and it wasn't the same. It wasn't the same production from that line he put all that together and you look at disease. And there's a -- -- seven you know against Iran. 6177797937. Is the telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. It's -- holly and Jackie McMullen Sports Radio WB yeah. Just looking at the reaction. On Twitter and and all my own Twitter feed people who responded. There are some people who are who were saying and -- seem like great guy but it's time to get more talent with a roster didn't bring much as the year went on there some of those. But there's others. James just -- Who. Tim wrote huge disappointment always willing to take on the tough guys gonna miss him. Richie wrote writes to me is this a sick joke. Another Scott says sorry to hear this thanks in deadlock. Chris writes no. Tough guys all are wildly popular players in this town who backed -- Terry O'Reilly. Work your way all the way up through PJ stock was a I'm a marginal a marginal talent there we go a marginal talent at best but fans of Boston loved PJ stock of PGA's dot. Guys who were willing to do that in this town. I mean right up through. It was always so funny to be especially with -- O'Reilly for instance who was just the fiercest most tough on the toughest guys have ever seen and then off the ice. Is soft spoken quiet. Gentlemanly person who is also very good as you know out in the community. With charity events -- it's really it's very interesting these enforcers in their personalities. What one of the best one of the best stories that -- Howard ever wrote. -- -- What would always -- this act holding the gloom -- the Google mentality eroded many years like 199091. It was and they can best American sports writing this whole idea. You're driving to work knowing. You know that your job you know veteran Italian you -- get to fight and you gotta be ready at all times and in leads me to a text. Text or wants to know do you think Shawn Thornton at the age of 37 wants to continue to do this was continue to make his living. As a fighter and if he does. The Bruins thing at age 37. That is Norton's. Skill over somebody else who can do the same job at a lower rate. Yeah I do think that Thornton brought more than just that of the table but that was the thing that that brought -- to town to begin with. And I do think that the Bruins feel that there's that there's -- a time limit for that sort of thing and I think there's a time limit for that or just and I noticed that he didn't fight as much after the Jon Scott. Concussion that he did it I was told not to them maybe they told to name any guys and -- -- that may be the case. That may be the case I don't think there's a place for that in the regular season. In the playoffs there's no place sport in the -- nobody does nobody fights. A man in the regular season they're going to be times when somebody's gonna take a run at Louis Ericsson. And you're gonna look over to the bench and you're gonna wish you had a guy like Shawn -- maybe they'll replace him with another guy like that right but a guy who. Does need to get tap on the shoulder doesn't get told what to do just no -- that's my job is to go make sure that -- Erickson doesn't take that shot again. You know it's interesting you want to go out mixed reviews. On this Shawn Thornton move AT&T -- side. What Texas is popular yes effective not so much another Texas says Thornton latest body of a line. On every night for the Bruins he bleeds black and gold -- protected his teammates like they were his family sometimes devotion to the team. Is greater than talent terrible move. Well the truth as we if you react emotionally business. Your response might be different if you and you react pragmatically. It is and it's Peter surely jobs act pragmatically. And emotional. I was -- about Bill Belichick but he ran his team are closely off and I mean that as a compliment by the way. I don't know they'll -- but what I mean as you have to make the tough decision that. We're better off without this guy now I don't like him. He he he helped us. But lawyer Malloy you gotta -- now -- that's a hard thing for you know you gotta go. Knowing what about Bill Belichick it's just always bothered me was Tedy Bruschi it's broke. Knees and conscious hospital. When he wakes -- in the first person eighties is Robert -- sitting -- -- his -- Bill Belichick never ghost -- Sorry that's a different kinda. Heartless. And I know I'm sure no way did I know we care is all a lot for Tedy Bruschi that's obvious staying -- here but he has to keep it separate. You know that's his that's the way he runs his football team. The -- the illustrator and although the film to humiliate everybody -- the year Tom Brady Teddy Bruschi that I get. But when your player almost dies is it really. That necessary to hold so that when he's in the hospital. I don't know that the reason. I want to see you play little. Well out of some people out yeah I mean I don't know I don't -- and I can't -- I don't agree I don't know that was the in the not that that's a good reason either I don't know -- -- -- always bothered me I think about it jedi to I'm sure you've talked about it. Yeah -- to maybe help backward here when it was time to actually put in a -- -- put that put that out there probably prefer to just focus on the fact that Robert Kraft was sitting -- as much as I was very but Teddy was also very complementary to build though it will do with no doubt about how about when he was coming back from the stroke and in the advice that bill gave. When he said he wanted to retired he actually did retire bills like well you may wanna hold off on that you know things can change don't know. The way you feel today you mean after the swearing in three months or whatever it is it dead on about that president gave us that's why they didn't put the money injury list right. As an aside texture you guys answer this question and I know the answer to Dexter. I was talking about Gregg Popovich what is Gregg Popovich. Why is he applauded some time after being jerked the media. And Bill Belichick visitor to the media and he gets because. He gets. Excoriated forward is that it but I. Can answer that because Gregg Popovich -- it's it's it it's -- it's like a sticky scanning and usually afterwards he goes and says something to Craig -- for instance it's not real. Nobody is more media friendly believe it or not they -- pop. I'm accurate I'll say this what Popovich did with Craig Sager son Mays was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. And Craig Sager son was supposed to taped an interview and Popovich sent to knock on -- to donate life just like your dad would do right. And planned politics is directly medically Amram he's immensely popular with the media. What you see in those little snippets. On the -- on MB to that is not great pop trusts me. I'm now the director says I wouldn't -- an employee in the hospital -- an appropriate one -- I disagree I can't answer it depends -- where's my car and Vince -- was there and so is dons are right on that line. Now came I don't think it's inappropriate to visit an employee in the hospital earlier tonight I saw an almost ready to Clijsters wrong he almost eight. 6177797937. -- in Braintree -- I do these guys are great supporting it would seem. It's important. Oh yeah. Actually -- -- are -- -- he's out there. And goes along their -- -- -- he's the best in Montreal series. Oh she is in -- note that happens in sport but -- Michael equity you. Watching the patriots in the -- you know the other side on that from me. As when he talked I have that confidence on political scoop. Kate I don't know actually know an awful lot the cardinal Dale Arnold. And when Taylor delivers -- -- Would. Reject unity but you know this is well. I am not discussed it and it just can't really think you gonna happen but I'm gonna listen to you guys in. I just hope I'm prone to reconsider its somewhere in the northern Eagles colors and I know -- -- -- The plot -- even a little crazy. He's a great. That. I would -- in Montreal. Somebody picked him up. Well Betty yeah I -- -- -- kind words it was very nice of you to say and I don't think they reconsider usually when they tell a player. You know we're not going to be resigning -- it's not like they go back to it now it's possible. The erratically I don't think this'll happen it's possible that halfway through the season -- holy crap. You know for for 900000 dollars we've made a mistake here hey would you consider trading him back to -- Calgary for this in this op. And I'm just giving it theoretical. But I don't think so I don't know I think he's played his last game at Bruins certainly. Because were invested in Shawn Thornton personally professionally and the and and fans are because he's visible. Because you seem at all these charity events because of his -- his. Is that role that you say that we thrive on your boss of the -- to Cali and there's nothing we love more than physical players that's too and every one of our sports I would say. So it's just the emotional part of this is everybody's getting it passed because from a business standpoint this is not really huge deal hate to say -- -- -- -- -- About how he came back after the marathon by Bryant read what he says about Shawn Thornton. Read what he says about sport and being there for all of these people -- active and nobody -- impact when the pictured at tweeted out. Orton was mad because he didn't want people to think he did it. For that reason sure he didn't wanna be involved in publicity he wanted to just be there to lend support he got Matt. I actually found out that mr. Bowman -- -- out minutes well. Jeff can do every wants as far as he's concerned final funny on Horton story right -- the during the player's number on on Julia. Authorities. Another place 6177797937. Dale and Holley. Andy teasing Jackie McMullen Sports -- WEEI.

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